The above is Ben Crenshaw he always hooked the putt.

Booby Locke was considered the best putter ever.

In modern times its Nicklaus by far.

I use Nicklaus, Locke as reference in regard to putting. I don’t use those on a whim as I also study why it was better.

Golf swings funny stuff and modeling

The above is what I encounter in every golf forum.


Last night before bedtime yes I know nuts right, still a lot of things with golfers and mad men and girls you need to know is that we do wondrous things at night. I just swing a few with the same thing I told Larry about. I then yes compared that to Hans and I am swinging without ball which don’t make this a proper comparison but still.

Its funny how those pressure point works.

How the kinetic chain syncs up,
how tempo improves how the swing becomes habit by itself.

I like to say that if you try to do things make sure you know what your doing is adapted to you, not you trying to do what someone else is doing the same way they do it. My body, I am shorter than Hans, older and have fast twitch muscles. I be good at a 60m dash not 400m. I be even better sitting in a chair drinking coffee there I excel.

Common approaches to fix things in golf and life

Trying to explain how a swing works in a golf crowd is though, they have all this ideas about it. A golfer asks, why they cant swing, then they try fixing that by looking at a video that address their issue.

So first they cant do it. So since they cant do it they ask “what is wrong” it means they did it wrong but somehow can do it. That means they do think they can do it but did it wrong. It’s the logic of man. I cant do it so that has to mean I can do it just doing it wrong and needs to fix it by identifying what is wrong that I believe I can do but clearly cant.

If you can do it then you can, period.

If you are doing it right now and then and then wrong now and then then you cant do it.
Its called guessing.

I looked at my swing, what I wanted to accomplished and said, cant do it with this swing, period. I then started to search for answers. I found things with the local teacher that is in this template I use today, I found things from Hans what he did, I found things looking at videos and most I found things failing and when I run variations.  Recently I came to this position of knowledge an understanding if you like, and once I have it its like this, ok needs to do this then the work is that and you check for evidence like this and then you do it and once done you can just do it.

It’s a self organizing principle if you like, its what a template does it helps you organize along the way the model propose. So once identified, its like ok I do this then? I say, yes. Nothing else? Not until you can do it you do nothing else. Key word, can.
Once you do it that way you end up able to do it, it just works now no fixing from video, swing guru or trainer or instructor, it just works.

People assume they can do things when they cant and then logically argue they can when in fact they cant. (What’s that about?)

Can you do NLP Rob, yes, hypnosis? yes, do you do them? No I stopped doing them a long time ago as I found better ways to do things my way that I can do.

We assume we can do things when we obviously cant. Why?

I suspect it has to do with assumptions if you can do it once right now and then it means you can do it (NO) and when you cant so you just did it wrong for some reason.
( I call that guessing)

You need the fix.

The trainer has you do things, show you video tell you things and you try but you end up needing more fixes, then later it brakes down again and you need a fix adjustment.

Once I decided, ok go make the q-school here with the national tour as if I was going to study the golf swing why not make it interesting along the way? (Yes I know I am 50 years old vs kid age 18 but still) I tried my old swing, no go, this wont work, I went with lessons locally, and I went with online stuff, no go.

I educated myself and I knew by far I cant do it.

I gathered data, information, I searched for what I always do, the truth. Its about definitions as I like to say, once defined you know the why you are suppose to do it this way. I then often get into trouble due to me as I done with dyslexia understand what the template does and why it works the way it does what the dyslexics is able to overcome their troubles and become a normal reader like you or me.

I had this moment 2011, February as I stood there indoors with Thomas my local trainer, as he watched me and said that’s it I did that and then that and then just that he took a walk got some coffee and I was still hitting the balls the same, every swing was the same, exactly like a Swiss clock, Thomas came back watched me swing, and swing and swing and he got Goosebumps as he saw magic in action something he never seen before in all his golfing career ball after ball, swing after the swing the same.

Once I done that and as I hit balls in Spain I decided not good enough to short. 
I abandoned what I could do there just like that.

