The RBIm revolution a small step for me a giant step for mankind

I haven’t written much blogs this year, as previously I wrote one a day or so. I still can write once a day as material is never ending.

I developed a technology that is so leading edge that people don’t even know it yet, it makes anyone in NLP out of a job. The RBIm tech explains and does things faster and easier and more efficiently than NLP.

For myself I feel that the recent 25 years been well spent, founding a technology that allows me to coach and consult better and to make you do the same and also self coach better is a major milestone in human history as you never seen anything like this technology before.

It will create a better world for human beings.

People today are stuck in their ways, your not able to alter habits and things you do, sure you may desire to, want to and even need to and worse case MUST but fails to do so as many NLP practitioners, trainers and such cant use NLP on themselves.

What is wrong is due to assumptions called the unconscious mind spread by NLP users and no progress been made with NLP since the 1980´s, Bandlers path with hypnosis has lead to the downfall of NLP.

Its now replaced with a much better technology that don’t rely on cheap tricks anymore and that uses science and evidence as with measurement I developed a whole new way to create new actions in the world by being able to talk directly to your mind and improve over time.

I call it RBIm

All action happens in the facebook group, link to the right on website