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I have a particular set of skills developed over the last 20 years doing things like modeling, client work, coaching and analyzing complex systems and yes it sounds like Liam Neeson in Taken (Awesome movie really bad ass btw) and the skill one of many I have is simply asking questions. Maybe that dont seem important as anyone can ask questions but how many can ask and learn to understand how a space engineer thinks when they design space rockets or a dyslexic when they dont know why they cant read and then when a athlete cant perform or any field due to when I ask questions I map the mind in how your mind actually works and then I use the other particular set of skills I have to point out how you can enhance your thing you do and make it better.

So while its simply a way of asking questions a lot of information you know but you dont know what you know until pointed out and that I excel at with my particular skills so that you can start to understand how to tweak or alter something you can become more efficient and calm or more in the present moment depending what field you work with.

I spent a lot of time with a tech called NLP

I applied my particular set of skills to Dyslexia and created the Catmodel.eu – check there for a guy named Patrick if you find him let him know he has my shoes.

I also lately applied my skills to the golf swing, I teach this guy Hans Andersson to get his swing and game into tour level. My particular modeling skills was applied to Mike Austin and recently as shown Hans have the same motion pattern as Mike Austin.

I am a researcher, scientist, comedian, and life is about being good and feeling great.

My name if you stayed this long is worth mentioning
Robert known as the RBImGuy and I look like this sometimes,


e_mail: notnlp at gmail.com

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Hi Robert, in Mike Austin’s swing and lessons videos, Mike keeps and wants the hands/arms high at the top of the backswing while Hans and yours are lower, at about
shoulder high. Is there any reason why this is not adapted in your modelling ?
thanks …

Motion model. specific things, not.
It means I captured with the intended criteria “Motion” once captured and replicated its then done.
Normally a bit steeper action happens if you do that arms high. Mike needed to re-route the back swing to get down into the down swing, its a questionable move IMO.

Also recall camera angle will influence what you see.

I also view ball impact and trajectory and consistency as I dont go after super long here. As long motion is there it means the intended crtieria is applied and done which for me is what I wanted to achieve.

Normally that whats a modeling does, take intended criteria, find those, replicate then done, if I wanted to replicate a 160mph swing, it be different.
I wanted the motion as none could do it in the Mike Austin camp the way MIke did, which what I was interested in, it dosnt mean Mike didnt do other things also.

Modeling means capture specific things you want to model not everything they do as that isnt possible.
hans mike

Hej Robert. Är det möjligt att ta golflektion av dig? Bor i Årsta o har varit intresserad av Austin i några år. Känner att jag står o stampar nu och vill gärna komma framåt. Hälsningar Helge.

I am currently a member of the US PGA Tour and I am seeking a new swing coach. Currently I interviewing Monte Scheinblum and basically I’m ready to hire him. How much would you charge me per season and are you better than Monte as he has all the latest technology gadgets as well.

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