Golf Player PGA/LPGA/LET/Euro Tour seeking a coach?

I am the RBImGuy that currently coach Hans Andersson in golf to make him a european tour player. I want to work with very few selected tour level players either it is the PGA/European or the LPGA/Let tours as I don’t want to for example start a golf school or such due to what I want is to work to make those who are good and wants to be better, better.

I created over the last year two set of models, one for the swing motion demoed here by Hans Andersson and a performance model to make sure you can go play at your best at each day you go to work.

Hans Andersson demo RBIm swing motion 8i

I am not a swing coach nor a mental coach.

For me, I want to work with you that fits the following:
Having someone that understand you and that can translate that into action to make you better in anything you do and if that means hit the ball longer or more accurately or to deal with anything that happens in your life either its family, media or just stuff that gets in your way.

I don’t do normal or average.

I do elite level performance efficiency and deliver consistency.

Its what I excel at. Whatever I do will allow you to reach the performance level you desire. If it is to play the tour or to win majors or to be nr1 in the world as what I do will allow you to reach that level of performance you want and you know what that will mean for you.

Please inquire for what I can do for you, we can talk over Skype.

Price is set at 300.000$ us dollar for one year plus expenses

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