A golf students progress

Amateurs with family life and work well golf is down on the list. I had my second Skype session with Tomas today and this is a video showing old vs new swing pattern.

He had today his first effortless sensation when swinging. He cant spend much time at the range but had improved a lot since our first session.  A good student. The new swing reference is for him to practice and develop and the new action are getting him to improve without doing much work to do so.


imapct newold

Even though the camera distort the shaft as it cant keep up with shutter speed we see a much more hip development going on. with closed upper and middle body at around impact. Blue jacket is the new swing motion.

I worked trough educating the body a bit about the pivot in our first session, he now does it better and the new reference will help him achieve and improve upon that also. Most time will be spent to identifying this for him so it becomes effortless with range and balls and this will improve his motion and pivot.

The new instruction are working well.

Hans update

He was about to play 9 holes today, I talked to him about a update of his decision making, took an hour. He played and found out how to do that and learned a new way to play.

He will be playing a few tomorrow again and hopefully the result of that is an improvement of what went on today, he made progress which was good as his old decision was based upon what he did previously but now with a better dispersion and tempo, he cant think the same way he used to think when he played.

He changed to that today and had good result out of it. I hope that tomorrow be a good indication of his new game.

I am excited as he is progressing well on his path to be a tour player.

Can an amateur if they gain a tour pro swing become a pro?

The classical joke is when someone sells a new club, you hit it so good you think going pro but then the flash comes up, ask your wife first.

A Pro can if they have 10 balls from 110 yards hit green every time with every attempt season out. If you can do that you match them there.
A Pro make 60% of putts within a specific target on the green which is around 10 feet. but after that distance then things change a lot.
Once you match skills and distances you can play the tour. If you have a the distance and the accuracy and can putt really well you make a lot of low scores.

The problem naturally is that your margin for error, your game plan and a lot of other things have to change as you will have to play a different game where no mistakes are allowed. Many think a scratch player is good, I seen Hans play 18 holes without missing anything, he had such situation where I thought no way he get it close to the pin and still he did it.

If you have the skills some might think having a tour pro swing make you a Pro but the truth isn’t that simple.

The game of golf isn’t how far you hit the ball
how consistently you hit it the same.

Once you have the support system of golf with a tour level swing, it don’t mean you become a Pro, most I work with when they can do things better than they ever thought possible, wont be good over night to due to them have then a lot of beliefs in their way, assumptions of what they can do or not do, I measure things differently and set it up differently.

If the tempo is the same, your shot will have a larger margin for error, then if that is true then you need to be able to handle that your swing and game now is consistent the same. That means you have to handle that whenever you go play that it be the same nothing will change that you then have to play from. It might seem good and cool to have a game like that but mentally people will have issue with that it’s the same.

Then sub skills are needed, saves from the sand, outside the fairway, chipping and pitching. It depends on your tendencies and if you play, and are consistent you don’t miss it much. Once you do miss it then you need to be able to handle that and make things work.  I worked with an amateur, his swing went from really bad to good in 20 minutes, naturally his game started to be better and he had trouble handing his game now as better. The swing is just part of the game, not the game decider.

Naturally as I reach the progress chart I have laid out the question for me will be such, does this what I do now make it a go or not? Can I swing and the ball contact is the ball first every time, is the result the same every time, can I match the tempo and is the distance where it should be?
Then next phase goes into gear, to play with the game plan and check if it matches the intended result and what the weakness and strengths are. Identifying skills and check of they match what I want and to apply the findings I done trough this winter.

I already have a plan in place for once things are working for me in regard to the golf swing. I also have a plan in place for Hans once the practice rounds he plays works. Many don’t plan ahead when what they are working on works. If you have the tempo and consistency then you can play the game differently than what you use to play. I don’t have any issue with that, so I go, ok better now what’s next? So while I done research about the golf swing, I also did that with consistency and asked what variables influence things like margin for error? How do the player stay in the moment, how does the tempo be the same and how does this changes the assumptions about how to play the game?

