NLP is dead long live the new king RBIm6

Obviously, NLP cant die as it does not exist. One of those things language and mental concepts creates for us.

It seems so real though that we can let a concept die but as we seen with Freud that little to no evolution has happen in 100+ years there, peoples till get trained as such that is ideas that are 100+ years old? We had a Swedish doctor that was more effective than Freud doing change work here at the time.

What happens is s lack of tools to examine and understand the forces involved in how the mind manufacture things, for example the word “mind” has no meaning for a swede, we don’t have a mental concept for mind.

Here it is “self” or brain.

Mind like do you mind? Means in English they have a behavior tied to mind about something people do. I guess the nice English language polite behaviors needed words to excuse them to do things without offending someone.

So that is what happens when we are creating concepts we have a behavior that we want to convey and communicate to someone and when we lack words, we invent a way to reference the behavior.

RBIm6 october 21

Talk to your mind, directly the RBIm6 evolution

What is RBIm6? Is the question one would ask first and my reply would be, its about being able to talk directly to your mind to build new behaviors based on evidence and facts.

Now you know, right?

Some argued with me that when I been writing a blog post everyday for 10 years that it was to much to read and I was like but I wrote it and also did read it so? I taken some time off this summer and spent time with golf and relaxing.

Atm I am ramping up for October 21 when I be unleashing the RBim 6 model.

Evolution for mankind is here.

Back in the day when I started out doing NLP I found really fast that the model wasn’t doing what they taught people, so I started to ask around and got wierd answers, many also answered with metaphors, Bandler, Riggio etc..and I was like so the best NLP could produce was a guy like Bandler doing hypnosis 40 years later and that’s the best there is?

After 40 fucking years?
Where is the evolution with NLP?

I asked Joseph Riggio a question and he told me metaphors and I stood there thinking, this dude don’t know and he don’t know he don’t know.

One student told me that I teach what I was writing and I aid of course I do as why would I do anything different than that? But I didn’t understand I was unique that no one was able to do that out there in the world and that I was a fucking genius.

The work I started with NLP and what I then evolved into is the culmination of over 20+ years of work and I call it RBIm6 (likely to just be called RBIm in general for me its the version 6 still)

The RBIm6 technology allows the individual to organize around 3 main variables, evidence, behavior and context. For a coach working with people that means you can track down what goes on in a client or organization as a consult and give proper advice and activities to steer the individual or organization back on the track.

If you don’t know and rely on a inefficient model like NLP or any other business organizational models then you wont do a good job and can even create worse conditions.

If you work with clients that has issues psychologist cant handle then you need to be trained to deal with that type of stuff due to while the technology itself is great it needs a human operator that knows what they are doing.

NLP for example as I seen Bandler work with a phobia and btw that’s the guy that did develop the phobia 40 years ago couldn’t make it work, did install it back twice in less than 2 minutes and then altfeldt an NLP trainer analyze the language patterns Bandler used and never realized what was shown, did not work? So Bandlers statement NLP is to study what works and then install the phobia back twice? is that how NLP works? However if you put the critic forward to NLPérs they run the excuse clause. They wont take the fact and evidence into consideration even. That’s a sure sign its gone downhill within NLP.

I have several students that been trough the ring, they went with NLP and other technologies and come here and stayed. They been helpful into the development of what I do due to interaction with real world problems and people well that’s a good way to ensure feedback and that it works.

With this technology we don’t talk conscious or unconscious minds as we don’t need to, there is no need for fancy language patterns.

The simplicity of RBIm6 allowing you to talk directly to your mind, build new behaviors which btw including thinking or thoughts or whatever people call them. While the simplicity helps you still need training, practice to learn the ropes and those that has been around still had problems accepting the new technology due to, its so simple.

This image explains the problem that NLP and trainers of NLP and practitioners has

Present state

Every NLP practitioner follows that chart.

Typically two set of questions you ask, what stops you? (Richard Bandlers favorite one) or the what would happen if you did?

That questioning is based upon that chart, that in between you run into interferences, excuses etc…and those you need to fix by applying NLP techniques, hypnosis etc…

Mythoself for example uses that approach also.

What has happen in the development of NLP it stagnated, the process that is NLP cant explain the difference between form process and content!

So NLP is a lost cause but now there is a new hope.

RBIm6 allows you to start talking to your mind directly cutting away all those interferences directly as they wont even be a consideration anymore

R-Evolution with RBIm6
October 21

Tracking new over time the path to RBIm6

Most may never know I guess due to implementing a change and then track what happens over time is at best difficult.

So I do a new applied RBIm6 then track along the way what happens.
In how I think and respond to the context.
Doing so have gained insight into how effective this technology is.

Talking to your mind directly,
October 21 on skype.

Seeing dead people isn’t really normal however when you do be careful who you talk to about it

The young girl at age 16 was doing just that as I met her. Lucky for her she met me and not the local shrink.

Being effective with client work meant I seldom saw clients more than once or twice. I understood them. So this girl walks in and are seeing people that isn’t there and told me she wasn’t in her own body.

