I wrote a response to a question in the Facebook group

Socially and culturally people learn how to interact with the environment but without really understanding this what is going on when we do.
At some point some started to add labels, ego, unconscious, super ego, shadows, archetypes, hero´s journey etc… without really understanding what was happening in there and for over 100 years people use labels like the unconscious relating to the concept but without knowing what’s going on.
So one have to ask, when people do things they do, is that a learned response to behave based upon what your suppose to behave and it seems to be and the model I offer is contextual memory to understand this what happens in the environment you interact with and how its stored.
Once one understand that everything one does relates to memory and context, and that your creating options etc..is just a memory of what can happen not what happens then you can start adding options that are more let say, liberating.

Your now interacting with what actually happens in the moment and how you related to what did and does happen and can then more accurately view the world to improve yourself over time.


Golf swing learning

Learning loop golf swing

My work been focused on developing golf instructions a lot due to the many misconceptions that runs in golf.

The recent one will allow you to develop a pro level golf swing, in testing atm

The RBIm revolution a small step for me a giant step for mankind

I haven’t written much blogs this year, as previously I wrote one a day or so. I still can write once a day as material is never ending.

I developed a technology that is so leading edge that people don’t even know it yet, it makes anyone in NLP out of a job. The RBIm tech explains and does things faster and easier and more efficiently than NLP.

For myself I feel that the recent 25 years been well spent, founding a technology that allows me to coach and consult better and to make you do the same and also self coach better is a major milestone in human history as you never seen anything like this technology before.

It will create a better world for human beings.

People today are stuck in their ways, your not able to alter habits and things you do, sure you may desire to, want to and even need to and worse case MUST but fails to do so as many NLP practitioners, trainers and such cant use NLP on themselves.

What is wrong is due to assumptions called the unconscious mind spread by NLP users and no progress been made with NLP since the 1980´s, Bandlers path with hypnosis has lead to the downfall of NLP.

Its now replaced with a much better technology that don’t rely on cheap tricks anymore and that uses science and evidence as with measurement I developed a whole new way to create new actions in the world by being able to talk directly to your mind and improve over time.

I call it RBIm

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Reality is memory

Reality is memory. It does not seem like that as for sure we are experiencing what we perceive right? This knowledge then allow us to build new reactions and responses to the world.

Using the RBIM tool tech

Replacing NLP just happen

Maybe you had your head in the sand or snow or mud, or just bowed down and didn’t pay attention, it happens sure especially in todays time with selfies taken at so many positions.

Anything that NLP does RBIM technology do better and funny enough it does things differently to do better. You may think the unconscious mind and hypnosis is a good tool and becoming stuck with it seems like a good idea but we see the evidence with Richard Bandlers skill set that all he does is hypnosis now, there has not been any evolution of NLP the last 30 years since the early 1980´s.

Tweaking, create more efficient pattern of the same, sure but evolution?

What happens is that people don’t understand how their own mind works. Then they are fed lines like trance, hypnosis and stories that there is a present state when evidence shows you have to adapt to the concept told with NLP.

I find that, interesting as Spock would say, fascinating even.

People learn words, concepts then assume we understand them but NLP made an error, those developers didn’t understand why people couldn’t go from one reality to the next without changing which creates conflict and then a resource gathering had to be done.

as this image shows, that people that want to change have to be fed resources to bridge the gap. NLP precision in language and sensory feedback fails hard with such concepts as state, as it does not exist.

That is what happens with a field when you do trance and hypnosis as Bandler does, no evolution and a force fed top down hierarchy that none really can state what they want without repercussions. NLP been stuck a long time with such development of running hypnosis patterns.

Here how bad it has become, Bandler does the phobia cure on TV, reinstalls the phobia twice, has to go behind closed doors to make it work, then a NLP trainer altfeldt analyze the language Bandler uses, when it did not work………………………..so if you want to analyze something you really need to pay attention to, did it work?

It did not.

Its why its so important to understand the context, once you understand the narrow end and start of how the system in your mind is organized then you can build a new response system within that context.

In essence, we react to the environment, full stop. That is it as a human, then we learn to rely on memory to predict the future, if I start a sentence and then say this is going to be………….

Then your mind want to fill in the last word, why?

Context and memory and semantics are tied to how we understand the world, not to the representation of them as NLP tells and teaches you.

I quote Dilts NLP encyclopedia here

states 2states 3states

I don’t make up that the word “State” is the operating paradigm in NLP and it forces you to adapt to whatever they teach you so they are teaching you a false knowledge that isn’t relating to what happens in your brain and mind.

I talked about this in the audio section that concepts you believe you know and understand you often really just don’t due to assumptions you have about such in the environment due to accessing memory instead of asking about, facts and evidence and we see how badly this can be with Donald trump that always is lying about anything. You cant trust someone like that.

What state did you wake up in this morning?

Now that sentence is hard to answer, you have to adapt to the word state.

If I ask, did you wake up this morning?
(RBIm contextual question)
You have reference directly even if the question seems, silly.

Then ask, how did you feel when you woke up this morning?
(RBIM elicitation without the word “state” makes this easy to do)

The NLP concepts makes you educated to make the world be dependent on unconscious mind and such which btw don’t exist and then fed ideas like the present moment state or states of consciousness which again don’t exist.

If you cant relate to the question due to a lack of precision with the relationship to the context then you have to adapt to the question, the concept and that makes NLP education complex and difficult to learn and do.