One of the things I do well is to understand the mind and the mental game in how the world changes, its now different it now works like this so I adapt and play from that which requires a new organization to this.

Caroline Hedwall for example she could come to me and I make her a much better player as I understand the game of golf differently than whatever her coaches teach her to do. It don’t mean my ideas or understand would work for her naturally or for you.

I know they work for me.

Next what I do is run tests, checks to find out if for example Hans plays after his new abilities or if he still is hanged up on past references. If he use the proper decision making or if he goes across the border. His results should be improving fast with every practice round even if the wind, storm, wet conditions as they are his game should be better and improving. Not how it feels like as that isn’t important but, make greens and he should make every green and every fairway. If he don’t then it means he does things differently to what he is capable off.

I don’t know if things works for someone else, but as far I can tell in the things I do, once identified and defined, it just works. Naturally the individual will have issues with that if they done things that never works like Caroline Hedwall or some other tour pro as they work within inconsistency and I just don’t.

For me it’s the same, it just works.

  • Want to be able to make every putt? I know how to teach and train that. 
  • I call that imperfect practice.
  • I know how to create a tempo that is the same with every swing.
  • That don’t mean you be a better player but at least you be playing to your potential.

I also know how the golf swings works to create the feedback needed to then be able to swing and make contact to the ball like any ball striker like Ben Hogan or Moe Norman.

Now again, I know this works for me, how someone else deals with this I don’t know much I don’t have enough data from enough examples to find out how it will work, Larry understood recently what he needs to do as I was able to explain it to him, once explained and once he understood that that raw feedback made his swing change over night.

Now, his swing pattern is now good, it means he needs to adapt and adjust to this to organize his practice to do the same thing every time and that cleaning up process take some time. It took Hans 3 weeks to clean up his swing pattern doing this but he was already having a good motion and impact, Larry have struggled as I have.

But I know this, once I know what to do with the golf swing and tested it, then it will just work.

Does that make me a Pro then? (no) Did this then make me talented for golf? (No)
Did that change things that people assume is true?(yes likely)

Larry said, so you want me to practice like I did as a kid then? Yea, those kids are good improving things when you do that and whatever they do its fun and they pay attention to the feedback and improves.

What is it like when it just works?

You do the same thing and the same result happens. For me with dyslexia that is like that I have no issue to assist them to function like you or me with reading and such. I identified what you or me does that make reading work. Once the kid with dyslexia have it, they can do it and they are no longer dyslexic.


Here is the trick question if the dyslexic isn’t dyslexic anymore what do we call them then? There is no word or concept for you or me that describe you just can do it. I ask the kids such, so if you can read and spell like everybody else what’s that like? Once they are able to crack the code and have the same template and system you and me have then they can do it. Scientist in the dyslexic field tells me I cant do what I do.

Whenever someone tells me I cant do what I am actually doing I know things are a hell for those people that so desire and want things to be better but they cant accept that it works so good for me so they deny the truth.

We understand the world trough our own memory and experience of our life trough diverse concepts. Its as true with golf as anything else so what we do is to apply those concepts to check for similarities to what we already understand that informs of things to be the same. Now as I write the above, some will go, no I don’t I search for difference. (case closed)

Golf trainers and swing gurus teach outdates models about performance improvement that requires them to constantly fix things for the golfer. The tour pro swing needs constant tinkering every day and they still cant play the same golf day out or day in.

I told Larry he be having a swing that will just work, like Mike Austin or such. Once he understands the mechanics and feedback with its reference the change you see him swing from that shows me the evidence I wanted to have as it shows a changed motion directly.

No drills to fix the action to make it the way you want, NO DRILLS!

That’s what a model does a template allows you to teach yourself to access and gain the magic directly. Once you do your swing will change in an instant and then it’s a process of clean up that take some time depending who you are, Larry is 67 years old but he be having a similar swing like Hans do.

Now some people tells me that I don’t know what I talk about. I say whatever people do is wrong, and they are but they cant admit that as they don’t even understand that yet. Its fine its what I do with my line of work the futurenow approach. There is a ton of stuff I am a total noob with and I don’t even care about that as if I want to be good at it then I go do the work needed.

