When I am right, I am right

First practice round with a whole new putting set up, so I get a text after 5 holes, 4 one putts, 3 under par. The new putting and the added feedback system was working which will will take a few rounds to get used to as changes will happen during play.

I said, well you be 3 to 5 shots better with the new putting system, he was 4 better with 26 putts.

Golf God truly.

Recent update along the way with Hans from the Golf God

I made changes to Hans with swing mechanics, mental performance focus and now putting. Each change are along the line from Intention, make him 10 shots better this spring.

The way this works, he adds more distance so he do range work and I know when he goes play he would struggle with distance control, I didn’t tell him that. I wait until he played a few rounds, and then fix it. Once fixed and started to play he got a breakthrough with his mental performance focus and he then had the basic down, good next was putting as he didn’t make enough putts, he sent me the video when he putted and I said, change to this.

Take note here, I didn’t change his putting technique. I altered his set up but I did not change his technique. Most don’t understand how good I am at what I do, they never will.

So today I talked to Hans, explained the difference in putting technique as he again had putted a few days so now was the time to detail it down so he could, understand the difference with what he did and what I wanted him to do. However again, I didn’t specify exactly due to he will find his own way to do it.

  1. Make change
  2. Let them get some experience and feedback
  3. Tweak

Understanding the difference leads to realization and then when you can do things, you never go back to whatever shit people taught you in golf.

You become so much better due to you can measure the difference, have evidence for it not Leadworse telling people his A-swing added 20 yards to Lydia Ko when it did not.

So when Hans starts to find his style when putting he can send me a video and I can check what he did and if I need to do anything about it just let it be. Not so difficult.

My expectation is 3 to 5 shots better a round when this settles for him.

Lydia Ko and her future

She did a few changes recently, she changed clubs, she fired Leadworse and she fired her caddie.

Leadworse didn’t listen to her, she complained about her swing and he shrugged her off, so obviously he didn’t listen to the player, as a coach that is a bad habit and she fired him.

Good job Lydia.

This season she is struggling, she is a 250 yard driver from tee, the best are around 290 so she has a 40 yard disadvantage. It means she has a 4i and ariya for example a 9i and however good you are that’s not going to work out for Lydia in the long run, she needs more distance.

I can add more to her tee shot, add some accuracy also.

Leadworse said he added 20 yards to her distance, with the A-swing, that wasn’t true.

so what should she do?

She may get back to her form, she may work on things that needs to settle.

However if she really wanted she could come and visit me, I could explain the differences, make her understand why this is better as she could feel the difference and watch the result.

2 days Lydia is all it will take to get you going.

You be having 30+ yards more from tee, you be making easier approach shots and that will with the rest of what I teach and do make you better than you ever been.

Like this


and this


So Lydia, lets talk

RBIm putting a 100% perfect system

I know, whenever someone says 100% I would put a question mark also before I consider what’s going on.

Draw 10 straight lines, practice some you can do 10, however how good you are at drawing at some point you understand that even if they do look exactly the same for an outsider they are not equal straight. Now your golf trainer is going to try make it perfect not understanding what’s going on.

Once you have enough margin for error your putting both with pace and green reading will be outside normal. You be having 10 perfect straight putts but you know the difference with each and one of them but all of them went into the cup.

The outsider would see the same thing, you would know the difference.

Once you can putt like that you have a 100% accuracy in your pacing and line reading even though each putt made is different. Understanding how that works makes you able to putt like the best are able to, and do that every time you go play, the performance wont change, you never loose it.

Once learned, your performance will always be, A-Game realizing your potential.

The backswing 101

I saw this on some that people try to fix faults, like Nelly Korda younger sister of Jessica does here.


Explanation why she does the drill

“The purpose for it is to keep the clubhead low and slow,” says Yeaton. “This drill only helps the player that is too quick on the takeaway or has too much ascent to the clubhead early on in the backswing.”

He never asks why are some slower or quicker than others?

I know why.

Lack of the body movement in the backswing, it’s a turn and first you sit down on the right hip letting momentum do the movement, then you have perfect pace.

No wonder tour pros cant play their best.

Putting change video

Reason I changed posture for Hans was due to what he did was not good enough as that modern putting really is a bad way to do it.

I putt as Locke/Nicklaus myself and I added the system I built to make putts all the time. When I made 8 straight one putts the people I played with asked for lessons as for me a 9 footer feels like a tap in.

Two main variables with putting, pace and line reading.