Why since it was working but for me but it wasn’t good enough, I wanted distance and I knew as far I didn’t have that where I wanted it. A new renewed search to study in detail a bit more about Mike Austin took place.

Once you can do it, you just can. Its like reading for a dyslexic that had their dyslexia and now don’t? Its for them now just normal and they cant even understand why they had the problem before. To scientists this is magic and for teachers its just voodoo.

For me?


Any science beyond human mortal understanding is considered magic.

I know what I do, just because you cant track what someone is doing in real time as I do it, don’t mean it isn’t there. I love a good magic show but those guys use misdirection and illusions and slight of hand to make you believe its real.

While I did study, I also did study golf trainers, all the Mike Austin trainers I seen their videos, I seen other golf swing methods and I watched and tried a lot. I also study consistency.

Moments I had when I did things right when the ball just took off, when things worked, but still I didn’t know how to re-create that over and over again. Last year, September I had run tests during summer with consistency, and I put my clubs on the shelf, didn’t think about golf for a few months, a week before my 50 birthday the clubs looked at me and said, come touch me gorgeous and I couldn’t resist such call.

The next few weeks things took off and it all came together and worked.
Definition after definition happen, things got sorted out and I reached crescendo.

Then final

I understood.

This you need to learn to do and once identified and defined then things can be worked upon so you build your own swing, so it just works so you just can do it.

Hans? I never need to adjust things swing wise again for him ever.
There is no loosing the swing, there is no doing it wrong and need to fix it.


The secret to owning your swing and create it sits and reside here.

I said it be funny. Skrattar


Secrets, myths, black ops and mystery

Its more interesting if we don’t know the answer we then assume the secret will be enlightening for us. Personally I love a good mystery or secret digging for gold from a map or having black ops covering up stuff.

The truth is that secrets tends to be misdirection’s, black ops tends to be someone’s mistake watching things with bad eyesight, and myths are just old forgotten things we romance and a mystery is that a mystery until we know what its about.

It wont stop us from watching a good magician or illusionist making cards appear, birds or people flying in the air.

Our imagination likes to be tickled.

Enlightenment? Overrated.

Once there you go, oh I understand.

Once you uncover things what remains are not mystical, no secret or such but people tend to not like that truth, its to naked its not satisfying the need to think its something special there it has to be.

I seen that over and over again, in NLP, in dyslexia, in golf and so on.

So people deny, delete and clear that out, spend time going back into fantasy land.


Regarding DJ Watts

Since he messaged me on Facebook and told me that the reason he banned me was because I broke etiquette and told him he didn’t know what he talked about. What I told him was it’s a dead end to research baseball for golf and implied meaning is “he could spend that time elsewhere”.

Now he could have taken steps here to do things differently like;

  • He could ban me, did.
  • He could have said, interesting, why would you say that? (didn’t)
  • He could have said, I do my own research thanks for your input. (Didn’t)
  • He could have said, a lot of other different things.

So since he wanted to be precise, using the word perfect golf swing or mechanically perfect well he is flat out wrong in his own estimate.

Here perfect means and I quote,

1. conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type: a perfect sphere; a perfectgentleman.
2.excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement: There is no perfect legal code. Theproportions of this temple are almost perfect.
3.exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose: a perfect actor to play Mr.Micawber; a perfect saw for cutting out keyholes.
4.entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings: a perfect apple; the perfect crime.
5.accurate, exact, or correct in every detail: a perfect copy.
6.thorough; complete; utter: perfect strangers.
7.pure or unmixed: perfect yellow.
8.unqualified; absolute: He has perfect control over his followers.
9.expert; accomplished; proficient.
10.unmitigated; out-and-out; of an extreme degree: He made a perfect fool of himself.
11.Botany .a. having all parts or members present.
12.Grammar .
a. noting an action or state brought to a close prior to some temporal point of reference, incontrast to imperfect or incomplete action.
b.designating a tense or other verb formation or construction with such meaning.
a.applied to the consonances of unison, octave, and fifth, as distinguished from those of the thirdand sixth, which are called imperfect.
b.applied to the intervals, harmonic or melodic, of an octave, fifth, and fourth in their normal form,as opposed to augmented and diminished.
14.Mathematics . (of a set) equal to its set of accumulation points.
15.Obsolete . assured or certain.
end quote.

