A matter of perspective

Can you handle the truth?

Most cant.

They refuse it due to the abckfire effect as contradicting the information you have reinforces your beliefs, so the retard that believe in a God and 8000 years of this planet well they will reinforce that when you say, check stones and rocks they way older.

Sure, all the methods use by scientists can be wrong right?

Everyone measure things wrong, sure I understand that argument of your a religious fool.

Are scientists always right?

Of course not but the other option are, you get stoned, stabbed or such if you say Muhammad suck a donkey dick. Whoever said that should be shot btw as I just quoted it.

So why wouldn’t people believe and accept the truth instead?

Can it be that we don’t understand how change is made, how to become better at what we do, to improve beyond the measly school education you got?

That we rather become stuck with the beliefs and info we have and refuse new?

That’s a sad world for sure.

The covfefe president is a joke, someone should fire him. In the old days people created revolution throw out the English and French, do the same with the covfefe president before its to late.

Don’t be stuck.

2 replies on “A matter of perspective”

A comment offered with good intentions:

How can you expect anybody to take you seriously that you have the secret to curing dyslexia when you write something like:
“due to the abckfire effect “

You understood the word, you find thats a real funny effect as the word itself contain a reference to itself and its spelled like that, intentionally.
I find the spelling police a bunch of fuck tards myself.
any dyslexic just hate them all the time forever in time.
dont be an asshole m8 it just will fuck you back

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