Talk to your mind, directly the RBIm6 evolution

What is RBIm6? Is the question one would ask first and my reply would be, its about being able to talk directly to your mind to build new behaviors based on evidence and facts.

Now you know, right?

Some argued with me that when I been writing a blog post everyday for 10 years that it was to much to read and I was like but I wrote it and also did read it so? I taken some time off this summer and spent time with golf and relaxing.

Atm I am ramping up for October 21 when I be unleashing the RBim 6 model.

Evolution for mankind is here.

Back in the day when I started out doing NLP I found really fast that the model wasn’t doing what they taught people, so I started to ask around and got wierd answers, many also answered with metaphors, Bandler, Riggio etc..and I was like so the best NLP could produce was a guy like Bandler doing hypnosis 40 years later and that’s the best there is?

After 40 fucking years?
Where is the evolution with NLP?

I asked Joseph Riggio a question and he told me metaphors and I stood there thinking, this dude don’t know and he don’t know he don’t know.

One student told me that I teach what I was writing and I aid of course I do as why would I do anything different than that? But I didn’t understand I was unique that no one was able to do that out there in the world and that I was a fucking genius.

The work I started with NLP and what I then evolved into is the culmination of over 20+ years of work and I call it RBIm6 (likely to just be called RBIm in general for me its the version 6 still)

The RBIm6 technology allows the individual to organize around 3 main variables, evidence, behavior and context. For a coach working with people that means you can track down what goes on in a client or organization as a consult and give proper advice and activities to steer the individual or organization back on the track.

If you don’t know and rely on a inefficient model like NLP or any other business organizational models then you wont do a good job and can even create worse conditions.

If you work with clients that has issues psychologist cant handle then you need to be trained to deal with that type of stuff due to while the technology itself is great it needs a human operator that knows what they are doing.

NLP for example as I seen Bandler work with a phobia and btw that’s the guy that did develop the phobia 40 years ago couldn’t make it work, did install it back twice in less than 2 minutes and then altfeldt an NLP trainer analyze the language patterns Bandler used and never realized what was shown, did not work? So Bandlers statement NLP is to study what works and then install the phobia back twice? is that how NLP works? However if you put the critic forward to NLPérs they run the excuse clause. They wont take the fact and evidence into consideration even. That’s a sure sign its gone downhill within NLP.

I have several students that been trough the ring, they went with NLP and other technologies and come here and stayed. They been helpful into the development of what I do due to interaction with real world problems and people well that’s a good way to ensure feedback and that it works.

With this technology we don’t talk conscious or unconscious minds as we don’t need to, there is no need for fancy language patterns.

The simplicity of RBIm6 allowing you to talk directly to your mind, build new behaviors which btw including thinking or thoughts or whatever people call them. While the simplicity helps you still need training, practice to learn the ropes and those that has been around still had problems accepting the new technology due to, its so simple.

This image explains the problem that NLP and trainers of NLP and practitioners has

Present state

Every NLP practitioner follows that chart.

Typically two set of questions you ask, what stops you? (Richard Bandlers favorite one) or the what would happen if you did?

That questioning is based upon that chart, that in between you run into interferences, excuses etc…and those you need to fix by applying NLP techniques, hypnosis etc…

Mythoself for example uses that approach also.

What has happen in the development of NLP it stagnated, the process that is NLP cant explain the difference between form process and content!

So NLP is a lost cause but now there is a new hope.

RBIm6 allows you to start talking to your mind directly cutting away all those interferences directly as they wont even be a consideration anymore

R-Evolution with RBIm6
October 21