The chi line of a golf swing

Kelvin wrote this article 2009, its about chi line.

Its about rotational forces, or body weight for power.

The above image show Micelle wie a promised golfer who cant win due to going to Leadbetter (cursed) academy.

The left image is her 2004 and the the right is 2007. 2004 she hit it long and could compete with men.

However, images don’t tell the story. Nelson, Austin don’t really follow that chi line, still hit it long. Hans spine angle is also at a different chi line if you like.



Its like anything, we cant use a image to determine what is happening and why its happens.
Yes you can check a few things.





Where does speed and power come from?

You swing faster (its not a secret)

How do you swing faster? (that might be one secret though)

You apply more force to create more power trough torque around a leverage pivotal point.

How to I create more force in the swing?

The distance the object travels, the strength you are able to support the swing momentum at the impact. Its done trough torque or rotational axis at an angle.

Ben Hogan called it a plane of glass, it wasn’t a plane and none have seen it since then, what Hogan was talking about was a sensation he had in the down swing and every since then he confused the whole golf world. He talked about his own sensation which felt like a plane (Angle) not angels.

But you cant do that plane or angle with position geometry swing golf like Foley teaches.

Once you find the angle, you can swing as fast as you like or like this guy did it,

Now if you had my old swing, then its not easy to swing fast. I could hit a driver 180 yards now and then as I had a over the top across action.

I also as I went trough various swing changes was hitting the ball way long 2011 in sprain and straight but I wasn’t hitting it Hans long. I hit my 9i 170plus yards carry during spring then and even if good and long I still wasn’t happy.

Now I am.

The chi line is a concept about rotational force the more speed around your own body a skater moves in their arms the more speed and force can you create. The golf swing for a tour pro is rotational in nature. Mike Austin did it slightly different and that is why you see him with that spine angle in spite of the chi line concept and he hit it long.

A power hitter today are not using torque to their best ability and they often loose accuracy. Daly, Bubba, etc…

The problem with a chi line is when we apply it for a different swing system like mine or Austin’s. I find the value for a tour pro but if it don’t match Austin or Hans, then what’s going on?


The upper image is more recent than the lower image. We see an increased spine angle. Its due to Hans can now contain his power better, he don’t roll over his left foot and can now swing as fast he like. Once you have enough speed, well what else?

Consistency and accuracy.

Chi line is trying to answer why the C7 isn’t the swing center. Where the swing axis is in a swing, and its inside right thigh for a righty golfer.


yes right inside thigh.




Once you understand that your also swinging on an angle, on the glass and the compound pivot and speed and spine angle is all there.


The normal thing is then how do I find out how to make that happen to create the proper kinetic chain so I can swing and just play golf?

That can take some time.






Simon left image new.
In the old one an arm swing.
Out of sync and flip release.
The new one sync with pivot and arms.
You also see a better angle between left leg and spine.


I don’t like to use concept’s much, C7? its the inside right thigh for me. Spine angle is with how the force sync the pivot with impact left leg and spine angle.

Now the issue for Wie is this,

To wide stance.
right side pelvis has rotated and even if she looks Austin here, she isn’t. Still images lie.
She runs out of space at the hitting zone, left side goes up as it has no where to go. Leads to timing issues aka consistency.

Its shown here why, her hips are level just before impact. No power, timing dependent.
When she hit it long, her pelvis had an angle. (Big clue btw) Wie wants to do her old swing, its evident in her swing motion but now she cant due to her swing change makes her have less power and create timing issues instead of better consistency.

Why is change so difficult to do?

Most want to change how they feel or what they do a behavior and some want to change their thinking. Its one of those 3 its a clue….Sherlock.

However let say you enjoy something, like cars, or ice-cream or chocolate that you enjoy it and find it good now say you want to change your habit that works for you, that should be easy right?

What most people do is to consider the habit that works, as a problem. Maybe they had a friend telling them they are fat, out of shape or looking into a mirror shaving and went darn.

So we went from doing things that worked, now it’s a problem needs to be fixing.

I asked one of my students to come up with a solution to each of his problems. Whatever he does, don’t work.  Without a working platform we cant do things well. It influence our decision making. I had a client once he had issues at home due to him and his girlfriend had opposite strategies and canceled each other out so I told them how they worked so they could understand one another better that allowed him a stress free home so he could go and fix his football game as he was a goalie in the top national team here in Sweden at the time.