I know how to create a working golf swing that allows you a tour pro level no sorry
a better golf swing than any tour pro has out there.

How’s that for a assumption about tour pros and how good they are?

I built a better system.

Paula Creamer swings it

If you ask why Paula cant win much its due to her timing dependent motion.

The reason why is located here,


we can see her being stuck and she has no where to go, she now needs to lift her foot and stay on toe and arise her left shoulder.

For me, its amazing to see a tour level player with such bad mechanics. However it just means it just got a lot harder to win as her consistency wont be good. She is a outstanding putter which helps.

For me looking at Annika for example as she dominated and these girls cant do that and if they do they go see a swing guru like Yani tseng did and loose their game.

Golf instructions

I developed a new set of golf instructions.

The main difference with Larry was a new reference and organization for him. Once he knew how this worked he then could start having feedback to that and adjust accordingly. Main issue with todays golf instruction is they give you a pretty swing but lack feedback in how to do it. Swing flaws happens, I never had any issue in sports, from ice hockey, soccer and other sports. I was good following instructions and when I tried to do and teach what is taught in golf neither I or Simon could do them.

Now, I defined what golf motion is about how to create reference and build feedback. It works for Larry, it works for Hans and works for me. It will also work for Simon once we hit the range early spring. Its easier if you work with a pro, they have things working and improving what they do to make it better is easy. To make an amateur as myself to have a tour pro swing, is another matter though and not as easy.

It doesn’t mean we cant find better ways to teach and instruct.

Larry has the reference now, his motion is now fluid, and yes he still have old patterns in how his body has moved previously but those will start to fade away as he now knows what to do. His swing will be solid and working this summer.

As I said, we don’t change we create new. Its true with the swing and game as well with other things.

Instructions are made to work, however often they are needed to adapt to as they wont work, I do follow instructions well, its how I am made after 20 years with people that you need to define what they are actually telling you not what they do tell you. Naturally when I started to work the golf swing I encountered the same shit, people told me things that didn’t work, they even sold me stuff that didn’t work.

Enough is enough so I then as Hans had a bad back and I started this journey a few things has happen. I had good help even from bad lessons or bad instruction as I learned one thing from my local teacher he didn’t know he did teach me but whenever I win a golf competition at my local club I will then say that to the people whenever I get my prize.

Hans? asking him what he does is like pulling teeth, he didn’t know. As I applied things for him they started to work, his pain went away. The last 2 months he has gone trough the swing motion the way it now works for him. I said ok we are done. Nothing more now, just do that shit now. For him, no more? and I said, nope your done.

Now my problem is time and evidence now, to make range, play on the course, and document this along the way. Its not like I can talk about this in detail as it will be lost in translation, so its why I do Skype so the feedback can be more correct and exactly to what your suppose to do. I don’t talk technique anymore its not needed.

I said to Larry once you do this reference then your body will adapt and adjust to that and you develop a technique along the way. So it looks great now with his motion and that is from understanding what to do and have feedback from. In the next few weeks I expect it to be a lot better. I made this video to compare him and Hans and I make another later whenever he has improved.

comparing motions


My own swing progress I found yesterday for the first time an effortless swing motion. It felt like I did nothing and I knew then whatever this what I do here is now different to what I used to do. It’s a feedback that I don’t need to compensate the motion anymore that it works now. Naturally there is some small differences even if visually nothing to write home about but they are there.

I am excited for my own swing progress as spring comes closer.

I also arranged or re-arranged the swing address and set up position a lot. I utilized information I done in other areas with reading and writing, with lesson I had with my local pro and what I did use the RBIm to learn what he taught me allowed me to develop tempo that I later taught Hans.

I am ending a long journey and it feels good.

Larry been instrumental in this as he been graceful to follow whatever I told him and now have started to have a really good swing motion. Its part of the definition of the golf swing but that is not enough to actually make the teaching of it working as I also need to develop a way to get this across so the individual understand what to do,  what evidence and what feedback is and how that will either create a new motion as it done with Larry already and then how the new organization also will make anything that isn’t working to go away slowly.

