Binds the contextual shift of reality and RBIm6

Back in the day when psychology was lost, well still is but its better was the phenomena of double binds, people didn’t really know how to deal with them, NLP don’t do much better btw.

Binds works as gate keepers of shifts, usually causality runs like this, if that happens then I be having that, like winning the lottery then I be happy.

So we have the result + an effect of that, which when people think as such, if I be happy then all my problems goes away when they are then put into happy and find out the problems didn’t go away then the system reverse back. They cant stay happy simply. You can give the client the solution they believe will work but that criteria of what things leads to will stop them.

NLP has no solution btw, I saw Bandler working a phobia with a guy on TV, first set up to remove then for some reason install it back twice, then a NLP trainer analyze the language patterns he sued without understanding what Bandler did do, didn’t work………………

I was like, why didn’t he stop there? as I point out to my students. So we have someone like Bandler still then doing hypnosis after 40 years, as progress?

I think we can do better.

So I did.

For example why would it take longer to train someone today as if modeling is so great then we would constantly be faster learning basic skills, right?

Talking to people you can subdue and get consent but what happens when you cant talk to people due to them might be in shock or crazy? Yes I know, most will never be exposed to those people but I found working with clients a lot of them are not normal.

NLP runs into the binds and cant really deal with them due to the model itself wont allow it. Mythoself had this idea of embodied, somatic kicks the reality and he got it all backwards. Causality runs it and mythoself users cant deal with that either and have to adapt solutions.

RBIm6 opens up the gateway to run your own mind by starting to control your actions, habits and behaviors you do. Want more or less or something new you can talk to your mind directly. That’s the power of RBIm6.

No need for hypnosis, process talk like NLP and Mythoself does it.

Sure when we can talk to people and have them agree on something but what happens when you cant even speak their language?

Mapping what people do and say is difficult at best with current methods.

RBIm6 elevates that to a whole new dimension of meta.

NLP failed to evolve due to the Bandler mess, he killed someone back in 1986, shot her right in the head, he was on drugs and was running rampant for decades getting away with outlandish behaviors. He couldn’t change his actions for decades he run the same stuff over and over.

That is what happens with binds they wont change.

You want to build new.

Problem with any current technology they all assume the same things, if we observe things the same way well we also gain the same solutions and answers and it creates great topics for conversations in those musky coffee shops.

However they wont evolve us.

RBIm6 will