If wherever you go you are stressed not working that will influence how you make decisions, you cant make good decisions from a stressed out position. If you eat to much, drink to much or any addiction that is also true as you are doing whatever you need to change you either pattern interrupt it or

as any habit it does this:

you have either a set time on the day when it starts or you have a specific context kicking it into gear. For phobics that means, snakes, heights, mother in law, spiders etc… It then runs x number of loops before it goes into gear or a timeframe is set. (TOTE)

I have this phobia as long the spider is in the room or as I scream x number of times.

Any habit that is bad for us make us single minded, we some could say trance out, we make stupid decisions, we are missing out on things. Its not easy to make good decisions in any stress, any habit we do.

A change of pace is needed.

I make a pot of coffee, I may take out the shoes or go a drive in the car, then I set into this focused attention and just do this drive, this walk this coffee sitting down pondering how good it is. I simply focus onto what this moment is.

Hey Rob what about the problem or habit or such?

I go, well its much much much did I say much more important to do what works first.

BEFORE any decisions are made that affect your life more than you can understand.

I go Tao, zone out, moment, zenian, go fully Vulcan logic whatever you call it, I look at the flower and think how beautiful it is, stay in the moment of this flower its place in the Universe.

I still enjoy my jacket I bought, its red, its lightweight and I cant wait until I take a walk, run an errand but I don’t sit here and then start going to the shop ever ten minutes or sit watching TV with it. When I go out I just note how good a decision it was to buy it it cost me more but what a experience I have with it. Its like love.

This photo I like due to the late Steve Irwin who died tragically but foolishly from a sting rock and no chance to evade it but before that he did some amazing things, this photo is from when he and Terri met,

steve Irwin and terri met

I watched that clip many years ago what I found striking then was how their faces looked the same. By far if we talk about love at first sight, that’s then captured there.

Steve knew crocs but he couldn’t evade a sting rock in the water, it wasn’t his element. He was by far unlucky it pierced his heart but then consider how many that actually does what he usually did go up front and close?

There are more risks to do things like change, and when we do some of them we need to understand motivations people have, some have an interest and Steve wanted to save animals and wild life and nature, it did fuel his passion and if we could ask him if he could do things differently the answer would likely to be a no.

Its like anything we do, if we run stuff recklessly then things might happen that go south but if we do all we can to ensure we don’t go out on foolish errand risk then its as anyone’s free will to do so. Steve couldn’t evade the sting rock as water didn’t allow him the safety net he normally used a total in the moment behavioral  study of crocs that allowed him to be in the moment with the croc or the animal or the audience watching him and move away.

I know its easy to assume this new context your entering works the same but it don’t, it has new rules, and understanding sting rocks better might have saved his ass then.

Its how habits works for us, we think but if we could do this instead but change is hard. We don’t really understand how our brain thinks and do things. Its called unconscious for most but in reality there is no such entity there. Free will wont work in the long run.

Set a timeframe, from this day to the end. Then the brain goes context limited by this time which it don’t do but now at least you isolated the time frame of context. We  then can ask what is suppose to happen in this new context? However we cant do that while we are in it planning don’t work that way. So we plan what happens after, when we are done, what we learned from it what we developed as a trait.

That is what the brain already is doing trough evolution.

One time you had no habits, except shitting your diaper, scream when your were hungry, tired or just annoyed none changed your wet diaper. Then you learn to walk, speak a language or several, met people, got high, had sex and learned how the world don’t work and how coffee is the greatest thing ever except chocolate.

Its all learned into you trough years of stuff.

Memory is recreated all the time, its not like we remember what did happen we create what we think did happen on the fly. I seen it happen in every client, in every student telling me things they said that did happen and I smile and said, if you so say.

Naturally the issue we have is
that we cant tap into this reality creating made evolution,

Changing even what works is much harder than people realize, then they consider their failed attempt as a problem. Now its not about the problem but them how they fail to change things which soon becomes a belief about them cant do things as they always fail. Funny how that works.

Its why we have models, patterns and pills. To fix my problem I then apply a technique, it wont work to handle pressure in golf and it wont work to fix your addiction.

