What its like to coach?

Depends on what and who it is.

Hans I know well, his tendencies and thinking and what he tends to do and apply what I say, so I have to double check what he did with what I told him. If I say do 10 push ups he does 50 or 200. When I said start doing Intu-flow he did 45 minutes 2x times a day. I said, 8min is long enough once a day.

Elite level ambitions are different, he has such drive, and my job is to make him able to do what he wants to do.

It isn’t easy, as what complicated things was swing mechanics, I assumed the experts in the field you know the guys teaching that knew what they did. Once he had his injury and didn’t want to change swings, I started to do research.  I found that the field of golf cant teach good golf swings or game of consistency. I then thought lets find out.


His swing has change fully in the year we worked trough it and since the model was done 2 months ago, its now finalized for him, I got nothing else to do for him, he is done there. He now use a Moe Norman set up and a Mike Austin swing motion and the RBIm plan.

I have to educate myself about the things he cant do or talk about, as when I ask him to do things I never talk technique, its more like, ok how did you hit the ball? He says well a bit left, ok straight or a curve? He says straight left, I say change grip your club head is then closed at impact, he, ok make sense.

However, why didn’t he change this on his own?

He don’t like to change things, however recently he changed his clubface and how much he opens it with the same grip he used, make the ball go where it should, he changed his head movement as he got neck pain as he told me to not move my head and I said, cant swing if I do that so he though wait a second, changed his own head movement and his neck will improve and not be pained. I wait for that that he now can change and tweak on his own that means he is now doing what he should do on his own. He now understands what a golf swing is about for him, how he can create distance and accuracy, what the RBIm action allows him to do now with dispersion and such.

I said, what he needs to understand and accept if he does that move he then just hit it straight and the same. That is in direct conflict with what he been taught for 25 years he have always needed to adjust to fix his swing and game out there. Now? It’s a thing of the past and to start doing this he needs to clean up all his beliefs, his organizations and thinking about what golf is about.

Using my RBIm approach
allows him to be the best in the world with consistency.

That seems like a good thing right?

Well think about this, if you had the biggest dick or tightest pussy in the world you be the biggest star and desired actress in the porn industry but if your not in that industry then you would have no idea you did have the biggest dick or tightest pussy as you would then assume everybody also had such or that there was someone else with that out there.

Now that is a bad analogy but serves the purpose, if you can do that which Hans been able to do for a week, he then can do it every time and knowing what he is doing but that wont mean he can just accept that he can do it when he does it. He then need to organize to that, accept that and play with that.

However that isn’t that easy, as you will once you do that fail and blow up and be miserable for a bit while the sorting goes on. Its due to the comparison mode.

Once you are able to do RBIm reference, then you don’t need to do causality anymore, its this and not anything else than this. You then need to build a understanding about that vestibular reference how it works, how its accessed and how it makes you play. For me its easy for others not so much.

So he played awfully yesterday, so I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with him. Explaining why it is going on, with job, family and workload and then accepting that he can do this is his challenge.

It will never fail him, it will always be there as a good friend forever.

For him after 25 years with bad golf instruction, theory, failure and guess work just having something that just works isn’t that easy to accept.

But like Flosbury proved, if you win Olympic gold with it then you start doing it, or winning the world cup in ski jump or such like Boklov did.

I study ball strikers like Annika, like Hogan like Moe Norman. Then I see one single thing they all did.

Perfect tempo.

I go how do I make that happen?

Thanks to my local teacher back in 2010 I knew what that is, I had 2011 in February the best tempo you ever could wish for and Tomas when he watched me had Goosebumps as he never seen anyone do that ever. I knew I wanted to find out how to do that and when the model was finalized I devised an approach for Hans to do and accomplish that which now have his brain go haywire as it just works.


It’s a time to wait for him to accept it, and move on.

Then it be fun.


WordPress security

Just a note, I use wordfence a plug in for wordpress now, when I was hacked on the website it seems old plug ins and old themes can even if they are turned off still be accessed to some extent. Wordfence sends me mail when website is accessed and as far there is constant attempts out there, so I recommend this,

  • Remove old plug-ins you don’t use.
  • Make sure the plug-in is updated regularly if it isn’t, find one that is with the same functions.
  • Remove old themes you don’t use anymore.
  • Use a sign in name that is not “admin” (doh) or the website name, use a different admin access.

