RBIm 6 in development the path to meta wisdom

if one steps up on stage and ask a bunch of NLP trainers if they can do change work with clients you get a lot of yes and arms up and then fi you follow up with this, have you failed with making a change with yourself with NLP the story then changes.

While one can argue why that is still no answer to why. I had this talk over 5 years ago with my mentor at the time and there was no answer then or now.

I have scheduled a talk with Steve down under, as working with native English speaker and one that is well versed in what I developed is a good way to utilize feedback and catching up.

People simply have a thought time getting out of the patterns created, Its like a hole once there the brain simply don’t want to go anywhere else. Teaching then becomes a trap and eluding the massive corruption.

If one invest time and energy and money to learn a system then one becomes a slave there to the system so any faults are dismissed like its done in and with NLP. It’s a bad system as any system as humans once you invested then you have a hard time digging yourself out of that hole as you start to accept half truths and then run the patterns guru systems use like scientology and other systems and its in NLP also.

Its human error. we as soon we enter and invest then also becomes blind to the system in place, the union worker becoming represented into the negotiations becomes corrupt to the cause and don’t understand why the fellow workers suddenly don’t trust them. Best way to undermine the system is to corrupt it as one that happens the system becomes unstable and ant be trusted.

Human perception as while we do have a ton of information coming into our mind we are also selective to what to perceive as perception is as much a task of focus. Just watch any YouTube video on the subject of seeing the monkey or gorilla or people change dress in the middle of the show and no one notice as your attention is on something else and then anything else isn’t noticed.

It’s a old magician trick, as long they can steer you to see what they want you to see they can do anything and you wont see it. You can know and they can tell you everything and still you wont see it. I now and then demonstrate that in workshops, ok one student don’t understand the question as they cant hear it, as I say, what’s so difficult the others hear it loud and clear and normally people laugh at it and I say, well soon its going to be you that don’t hear it and that also obviously will happen a it’s a hole people dug themselves in and they have no way out and that means when their brain hit that wall of information they which BTW means you cant hear my question.

People normally are not faced with that in their normal life but tis one way to showcase how blind simply put you are to what your should be hearing but simply cant. It just bypass your mind and you cant understand why you cant hear it.

Its one way to show how perceptually limited we are as humans as we think we are you know aware and should be able to you know perceive the world as that shit shouldn’t work like that, you feel me bro?

One could assume wisdom is multiple perceptive like NLP does it, shift position to an I or we or they space but that’s simplified as the Flash would say.

I never really like the NLP models by far due to they didn’t seem to work so well, multiple positions seems like a nice idea but it doesn’t lead anywhere.

So something was missing but asking people in NLP about that got me nowhere they all denied it. So much for wisdom with NLP.

So I was thinking recently I do that now and then, yes thinking is good for us it allow us to expand things as why don’t earth spindle out on its own why is gravity holding us in an orbit? I mean wouldn’t it make a lot more sense that earth would slingshot?

So then science states its gravity which BTW they cant explain………………………………

So something invisible, force, no one can explain keeps earth where it is for now.

For me that seems as good as God, scientology, the lady that thinks angels saves people and whatever else is as good as science and NLP then.

Its just crap.

It wont mean earth is going anywhere but we need to find out why mass does the thing it does while we cant actually see it working as it is working.

This wont stop us from playing music or driving cars or let global warming cook the next few generations and let life start over again. 2000 years or so, a roman emperor woke up and thought, what an amazing sun showing up letting the daylight shine trough. 2000 years sounds much but humans are as alike now as then we haven’t got that much smarter we just got more information faster.

I spend much time basically stripping away information down to bare essentials as how do I create wisdom in the system really? if the brain don’t want to get out of the pattern the hole dug then what to do?

So I found something.

I guess if one would as I did become sick and then when faced with the fate of understanding, there don’t seem to be any way out of this shit for me. Doctors cant do anything the systems in place basically worthless and I am lucky to be living in the society I am living or else I have no idea what would been.

I had to cut down on everything, faced with a limited energy to deal with things it becomes obvious that I had to start working to find ways out that allowed me to have quality of life at least if I couldnt have the quantity of it.

