samsung 960 evo m2

Once we use mechanical drives they become bigger and better priced. Then slowly SSD started to gain traction due to speed but storage was an issue and one can argue price and size with ssd is still an issue.

Todays newer motherboards have an M2 slot, one can use for example a samsung 960 evo m2 as a start up ssd a 256gb one. The main advantage with a M2 ssd is that small files reads and writes and speed is improved vs a sata ssd. When using windows or some other OS you want the most speed access reading small files and a samsung 960 evo excels at just that. I am using one fast sata ssd from samung a 850 pro for just that reason.

When you choose an ssd you want to buy for the workload and the small files for windows then a fast M2 ssd is a great choice. I am considering adding an M2 ssd to my computer.

SSD started with 2D flat plan nand cells, when they started to shrink those they run into electron migration that cells leaked and needed adjustments. A 2D nand ssd should be avoided. The option with 3D nand was that they could use a larger nand size process and then have way less leakage than smaller 2D nand. When samsung started the 3D nand wave they used a 32nm for 3D nand when 2D nand was hitting 16nm. Using a bigger nand manufacturing for 3D had great advantages, faster, better endurance and more reliable.

Yes the samsung 960 evo use 3D nand so does my sata ssd 850 pro.

So if your in for a upgrade with the SSD then a M2 ssd is a great option if your motherboard has such a slot. If not maybe its time to upgrade your computer for a new era of speed and usage.



Mike Austin throw mechanics

Mike was known to hit it long, current world record in a sanctioned PGA tournament is 540 yards at 64 years of age.

Mike taught what he did, so he thought but evidence suggest that no one was able to do what Mike did.

My modeling of Mike Austin’s motion is seen with Hans here the first in history of golf I successfully transferred the motion from one golfer to another.

In a modern golf swing your limited with your movement and that means your swing integrity of distance/accuracy gets a toll at around 270 yards and after that you be all over the place. Todays equipment allows people tour pros mainly to add more distance vs old tech. The amateur however did not benefit.

An amateur hit around 200-220 yards.
Tour pros top 100 around 290 yards.

That difference are due to a tour pro is able to swing within their swing mechanic and technique but are also causing back problems and dispersion issues.

Using a throw mechanic your using a natural body movement allowing for mass to pivot around an axis for speed.

Modern swing don’t allow that as you need to muscle it and adding a extra variable for dispersion.

Mike Austin mechanics allows

  • More distance with the same or better dispersion.
  • Better accuracy.
  • Timing is automatic and the same each time.
  • Consistency in a way you never knew was possible.
  • No back pains.
  • Leverage based pivot.
  • The tour pro can expect around a 350+ yard driving with less strain and better accuracy than previous swing.

The swing don’t make scores, its a tool to get the ball there but we have many skills in golf, putting, chipping, pitching and approach shots, course management and mental ability.

Mike Austin flew his ball over green in his 540 yard drive, didn’t make eagle or birdie. Hitting it long helps you keep more consistency but it wont do anything for your scoring. Jordan spieth for example if he shifted to this he be winning a lot more tournaments as he lost his Master title due to fighting his mechanics for 4 whole days.

With the RBIm swing system he wouldn’t had to.

It never goes wonky, you never loose the swing it always works.

Your modern swing always change tempo, timing shifts and you struggle with basic shots all the time.

Time for a change

Understanding elite level performance

Someone might say, Bob Rotella then and I would know, no he don’t understand. The placebo effect is real in his case. Super confidence? Yea ask him to explain that one and listen to guesswork.

To assist to work as a coach you want to understand what your about to do. The athlete just want to go out there and perform they don’t want to know every detail or be spoon fed metaphors.

What happens is your assumption and estimate of what your about to do is getting in your way of your performance. When that interfere with the result your doing you end up in a boot loop. A never ending cycle trying to solve what’s going on.

Utilizing RBIm6 one can resolve that both before and when performing if needed.

Golfers like Jordan spieth for examples struggled with his mechanics for 4 days in the Masters then hit 2 balls in water loosing the title. Once he hit those water holes he played better, his mechanics suddenly improved. If you have better mechanics helps to elevate mental issues when performing but isn’t a solution.

A change of focus did happen for Jordan but it wasn’t enough to regain his game and score.

if your able to understand what to do to focus on allowing your performance reach zone performance every time you go play then that will also help with scoring. If Jordan Spieth had known RBIm6 then what did happen day one with his mechanics would have made him change his focus and played better.