Once any change really works, we have this space thing going on. We move space and that space are context and it tells us what we should do with it, either indulge into it and let us be there or to constantly run it to never ending story.

I tell people to focus their attention and not to shift it. It last 3 seconds or such and I say, no don’t shift…stay the same, and people again cant do it. Worst is they themselves don’t even notice they did shift into zombie mode.

You need to learn that to stay in the moment and don’t let stuff distract you.

Oh coffee time got to go.

Can we make things simpler?


Most of that however is due to our brain reinforce the pathways of neurons so the signal both chemically and electrically can travel faster or more like don’t get interrupted when you travel where your suppose to go.

I don’t believe myself in a simpler golf swing, yes you can make a golf swing simpler E2E is such one, you hit it short but accurately.

The issue for people in golf is consistency and simplicity, for me its about understand what your body is suppose to do. As I investigate the golf swing, as I check set up, back swing and downs wing, my brain simplify things for me, it moves the details into whole areas of conceptual models which are coming from the work I done. It’s a sign the work I done is now simplifying the thing I do understand and that again also leads to more information.

I understand better.

I changed my back swing set up address fully after Moe Norman ideals. I talked to Hans, he aggress with that. I moved my swing work indoors to conceptual now, I don’t need to do swing work anymore I do this what I call conceptual thing where attention stuff reside and works. I evolved.

I didn’t mean to, it just happens.

Its my brain simplifying things for me, its like this thing I learned to do, I simplify things, makes it easier to understand and yes it does lead to generalizations about the subject. One issue is that I just understands this from a models which I calculate from. I cant help this happening as it show the brain operates once it goes, done it then moves information in the brain….I cant call it up and say, dude wait. Its evolution at work. Hunting tigers or mammoths was like that once you could do it then you get access to the level of greatness.

Simplifying is but good and bad for me, it means I understand the subject really well and indicates I am about done there and while I still continue to study for exceptions to the rule there it also allows me to focus on other things, like set up, like consistency and to find out if I did miss something.

We simplify things due to we don’t need to think anymore about it, we don’t need to do practice anymore as you can just do it the Nike way if you like. Its like dyslexia I understand what a dyslexic needs to be doing to make them a normal reader like you or me, and I know what to do to understand their current strategy to then create a working training program to get them there.

So when I look at a swing, I know what they need to do and what I need to do to get them there and the more examples I work with the pattern displays itself. It makes it simpler.

It don’t mean it’s a better or such, it just means simpler.  Its like all the things we do we simplify, we make habits often without us even realizing we did so.

Ball Striking

Its about how consistent you are to make the ball go where you want it as often you can. Preference: all the time.  You can measure that with dispersion, greens and fairways hit, Moe Norman was a 80%+ with those stats, that how good ball striker he was.

If I am right, then Hans take up such mantle to become one of the best ball strikers this game have seen since Ben Hogan and Moe Norman. That is, if I am right. Maybe I should stay you know silent and not say anything as some would say it can be later used against me, its like my swing, its out there and will be even when I have a great swing. Naturally, some will say but if that was you swinging like that then, how come you don’t suck now?

Ever seen Michael Jackson dance at age 4? No? because he likely sucked at it also.

Its like that for us all, we just suck at it from the start. Now if we do play golf like I done for 20 years now and off, and then study it as I done and then once defined start to work the definitions, then what?

People will judge you based upon what you accomplished as far not what you will accomplish.

So whenever someone complains, I ask did you study what I am doing the practice for? no?

if you look at me on the putting green you think I suck at putting as I am practicing how to become better, some might come and look and say, but you don’t make any putts? I smile and say, I know. I taught Hans to do the same, he make more putts now.  I make pros better and those guys are easier to work with than Larry as he is 67 years old and done the same swing for decades. I done mine for 20+ years.


Anyhow, consistency in ball striking the 0-4% dispersion I may or may not reach, I don’t know as I am working the swing at my home to finalize the concept I have at address, at the back swing and the down swing. I don’t guess, I don’t like guessing, I calculate and make models, those once I know the variables works. Its due to the calculations are based on variables I know about and obviously if there are such I am not aware off then once known then I update the model, no guessing.