In the process of that it seems RBIm 6 happen.

Go figure.

SSG, beliefs and projections

One could say that people are living their life from a standpoint of imagination. That what we think is real never is. Maybe that’s to much for you to believe in but truth and facts don’t lie, humans do. When the truth or fact isn’t a good one to support our argument or belief its ignored, blatantly accused to be wrong and whatever else.

We project information which isn’t a new idea or such but the way we do it wont be explained until you understand how contextual forms interact with your way of experiencing life.

RBIm call such SSG or self sustained generalizations.
You create your own reality and sustain it.

Projections are filtering effects we have in the way of reality. Depending on how much this is ingrained in the individual or group we can meet a high level of resistance when we introduce the idea of projections.

Maybe you heard about that an idea is first rejected, then slowly thought as silly and at some point its just accepted as is. The way perception works is that whenever we meet information we are not really seeing people and information and while we do see information it’s a constructed reality combined from how our brain functions and our eyes are designed. What we perceive is our habit or generalized notion of what to see.

You see a black man and think, lazy bastard. You see a police in USA and think, is he going to shoot me? You see a white man and thinks does he support Donald Trump? You see a catholic priest and think, does he rape kids?

To be in the moment to perceive as far we can without passing judgment which we don’t really do directly but more indirectly due to how the SSG is already set up for you. If we try to change then we are working within the system the way NLP works and suggest you to work.

But NLP does not work.

I know so after working with it for a couple of decades that whatever they stated is wrong as the technology of NLP cant work to change the way they said it would work to change.

To make any change or transformation etc..you have to utilize the same principle’s that are present with RBIm.

No way around that.

Whatever you perceive has already been run trough a construction set, an SSG and that then becomes your habits and behaviors expressed before you even consider or think why you even think or do things the way you do. Once we re-set and establish a new SSG the system can either work directly with the new or it can take time and the difference are due to how much filtering is going on how many layers are there to be able to define the current outcome we wanted to experience.

There is a difference between the visual and the vestibular system for example as both systems can track moving information both in space and internally at some time those systems interact differently its then you see a train move while it does not as you gain two set of information one visual and one vestibular. When there is no conflicting scheduling it all works seamlessly for us but when the systems becomes scheduled to provide information at the same time differently then we can experience a duality of the wrong things happening for us.

A golfer can believe he is suppose to feel strain and muscle it when he should feel it to be effortless and efficient instead, his beliefs and assumption what to experience will override the actual reality and fact and depending on how many layers he may never know the truth what to do. Many fight this in golf and some never overcome this at all and will struggle forever.

In other areas people might believe that to be happy they need a new car or a house or a child. That the external thing and objects somehow makes someone happy is a common assumption.

If you enjoy things you do, your always happy.

I enjoy writing blog posts, makes me happy for sure to do them and I look forward to do them.

People that are depressed don’t enjoy anything.


Their layering and projection from that is layered thick.

The idea is really simple with RBIm we simply put ask people to define and compare whatever they perceive vs what’s out there.

The golfer is told to that effortless efficient felt is the correct way to do it due to the assumption what to feel and experience while swinging muscle and with strain that way is wrong and once tested the individual accept the new. The brain does the new without changing the old.

The depressed can be focused on things they can enjoy and whatever it might be is introduced and defined and once the individual can do that they are not depressed anymore. No change happening as the system adapts and builds new.

Change and unconscious minds does not exist.

Contextual forms does as it allows the brain to sync and define various input into a contained of projection to be expressed by the individual or group.

Once you set up to meet and talk to strangers and your comfortable to do so at some point you can choose to meet and talk to anyone that way even if you never met them or talk their language.

The RBIm way the future new

SSG and beliefs the world of power

SSG or self sustaining generalization are a way to contain information into contextual forms. SSG contains a start point and a end point. Its due to the brain is constantly projecting information for you whatever happens right now your brain wants to project to the future actions you are about to do.

So the SSG stops the projection of the future and then make you manage the problem.

RBIm 5 and 6 focus onto building upon the future based upon what you can do.

Beliefs are projections you have “Opinions” about yourself and life.
None of them are real.