Hackers look for patterns, lazy people who for example buy a router and don’t change or have a password, meaning your remote router can be accessed and used for free surfing.
Most routers come with “admin” and 12345 as passwords. (change them)

Use a different regular access and password and you avoided most easy hack attempts that run bots.

Those serious hackers well Its like anything, make sure if things go bad you don’t have value that cant be recovered. My email as I use Gmail has phone number confirmation. Its more secure but I bet once the guys figure out how to clone your phone and such but that’s not for the normal average hacker.

Normally, don’t click any bank or PayPal mail you get with a link as use normal carefulness and you be fine with your computer. Don’t put in your information to recover password, credit card etc…You be surprised how many thinks it legitimate when it never is.

Have a good routine for admin names and passwords and don’t use the same ones for important work.

No need to be paranoid just caution and expect you be a target.

Inbee Park

Can you be a flipper and win 3 majors in the same year?


Inbee is short, 240yards or so but her swing is solid and she can Putt. She won again shot 62 and 67 and won by 5 shots.


She cant hit it far as any swing is limited by dispersion/distance and she will have dispersion but not distance with that motion. She be winning everything if she had 30 more yards from tee.

Her under par with par 5 holes was, –16 for 4 days. 450 yard/487yard/442yard/470yard.
Wont matter if you’re a bit short if your iron game is solid.

Her image her vs runner up behind her, its clearly shows the difference in play for the day.

Larry update and progress

Here is his 7i impact. image

Its better yes but its still have a reference to his old attention reference. So as I look at that for me then I think its not much to do now. I understand why that happens now and why the swing has such pattern.




The improvement is going in the right direction but I am not happy about the time it takes. Yea he had his wife injured and surgery and such, but still for me change when it works always happens instantly. Then the feedback from that change improves things pretty much instantly. If I don’t see that in a video then I know that whatever I did say and instruct was not good enough for Larry. He then don’t have good enough reference even if better action atm I want to see a much more improved action here.

The good thing about failing as an instructor is that I can then with better set of change and patterns and understanding then apply the new instruction and then find out if that works as intended as I know what I want him to do, the question now is to find a way to make him do just that.

Next up Skype.

Watching this video with my recent findings my head went, ok that’s why that happens. Then this should then allow him to do that action I would like to see.



I sometimes do a road trip. Take the car out for a spin, I rarely do so. Today after a early morning and talk, the sun was out blue sky and windy, so I took the car as sitting in one when wind is on, is nice.

I had a nice coffee and checked out the range. Might open early this spring if we get some heat. I feel great and the day been really good.


Without doubt there is no reason to live.
Single-minded it’s the easy way the zombie one.

To handle ones own thinking, the actions what we do and why we do it to realize to reconcile that life, is what we make it to be that there is no reason other than the reason we make it to have.

I want to work with PGA/LPGA tour level elite players, its what I want to as my skills are geared there. Maybe I should go elsewhere, to educate people other than those about how life can be and such to make living better.

I got sick 14 years ago, and this time I learned the hard way I cant do things I want to do. I been to ill to do such I want to do as I don’t have the stamina and I also have this kind of idea I guess to do what I do as good as I can, and yes I can do things even when tired most men would be happy to do when they are in top peak but we all when we do things uniquely are also geared towards extreme things. I am a bit autistic there I guess, a bit extreme and I as far I can tell now after so many years with modeling have arrived towards some kind of understanding about it and how it works. To detail down the structure well as far I am not done.

I had a long talk with Hans today, he didn’t play well and its all good. Currently he needs to get it out of the system all the bad and wrong things he used to learn and do, all the beliefs and assumptions, all the things that don’t work.

Organizing to this, whatever this is for him as its all about the RBIm principle here to attend the vestibular portion of your experience to stay there in the moment let the world fade away to attend this and then do this when it just works.

I had yesterday at home a golf swing, I swung a few times and then I had this swing when it all felt, complete that this is a golf swing I knew it to my bone, I put the club to the wall, went for a walk and took a shower and did eat a semla. I knew that was it, I was done there it is done and then I didn’t swing more I swing less as I haven’t even touched the club yet. I have put my attention on the potion of vestibular since yesterday.

I am at peace, at serenity and at Nirvana.