What happens is your assumption and estimate of what your about to do is getting in your way of your performance. When that interfere with the result your doing you end up in a boot loop. A never ending cycle trying to solve what’s going on.

Once you train yourself to perform your able to have that sharp laser like focus the very best people have in any sport they seem to be able to transcend their performance delivering a high level performance every time they go play like Ronaldo in Real Madrid in football scoring goals and deliver all the time.

Understanding what goes in is a needed thing due to otherwise your stuck adapting to bob Rotellas instructions to make them work and they don’t really work due to placebo effect is real there. When they work its due to the individual believe in them which again is placebo but then when stuff happens as your loose your game like Rory Mcilroy does as he is a client to Bob Rotella the answer then while performing and then loosing the cut?

No where to be seen.

Beliefs wont work long term nor does placebo as at some point the system cant hold together the adaption and then your fucked.

6 sessions later

Practice is a little like, do one thing, receive feedback, alter what you do to improve.

Simple concept really but to make it work requires some insight in how the brain works with learning. When I solved the way talent is created and built that also allowed me to improve faster than before.

In 6 sessions I been able to get the template down which I developed for Hans based on Mike Austin’s motion. Feels good.

While the template is known the next step is instructions.

While applying the template, first thing was to refine the feedback in the movement, that was feedback from day 1 and day 2 confirmed the new instruction worked. The next thing was to fix the throw mechanic and improve the pivot and that took 3 sessions and confirmed working session 6.

Conceptually we cant do positions in a golf swing. However everyone teach you that and then add drills. What you need is to know what to do, simplify the attention and then add effective quality feedback.

This is bad advice btw

He Nick Faldo leaves the whole body out of the movement, he already can move properly so he can show it that way but try it and you find your whole body mechanic is left out.

if your an amateur, you don’t know how a flawless effortless impact feels like. My sis kid was frustrated, he could not hit one good swing, I let him do that, when he was angered enough went and sat down with his phone, I said, hey lets try this and he wasn’t willing but he went with it as I told him what to do and then he swung and smoked it.

I said, that’s how it feels like.

He improved directly.

Without the feedback and some evidence your hitting it properly its basically impossible to do it and to find it on your own. Its a reason no one except me been able to model a golf swing and then transfer the motion to someone else in the history of golf.

Next up is myself and those I atm are working with.
There be 4 people then that are able to do what Mike Austin did do but couldn’t transfer and teach.

That’s how models and template works. You have a blueprint in how someone does things, then the code is transferred using instruction of the defined essential action in the result produced. The instruction set is getting updated along the way as teaching Hans was to easy as he already had things like impact. Applying this the recent week or so in 6 sessions have created a much improved instruction set.

  1. Template model of Mike Austin’s motion
  2. Instruction set to transfer skills aka motion of Mike Austin
  3. Practice period when the instructions set is practiced

Problem for anyone who can do things is to explain how your doing the things you do. Your just able to do them and the brain habituate everything so a lot of information is hidden as its synced with the coordination itself of doing what one does. Modeling is a way to uncover what one does, building a instruction set to transfer the essential skills and replicate the result or even improve upon.

So what people do watching a swing you wont be able to replicate what you see. If it was you be able to swing like Ben Hogan could or someone else but obviously that wont work, it wont work even if the individual themselves explain it either as seen with Mike Dunaway that couldn’t do it either in spite of being taught personally by Mike Austin.

When you explain the individual needs to adapt to your instruction as seen with Sean Foley  and Tiger and then when Sean explains to people that a baseball pitch works one way when it cant then one have to ask how people get a trainer certificate. Obviously explaining things like Mike Austin does,

The explanation is just nonsense. You wont be able to follow it and swing as he did.
Its in essence, worthless.

Once the template was formed the question is if the instruction set is good enough to transfer the skills. I then do two things at the same time, one is to do the practice follow the instruction set developed, if something is off I am able to track that down and improve on it.

Day 1, lack of power was evident, my distance improvement was there but I didn’t feel any power.
Analyze was shown what was missing, added that instruction.

Day 2 practice session, worked, felt power added distance.

Day 3, 4 and 5 was to improve the pivot and throwing action and the new instruction set developed and then tested on day 6 confirmed the action was now improved.

