Hans q-school or not?

In a couple of weeks he will decide to go or not. He has a competition then and can figure out if the recent changes are working to remove the bogies he makes now and then.

Old residue can still be there even if you do all things right it’s the main reason why Mythoself don’t work as advertised for example. You need to adapt to the instruction to make it work.

He did the recent assignment, identified the situations that cause him to be disturbed when he played. He first didn’t want to do it but I said he must do so he did. As he was able to figure out what caused the issue and this is like having a mosquito when you try to sleep as soon your drifting off to sleep it comes close and wake you up.

Annoying right?

Its like that with context so whenever your able to focus solely on the task which you need a functional SSG for then your can really stretch your legs when you go play.

My take is that he seems fine now and he should be able to remove the worst mistakes and then his score will go down accordingly.

couple of weeks to go

Jordan Spieth Golfer world nr 1

When he won Australian Open I thought, ok he is coming big this year. He smoked that tournament.

He won the Masters and then US Open and came up second in the Open and PGA and broke the record 54 under par which is better than Tiger Woods ever managed.

His performance in the Masters as I told Hans was better than Tigers.

People still live in the what was true with Tiger but he is a lost cause now.

You now have a new world number one that done something Rory haven’t been close to and he darn good playing the game. There was some poll at golfwrx between Jordan and Rory and I was like, Jordan is better and this was in April or May as I knew this guy will be better.

Hat off and pants off and I rest in my underwear to Jordan as what he done this year is amazingly awesome.

Putted for eagle

I am in pain for sure, 2 days in a row and my body screams at me as the home course I play at his more up and downhill than any other course in Sweden.
It’s a workout.

My game starts to get where it should, the guys I played with liked the way I hit shots. Hit a solid drive on the par 5 and a 4i hybrid to the green but since the greens are really bad it wasn’t like I am going to make this as its more about managing distances which are difficult when one green has no grass and the next one have some. Made the tap in birdie though.

Next step is to improve the short game as I basically lost shots there but being tired playing isn’t a good combo anyhow. I hit great shots but due to greens cant hold them there was several times the ball just run away.

Started with a bad drive into left rough had to play forward to the fairway and then hit the wedge a foot away saved the par. For me that approach shot was something I never really been able to do on command before. That felt great.

Now resting for a few days as I am a zombie for the moment.

The Mike Austin modeling



integritymike 1

Modeling is a way to analyze what happens when someone accomplish a result. Normally one would first replicate and then break it down into what’s essential. I did this differently as I made Hans swing like Mike and while I knew what to do I also knew I would when I started the range practice I would need to deal with my old swing patterns and habits.

I lack, as I map this a bit more integrity after impact as I am still used to the amateurish way of swinging which built bad habits for me. Now I know what to do as my impact have improved so much and last sessions it started to go beyond scratch. How one measure impact and handicap is when the divot starts if it starts before the ball you’re a low handicap and even if it starts at the ball which would indicate scratch level we want it to be after the ball.

Example Link to article

In the image we can see what you want to happen with the divot and ball.
Divot happens after the ball. If it isn’t your swing center isn’t correct as it influence your release. The article stats that every “inch” of the divot center and ball its a 5 shot handicap difference! I hit balls from the mat and I just measure when I hit the ball first vs the mat. I also test this on grass obviously as you want things measured.

Now I don’t teach what Mike Austin taught or what Mike Austin trainers teach as I use a different grip and suggest people to use it and even if you do loose some distance you gain increased accuracy much beyond any distance gains.

I am already hitting a club longer on the range or two than I was before. One reason is better impact and release pattern. Its still not where it should be yet but on its way there. I do this a bit differently as I also learned over the years to go slow and small allows a better understanding of what happens and how to design better instructions. Once you feel your impact is effortless and the ball jumps off the club head you know the difference between that and whatever you done before.

Backtracking a bit as the Motion was found early January 2014. Then instruction set was developed that took me another year as I was slow going due to my health. Hans spent 3 months doing the new structures I developed and looked like this when it was all done to that point. A few Mike Austin trainers said that some good stuff right there as they recognize the signal they seen once before from Mike Austin himself.