RBIm technology free you from previous assumptions and knowledge of unconscious mind, present state and story telling and you can become free to improve yourself over time by understanding how your memory interacts with context and how it relates to knowledge about the world.

So you can start talking to your mind to improve yourself over time utilizing the RBIm technology. Mapping contexts allow us to understand how we relate to the events and its environment with memory.

Your daily experience is memory. What you do with that is to predict what happens next and then within that you react to the environment and at some point some may get so trapped they cant get out of their own system they created like hypnosis and trance work and likely drugs has done for Bandler.

Treat yourself with the opportunity of a lifetime by joining the Facebook group I created where the audio is linked and where things I do has the fastest access to me.

RBIm allows you to organize how you can alter the future actions you do and how you relate to the environment and world either it be home at work or anywhere else. In your own pace under your own control without any assumptions about unconscious minds and such states.

The cat is out of the box, day one with RBIm 6 technology

Could you imagine a technology that could boost your coaching to be better than people with more than 40 years of experience like Richard Bandler with NLP, DHE and NHR?

That worked faster and was more efficient?

Not likely.

Still RBIm6 can achieve that for us.

Magic is an illusion sure its a cool idea but humans have a need for the mystical the unknown the tickling of that little thing outside and we have become more in denial of evidence and facts due to our world view have a tendency to be built upon a narrow minded part of understanding it.

My first question is,
what’s the context?

I don’t use the metamodel from NLP btw as its not needed. Your context holds memory, behaviors, what to do and when and why and such, so if your contain the context and map that (Brain maps) you can then utilize that directly to then contain and create the new future context.

Once you mapped the context then you have created your first reference and then its about building the distinction about the future context. To make it work for you the way you want.

Maintaining your experience when interacting with others is difficult, socially and culturally your bound to react to suits in ties and homeless people differently. If a girl is lightly dressed then some cultures think its their right to rape them and grab their pussies. Its insane yes due to them say men cant control their urges and impulses their Imam think that’s how it works.

So maintaining once own experience means, control in the context to react the way you want. What you can control is your own reactions right?


Reactions happens faster than we think, its signals in the environment, the suit, the uniform, the subtle semantics and way someone speak its cadence as in the UK social class is tied to how you speak.

What you can control is what your attention is tied to when interacting with the environment, other people, family, friends, work and such.

RBIM6 allows that to happen, to focus your attention and maintain a control over where its going.

I say its like a freeway with lanes, there your driving down knowing where your going, attention reside on the car in front of you and behind you keeping the space so you can react to the traffic. If something happens your attention moves there and you act or not. Its so fast as you learned what to do to keep your position in the lane as its automatic.

However a friend of mine was driving his car and I sat in the passenger seat next to him, as we were traveling to a workshop I sat there watching the truck in front of us, had stopped, It stood still. I looked at my colleague and he had not reacted yet, he didn’t know the truck had stopped and we was traveling at 100km/h or so and we were about to have a major car crash and die most likely. I looked behind us and to the side, no cars so I leaned over and steered the wheel to the other lane.

I didn’t talk to him as I knew that would mean he needed to understand what was happening and then we be dead.

I paid attention to what’s important when your driving a car and even if I wasn’t driving, I pay attention. Is it important to make a selfie and Facebook update driving your car? Not really as it moves your attention so much you can actually crash without even knowing what happen.

Knowing what’s important to pay attention towards helps with things like that if I didn’t then I be dead now. So I made a decision in a split second what was the proper action or else I wouldn’t be here writing this.

The RBIm6 tool allows an understanding about the consciousness to happen to steer attention towards what works for you to design what you do and experience to be able to develop behaviors actions you want in your everyday life based on mapping one context vs another and apply the tool.

People say they do hypnosis and work with the unconscious mind the development of NLP and the use of storytelling and hypnosis also means no evolution has taken place with NLP since the early 1980´s Bandler still has to do hypnosis after 40+ years is that, development?


He went into the new age field started to talk about energy.

There are autonomous behaviors sure but unconscious mind?


Once you understand that the context decide and rule your consciousness and attention steer things you find yourself able to talk directly to your mind to improve yourself over time.

The RBIm6 way

Then you will understand that the word “state” and the concept of >” state” is nonsense but people with NLP and others use it when you have to adapt to the word itself, makes it complicated and your disconnected from the world that is NLP precision and sensory input and how good it is when they don’t even understand that…

The new and improved model is called RBIm6 the way to understand and create actions in the world to steer your attention towards what works for you in your life.

Without an unconscious mind.

As we are memory machines in a way talking about the present moment state for example as NLP people do, is worthless.

You cant answer that due to present moment is already a memory now so your current experience reading this means that what you just did read isn’t happening right now it did happen just a split second ago so its already a past event we are time travelers as Einstein said so long ago we are constantly moving forward in time. For us in our perception it seems like the present moment is the present moment due to our perception is now within the context of the present moment that we know is a memory that is now accessed as being happening right now when it really isn’t?

Its how our brain gives us information contextually and we assume its real and happening right now when in fact it happens as a access to the memory within the context established.

This is so advanced not even Richard Bandler can do that.

However with RBIm6 you can do things he never knew existed.

That is for me the true evolution of technology to make you able to do things people couldn’t do before but now can.

RBIm6 talk to your mind directly to improve yourself over time.