Talk to your mind directly without passing jail

The RBIm6 legacy

People are still trained in Freud’s ideas 100+ years later. Sure cognitive psychology and science has gone forward but you be surprised how ineffective your local therapist is at their job.

Mental models the way you think and do things in your life depends on how you perceive information which in turn are returned address from the model set in place so each time you state a sentence the words you utter the meaning it forms then pass a model the individual trained to help and assist you and that meaning they arrived at that you stated may not be what you think it meant.

Its perceived based on how a therapist or your neighbor understand the sentence based on organized meaning they learned to have. So it can be “ego” or “superego” or unconscious shadows, or some other crap like hypnosis with unconscious minds like NLP and Bandler use.

As a coach or consultant you want a way to understand what is said and what else may not been said. RBIm6 allows us to organize information differently for ourselves so we can self coach effectively, build new behaviors, habits and experiences of life the way you want them to be and no longer dictated by your past history culturally or socially.

Its a evolution of technology for human beings.

Imagine that whatever you learned as far about what is there the conscious mind and the unconscious mind no longer applies, now how would you then think then about what happens inside your head?

Without models, we are lost, confused and in doubt what to do how to understand then we seek answers to simple things like, how to feel things in a way that we want either it be content, happy or enjoy things as we never are taught to do so, we imitate the world trough the lens of childhood and if lucky we may had great role models but often that isn’t the majority of humans we are the heritage of what people are able to do around us and let be honest here, are you impressed by people you meet in the department of happiness or such?


Imagine that we are stuck with the models we been taught either professionally or not for the rest of our life?

The danger is then in the result achieved as people come to believe their model is the right one it gives you the answer that the EGO drives the shadow, or the super ego you label down the things people say and then have the unconscious desires and then its all downhill hell due to none has been able to prove it yet after so many years, do we have autonomous behaviors?

Sure, but unconscious?


Once you label the behavior into a model like Freud’s or NLP or such your then stuck with that explanation of your feeling and thinking and then you assume as anyone else, then we do this to think and do things the way we want right?

I found early on psychology sucked and NLP as well due to the explanations the models didn’t explain things they did and doing things they said also didn’t achieve the result they said they do.

Simply put I then had to find out just that what was missing without anyone able to tell me what that was. It was an unknown.

The discovery itself and I made several such discoveries its why its the RBIm6 atm mostly for me as I can track the progression for any user, it be RBIm for short the replacement of any model in the world, the replacement for any psychological model out there.

Its that good. It has no equal.

Naturally once you realize and understand the way your mind works trough the lens of RBIm6 you be asking the same things I did, why don’t they get it?

Your now thinking differently, your now taking the route directly to your mind, you can talk to yourself in a way that steers you towards directionalized outcomes.

rbim6 dc

Build new habits, build new experience, design your behaviors so they work for you the way you want them to.

Feel awkward meeting people? Install so you already know them before even meeting them, great social skill to have as you be able to talk to anyone as you already know them. You be comfortable with anyone either it be a cultural icon, a ceo or a banksman anyone…really.

Its like magic.

The NLP model for example tells you that representations, language and your subjective reality rely on precision in how to think in sequence so called strategies.

Not true.

Did you know even someone like Robert Dilts cant use precise enough language after 40 years that Bandler haven’t evolved from hypnosis the last 40 years that NLP stagnated and none knows why?

Well yours truly me knows why but they don’t ask me about why and then even if they did they wouldn’t do anything about that.

Sayin that they improve and evolve NLP isn’t true due to anyone understanding NLP its a process and how do you improve a process when you cant even define it as John Grinder the developer of NLP stated alongside Carmen?

Here how crazy that sounds the developer cant even define their own technology? I imagine anyone trained in NLP would now use the metamodel and go ask John some though questions and be met with evading tactics.

I certainly have.

What I found out was why NLP was the way it was and why they been stuck there, I watch Bandler do a phobia on TV and reinstall it twice, and he has to reverse to hypnosis behind closed doors and then we have an NLP trainer analyze that interaction when it did not work……………….I cant even begin to state how blind the NLP trainer are alongside his peers as they don’t even understand what I just wrote about that, that’s the lens NLP has and its getting them stuck.

Even if you explain it and I have students I explained this work and it took some adjusting for them to as it was imply put, to easy to talk to your mind directly.

RBIm6 allows for self coaching you can put new behaviors and experience of your life into directional outcomes creating a vast spread of spectrum of behaviors you want to have in action for the first time in history of mankind!

20+ years ago I thought I found what I wanted to do but I didn’t know at the time that I be evolving a whole new technology for mankind along the way, but I did.

Models allows us to reference material, to concrete it for us so they feel real while yes it is in our mind the feel of what we think and reference feels real for us and allow us to talk about stuff with other people, make plans where to go vacate or take out someone for dinner or plan a proposal for marriage.

If the model is lacking precision like NLP we end up adapting to what was said and stated, that then creates a transderivational search basically your brain has to go insdie and seek to find the answer that may not even be there and if so, it creates one…….that’s how far your mind can go to make up an answer as we cant find one as we as human beings has a huge negation towards dissonance.

NLP creates that for you due to the NLP developers even cant be precise enough and have to rely on unconscious mind process talk to even make you adapt properly if lucky enough.

So I don’t like that at all and 20+ years later found out how to get away from that and start talking to the mind directly.

I call it RBIm6 and I be presenting the model October 21.