Mars 2015

My main works this spring with Hans has been applying the new instruction set, identify essential bits what is needed to make the motion work identifying the needed feedback to happen and then applying working approaches.

Hans Andersson May 2015

Modeling don’t mean we copy what Mike said he did or teach what he thought he did. It means one builds a model that allows you to reach the same or similar result the model have. I changed a few things in this to suit better accuracy. After all Mike Austin had issues scoring when we talk professional golf.

The golf swing wont win you a major.

It’s a tool to allow you to score as low as you want to.

So my own golf swing will demonstrate a faster swing pattern than Hans as I am built differently in height and have a different temperament. The look isn’t what I am after it wont look as a carbon copy of Mike it will retain patterns he did but be in use differently as I am mainly concerned with scoring. Distance is of little concern after your able to do 300 yards or such.

I am satisfied as far with the modeling and the model itself. Key postures and angles has been identified so teaching a kid would be easy enough. Adults with amateur swings will have issues as they don’t know what the feel should be and what their body are doing and would need to educate their body.

Main reason golf is difficult is simply a lack of proper feedback.

I built instructions to account what you should feel and check for evidence with proper feedback along the way and continue to build such instructions. I cant ask Hans as he don’t know. He can just do. I then have to go the way I do slow and small. Practice then map and measure.

In the images I posted was from the last range session early on, battery died so I could tape the last bit of the session as things improved. I already implemented changes to the next session and its all progressing as it should.

Building a model doesn’t mean I copy or clone what you see Mike Austin doing as that wont work as you see people trying to emulate and clone Ben Hogan and still 60 years later NO one can do it. That shows whatever people see and perceive what people do isn’t working to copy or clone what someone is able to do. Also true for Mike Austin students and trainers

NLP was created when they study Gregory Bateson and people doing therapy and identified language patterns people used to resolve issues people had. The model later known as NLP consists of patterns people used to create result in therapy and such. The models themselves are different as you can be trained to do similar result people needed years of university and practice to be able to do but now you had normal people going trough 30 days and could do better than psychology and academia trained by far.

It takes 2 minutes to learn how to do feldenkrais for example not 3 years.

You learn the essence of the model what the end result is and that cut down in learning time and allows others to reach similar result. I had students doing change work no NLP trained individual have been able to do due to me taught them better. I even had Master practitioners from NLP institutes coming to me to help them fix things.

Golf is simple once you can do it obviously.

I also understood early that you also needed a performance model along the way as scoring for golf isn’t about the golf swing. Its purely mental as there is after a point not about the swing as its about consistency.

So how do one create consistency then?

I found no tour pro is able to.

I then dug into NLP and other models and found none knew. I also knew I been able to do things differently so it was along that way it started. The performance model allows you to utilize the golf swing better to achieve a higher retain consistency. Using those I already know I be able to play better golf this year than before how much I will find out.

The three phases was developed to account for the golf performance.

  • Phase one to establish the swing mechanics with putting etc..
  • Phase two to train one to do the basic zone performance.
  • Phase 3 to control and change the performance after ones desire.

How do you bring consistency and your best performance each and every time you go play?

That’s for me is a much more interesting question than to discuss swing theory and mechanics. In 4 sessions I establish for myself the proper movement and now its fine tuning them into the impact movement and integrity I want to have. Once courses opens up I have an indication how much work there is to do to make it fool proof. One thing one can note is a modern golf swing many of the pros stand on their toes. They also use a held off release. Its compensational moves they need to do to play on tour. What you want is as simple mechanics as possible without needed compensations. To create consistency.

The bowling move like Greg Norman used in his golf swing Mike Austin also did back in his younger days. While he could cuss and say we aint doing the bowling move he himself did that at a point. I guess Mike forgot to mention that along the way. I recently in fact today updated the down swing instruction a bit as its ongoing work.

What you want at impact is to go down not up like tour pros does it.

morgan pressel

Standing on toes allows them to save the swing and impact.
One could argue they do it for more power but toe standing don’t allow for consistency. I seen they play really great and then somehow hit such a bad shot you cant believe from nowhere.