Using a word like perfect, well DJ Watts first said it with Mike Austin had the perfect motion, then went on well I am done with Austin its now a more perfect mechanically motion with this MCS.

Now in my world yes you can have a perfect experience, its entirely subjective. I wouldn’t dream about arguing about your own perfect experience its yours dude.

If one would use perfect to golf swing motion and it isn’t, well I think one should then also expect perfect, right? You can have a perfect experience swinging, so you hit it flush with any golf swing system is then that system perfect? Well if you use your experience as a criteria absolutely. I wont argue with flush.

I have people coming to tell me things also, I don’t go ballistic unless its religious stuff which I simply think is like politics they are all assholes mostly and debating what and how big hole one has is at best silly. I had guys posting comments without revealing their own name and I told them to stop doing that as I think you should post your name as if you comment it also you know mean it. If it’s a joke etc..irony use a smiley also next to it like this Blinkar;Skrattar Ler med tungan ute

As I said, I am not popular out there as I ask questions, tell people things and its my opinion and I am well aware its me writing this and saying things, and since I am the one doing that telling me I can stop posting because I told DJ Watts that he was way off seems at best like this science they do at bay hill funny Google, lets make a nuke and see if the earth blow up.

Can DJ hit it long? Yes never said anything else. He can add 10-15mph with what I am doing. He wont but hey at least I know why since if he did have a perfect mechanical swing motion I wouldn’t be able to add that but that is at best funny as I wouldn’t let him near what I done. I base those mph on calculations on the way muscles activate the forces of rotation and how much one would be off the pressure points. Now I know for myself its my opinion and I have no issue saying that.

Its like RBIm, it’s a system for self discovery so people ask me so what is it about….I say…self discovery…and then they go, so cool so what is it about and how do I learn about it? I say, ask questions and question things and start doing intu-flow and drills. Then what?

I don’t know its your path and journey.

Perfect in a golf swing is one thing and only one, its tempo. You can have perfect tempo and that you can do with any swing system albeit I would argue many systems be hard pressed to do one swing only and not be able to do 10 or 40 tempo swings the same in a row.

I think that many say they do research and I go, when are you then done? Many research swings one called MCS 1.0 then MCS2.0 then 3.0?
When is the research done? MCS 55.0? Blinkar

One thing about science, is that there are several ways to do science, one is pragmatic (I use that) that if a method exist and someone follows that then they also have the same result. Its like those I trained in the cat model for dyslexia, they can help dyslexics to be a normal reader like you or me it’s a template a model to create that for kids that has reading or other issues like dyslexia. The model is done I know what it does and how it works it cant be proven in a science test research due to my results is off the scale there. If I take 10 dyslexics, 3 weeks later they are fine, the research is normally done over a year or such. So the control group would go 9 more months before they did the analysis, and then they would say, well it seems the dyslexics we gave you wasn’t dyslexics…after all so we need to do it again….

In golf I did 4 years of study, mainly this was slow as I been tired and ill, so I done now its defined, Larry is having a ball atm with this.

His old distances is these,
My average distances with each club:
Driver–230 yds.
3 wood–210 yds.
5 wood–190
3 iron–180
4 iron–170
5 iron–160
6 iron–150
7 iron–140
8 iron–130
9 iron–120
SW (56)—95
SW (62)—85
(I expect him to add 3 clubs with irons and 50 yards with driver once done)

Now, he just started to organize this reference for himself and he says he is about a club longer, nothing to write home about even at age 67. Once he is able to solidify this as his body adapts to it he will have the Mike Austin signature motion like Hans.  Now I know so due to the pressure point will be the same so the body will respond in the same way.