Main difference between an amateur and a tour pro is they already understand how to make impact work, an amateur don’t. Its one thing I found the last time I was indoor, I made ball contact first, and I knew I could do it every time, felt good. Then as I work and update my own body to swing better I check my indoor swings vs a visual template (Hans) and what happens in the motion and its improving.

However this is funny how it works, once you guide the individual to become better to do what works something interesting happens. It’s a compound effect, its subtle and its there.

Larry now have the swing system in place.  Its all there.

Its like when I point out to Hans, so more focused now, more better concentration? He looks up and says, hum what, ah yes seems so. I do that to remind him about what is happening when he does things right. Unless you know how it works when it works your likely to just not get it yet but then once you do understand, then it just works.

The problem with this is naturally for many a lack of progress and success. It can be frustrating especially when you cant do it. I still struggle with this, I still tends to do something that I am working to get in line as soon as I get there, then I know.

Hans is rather easy, he been with me for a while and he is good following instructions. The new instruction set also makes him a ball striker awesome legendary so. I have no idea what he will be able to do with it but its fun waiting also.

I swing indoors a bit today, naturally I cant swing as natural as outdoors and I miss hitting balls. It’s a good way to check the motion though. I took two images from 2 days ago and today and they were identical. Not good. I expected progress a bit. I then adjusted as I wanted to see difference.


the shape of release seems fine. Nice figure 7 there.



7 mike


adjustment did lead to progress and its like this bang to the head sometimes when you understand, ah.



I built a new concept for Larry, and since its all new its like everything else, we need time for the brain to build neurons, pathways to build the new context. As long we got the foundation there, time is needed and varied practice.

Hans had work a few days, but I hope he is out there today hitting balls and get me my trackman stuff this weekend.

Chat exceptions to the rule

Made a short video 15min about the rules and exceptions.

A superior strategy allows you to shorten the time it takes like the 10000 hour rule to practice, you can make it faster and more efficient even though you need the training and time but a better organization which a strategy allows makes it at least a bit easier.

It’s a raw in your face without a tie.

Fix your golf with technique, right?

Lee Westwood.

In practice they all do it well.

Under pressure?

Now guys like Monte golf instructors then says things like, move that right arm….

I am thinking, so here is a guy that thinks none understands cause and effect in the golf swing and then goes and tells you to fix the pressure issue with technique?

We need Bowie and Lennox to say it….

Pressure reveals you.

If Hans tells me he cant play I pretty much tell him that unless he shape up I come down there and kick his ass.

Its NOT the technique you need to fix.

It’s the head, it’s the mind it’s the emotions it’s the way you hold yourself in adversity.

Some people asks so what is pressure?

For me it be like going on stage singing with Annie Lennox, I guess it has to do with I cant sing but as things might happen and if I had to go out there to sing with her I would ask her a favor, could she sing to me and I dance for her?

Its not Lee Westwood’s technique, he don’t need a technique advice. If Hans cant hit a shot its never about his technique. If I cant hit a shot it means it can be that I lost focus due to being tired, bad technique or just sloppy.

I love pressure as it push me further into greatness. I made things happen on a course most cant fathom I could do.

If you don’t understand what a golfer goes trough when they play, when you yourself couldn’t play golf due to bad swing guru advice why on Earth would you then say its about moving the aright arm when its not like Monte did?

Its always about lack of knowledge, competence in the arena to define what needs to be done. I worked with people that was nuts, crazy and most people today playing golf is as nuts just a bit better organized.

Its the mind, what you focus on or what you don’t focus on. The consistency I built around 3 things, RBIm used  for the why and what to focus on out there, then using strategy decision making to know what to do out there and then execution of the planned decision with action the how to. It allow Hans to have a instruction to follow that is based upon his level of skill and competence that makes him able to fulfill his potential.

Its like what I write about yesterday, if you train as hard as anyone else and then they come out with a better way to do it, either it’s a flosbury flop, v-style in ski jump or something else your not in the same league anymore. Football? unless all the team with great team effort and tactic implement dribble technique training like Spain, Argentina, Brazil, then they wont dominate. I ask why Swedish football players cant dribble they should all put to practice a lot more like these kids from brazil does but as far I can tell they don’t.