Pivot and proper movement was now happening and distance was added again. Day 7 will be more of what was happening in day 6 and further worked on if needed.

Improvement or building talent don’t take long unless you lack feedback. The issue with drills is a lack of that and there is no real way to improve them either. Its a simple concept, do – feedback either you improve which is good or you did not, if the improvement is lacking one analyze and then add something so you do improve.

You can build skills in such a short time frame that people have told me repeatedly is impossible.

I still did it. I am still doing it.

Felt good about todays session.

Enjoying life and the path towards godhood

This recent may we have had cold days, an arctic wind swept down and are clouding Sweden into a cold stick. Its as cold as it ever been. Forecast change daily even though it will be warmer the next few days its about how one deals with things.

The whole ski world laughed at Boklov when he started to do the V-style in ski jumping they stopped when he won tournaments and the world cup season.

Enjoying things is a skill like any, I recently the last few days have spent time indoors due to 1c and snowing is no good fun going outside hitting balls. So I done other things like fixing some old stuff and preparing for some work.

Today its like 2c and cold so I work on other things and preparing to hit a few balls tomorrow when forecast state it be 6c or so.

Most when plan use their projection based on estimate which with the people always is wrong, we cant predict the future event and actions accurately that we do. Using measurement and evidence it allow us to based what we can do more accurately. Athletes has that issue, they practice and play and then have an idea what they do which they then plan ahead from which will be wrong.

Then the issue will be that when activated in action the individual now have a problem with performance as their projected result and the actual result isn’t a match. Performance will suffer as the individual is trying to get back to their projected result which isn’t working.

Naturally when we try to perform some get a impotence issue if your in a big city like Stockholm and no way around that.

Athletes are working hard to perform and they are as bound by what to focus on as anyone else as many that plays golf on tour never reach their potential, their A-Game and such. They also never practice with their A-Game and as so also never reach their potential.

Their own mind eludes them of that and then coaches and sport psychology has no answer.

Focusing on elite level performance as I have done one finds that the athlete practice hard and much but also then state, they are talented those that win like Mikaela shiffrin and I am like, no she is not. When your competition thinks your talented then they obviously cant reach their A-Game or potential as they don’t understand that talent is built, not a born skill.

I cant change the cold outside, well I am if I stay indoors as its hotter there but the weather as anything we as humans have to like either we like it or not.

So we then set us into enjoying the cold, welcome it and then raise our performance and enjoy what we do.

People that are stuck important cant.

They blame a lack of talent, no that’s false, for their lack of performance due to people will reference what they believe and as usual that’s always wrong. If it wasn’t then they had their A-Game.

Perceptions isn’t that easy to understand. Our way of perceiving can change so slightly and then we think differently, perform differently and then did not know what just did happen, some get in the zone for a bit but cant replicate it later.

I found NLP lacking there, big time. To study elite level performance and extract what to do I had to develop new models. I also had to make people understand why they needed to do things the way I teach due to if you don’t you cant perform the way you want. That did lead to a perceptual problem for many due to them now was in a limbo of an unknown as the performance of the zone feels way different than what people expect as they never been able to just do it.

I done it for more than 20 years for me its easy. Yea I work in the zone all the time.

For someone that cant do that it seems impossible at first, due to your thinking had to be talent and its not. Its a trained skill like anything else. Understanding performance to be able to take your best A-game potential and do it every time you do things are for most an impossible task.

For me its normal and one reason I enjoy what I do.
You want to be able to do that and to get there requires some work to establish mind focus.
RBIm6 development will allow you to reach Godhood.

The easy path is to say, take action, cool bro but then we are stuck with what now? The Tony Robbins talk is a cultural American mesh that wont work outside the cultural American border, its due to people simply put wont stand for religious gatherings. Taking action is a simplistic way that seems so meaningful but when checked means nothing.

Its like saying, they are so talented´as it just tells us, we don’t know.

Elite level performance is simple yet efficient. Its also a essential drawn out bit that works the same way to focus on the task, the way one does the focus and how one works at it makes the difference or not and while one can now say, take action they also dismissed all the work leading to someone being able to do that.

While the old story of the mechanics that was called in to fix a machinery that stood still, he came in and stood there listening, took a hammer and knocked on a pipe and it all worked again. He sent the bill, 10000$, he was asked to clarify why it cost so much when all he did was to hammer a pipe,

he sent this, hammer a pipe 1$ knowing where to hammer, 9999$.