Beliefs are a loose concept as they are tangible to faith for example which means there is no evidence or proof in the way so the individual can create any truth to the statement of faith. There is no contraindication for the believer in faith. It’s a internal created imagination without hindrance.

Beliefs can also be convincing convictions which is also the same as Faith due to you can be absolutely convinced you hate chocolate ice cream until you by some accident tried it out and found it was the best thing ever. Convictions are supported by your own evidence what you come to assume is true.

Wait a second do you mean no one are having any truth what so ever?


We are constantly lying to ourselves all the time.

Once you understand whatever anyone tells you, friend, family, boss, customer, foreigner all that expressed is their opinion about stuff which isn’t true at all. Then your able to understand that’s a statement of their internal world their beliefs, culturally and socially and that they have no bearing on you or your life.

RBIm clarifies that a useable format as the SSG allows the individual to sort information they believe into manageable formats a contextual form that allows them to stop the future projection you have. That allows you to be moving towards a measurable way to go about skills, life experiences that isn’t wishful thinking but manageable units that exist and steams from contextual forms allowing you a new way to project yourself.

The paradox here for most people is that if we are being lied to all the time do we also lie to ourselves and that’s a yes also.

When faced with a contradiction like the example I gave here on Facebook,

RBIm suggest to make people to focus on what they can do and then form their SSG from that which means measure and compare.
Beliefs are basically opinions you have about the world.
I believe in God, (Opinion)
I believe its right to fuck small kids as they love me (Opinions)
I believe I am lucky, etc….all Opinions.
People then tend to forget that is all that is really and then start to act upon them,
Students protest and burn flags, or abortion is a evil devilish thing, no its just your opinion about that subject.
However you feel justified when you act upon your opinions due to your view its wrong to do abortion often supported by a Christian belief or about life and death and choice, the foster has no saying etc…so people feel justified to do things and act upon them as it feels right to do so.
However, after that you killed a few people and realize what you did you now value your belief in contradiction that its right to protest against abortion and then you killed a few doing so and many then actually forms a value proposition to that it was justified to do so and then they can keep their belief (opinion) while that means they just established a double-bind paradox, they protest against abortion killing fosters is bad and wrong but killing people to make their point about abortion is justified.
That’s called a double bind and is very common with nutty people.
You also find them with what you call normal people but when that bind is going on they are not normal.


Double binds are beliefs that falls back to themselves without being resolved. Your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. To resolve them we create an SSG.

The double bind cant be resolved within the environment/context it is active and works within as NLP teaches people to deal with them but the only way to make that work is to work as we do with RBIm and SSG. My client work and experience was to create SSG format for people and while I was working like that there was no NLP that taught that and something I formalized from my own work.

I knew it wasn’t NLP and the way NLP worked but I didn’t have a concept for it until SSG and RBIm.

Improving life the RBIm Way

Science is a big thing for me as facts is fun.

Article here

key is to craft a statement that’s inspirational, but still one you believe you can do

The way the brain works we want to keep it down to what we can do.

Brains are simple things in that as you can create anything imagined in your head, travel to the end of the known Universe or into a black hole? Done and done. That’s easy to do in your head.

Making it real working to make it work is not easy doing it the way people try to do things by making lofty goals, I will win or such statements.

Keeping it down to what you can do, adding some inspirational allows you to improve over time.

That’s the RBIm way.

If you try using a lofty goal that has no relevance to your current level it wont work.

However building it upon what you can do creates magic.

John Wodden used it to create a team that was unbeatable pretty much for a decade.

Happy and the forever after

To be happy is a complex felt experience.

It contain value, belief and criteria.

Its like enjoyment as to be happy your enjoying things don’t you?

I enjoy things I bought for example, I am happy with the purchases as I enjoy using them I am happy with this along the way.

Enjoying is a casual statement a belief about something.

So happy is caused by values, beliefs and criteria as so.

If using NLP to map happy to be happy you cant.

Its not possible as you find stories and some random shit like neurology how your brain suppose to work.

If you try to map using NLP strategy for example you run out of order.

First things first, make sure you enjoy whatever your want to be happy about.

Your then organize your values and beliefs and criteria for that.