When it works, your already changed. It works then you don’t need to do anything else, as I said to Hans, do that, nothing else is needed no new things is needed, do that and you play superb golf. He now organized to his way to play golf the way he wants to do it, naturally as he does that first he will hit it a bit longer, so his approach shots will be to long now and then but the amazing thing with the brain is this, once you do things the way you want, you adapt to that and adjust so you can do it the way you want. Hans had to compensate over the years as he was to inconsistent but now he is consistent and can play the way he wants to, this he now organize his game around. Once it works it just then works.

Its like my own swing pattern once found effortless then I can always do it. Until you do you will seek and try and that is why imperfect practice is important as it helps you narrow down what to actually do that works and when you have it down, its just going to work.

That is why I spent so much time working trough the swing motion, I done daily swings at my home for the last 12 weeks. Yesterday I felt it and it was effortless and it was a new sensation that I never felt before so I was why did that happen and then went trough the why. I understood it was the absence of what I used to do that contain compensations and this is how it should feel when it just goes where its suppose to go.

I made the follow comparison, since I just swing and not hitting a ball I just compare overall motion.

Larry 8iron

The above is from yesterday after our Skype session.

He need some time to work the stuff of organization into that new with feedback, he got the reference now. Motion is fine. Next to make everything else follow this action.

8i 13 amrs


I expect to see overall cleaning up of all the old patterns the next few days and weeks. Once the reference happens a new organization is emerging to that with feedback it’s the reason his swing now looks fluid.

At 67 years old darn good work IMO.



To rotate or not to rotate is the question

I watch people do rotation drills to extend their mobility with drills and stretching and I go, do intu-flow and then don’t rotate and put pressure on the lower back helps a lot also.

However rotational pivot isn’t going away anytime soon so we will continue to have golfers with bad backs, injuries in neck and elbows. I am mobile now and also use a golf swing that don’t twist my lower back like a stack and tilt, Foley geometry swing will do. Yea they tell you if you do that way the back is better off. But no tour pro can do stack and tilt. It’s a money grabber for amateurs that cant swing and play.

I don’t produce videos to sell as it seems at best fruitless as how do you explain feel to someone? Changing body patterns you also need to change perceptions along the way.

Its evident as my experience with the mind also brings over to golf learning.


The above shows Edfors a swede tour level pro, he needs to do a lot of gym work and hit around 50% fairways. He was on the golf magazine here in how to hit better drivers, at 50% sry Edfors but that lesson wont work for me.



The problem with a rotational golf swing is timing. You can play on tour with any swing. If we view and judge the golf swing and golfers who plays on tour they all rotate in dominant force and so its easy to draw the conclusion that’s the way to do it. Its however if we use exception to the rule that no ball striker of range did rotate excessively.


If we add timing, which means more things to do in order to make a function work then we will have issues playing golf. Its why I simplified and used the Mike Austin and Moe Norman as if you can hit it long and be accurate then your doing things better.


The guy here has a bad impact position, he once won 4 majors in a row and now he cant play golf. How come you get worse as you age?

I am better as I age, more wisdom and experience and better improved skills but Tiger Woods? Not so much.


Well he listens to people that cant make him better.

I go study what people do, a rotational golf swing will make you struggle for timing its evident in the system of things. In discus and other sports any rotation to the action will add timing. If your able to handle it, good.

Most are not able to and I look at the PGA tour and one swing is different from the next one especially under pressure. Throwing darts at a target people don’t rotate to do so. if you want to add power and distance then you need to be able to use more weight to increase leverage. if you need to rotate and increase pressure on the lower back and change direction of the body around the hitting zone then you loose out power.

so why someone can say to hit a more compress impact like stack and tilt and then tell me its better for the back? If you still rotate you will sooner or late twist the back. Especially if you want distance.  Doing things right is rather easy if you’re a tour pro and spend hours and days working the game, but an amateur?