Aimpoint is a math based system but still you guess with the system or have the caddie read the line for you.

When I putted previously I was ok, I had 35 putts a lot or more. Today I played rounds where putting is so easy its pure fun. The change I went trough was to identify and define what pace is and what line reading is and map it into a model off how the brain works with performance.

Your putting on a slope 14 green like Augusta masters or a 5 slope will be the same felt putting. Putting becomes the same no matter speed of greens. Yea it’s a huge deal for anyone on tour if they could do what I teach as you go from average on tour to beat the best there.

Designing breakthroughs a tale of talents

Many trainers knows this, somehow a player becomes better, for some they take that step trough various way and then others never really take that step directly as it can be weeks, months even years or never happen so while they know about it they don’t know why some make a step forward in their development and others don’t.

I talked to Hans last night on Skype, at some point what you have done as I have has got to a point where the system itself going into a whole new level of performing.

I had clients sitting telling me the second session and asked what the hell I did as everything they had problems with for decades was gone. Having a few Swedish males write personal attacks tells me a lot about them btw and that’s not a good read for those guys btw. Those guys will have their problems and never loose them.

Anyhow I wrote a short comment to Adam Young on Facebook as I stated whatever he come to as a conclusion was wrong. Here is what Adam did, he asked me about that and he told me that article been verified by bio mechanics people several world leading ones.

My reply, still wrong.

What is interesting for me, he did ask me why I did come to the conclusion, the 4 Swedish males here never did. Many don’t understand I do know shit they don’t even know exist.

Anyhow, I await Adams response and will continue the discussion with him.

So people stop at a level then depending on who it is you may need to build them talent, functions they need to have that people don’t know what they are so how am I able to do that when you don’t know it even exist?

I did that with various models I built over the years, when I found out dyslexia was easy to deal with, real easy btw I researched what was going on and the result was that more than 80% can be free from their dyslexia in a single or a few sessions, those 20% however will need functions to be built for them before they can do it and the catmodel.eu I developed, does both.

When I used NLP and various other models to map things, I found out discrepancies so I asked around and the responses I got back told me, I am onto something here.

The result of that is RBIm6.
World leading software for the mind and body.

So when the athlete lacks the functions it may mean they know what to do but they cant do it. Once you build the function or functions for them at some point they are able to do.

Its what I do a lot, when I find someone that cant follow the instructions they are basically outside help for any profession its then what’s needed to help them overcome that hurdle and become able to do what they can do. Its not easy work btw.

Perception rules which mean’s its like a round room and your told to run to the corner. You never understand it is a round room however and then keep on running.

Perceptually that leads to frustration as the individual tend to ask, why cant I do it what is wrong with me?

When I work with dyslexics they may not understand what I am doing but they understand the result, they can read and spell and soon they can do it. I had moms and dads cry as their child suddenly could do something they never been able to do in 5 minutes. Normally it takes one or a few sessions but results is what happens.

Now I am told by professors, the best in science of dyslexia what I just did, cant be done.

So, they deny what I did due to, they didn’t check with me, they didn’t ask the kid or their parents.

So how good are those scientists?

Fucking idiots.

If your ignorant then educate yourself, no fucking excuse for being ignorant today.

If you fuck an idiot, sentence “fucking idiots” has several meanings depending on your reading skills in English btw.

To make the athlete or golfer in this case as I been working with Hans to develop functions for him that he can do to take that leap of performance has been for me a development in developing better models for performance and human life design.

It made me able to develop talent due to I researched what make it doable not just a nice observation that some people are skilled to do it but they themselves don’t know why it works, that Russian tennis lady has no clue what she does to make those tennis girls so good but she knows she has to do it in a particular way, so she is a bit better than purely guessing. So what I do is to make an observation, watch a discrepancy happen that what’s going on vs what’s done or theorized about seems to be wrong. I then investigate what’s going on and find out why things works the way they do, now I posses skills and knowledge that you don’t know exist.

I then build a model over time to produce that result I found out.

Now, John Grinder and others in NLP will say this about modeling, it’s a unconscious uptake to be able to do, then you revise that until you distill down, and let me stop there and then tell him John Grinder he is dead wrong about that with modeling.

I taught Hans to do a swing model, I couldn’t do.

So bullshit from John Grinder again as his colleague Bandler the murderer.

If you fail to realize the flat line here what’s going on and then deny the fact and evidence you start manufacturing some half assed belief about the way the world works and then perceptually are always fucking up your own reality.