How do you do that is by answer are you enjoying that whatever you want to be happy about?

Like, do you enjoy your wife/husband as they fart in the middle of the night or snore and you think darn I am so happy with them right now? Normally people become upset, annoyed or whatever else and soon their marriage is going downhill as they stop enjoying to be happy about that other person.

Once you know that your enjoying this then your in control and whatever else happens wont matter.

RBIm and destinations

Was reading about that drug addict and murderer Bandler that he says directions.
My first question I have is then, where?
Personally I think drugs did some damage there.

If your going somewhere your then in the majority of cases knowing where your going unless your just enjoy a really good ride but then the ride and the enjoyment is the destination.

RBIm makes it so that the ride and the destination becomes under your own will and power. If you set a destination where to go then you can attend the direction all that much better and enjoy the ride going there.

In both cases your focusing on what’s under your own control.

To much hypnosis isn’t good for people as I seen it time and time again with bandler causing psychosis and I seen it with Joseph Riggio also.

Our mind is not good jumping hoops and settling into the mumbo jumbo loose states of consciousness its not a good idea as they do with hypnosis. To much can go wrong.

Anytime people do lucid, drugs, alcohol etc…or hypnosis bad things can creep in due to your not able to make a reasonable judgment call on the information received.

Sure going conscious might be painful, difficult and your struggle with the decisions and the direction your about to embark on but isn’t that better to have it on your won accord instead of what someone else made up for you?

RBIm for example say, want to be more social set that you already know people your going to meet and talk to. Now if someone says but I don’t know them they are strangers?

I say, not if you set it up that way, then its up to you to still be social awkward and phobic or follow the instruction.

Your choice.

You can then enjoy the ride to talk to people all day, smile and be nice and friendly and having a ton of ball as your riding your own enjoyment under your own control.

Or you can listen to Bandler or Riggio or someone else doing hypnosis to you.

I guess the number of people wanting bad things happening to them has no shortage.

Behave, decide and what else

A lot of people believe they have a unconscious mind. There is no such entity.
Do you call your locker or storage closet something that stores things intelligent?
I guess due to kids see Monsters in closet’s that there is someone there.

The RBIm for example showed that self, whatever and such etc..are all behaviors.

Some call it thinking which is like whatever man if it floats your boat to call something thinking when its something your doing.

If you feel fine, stressed out, or such its all based upon decisions you made to end up there. Often which is the default people end up without really understanding that they have other choices.

Its really interesting when you meet someone that tells you that their parents would win if they feel good. If their parents would be dead then again who would really care?

However people can tell them things so they think its make sense to do behave that way to blame their parents that’s why they cant change ah sorry, be better and improve as there is no change other….its difficult to talk about this as people like yourself likely both believe in the unconscious mind and change at the same fucking time.

Human minds have a bad detector for improvement over time and be able to correlate that to what they decided to do. If you do a little better in any area each day at some point you will find the limits of people around you and maybe for yourself.

If your depressed and then slowly get better and one day are really happy people around you will try to make you feel like shit again. When you worked with dyslexics and they are fine their parents try to tell their own kids they couldn’t improve that fast. But Mom look I can read now…..

When you go outside what people are limited to accept you’re a man of magic a God and entity of wondrous magical property.

Its beyond us to understand out own limitations as we cant think us out of our own mind. I am drowning inside my own mind and no one to save me.

The behavior and altering that has to be improved or else nothing else matters.

I run tests on such, I found the limitations of NLP and Mythoself, improved upon their technologies.

Its what I do, improve

At some point your improved so much so whatever your thinking and such about what’s going on wont be held to any normal ways as whatever this is and has become is now so vastly different that the standards of men wont apply.

Some say confidence is important but its never that due to such concept suck ass.

When you can do then you never again will think the way normal morals do.

You become something else.

Not an animal or human but something different entirely.

An RBIm Legendary Awesome user

Building a new and improved you

The past define us as captain Kirk said as who else might I be without the pain?

Sure go ahead fucking retarded writers of star trek when the fucking guy who came up with that fucking shit as a show was about improving human beings so how the fuck can then the star be defined by his fucking pain?