Make sure you master the important things, as I tell Hans, this consistency if you do that in this level as your normal one then it’s the same one anyone has when they win or play well one round but not 4 days in a row. Having that as an advantage, its easier to then realize what you want to happen in his case, play the tour.

Knowing when tis a technique, mind or something else is as important as a coach as I got to do it all, technique, mind, dogs and cats and kids.

Got to hear the original also.

Exceptions to the talent code and the 10000hour rule of talent

Let say you make a thedanPlan like Dan did.

Now imagine you train hard in high jump, do everything right and your rocking those skills and your proud of yourself and you enter the Olympics and then this guy called Flosbury jump differently and wins the Gold.

Imagine your following tradition and your rocking hard looking elegant and smooth and super hot while gliding trough air in ski jumping. Then this swede Boklöv comes along looking like a chicken trying to fly trough the air flaying his arms and wins the world cup due to his new technique the V-technique.

Those two and there are many others that used a better strategy to achieve their goals and outcomes. That is why you can do everything right and still find out you couldn’t win. Someone found something, did it and outperformed you due to superior strategy.

That is what I do, find better superior ways to achieve things.

Once those techniques or superior ways are found, every athlete switch to them in spite of tradition. In skiing the freestyle is now dominant.

Golf? Well instruction there is lacking and has gone the wrong way.

Once I knew that I could create a 0-4% dispersion in the golfer, which btw is Moe Norman levels and he hit about 90% of greens and fairways over a season, well then your not able to compete with such in the long run if they can putt and have the mental edge.

Its why I disagree with Dan’s plan, I like the guy but if your going to prove the 10000 hour rule, you also need to find better, smarter and superior ways to do it. Then you can train as much or less and still be better off. Its what I told Hans, none out there in the tour of golf, can do 0-4% due to them cant do the same tempo in every swing.

Exceptions like these are rare true, but golf is filled with complicated instructions and compensations in the swing patterns.

However, until someone proves it true, like Flosbury, like Boklöv like others, until then. people follow traditions and do what people assume is the way to go.

I am about to provide an exception.


Larry progress one

The above is from where he started which is the second swing in black shirt.
The first one is with older instruction set before the template. To hard to do.

This is yesterday with new instruction set. As far his best motion to date.

Now what will happen the next coming days and week is this are improvement his old so called flip will start to go away. I don’t even work to fix it. I showed him what to do to sync his arms and pivot. That will act as a reference to his practice that he goes back to time and time again and that will slowly transform his motion.

Once he syncs the kinetic chain with a fluid motion, his arms and pivot is timed then the big strides will happen by itself. The spine angle is what is missing at impact that is why you see his old pattern now and then. The reason for that spine angle to increase is what I showed him last time. The rest of the swing is fine. his motion is better, now its all about the pressure point as that starts to be the main reference his old pattern will go away.

His old perception is now updated but its much like driving a car to work and they close off the road you normally use, and once you drive on autopilot a few times wrong you update by going ah yes closed off road and you adjust the morning drive to work.

So his motion is fine, he sequence almost all things right, but lacks one thing, spine angle. He is 67 years old, he is fit for his age and diligent in his work. First we need to understand why he cant really do it the way I want, its due to old perception what he wants to fire in the swing, his perceptions what he want to see coming into impact his that spine angle set.

He needs to do one thing, a better pressure point and work that.

His impact has improved, his swing motion is as noted fine, his flip is due to being used to needing to flip based upon a lack of space in the down swing, but now he do have space. So why don’t he change it then?

I work by building new swings, not change an old one.

Once the ticket goes in the slot for Larry, he have a new one. Then he CANT do the old flip. It will go away by itself. The above last swing is much better than anything he done, its way more fluid so it means his muscle firing is improving. That is a huge step for a 67 year old who swung the same way for a long time. Muscle firing is sequence your brain sends signals to your body what to do, it means the motor control is changing for Larry. The effects are often subtle at first until the system kicks into gear.

I had people with Multiple sclerosis, they cant walk so good often, so I asked where their attention is, on the bad side normally, so I go ok what happens if you use the other side the good one? They walk better but they don’t believe me. Due to them have MS they cant do things better. Even if I show video of difference they would delete it.

Its how our mind works.

So now its discovery time for Larry when the AHA, when the DUH, when the but why on Earth or any other planet in the Universe didn’t I do this before? Once discovered its just works.