I concluded the model was done as what I found I told Hans, then as he wanted more distance and I adjusted the down swing, he also ended up with the Mike Austin motion pattern, and many says Mike Austin had a perfect motion like DJ Watts said so maybe Hans also has one. Blinkar Now once I done that – found the main criteria I do testing and a lot of it so whenever someone comes and asks me why this swing works the way it does I know what to say. This testing ensures me that it works the way it does, Hans can do it, soon Larry and soon me.

Once the template is defined, then further testing is done to remove unneeded material, that the original model might have done that has nothing to do with the result they achieved, like kinesiology, like any video or book about Mike Austin swing or any other personal trait or any description of the things you do in the swing. It’s a lot more work to do this than people understand and most of what I do and is able to do is observe and calculate things, and once I do I also tell people what I think about what they do.

I understand why Larry swings the way he did swing, and I can point the player into different things so they start to discover their own body moving trough space. Once they are able to understand how simple it can be once they done the homework. Then its obvious.

3 weeks ago Larry couldn’t do it, yesterday he could.


Time applied variation to discover feel by doing things that wont work and I call that imperfect practice as it leads you down the rabbit hole and to discovery.  Larry said this in the mail today, “I feel like a little boy again, when my main job during the summer was to play.  FUN!!” so seems he is having things working now.

I wont have any Mike Austin trainer coming to me and ask, how I did this or how I am able to teach Hans the same motion Mike Austin did.  They still think Mike knew what he did but he just didn’t. Its like that with human beings, we assume the experts even the geniuses know what they are doing but we don’t. I done and built models since I started with NLP first crude ones and later better ones. I still don’t know how I am able to do things as I just do them and cant offer a great easy and simple model of what I do.

I can however teach a 0-4% dispersion pattern with the template I have about the golf swing, and make Hans hit it 330 yards with ease in this temperature. Now I know why it works the way it does, Larry are about to find out first hand what its like. Its why I do Skype sessions, its not possible to teach this without Skype. I can point people into that direction but without hands on work its really hard to convey the things you need to know and do. Peoples own perception gets in the way and then they cant find it.

Larry asked me a question yesterday,
he asked this, hey Rob what do I do if I am at the range and it doesn’t work?

Great question so I worked with the answer for him and that took me 90 minutes….once there he then could do it and I said, ok do that, he did a sync kinetic chain and I said superb good that’s it, now then I said try this and his old pattern his bad thing he use to do showed up and de-synced it again, and I said ok go back and do that first one again, he did a kinetic chain superb sync action again, and I said that is what you do any time you cant do things you go back to that. (template pressure point)

Now the value of that is unheard off, imagine Larry age 67 is able to do that building a new swing in weeks.

I know people say you know Rob I think you do great things and I say thank you but why would you argue with others or tell your opinion and I say the same thing I told Patrick as I told Bodil and as I told every student and such I had, its my way. Its what I do.

Many think I am a bad guy, no I am the RBImGuy I say, and even people in the Mythosphere think I was a bad guy until they met me, its what words do, online stuff does to people form subjective assumptions that isn’t true but people think they are. However if you use the the word perfect to a motion obviously main criteria for me would be, prove that it is perfect and it cant be its not possible. Tempo can be perfect but that is different so is your experience of what you do.

So here what DJ himself says, “Explaining a little about the MPS or mechanically perfect swing motion as innovated by the late great Mike Austin years ago.” end quote.

He DJ Watts is not correct.

Hans have a better Mike Austin mechanical correct motion. Last I checked Hans was trained by me not DJ Watts.

If people want to buy the argument its perfect when DJ Watts says so and I just don’t accept that statement or argument as Hans is better by far.

Personally I don’t think that Austin had a “perfect” mechanical motion. Its by far one of the easier system to do while hitting it long. One must keep that also in mind that Mike did hit it long, and many systems can hit it accurately but not long. So while I choose a model I knew one thing I wanted to capture the Mike Austin swing he himself was doing but failed to teach. That is accomplished.