Am I surrounded by lesser retarded beings not capable to understand such?

Recently I had this feeling, its like a ghost coming to fuck from behind but when you turn around no one is there and sure its my paranoia some say your imagining that and there is no such don’t you understand your just hallucinating?

I went and started to do intu-flow 9 or so years ago built a more mobile body, old injuries healed, my recovery rate sky rocketed and its the best thing since a blow job.

At some point I guess I dabbled a lot around the arena of human improvement to be better but I also started to see things there that wasn’t there as humans didn’t really improved they just thought they did.´

I built an awareness I guess of such and come to understand that people tend to not be able to stay in the moment to be here and now as we as human beings cant distinguish a hallucination from reality anyhow. So people cling to the past their memory informs them that this is who they are they recall that.

Science shows you remember the last time you remember the last time you remembered so guess what can happen?

Your adding new information to your recall and at some point you can add and remove things from your memory and you have no idea that you did just that.

You think you know who you are?

Forget it.

Whatever you think it is, are likely totally wrong.

RBIm showed how to be accessing the self, the I the one there.

RBIm built into the cognitive definition to define what’s there vs what’s not really there as the SSG concept shows.

We can then ask what we want to add there as if self is located and accessed then defined with new SSG then surely we can figure out what that new and improved self might be for us right?

I am building myself a new golf swing atm, so for me this is a quest the same way self improved new self human being can be done as I want to end up doing something I know intimately well.

The golf swing as the feeling there is amazing really.

Sure a month ago I couldn’t do it, then a few weeks later sure again I couldn’t do it but I had improved and at some point soon that I sit there and will have a cake thrown into my face and there it will be full fledged into the open that oh yes I just am doing this now.

The difficulty to build cognition to the awareness we need to have about self is located into the SSG format that is formed from the experience of that what we then are doing but the time lags behind so once isolated and then await for a new meaning arise that we suddenly go, ah this is this then.

The new improved me or the new improved golf swing.

That cant be reached by logic and understanding it’s a much more difficult process of patience and awaiting the day that whatever your doing now is stable enough for your brain to formulate what that is.

You need some time and experience to make the brain build enough momentum to get into the point of leverage you go, ah.

RBIm defines that as what you can do.

Once you reach that then you can always do it. Its then sitting there as the ultimate power.

Magical maybe but truly based on the same brain and neural pathways that has always been there but since those always been about the past defines whatever you thought you are then you never reach your potential or even can get on the path of improving.

Eliding the future alone wont work as we have no reference built so people default back to whatever they had, we cant change biology doing such. However setting up measurement and evidence based SSG based upon what we can do even if it suck ass as for example my golf swing a month ago didn’t make me happy and I teach a guy this stuff but obviously I am not teaching him what I myself did do in a golf swing as I was teaching him something else. At some point when I then start the improvement as I done for a month now the measurement and evidence and feedback based upon what I can do is what I have been doing for a month now and every time I been practicing I improved as I measured it and it feels good.

That has built momentum and each next session brings about the next thing and 2 days ago that was the pivot and then I improved that to.

At some point, one can just do.

That’s the feeling of a lifetime when that happens.

I call it Legendary awesome

RBim6 self sustained improvement

Oli asked what’s the difference between rbim 4 and 5 and I was like, have to look it up as I don’t keep track on what version does what, I use Google for that normally.

The RBIm3 has self, the RBIm4 was about the SSG self sustaining Generalizations and RBI5 is improvement.

So RBIm6 is self sustained improvement all building upon the 3 previous alterations. Each iteration of RBIm covers an aspect of research.

If someone came along and said, do you want to be immortal anyone would likely say yes, however at some point the stars burns out and the Universe goes cold and what are you going to do then?

To be better as a human being takes time, practice and wont be a fast road to success normally.

Its easier when one consider to be a little bit better but then you need to master your attention and focus span. Since context and memory is always an issue one would need to understand that change is a false positive as there is no such thing. Your memory works by accessing the last time you recalled something. so whatever you just do remember you remember the last time you remember what you remember about.