The thing naturally is to get him there to the point where he can discover this for himself. You can show people the truth but since what we do and wants to do is our own preference time and variation is needed until the compound experience is updated.

Left image old top position the right white jacket yesterday.

top oldtop

Modern swing ideals

I watch a dad ask in the golf forum of golfwrx about his son and swing.

Monte a guy who has some rep helping amateurs and the like improve said to hit fades as he comes from the inside to much. The kid push the shots now and then.

We can see a wheel barrow hip turn which his his main flaw to get stuck. This leads him to not be able to unwind back in time causing timing issues due to a lack of space in the down swing, he lift the left shoulder at impact as one evidence of that.

Problem is most think that back swing hip and pelvis position is fine. It does lead to a ton of issues with the swing for most. Its then often really complicated to get the rotation and pivot for these guys back in time. The change suggested if it works have to fix the pelvis back swing or add a compensation along the way.

I don’t think hitting fades to fix a push is a good thing as why fix it? Why not build something that works out of the bat? Its however not how the swing instruction field thinks as its about fixing things.

If you change the back swing pelvis action he wont need to hit fades and he be better off.

The above is typical what can happen when you don’t know about pressure points. IMO another one that will struggle with distance and accuracy.

Dispersion Patterns

Golfers seek consistency. To make the ball go where they want it to. Every gofer has a dispersion as a reference which means where they aim and where the ball ends up the spread from where you aimed to the ball every player as a reference for such dispersion.

The best a tour pro has a 8% such dispersion one as a normal shot. An amateur maybe 20-25%.

This is an example of dispersion taken from this blog.

What does that mean then dude?

It means that a 150yard shot if your dispersion is 8% at average you miss it left or right with 8% of those 150 yards. That is 12 yards. It means you miss it left or right from where you aimed with 6 yards left or right. A tour pro then if the flag stays 2 yards from the edge of green has to aim 4 yards from that to middle of green to make green unless he thinks he can do it beyond his normal skill.

If the flag has a bunker, or a hazard then you understand the tour pro don’t want to end up there so if they miss it with 8% in average well then they aim where they could miss it and still make par. If they don’t miss it as much they have a chance to make birdie.

That game play is called percentage gameplay
all tour pros use that approach to their game plan.

When the tour pro is on, hot make good swings and are doing well their dispersion shrinks to 0-4% and they win tournaments. However they seldom do so. It might happen in one round or two but 4 in a row? Forget it. Most tour pro seeks consistency out there to enter that magical place of ball striking they then are able to do it.

I found it.

Current testing shows Hans had with 8 approach shots he played in his home club Monday that of those 8 approach shots from 120-170 yards seven of those covered the flag. Next up is trackman, I hope that he can make that happen the upcoming weekend so you can see some numbers.

However here is the thing, no tour pro or instructor out there can teach or do the 0-4% dispersion pattern, none. Their tempo is off all the time. They lack consistency and have no idea how to have it unless it happens by accidents.

Hans has already started to accept that he actually is able to swing so this happens and even for him this is uncharted territory. He have trouble to accept he is doing it. That is from someone who played great golf as I walked with him when he played really great and the funny thing which he is about to discover his normal game will now have a 0-4% dispersion so then he can just you know play like this.

Tour pro plays the percentage shot and often a fade or stock shot with a cut. It allows them to control their misses and play percentage games.

Its not what I had in mind for Hans as I wanted him to unleash all his potential and play at his utmost best every time. Its now coming into my lap so to speak that I combined the modeling of the golf swing and the consistency ideal into one functional unit at the same time.

What this produces for result in competition for Hans I have no idea as you or me have to wait for him to play more. I often look at this as he hits 4 different clubs but its all in sync.

I am as excited I can be and I know I have to wait for Hans to play more, give me the trackman data, then play a bit until it all settles down.

Then I can better judge what it actually means in performance and results. Its uncharted territory for golfers and for me also. Even if I can say that Moe Norman was pretty much into those dispersion numbers which made him accurate beyond humanly possible once. It’s a indication that if Hans does this as his normal dispersion he be having a lot of fun doing what he loves to do, just playing golf and noting else.

Then for me its mission accomplished.

Until then it’s a waiting game for me.