The skill set to know what to do, make it more simple or easy to learn to do, so spend time developing things on your own takes a lot of time and energy and as we seen with thedanplan in golf, failing due to the lack of know how.

Ben Hogan constant failures learning to swing like Hogan, time and time again. Same with Mike Austin.

Except now someone is able to swing like Mike Austin as I know how that works.

There is a lack of appreciation of the work behind knowing how things works. Its common out there due to very few actually do understand how stuff works. I found when people go to a workshop they end up assuming they need to adapt to wants taught as they are so use to the idea that what’s taught wont work.

I spent a few days with Robert Dilts a long time ago and I learned one thing, one could say I paid all that money for that single thing but then I may have tried and seek for a long time to find that insight or even maybe never would have. Knowing more as I do wont mean I do know it all as learning and humans are far to complex for simple equations as performance can be simple, humans however are not.

Even when you tell someone, do this, show them, they cant do it.

Its an amazing thing as I can do such myself, I don’t even think for a second if its difficult or not as I can just do it. I found that people struggle with that time and time again.

Golfers for example needs extensive work with vestibular references or how your body moves trough space. Once you can do that you can learn any movement in no time. Hans is easy to teach as he has already well developed such kinesthetic. The question then would be to develop a program for someone else if I need to add a training program fully for developing kinesthetic awareness?

That’s a question I pose not just with golf but RBIm6 also.

In a couple of days I am going to receive the best feedback I could ask for, a couple will visit me that were here in November. I run the RBIm6 with them so now I can witness the impact of what I did and what did happen as a result of that work. That for me is a highlight rare as ever as I seldom get feedback that can be delighted about.

To improve you want feedback of difference.

Most however in their life look and find sameness no difference and then you will be stuck.

Improving, growing learning all involve uncomfortable moments when your in the unknown, your frustrated maybe and angry even and that’s part of the creative process of the brain coordinating and re-organizing what you know into deal with the unknown and until you can do that there is no link and reference to the new but once your able to do it at some point the brain links it up and you now, can just do it.

The process itself can be minutes even weeks but when your brain link it up you think like you always done it and that’s not true its how the brain works. I had students telling me the first morning after a couple of hours that when are they going to learn to do what I teach and I say, you already did and they say no I knew how to do this before I come here, and I say really, so this morning when you woke up you could o this then?

A puzzled look happens as they struggle to comprehend what they cant understand yet that they learned something new and its already incorporated into their behavior into their cognitive understanding and that they always done it is beyond them.

It was to easy as it didn’t involve any struggle to learn.

I had a guy once entering the master practitioner I did with no previous experience and on the third day on Sunday he said, excuse me as I don’t understand this, I said, what don’t you understand? He told me, so I said, so you don’t understand this, and then this and then this?

He later in the next module said to us there that he sat on the bus home that day and everything fell into places information unpacked into consciousness.

He could now do.

Its part of my job to ensure you learn as you will get in your own way to learn to do things.

Humans cant learn that good as we are taught skills that gets in the way of learning. That isn’t the way to Godhood as its the way to strain, stress and imperfection and depression and failure. The way of the big city folks.

I have the luxury even when I been ill for 17 years to study this to improve the model itself then the instruction set and even if its like snail pace for me the improvements are good.

Atm I am applying the golf swing model template myself, tweaking the instruction set was needed as to be able to do what I had as a template means to do the same dynamics to replicate the motion and to do so there was need of a improved instruction set. It did helps Hans to improve and also to refine the model to streamline it down. Once the model is there one refine and tweak and go beyond often to improve the model itself result. The interesting challenge would be to teach a long driving individual with this template.

What’s next after that I don’t know yet.

One thing first then what happens after that I will find out.

Another great day

Yesterday it was snowing outside and it was cold and one can wonder how that’s going to turn out if its may already here. However the forecast said, next week the heat returns and summer is coming.

The great thing about mind focus and RBIm6 is that your not bound to focus on the same thing all the time your not stuck in the same city and in the same weather or in the same golf but your free to enjoy what I am doing in such a way its gloriously awesome every day.

Naturally there are challenges, like weather, snowing in may are you as some depress when that happens, some are due to them cant react or think outside their own reacting and thinking they already have.

I find such individuals stuck in life the more they try to get out of it the more they trap themselves. It seems to be a big city problem like in Stockholm.