You recall an event, a dog that was growling, as I was 4 years old and our dog was bullied by neighbors kids, as he had a bone and I approached, I stopped and waited and then asked for the bone, as the dog consider me and the task, he stopped growling and gave me the bone. I looked at the dog, smiled and gave him the bone back.

So basically I recall the last time I remember that moment and I was 4 years old.

For me however it does not seem as I am doing just that but knowing how this works one can understand that the recalling then is about the context involved and how one approaches the same environment.

For example, as Hans putt the new way as he said, I make everything on the practice green but going on out playing, isn’t as easy. He has the proper reference before he steps upon the green and then he changed. His brain is recalling the way he thinks he suppose to do this the old way which isn’t as good. The reflex here is the brain goes, step upon a green playing is a different context than the practice green.

Then the result will be different how much he wants he cant change his brain to do differently.

So I run him trough a definition of what he is suppose to do, accessing the way it works on the practice green and then map it over? No that’s NLP and wont work so good and it sucks btw using.

I redefine what the putting are supposedly to be on the course playing. For Hans his attention and focus changes and he is stuck with the old way due to he didn’t focus on what he is suppose to experience when he goes upon the green there as if he did he then could improve.

If he don’t, he cant improve.

Once defined what to experience, you track that no matter what happens as the system then has to re-organize accordingly to the new defined focus of attention.

Now, you can improve trough feedback as you can feel the difference.

I run my template and each time I do I might reference something new to fix the old ways, either it be posture, or the back swing or the transition or whatever else. Once I do when I go practice I do really badly at first, last time I did this a few days ago it took me 8 balls hitting on the backyard until the system had reacted and improved.

For someone new, doing this creates problems normally, first they don’t notice they are doing better, they believe to learn to do takes a lot of time so being able to actually improve and do in the timeframe I do things is impossible for them so they then dismiss their own experience and what they just did as voodoo.

I had Hans several times doing that due to him was so badly damaged by golf trainers its beyond insane.

Cutting trough the red tape of the mind with previous learning’s can go so fast that it just works better from one session to another. Its basically mind blowing stuff.

In Spain he made putts like no tomorrow but he also failed to notice the experience when playing in the zone and I pointed this out, this is your ten under game and he said, no it isn’t and went on and make 3 birdies the last 5 holes.

What’s next is beliefs people have about change and unconscious minds and that there is suppose to be in a particular unique way they will know when it happens.


I stood there with a kid, asked him what he wanted to do and he said, hit like this and then 20 minutes later he did that but he couldn’t believe I could help him do something no one had succeed to do for him.

People say this, when I see it I believe it


That’s not the way your reality and mind works.

You might not believe this what I write, and your fully entitled to your opinion but your still wrong.

Maybe you can accept that or not, I don’t care.
Your still wrong.
Human beings have no behavior for that.

I can do things with an individual no psychologist or therapist or NLPér can do.

They cant believe I am able to do that when no one else is not that is way more famous and in some cases the developer of the technology but that wont matter.

Humans have a strong aversion when they are wrong and that humans cant handle. Its not a good evolutionary trait to have but I assume it has to do with evolution as survival and biology seems to indicate just that.

RBIm6 is about improving to sustain such improvement over time based upon what you can do allows you to evolve beyond self and humanity into something truly extraordinary.

Legen     wait for it     dary awesomeness.

Adal asked on the Facebook group about doing a IT Education and if I had a template for such as he become lazy using the RBIm for learning. It’s the end result being able to do it. What’s next is to organize then you want to know what someone does when they are educated from such.

A doctor for example meet patients, then they decide what tests to run to exclude illnesses or diseases, then they have skills like listen to a heart or lungs to decide if they sound alright or not, some of that we can analyze what someone who is certified in a IT education are doing and then allowing us to better learn and organize that when we engage into the class.

When I want to do better in some areas that’s what I do. If someone wants the best training in the world in some stuff they come seek me out. There is no secret that I am good at what I do.

RBIm6 allows one to improve over time to sustain and become better in what you can do. Your not stuck with what you believe how good you think you are or how you suck at something.

Its one reason people cant understand why I can do things that Richard bandler have no idea even exist with NLP.

Just saying that RBIm rocks