So with a local therapist she be in a mental ward on drugs within an hour.

So I asked her, how long has this gone on?

She says, 5 years, so for me that meant this question, what then happen 5 years ago?

She said it best, her parents divorced.

So as a 11 year old girl she did what felt normal, she moved with her parents bodies. She left her own. This created a impossible situation for her that she couldn’t control.

Solution was simple, she moved back into her own body again. Fights with her mom stopped and she could move on with her life.

I call that RBIm6

Understanding life is difficult, yourself a frigging paradox but minds and consciousness can do that. Move with someone else’s body. Our mind isn’t working as they told you it does.

The girl went on with her life as she was able to found out what being normal was about. She could have been unlucky and be in a mental ward. In the UK that once happen to a maid, she didn’t speak English and was sentenced into a mental ward when her employer died, for decades………. it can happen due to people make mistakes as they see things that isn’t there. We become absolutely certain that we see things but when checked there is none. (Trump currently is a good example)

The same way people are certain they seen UFOs, angels and whatever else. They wont believe my explanation even if true.

Its how bad your mind can fool us.

Don’t be fooled anymore.

Why isn’t strategies vak working really? The ramp up for RBIm6

Back in the day VAK, visual, auditory, kinesthetic was used to note sequence people did to accomplish results. (NLP volume one book for example) However since then its isn’t used much if any, NLP haven’t been able as a tech to evolve from the “process” as hypnosis still is the major key Bandler does still.

The issue one face with vak representational elicitation is complexity.

Major reason it died out.

One needs a new model to accomplish the result work people are doing. One that makes you understand the subject and then be able to innovate from that to create a better recursive nature of the usage of the skill and its result to improve and evolve.

I call that, RBIm6

Binds the contextual shift of reality and RBIm6

Back in the day when psychology was lost, well still is but its better was the phenomena of double binds, people didn’t really know how to deal with them, NLP don’t do much better btw.

Binds works as gate keepers of shifts, usually causality runs like this, if that happens then I be having that, like winning the lottery then I be happy.

So we have the result + an effect of that, which when people think as such, if I be happy then all my problems goes away when they are then put into happy and find out the problems didn’t go away then the system reverse back. They cant stay happy simply. You can give the client the solution they believe will work but that criteria of what things leads to will stop them.

NLP has no solution btw, I saw Bandler working a phobia with a guy on TV, first set up to remove then for some reason install it back twice, then a NLP trainer analyze the language patterns he sued without understanding what Bandler did do, didn’t work………………

I was like, why didn’t he stop there? as I point out to my students. So we have someone like Bandler still then doing hypnosis after 40 years, as progress?

I think we can do better.

So I did.

For example why would it take longer to train someone today as if modeling is so great then we would constantly be faster learning basic skills, right?

Talking to people you can subdue and get consent but what happens when you cant talk to people due to them might be in shock or crazy? Yes I know, most will never be exposed to those people but I found working with clients a lot of them are not normal.

NLP runs into the binds and cant really deal with them due to the model itself wont allow it. Mythoself had this idea of embodied, somatic kicks the reality and he got it all backwards. Causality runs it and mythoself users cant deal with that either and have to adapt solutions.

RBIm6 opens up the gateway to run your own mind by starting to control your actions, habits and behaviors you do. Want more or less or something new you can talk to your mind directly. That’s the power of RBIm6.

No need for hypnosis, process talk like NLP and Mythoself does it.

Sure when we can talk to people and have them agree on something but what happens when you cant even speak their language?

Mapping what people do and say is difficult at best with current methods.

RBIm6 elevates that to a whole new dimension of meta.

NLP failed to evolve due to the Bandler mess, he killed someone back in 1986, shot her right in the head, he was on drugs and was running rampant for decades getting away with outlandish behaviors. He couldn’t change his actions for decades he run the same stuff over and over.

That is what happens with binds they wont change.

You want to build new.

Problem with any current technology they all assume the same things, if we observe things the same way well we also gain the same solutions and answers and it creates great topics for conversations in those musky coffee shops.

However they wont evolve us.

RBIm6 will

Binds and change with RBIm6

Ever hear about “Binds?”
Its like this, the individual have problems and believes if they become happy the problems solve themselves.
Making them happy leads them to realize while happy that their problems didn’t solve themselves.
Individual goes back to old preference (unhappy) due to the new happy isn’t working as its a mismatch with beliefs, having the wanted new happy wont work as the reality isn’t about the embodied experience at all……………..get that and your able to get out of your binds.

Your attention forms your reality not your body

Mind control for the future with RBIm6

Imagine you could design your habits, behaviors you do, excel at learning, creativity and be happy and enjoy life and more

You may run into your limitations, cant do due to to old to young, and reasons we conjure up like a magician as we end up in the glass box into the invisible mind of ours

Some argue its unconscious mind, the hypnosis crowd think its real like Bandler from NLP still failing to evolve from the process after 40 years.

The future of mankind’s evolution, its called RBIm6