The 3 phases for performance

Phase one technical establishment.
Phase two basic performance establishment
Phase three the Mikaela factor

I might make new cool names like

Phase one kill the ball
Phase two zoning in at the edge
Phase three creating the magic performance

One need a degree of mechanical progress and level to play tour level golf. Current teachings and instructions in modern golf pretty much is a dead end and pure guesswork.

Applying my skill set to study the golf swing mechanics finding out what’s going on, changing the instructions to fit what one needs to do and then identify and distill down the motion has been done.

Taught that to Hans allowing him a 80% reduction of force needed to do the same swing and distances allowing increased accuracy and margin for error in the process.  One can correlate the effort needed with the margin for error achieved. More effort the lesser becomes the accuracy then. Once he had that down and the effects of those which was the 80% reduction which I didn’t know would happen but it did due to identifying and defining the golf swing motion Mike Austin used.

The RBIm golf system for tour pros allow a 4% dispersion and a 15 feet proximity to the hole which is the ultimate best golf system of perfection you can have in the world as a tool set playing golf.

Next was phase two where the basics of performance was practiced with the zone and how to set it up under your own control. Combined with the new swing mechanics the 4% dispersion and 15 feet proximity was now a reality.

Taking the models developed last year and then applying them for Hans is one thing the question is what can they do for me?

My main issue has been the mechanics or the phase one lack of skills. Now it isn’t anymore. The proving the system is about finding out what stats one can do as the scoring and such results are depending on margin for error and consistency. One can correlate the result with stats one is able to perform. To score low you want to be able to hit the ball close even with a bad shot. It means if we talk performance your able to be more consistent than the other guys with the scoring over time.

The zone is the level where your able to make it easy to do things. It just happens by itself. Once you know how to set it up you have an opportunity to have a 100% uptime and access to such experience when you play. That now takes something to adjust to obviously as common belief and assumption is you can do it for 5% of the time when you play so a 95% improvement is unheard of in the field of golf or sports.

Here am I knowing this already works obviously.

What I don’t know is what kind of apex and fulcrum point this creates. In any performance at average you find where the ability you posses and experience you have will have a middle point of performance and my calculations here are a 15 feet proximity to the hole for example and current PGA tour is 30 feet.

It means if the pin is tucked away behind a bunker to the right you have 12 feet to the bunker short and 12 feet right to the and then you know your have a 15 feet average approach you can then aim 3 to 6 feet to the left of the flag and fire the shot.
The PGA tour pro cant do that as they need to aim at least 20 feet left or try to hit it over the flag and bring the ball back. The chances to make birdies now goes down as your always fighting your own statistics and average approach shot.

I calculate you should be able to do 3 to 6 birdies every 9 holes so at average a 66 to 60 in scoring is within the realm of possibility here.

Now you run into the disbeliever. They will tell you that what I write here is impossible. Its not possible they will say.

Here is the fun fact Hans is already started to do that. So then for me its not a calculation anymore its showing up in the performance from someone starting to play like that.

That is what I do make calculations of things that haven’t happen yet based upon models I developed. There is no proof that they will work in the world they are all abstract until they are proven true.

Main issue for me as always I am always right about the calculations. I cry myself to sleep every night as none believes me.

That’s my curse as I say.

Models are predictable as they produce the same result each time. There is no guesswork involved as what a golf trainer normally does things.

One knows this is what this model does.

Obviously when you do this kind of things with dyslexics for example taking diagnosed dyslexic kids and make them normal readers and spellers in a time the professors and scientist cant believe your able to do its not the first time I met such disbelief and I been right every time.

I am about to do that for tour pro golf now.

Much bigger field of interesting parties that play tour level golf they all want to have this model as it will allow them to realize their potential for the first time.

The RBIM golf system for tour pros.

Magic is nothing more than science once understood.

Hans Andersson

Hans golf swing Range today

ball striking

Hans – Hogan and then Knudsen

At Golfwrx someone talked super slotting a Knudson trait then continue about Hogan and I tell them, those guys had more timing, more inconsistency than Hans.

Simplicity is important, less positions more intuition.

Hans swing mechanics has less timing issues, less than can go wrong and he can still pound it with everything he has without loosing integrity.

Feels really good to be coach to him.