The world spins, the sun set and arise the light shine into my eyes its all good and well.

Many years ago I went to my cabin up north, and I took a long walk and climbed upon a hill, I sat down on a rock there and looked out on the world.

Today the world look upon me.

I am the RBImGuy and I make better.

I sometimes stay and wait as I know this one isn’t ready yet but once the signal and system is a go then its go time. I said to Hans well nothing new from here on, this is all there is nothing else than this, your done now.

From there where do you wanna go?

I know for myself I will work on my own golf progress but when I am done it will just work. Nothing to fix, as I know what to do that makes it work.

Most have an issue with this as they compare, they enter the comparison mode and make things vanish a bit, they changed their attention and then don’t understand why they cant do what they just did but now cant.

I say, here go back to this then they try and make it work and then go comparison again and loose it and to rest there to never question to never think to never need anything else than this sensation to spend the time with the best thing there in the world the feeling of greatness is awesome. Its presence and its a such for me an entity if you like a ghost a poltergeist or such still it’s the ever near friend of mine the awareness of continuity this is that and never be anything else than this and that wont change until it will.

I sit in the end of the well and as it sits there and look the tunnel allows the continuity to happen that one day the end never starts.


Hans went to the park

He called me early morning here, he played 5 holes, naturally as I teach I also research things and tell him, but since I am done then its just do more of the same. It seems boring and can be but it also produces the result you want.

Naturally he had a insight and epiphany the other day so he went out trying to replicate that instead of doing what he done so well for a week now. I set him straight again, explained why he went off road as I know his reasoning, then told him to improve what he had done earlier this week and how it all correlated to what I had research and spoken to him about.

I guess its boring to some extent all I do is this?

Yes if that produce the result we want, then yes, all we do is that.

Normally as tour pros does it they cant do that to then make this happen, ball striking at that level is hard and complicated and none on tour an do it consistently. Annika did it best, she won 72 times, dominated and its all due to her great tempo, as she had less variation and most margin for error by the ladies.

cut to commercial.

the above makes sense with this.

and we are back.

Thanks, for some reason those commercials made it trough the filter.

The hard part of research is to know, when your done. Then to do what you found and then go, so this is it? Yes, will always work I say. It wont mean we don’t tweak, change, test or so on but as long a model goes, we keep doing it. Once found its what I do.

I haven’t changed that since 2008 for fps gaming.

It wont mean we will run into some struggle when we learn this and apply it. Golfers are used to have variation and difference every day with more often every swing. The same is true for dyslexics I worked with as adults often have a shock as they understand now they can do something they never been able to do ever.

For them a miracle as I am Jesus walking on air. Normally I say, nope his brother sent down as he messed things up big time.

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I wrote a lot but it was deleted by the censor police and you have to make due with that trailer.

I just wish I was better at finding out the why


Ok, this has gone far enough I want to write my blog post without getting interrupted all the time, seriously what the hell is going on?

I asked two middle age guys that


I just ended up calling the doctor



Run you clever boy and remember

I give up.

Loop holes

(some spoilers)

I saw an episode of star gate when a guy traveled 40000 years into the future and was able to come back. But the guy saving him didn’t add any technological advances made in the 40 years he tried to find a way to save him. The whole idea of time travel is to use better tech and whenever I see shows use time travel and not bring weapons, defenses, medical and such advances back I cry in a corner.

I guess we are stuck with the idea of logic of what people would do if that would happen is we become really really stupid and forget that we have better weapons, medical and defenses.

Here is a thumb drive to recent technological advances
bring it back and kick their asses.

Star trek voyager did it right at least.

Bringing technology back changes the show though and why for some reason you cant bring such with you due to some things happens or just conveniently forgotten.

Done right it really can be fun.

Star gate Universe did it interestingly with 2 episodes, the split between the ships when they ended up 2000 years earlier and meet their own generations kids later.

I enjoy a good loophole but to often they don’t create enough logic to justify the actions people would do. If I was about to travel to the future and bring back things Lotto numbers be one or the whole book of winnings like that movie back to the future.

Larry had to go

To attend his wife as she broke her wrists playing tennis. She had to do surgery. Just shows you don’t need to do violent sports to get injured sometimes.

I hope for her speedy recovery and that her ambidextrous practice now is a go.