Seeing dead people isn’t really normal however when you do be careful who you talk to about it

The young girl at age 16 was doing just that as I met her. Lucky for her she met me and not the local shrink.

Being effective with client work meant I seldom saw clients more than once or twice. I understood them. So this girl walks in and are seeing people that isn’t there and told me she wasn’t in her own body.

So with a local therapist she be in a mental ward on drugs within an hour.

So I asked her, how long has this gone on?

She says, 5 years, so for me that meant this question, what then happen 5 years ago?

She said it best, her parents divorced.

So as a 11 year old girl she did what felt normal, she moved with her parents bodies. She left her own. This created a impossible situation for her that she couldn’t control.

Solution was simple, she moved back into her own body again. Fights with her mom stopped and she could move on with her life.

I call that RBIm6

Understanding life is difficult, yourself a frigging paradox but minds and consciousness can do that. Move with someone else’s body. Our mind isn’t working as they told you it does.

The girl went on with her life as she was able to found out what being normal was about. She could have been unlucky and be in a mental ward. In the UK that once happen to a maid, she didn’t speak English and was sentenced into a mental ward when her employer died, for decades………. it can happen due to people make mistakes as they see things that isn’t there. We become absolutely certain that we see things but when checked there is none. (Trump currently is a good example)

The same way people are certain they seen UFOs, angels and whatever else. They wont believe my explanation even if true.

Its how bad your mind can fool us.

Don’t be fooled anymore.