Up here in the north, its a little like game of thrones, majestic, wide views and nice people around as we don’t have an iron throne. I always found it fascinating with clients who was having issues in life they wanted to become better to overcome their difficulties in life either it been after 17 years in therapy or put under a black witch curse, I mean they failed for so long why not you know give up and kill yourself as evidently psychology and big cities seems to not work out?

Humans are not logical in that regard you can tell people that Sean Foley is incompetent, show why back it up with evidence, same thing with Adam Young and people can actually believe the evidence cant be real due to that guy coached Tiger Woods for five years with no major wins and a broken back as a result.

Clients are positive, staying in hope, I found that fascinating over the years as why not give up? The evidence they receive without end isn’t really working so how come the next one can work?

There is no proof that it will but humans have the nack to keep on going to hold onto some slimmer of hope that one day they find someone that can help them. So there are those clients that still seek out in spite of no evidence is there to support that and then one day they found me.

And their world stopped.

I met clients that were ill that the doctors had given up on and the lady with cancer in her uterus came to see me and 2 weeks later she didn’t have cancer anymore but her doctor didn’t call me to ask what was done to make such a miracle happen.

When things happens outside your control like in big cities like Stockholm your stuck.

In the north we look outside and while it may be snowing and cold winds howling we sit inside and smile knowing things like I do with the secrets to the golf swing and that along with the RBIm6 allowing one to mind focus in a way that allows you to simply be awesome is truly a gift to have.

Atm I am preparing for summer and a visit and there is this greatness about when one been focused so long to build models and when you have the time to spend applying them knowing that your the first one in the history of golf to model and transfer someone’s motion as I done with Mike Austin, well you know then your in the halls of fame forever.

That’s having a great day

How far can one hit the golf ball really?

I talk about swing integrity a lot which means the balance between distance and accuracy, modern swings start to spread balls at a given distance then you want to keep your swing speed in that level to keep up consistency and especially accuracy with dispersion.

The Mike Austin swing mechanics adds around a 80 yard distance increase within the same or better accuracy.

The amateur can then expect a 300+ yard driving outhitting even the best on the PGA tour.

The logic is simple, easier more efficient motion allows you to add more speed without having to do a lot of gym and work outs. True, if your stronger and tall that will add more distance obviously than a shorter weaker individual.

However, most wont believe this due to Adam Young posted an article how to hit long that he has world experts on bio mechanics telling him he is correct.

Normally I ask, do those bio mechanical experts hit the golf ball 300+ yards?
The answer will be no.
Isn’t that fun say?

To do a complex action the way people do learn golf swings today is beyond even the best pros. They cant maximize their distance and improve their accuracy as if you hit longer you can also dial down and be even more accurate.

One issue is beliefs, when Hans tells me, dude I hit my 2i the same distance I hit driver last year and I say, isn’t that a good thing then? What typically happens is that people have a specific logic to how things works in golf and other fields, that logic btw is questioned when I come and do what I do due to I am able to do magic.

Atm I am working to implement the template I developed, 6 practice sessions and I have the essence down and expect to have it all working shortly. At age 53 and 165cm tall I am not 195cm tall like Mike Austin or as tall as Hans for that matter. Still checking what I just did yesterday with a 9i at 160 steps carry in the 1c temperature means I should be able to have a 9i into summer temps in the range of 160m or more. That is also with the early implementation as I found the core throw mechanic. The field I hit during this time of year is running short. Soon I be able to go to my benchmark range where there is a valley type so one can see where the ball lands as its uphill there.

I have no idea what distances I be able to do as this is the first time I am doing this.

I can only do what I do, measure the distances hit, then as I improve and stabilize my mechanic find out what that distances are for me.

The recent swing adjustment I did for Hans added up to 3 iron clubs of increased distance.

For any tour pro that’s a distance addition they have a hard time to accept even believe in due to people as golfers believe distance increase cant be done like that without gym and a load of talent. Your stuck in what people have told you and you then created this mental model of golf in how it works and then when someone as myself comes along all that is then in jeopardy as I can do shit people don’t even know exists.

I added 50 yards in less than 2 minutes first time with Hans in his old modern swing mechanic, funny thing he hits a lot longer now with the RBIm swing btw……………………

If it was simply the swing that did the scoring it be easy.