Hans developed back pain with his modern swing, so I told him to change it then. He flat out refused. He was so burned with his old swing change at age 15 he never asked if there was a better way. Today he has a new swing and I then now and then ask him if he shouldn’t you know go back to what he did?

I researched what worked, so taught him things that did work, as I did slowly he changed his attitude that maybe it was possible after all to change the swing and make it better, and now it is the best.

I do elite level performance, the less than 0.001% that do things humans call impossible or often, talent.
Its what I do.

I cracked how talent works how it is built in detail, I know why a modern golf swing sucks and why the analyzing stuff will always be wrong about it. That wont mean people stop trying obviously.

I did that to aid Hans, to make him better to reach his dreams, now was that a foolish errand a fools one?

Most will never know what its like sitting across someone telling them their life is over that they are going to kill themselves and then as I did look at them due to I have skills they never knew exists and ask them stuff that changed their minds. So when I have a few Swedish males write personal attacks, about me what I can or cant do I have so much fun at their expense its beyond amazing, its real funny they think it actually means anything for anyone else in the world.

So the last couple of months I added a swing change physically for Hans, took 4 weeks and his mechanics was even better. Then I also added a mental performance update a software patch. Result was that he first had distance control problems as he started to hit irons 2 to 3 clubs longer, his 2i 40meter longer crushing it and then 2 weeks of work from my side to make him control the distance the same way he used to with his old reference.

When you make a change, expect reactions.

Next was his breakthrough as he a week ago suddenly did what I wanted him to be able to do. He now could do what’s the baseline of those elite level performance, he had started a new path towards extraordinary performances.

I let him play a week as so, then he sent me a putting video and I understood why he had putting issues as he didn’t make enough birdies, so I told him to change his set up and what he did. I also added a refinement to his mental peak performance as the baseline in his breakthrough was the first step and now it was time to add the magic of world leading performance skill.

So upcoming weekend, he is about to play a few rounds, become familiar with the new putting set up and work out what feels better for him but it has for him already felt easier to do. I asked him two question, do you do this better and he said yes both time, its little like magic.

When you used a more difficult movement to do things and then suddenly can utilize a better mechanic and then feedback in a whole new way it take some getting used to.

I taught a guy when I played BF2 how to become an ace, he become so good people constantly accused him of cheating, it was hilarious.

When you can do things people think is impossible due to talent, then you blocked out how to find out how to do it and replicate it. While human performance been a research subject for decades as people want to know how to be good at things you find yourself failing due to your told you lack talent for it.

Sure, genes do play a role for physical endurance or explosive sports, sure some have an advantage with triathlon due to some better composite body with height and muscles but that wont mean you cant reach your potential the very utter best of what you can do as you reach that it wont matter what anyone else does you know for yourself, how good you are.

I am so good there is none to match me in what I do.

A golf God.

I like to figure out how things work, its what I do. I also while doing that knew I needed better tools to do so as the ones existing didn’t allow me to do things I wanted to do.

RBIm6 is a world leading editing software for your mind and body as it allows you to build things based upon how the brain already works for you today.

in sports where genes play a minor role, like sports like golf where hand eye coordination plays a role due to the difficulty inherent in the modern swing I was lucky Hans did hurt his back as it made me go find stuff that worked better. So the back pain he developed allowed me to build a golf swing model that is the best in the world.

Failure can be a good thing.
It may lead to something totally unexpected.

Talent however is a key feature in skill where your able to focus on the task in a way that leads you to be free to play at your potential.

Hans potential he has no idea about yet but I do.

Excited here.

Locke + Nicklaus putting, pure awesomeness

The fun fact was he did win the national masters in putting 2013 with what he did before and now it be even easier if he went and competed there.

Had a really good talk on Skype tonight with him, feels good


Booby locke was a south African that was so good with putting the American players made a ban for him to play there. (he took all their money). Nicklaus well that guy don’t need a presentation, 18 majors.

This weekend I get some updates how this all works out.

stay tuned

and why not one more putt

Putting change made for Hans

I had started to wonder why he didn’t made more birdies, he sent me the putting video and as I looked at it I was like, ok I get it why you don’t make more birdies.

I said, you need to change your posture and putting.

Made a video for him. He said, easier.

Here is the video he sent me.

For me it explained why so I said, cant do that due to this as I showed him in the video I made.

Change to this.

Result today was this

Now, he will play a few practice rounds, become used to the new style, make some tweaks and then he should be able to do 3 to 5 shots better.