I had compensations for decades, so I thought why cant I make a golf swing and first of all why cant I make the back swing work? I then as I finished the model looked at Moe, figure out something and now, it works.

I just finished up Skype session with Larry. His wife is doing good I call her Robogirl now. Metal in her wrist well that’s like robocop then just a smaller version. We had a good session, he understand and we changed his reference in his swing and the next few days I hope to have some feedback how this works for him as I said, its all calculations from me atm, I haven’t had time to range work so its just that atm. Hans played 9 holes today, hit it straight with same tempo, felt good he said.

For me, I rebuilt the golf swing with 3 sources, Moe Norman, Mike Austin and Klassen and it works. Its what is called a hybrid or composite model. I talk feel and pressure and force and feedback with reference. Atm it feels great doing this in my home it feels done.

Its an easier motion as we don’t need to rotate before impact and we can put more power into the motion. and my back is just fine swinging at full power and so is Hans. He also had back issues for years with his old swing.

The more I work this the simpler it gets and as I understand the things going on, the instructions becomes simpler also. No technique or such and its just nice to not to have to think about what to do when one cant do it.

I hope to have some nice video once I hit the range in a few weeks if the sun is coming out soon as we are having a cold wave atm here –10 is expected this weekend.

I hope to have a similar action as Hans as spring arrives.

The education of a golf swing feel

After 4 years I settled down.

I now as I been doing the last 2 months, swing indoors for my self for fun and education. Yes I know winter, cold and windy and the snow? I guess Santa Claus needs his stuff and its not cocaine.

After I define and tested and the model was up and going, then I started to work to go trough this myself, step by step I worked to make it working the way it is for Hans but I am an amateur and not a pro. I then educated myself what I need to do to understand what the golf swing is about to achieve things that work I rather go trough some extra time thanks again for the winter that actually helps a bit. Instead of doing range work I can be inside swinging and educating and who am I kidding with that?

Hitting golf balls is what its about.

It been going a bit faster if range be open but at least I had a few times to check what impact and such is working with my indoor practice. Rebuilding and educating oneself from ground up from scratch to something that will just work I haven’t done such before so I tend to overdo things a bit, working trough things bit by bit and once educated I move on to the next until none more is to do.

Imperfect practice is hard on your psyche, you fail more than you actually succeed. Its why we want to understand why we do things how you can measure progress and check how much better you got.

I run the same program with Larry as I done with Hans, the main difference is Hans had things working, same with me I need to do the same thing I do with Larry myself, yes I know how that is like but at least I understand this a lot better now than I did 2 months ago, and you take note my surge of posts have subsided a bit, slowed down.

A few days ago what I been working on did lead to define the kinetic chain order and why it happens the way it does. Even by itself I don’t need to know that to swing a club or play golf but I am curious to know about this stuff as I often get asked questions and I see others ask other questions that I seem to be able to answer just my explanations might not be in the concept and technique oriented category.

I work the sync and pelvis movements, the arms to be able to timing the action, then release and then what happens when it’s a golf ball there?

Educating myself is a needed thing to do, its like anything we do we spend a lot of time doing what someone else watching me do my work they might think, that guy sucks as he cant make the ball go straight as its all over the map. Putting I don’t make many putts on the practice as I work to improve my skills. The same is true for the golf swing, for me there is no perfect mechanical correct motion, as tempo you can do perfect but motion? I digress.

I find myself question things naturally and also discover why do people teach golf this way they do as it don’t make sense but unless you do what I do that is hard to question hard accepted truth in any field. I ask golfers how they train and it seems to make sense to do it that way but do you get better? Do you measure what is important so you can say, well the last few days I had a golf swing action I say due to the way I measure skills.

Hitting balls is the ultimate feedback though. Spring is early but we are about to go from plus 8 to minus 12 in a day or two here a whole week a 20+ degree difference. Its how it is so we adapt.

I hope the range opens soon even if its not the one I normally practice at but as soon I can swing at balls it be much better improvement.