The golf swing distance is fun for sure but once you can hit it long you then as anyone else will ask, how do I do this more consistently hitting more greens, closer to the hole etc…

If Anna Nordqvist can make 75% of Gir, but loose out with 2.5 putts worse than the best each round there is a correlation between her proximity to the hole and her making putts. She is either to far away or are misreading putts all the time. Tour pros guess when they read putts, I don’t.

So, if one asks, if I can hit a given distance let say 300 yards then a normal golf course is short. If you can hit 350 yards than any golf course that people say is long is normal even short for such a player.

The increased distance allows you an advantage.

If your able to do better with it is unknown as we see with Anna that she cant score low due to her short game isn’t good enough in spite of her hitting 75%+ GIR on average.

So you want every skill that matters as good as possible not just distance even though it does help

Why isn’t Anna Nordqvist nr1 in the world in golf?

she is at the top of greens hit for several years.

Depending on how they measure putts, she is 2.5 shots worse than Lydia Ko each round that is 10 shot every tournament. 10! Imagine you go play and you know you cant win as your putting has to be out of this world to be able to. Putting is the easy part of the game, Anna has access to putting gurus out there except me.

Normally you should be able to have around 9 one putts a round that leaves you at 27 putts. The LPGA players play often shorter courses due to many of the ladies cant hit 240 yards even and imagine those ladies that hit 290 and your not even competition in that arena.

At some point its a numbers game.

Its why you want consistency and be able to focus your mind on the task.

If you have a weakness in your game then you know what to improve but the problem is that your coaches may not know how to do that even if everyone tells you they know what they are doing but evidence suggest otherwise.

My putting as I started to study what worked there went from a normal amateur like 35 putts a round to below 30. Each improvement I did was based upon definition and testing and once I was finish it went into perfect green reading and pace. I don’t misread putts anymore. The consistency then goes trough the roof. My weakness been mechanics as I spent time researching not doing. Now that is to an end and I am implementing the template and I expect my game to reach a whole new level.

All stars aligned.

Anna could be nr1 in the world if she improved her putting but I don’t expect her to be able to without me.

The Sean Foley incompetence as a golf trainer

  1. RBImGuy states the article posted in golf digest about the baseball pitch by the writer Sean Foley is 100% wrong and cant work the way he Sean Foley states. Link
  2. Random hater on golfwrx and youtube and such tells me I don’t know what I talk about with baseball and golf.
  3. RBImGuy post about a baseball trainer telling people that pushing off with the trailing leg is a myth.

RBImGuy is 100% correct and a Golf God.

Sean Foley is then incompetent as a golf trainer with evidence to support that.

Isn’t golf fun?

Mind focus the power of the Gods

People say its “evil” when someone does a terror attack. Your possessed by the devil if you fuck your neighbors wife as you don’t know why your doing it.

If your raised in a western culture your mind thinks like that either your Christian or not, that the man who fucks a 2 year old is doing evil things, no they are not. They are making love to this 2 year old in their mind due to them to be able to do what they do have to think the way they do. Sick yes, maybe even insane but evil?


People lack choice and wisdom. Getting stuck in your ways is common.

You cant stop thinking evil it has to be, your explanation is coming from decades from Christian influence to explain what people act as they do on pure superstition!

That’s insane IMO.

Developing choice by being able to change ones focus is a key skill then you wont be stuck.

Richard Branson was flying to an island, the plan was canceled and no flight that evening, so he went and charted a private plan, sold tickets to the other passengers going there and this was before he was a big famous guy flying things around the globe.

So when your stuck within the context, the reason for your drug habits btw that you don’t have a choice, you need the drug either it be cocaine, heroin or weed or alcohol or chocolate. The overwhelming desire creates a mindless individual with no choice. You can travel for days to get it.

Some people are stuck in other ways, I recently did what no one has done in golfs history to take someone’s motion (Mike Austin) and teach it to someone (Hans Andersson) a first in the history of golf. That I did.

Naturally people cant believe I did that in spite as I also provided the evidence, due to people cant understand which also means they reverse back to being stuck, evil and possessed by the devil.

I understand they are stuck but they don’t.

They think its normal to behave they way they do, to use concepts like evil when its based on superstition.

Not realizing that seems insane don’t it?
For the terrorist your the evil.
So they make the same mistake as you do, no choice and based on superstition.

Gods do things differently they understand wisdom isn’t about being bound by culture or social boundaries they are able to shift their minds to what works and be at peace within themselves.

Be a God.