Building new habits

Some say well its a choice really (stuffing mouth with all kinds of sugar, cigars and getting fat) and then say its a choice. Like Bandler is doing the fat guy alleged developer of NLP does.

Its a choice?


Habits are pesky stuff, so if one has one then as we do them it can be some common ones like eating a bag of chips and suddenly its empty and we ask where did all the chips go?

We may then ask, what to do instead how to fix this to change things for us?

Now your brain goes defense mode its defcon 1.

You cant build the new habit as your mind forces you to forget it, and then your choice excuse pops up and it seems so rational, right? Your own mind is deluding you and you think its a personal choice when really its a habit and a powerful motivator behind it.

If one focus on what to do instead, the outcome then the system fights us going there, its kinda funny, we can know where to go but cant get there as the brain then kick in the defense mode.

So then we have a ton of methods trying to fix that for us going against the brain so Bandler still use hypnosis to bypass the resistance of the defense mode. Then sell people the idea of a unconscious mind drives things and then the shit is rolling.

Anyhow, RBIm6 in some form going to happen later, question I debate atm is in what form.