Golfwrx users don’t know

Humans cant explain what they are doing that well, CMotion for example I explained in 5 min or less, the guy creating it still cant.

There is a huge difference between knowing what your doing and being able to explain so you can learn to do it. Its called a model for a reason so you can learn to do it. That itself wont make sense for a golfer forum user due to if your not able to let go of perceptions you have then you wont be able to improve either.

The human mind negates evidence that don’t fit their world view due to cognitive dissonance, the doubt the brain cant organize so it runs to the common nominator the old habit. So learn new is difficult at best.

I pointed out mygolfswing evolution a guy trying to model Ben Hogan after 5 years is not even close and I pointed that out to people, and once I do you understand, the difference and why but if you don’t know……

so I challenge people then to find the difference….and if a guy that studied Ben Hogan, made a movie, a book and 5 years later missed it….what chance do a golfwrx user on a golf forum have then?


Experts get it wrong all the time.

Tiger Woods issues started with Butch Harmon, his dip can be seen there, then worsen with Haney and a disaster with Sean Foley that caused Tigers golf career to go to shit. Foley can talk but knowing what he is doing?

Monte schienblum said he would have Tiger hit a 7i with a fade for weeks to fix him and when I was reading that I was like, wouldn’t work.Golf trainers are blind for what’s going on with Tiger.