To educate oneself in the golf swing is a headache as whenever I talk to people its always about a concept and technique, and I say, so what do you feel? and then I often continue with and explain that then? Golfers often cant as they either can just do it or not do it and then they often ask what did I do wrong? I then say, well to even ask that you first got to do things right and your not doing that. Its like a lesser player complain about the clubs, the ball and the grass and Hogan said, unless you go 5 under par a lot your not good enough to complain yet.

I ask, what do I need to do that make me able to do a golf swing and then use it so I can just go play golf the way I want to play it?

Some want distance but they don’t want to do the work required. You need to do things that will make the timing worse for a bit and things that feels strange until your educating yourself what stuff do happen in the swing and then put it together and then it works.

Instead of searching for a perfect mechanical swing why not find one that works and then do learn how to create tempo so you can play consistently?

Its what I educate myself about and once done.

Its hats in the air.

The thing is, how can I think I be able to do this if I never done this before? I never had a golf swing that was like you know good or I never had a tour pro and teach them about the swing either and I never knew how to make a green from 120 yards but now?

Its like anything we do, if you look for things you seem to find them.

Just make sure it’s the thing you do find is the one you desire and want.

NLP chats on FB

This is my lengthy response to Chris Collingwood down under.

“NLP isnt a field that creates models of expertise your misinformed. Whenever you see John Grinder next time ask him why he havent come to see me to get the definition to NLP and updated NLP as he so candly said he would do if newer models and patterns was found. I defined NLP that is why I can state the above to do NLP, you cant, nor can anyone else in NLP, period.

If your stuck and dont know it as you and others are in NLP within the patterns and models formulated you will end up justify the pattern itself with infinite regression to recursive formulation until you dont. Let me know when you are. As far I track NLP patterns, models and peoples behaviours within NLP that emergence phenomena havent happen yet.

Roye Fraser for example assumed there is an imprint of functionality within the individual that goes beyond words, which then utlizing a semantic wording to that is at best funny.
Still to some extent concepts are needed within the sphere of communication so while he was modeled by NLP people into the core transformation model they those who model, didnt get it right. So claiming that NLP is a field to build expertise is a baloney with mustard up a cats ass in a box.
Once words are epistemology run out of its conceptual ground what remains are what we cant see but claim is there and without a guide and road we can travel far and not see whats obviously there but so elusive like a solar reflection and a cat chasing it.
So applying its own logic of transgression since you so kindly asked me a question well it was more a justification from you about your own ass burning in hell and asking why is it burning instead of asking what is it doing there in the first place?

Still within the somatic integration of conceptual words are so easy to do and make most sense I get that and understand the perpetually sense that makes. Still within the conjuring of demons we ask is that it? is that all there is turtles all the way down?
Or is it a way to re-boot the field to forget its loose attitudes without any solid ground that its an attitude and bad one as such and if so what signal to awaken into?

To let go to forgo previous held notion of information to make the justification of sense to let go to re-build into a newer field a ground from new future is a not easy as fear and familiarity which people hold as normal as NLP to the new frontier re-booted and updated with a new set of rules and logic based upon definition of what works and what does not work is then let go in any fashion as we move on into the sunset to use an american movie reference that we do when we are done.

I just awake to the signal informing me about the readiness of life.”

Bit about Roye here.

Update: I waited and then someone had to do it, they posted this line,
”so Robert tell me about your mother”

The Original Poster (OP) asked why no respect for NLP? Its due to the constant change of attention and context and lack of skill in the NLP community IMO. Naturally when the guy posted that line it’s the answer to the OP posted question.

Naturally people go on rampage and personally attacks, its natural we think and do such, the question I ask is why is the level of skills and understanding so low in the NLP community? You can trace that back to the founders of NLP, 7 day trainings? It’s a joke IMO. Its like anything, just because you can do it don’t mean you should.

I can do such in 5 minutes wont mean I go do that.

I was asked a question from Larry and took me 90minutes to answer him. Other times it taken me much longer, just because we don’t have an answer don’t mean we stop searching for answers. I still have questions I had 20+ years ago and seek answers to. However I also note I don’t have many questions left now unanswered.

