RBIm golf system for tour pros

The RBIm Golf system demoed above by Hans Andersson.

The system consist of three phases:

Phase one technical mastery of the golf swing mechanics model by me from the motion Mike Austin did.

Phase two basics of the performance mode in how to access the zone under ones control.

Phase three accessing the performance at ones best playing to ones potential.

The RBIm golf system allows the following potential to be available; a 4% dispersion pattern as average, 300+ yards driving and a 15 feet average proximity to the pin a 100% better improvement from current PGA tour best.

Stats one can expect to reach when playing then are:

  • 4% dispersion
  • 15 feet proximity to pin
  • 100% access to the zone

To that comes excellent distance control and other strategies from the coaching.


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Hey Robert,

I’ve talked to you before and you even used some of still shots on a post awhile back. I’m a professional and carry a handicap of +5, mind if I send you some current swings and we can speak about how to move forward. Thanks!

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