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Common nominators isn’t so uncommon

Summer heat has arrived.

I be having a few days relaxing as I been overextending myself a bit lately. Time to heal up and be ready for the next work to happen. My home course which I play at is a up and down course, it has more hills up and down that really take a toll on you walking without golf.

Playing golf, dragging a bag well its then a physical fitness test. One reason I like it for sure.

Looking at swing trainers out there on the youtube, some common things are true for those that understand they all started to do a Mike Austin mechanic. While not there in the pivot still allows them to swing and play greatly. Adding the pivot would bring them into the legendary territory.

So some get there, then when explaining it goes south again, some you wont understand as it wont help you reach it. I analyzed and then understood what they were doing, diversity is a good thing difference of opinion is a good thing as it allows you to reach a consensus what works or not.

So I designed a drill, that when you do it allows you to isolate the nr1 reason that a golf swing works. The essence the core the secret. Obviously when you know it isn’t then a secret, obviously but before you do understand you wont know what it is. You may watch swings until your blue in the face but you wont see it.

Differential diagnosis is a good way to ensure a diverse pool of difference.

I found I now can hit like a pro when I was an amateur for 25 years that now is gone. Its a bit like cheating it feels so, easy. Next up is playing once course opens up, then map distances and then find out how this is going to work out for my game.

Its now uncharted territory, all new exciting, surprising moments awaits that I never did dream was doable or possible to feel like a pro is absolutely a blast.

When you reach this moment as I did, its a wonderful thing as suddenly you understand why you didn’t see it, or did understand and what to do to train someone now with precision as you identified the single thing that’s needed to get right. My mind correlates this and goes ah yes obvious now. I reached this by not assuming what people told me was true, it never was. Then I had to dig trough all the factors and variables and forget the simple lesson as I dug trough Bruce lee actions and found them out and those helped also along the way to do things.

For an outsider it may seem like magic.

My background working with clients helped also as understanding someone is a good way to understand what someone also do. Magic or talent are concepts people sue when they don’t understand the magician when he levitate trough the air or catch a bullet. We applaud the illusion but never goes to find out how it works to keep the illusion real.

Once you find the truth and can do then the world becomes truly magical.

Then your a Golf God

Are there people able to hit a golf ball great? Absolutely but then when they try to explain it then its uncommon to make it so it actually make sense to do and we find ourselves trapped in our own perceptual patterns once again. We start over instead of keep on digging for the truth as common it may be to nominate its really uncommon to find.

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