Why is golf so hard?

around 80% of golfers hold a 18-36 handicap which means by far the mass of golf have a hard time making golf ball contact consistently. A scratch or tour pro does that a lot better but they cant play consistently anyhow.

Once I tried a few approaches out there with none make me to actually do this the way I wanted I then went and did modeling. Finding role-models isn’t easy though as  what should I study? Tiger Woods? Who cant hit a fairway nowadays and cant putt?

How can someone who won 4 majors in a row once be so bad now?

As I research and build my swing model I looked out there, Mike Austin swing pattern and motion is there so is Moe Norman set up as I don’t use the one Mike Austin used even though no wide stances allowed. I also use some other things as the swing model for me is about, what makes it easier for me to play golf the way I want?

I found the whole field of golf instruction so bad and the swing systems shitty beyond belief so I had to ask myself this why do people do that when it don’t work?

I met a client once, she had a phobia of snakes, I arranged a meeting outside a local zoo store, we went inside she seemed fine and I held her hand, her sympatic system had fired and she was cold, sweaty and shaky, a full body fear response. I took her outside again, did the thing I do for a few minutes, we went back inside and she was now fine with no fear response. Now, she thought what I did, was strange and didn’t work (she didn’t tell me that though). She went to her trip with her boyfriend and she never saw any snakes there, she came home and then found herself on a  jogging run, a snake was on the path, she saw it and run pass it. 50meters later she suddenly stopped and thought, wait a second? She didn’t even react to the snake anymore, she was now fine. She later e-mailed me to thank for the thing I did as she now had the evidence for the thing I did had actually worked. If she never had seen any snakes ever she would been thinking whatever I did, didn’t work. That happens sometimes, your just fine and don’t think about it anymore your problem is gone and your not even thinking about it.

The problem with this is that for me a golf swing should be the same, it should just work to play the game you want to play it.

You need evidence though.

I work with feel and sensations but people tell me feel is different for everyone and I disagree. I tested what Hans does, same feel for me. I don’t understand why people tell you stuff that feel isn’t real as it is surely for me.  However I also want evidence if I am working the golf swing, what’s my evidence when I work trough it so I know what I am doing works the way I want it to? I had to develop all this from ground up from a field of golf instruction that sucked ass and was and is a mess to a field of feel and sensations with evidence.

Like the phobia and fear people have, NLP study people who actually did overcome their phobia, built a process and pattern from it and then taught it to others and it worked. Psychology? Still use bad shit.

Hans is doing good, he played 27 holes doing one thing, yesterday he played 9 holes with the game plan I devised for him. The course is still frosty and wintergreens. I hope this weekend it be open with summer greens.

The reason golf is hard and complicated is a lack of definition. Conceptual things like a perfect mechanical golf swing? its pure shit. the connection with Ballard? pure shit. One plane or two plane? pure shit. Gravity golf? Pure shit. Any concept will make you organize to the concept to play golf, good thing some think and I puke at it. It make people believe they lack talent, that they need to create a swing system like Natural golf, LPG or E2E as conceptual thinking only goes to think you understand but not really.

Hans get into trouble with every golfer he coaches to swing better, they hit it longer, more straight but refuse to do it as the new instruction isn’t based upon their own assumption and books and video and forums or the golfer himself said it like Mike Austin. I disproved Mike Austin didn’t understand what he did however that is also true for any other golf swing system out there.

I teach you feel, pressure points and respond to force, which means your golf swing will be there once your done. If its on plane? I don’t know, how it will look? I don’t know.

I know one thing, once done, you can play golf like a pro or better.

I am the RBImGuy and I make people better at what they do and I also improve and make systems including golf swing and its instruction better.

Dyslexic and want to be like any other kid and adult reading and such? You learn the catmodel program.

Want to play PGA tour golf? You call me.

if no system can make you consistent without making you go trough and apply a flawed concept along the way that limit your learning and make you struggle everyday at the range and course why even consider it?

I hate that myself and one reason I researched the golf swing so much.  I just want to play like a pro, period. Once I do, I am done.

Few more weeks to go for range field testing.