NLP is dead long live the new king RBIm6

Obviously, NLP cant die as it does not exist. One of those things language and mental concepts creates for us.

It seems so real though that we can let a concept die but as we seen with Freud that little to no evolution has happen in 100+ years there, peoples till get trained as such that is ideas that are 100+ years old? We had a Swedish doctor that was more effective than Freud doing change work here at the time.

What happens is s lack of tools to examine and understand the forces involved in how the mind manufacture things, for example the word “mind” has no meaning for a swede, we don’t have a mental concept for mind.

Here it is “self” or brain.

Mind like do you mind? Means in English they have a behavior tied to mind about something people do. I guess the nice English language polite behaviors needed words to excuse them to do things without offending someone.

So that is what happens when we are creating concepts we have a behavior that we want to convey and communicate to someone and when we lack words, we invent a way to reference the behavior.

RBIm6 october 21