I guess DJ still is researching the baseball stuff? Blinkar

We want to see things the way we want to see them, its inherent in our mind and perception and you cant get out of it unless you do some serious work on yourself with technologies like RBIm.

I told Hans about the back swing definition, that its about creating space in the down swing and he was like, yea that make sense. Once defined its obvious why you do things. I then said do only this and he was like only this??
Yes, how do you hit the ball then? superb he said. Ok I said, what else has happen as I see those things is a better back swing now, a tighter grouping a loosen up of muscle groups a better kinetic chain all that trough the template I am using of the motion Mike Austin himself did do, not taught.

I think unless your totally blind can watch Mike swing and then watch Hans and go, same.
There are minor differences one is the hand action Mike did as he added more speed in the down swing sequence which also didn’t help his accuracy and one reason Mike couldn’t play golf as well he did swing.


So for me, DJ Watts claims Mike Austin did a perfect mechanical action and then he goes on saying it’s a mechanical perfect? motion when it don’t match and that I simply think is blatantly wrong and is confusing the viewers and readers as either its perfect and then it should match Mike and Hans or it isn’t and its just a mechanical motion which I would agree upon, just not perfect.

I am looking forward the trackman numbers for Hans. I do hope he is able to do that this weekend.

Since I broke the etiquette and its a bad thing to DJ Watts I guess it means well it doesn’t mean anything more than people have some law they think is the law for everyone else also and I simply state, I disagree. Skrattar Whenever you see that pattern that people use their own beliefs to make you agree upon them and that they are right, I don’t pay well when I take note of those.

I don’t agree upon things Steve does, still I wouldn’t ever dream about telling him those, its his stuff not mine. Same with Larry, same with Hans as I let people have their own fucking meaning of life until it bothers me and so I say then if it does. I had clients over the years that was nuts and I been in the present of many wacky people and one thing I know about those there is always a a rule that has to be the way it suppose to be.

Mine are, never post anonymously here or about religious stuff or spam some shit that is about Viagra or such.

Post a question I write what I think. Sometimes I don’t know and I tell you. Sometimes I go do some research and then tell you what I think. I love questions.

I am a bit autistic so I guess I shouldn’t tell people to become better and do better work.

Its what I do as the RBIm Guy, I make people better at what they do and that is also why doing things which for me make no sense then I do say so.

I don’t spend much time arguing over stuff I find boring.

But since DJ Watts wanted to be precise why he banned me I think he can do himself a service and remove the word perfect from anything he is doing with the golf swing until he is able to do what Mike did and Hans are doing as far I can tell he is way off base and since it isn’t then perfect well I know what I call that here.

My fucking opinion again about the same shit as before.

Irishman for example as a sidenote at the end, told me I should write more proper English so I could get Tiger Woods you know to swing better one day if he visited my website and he had a good intention sure but my website and as far I write things my way. He still isn’t banned for telling me that and still welcome to post questions about stuff.

I don’t spend time with shit, I get bored fast, and if someone isn’t listening then I go drink coffee until they are ready. This is what I do, I swear about dicks and pussy girls have with boobs here as I think you need a blow job when you come home from work, I got a black sense of humor and thinks Matrix is a movie that blows your mind and dick at the same time and I am seldom smiling and not saying what I think unless its just such a neighbor hood that wouldn’t be good for that.

Other than that I am a good funny guy that don’t have time for shit like this.


I do hope I was precise enough here.

Drills or awareness?

Its not easy to say well do the drill and make it happen as its more about awareness.

I defined the back swing in golf. Me, as far I can tell none else has made it. You wont see me being in TV talking about it which is sad as it would help a lot of golfers.

Once your aware you can then improve as your then understand why you do things for. You can then create the habit of react and respond by automatic actions.

So Moe Norman, Mike Austin, David Leadbetter, Ballard, Foley, Nicklaus, pennick none defined the back swing in golf, but I the RBImGuy managed to do so why?

I guess I am a genius.

Or just attend to awareness of what’s going on by observation. It wont mean I understand what’s going on but at least I understand something is going on other than that what’s said. I told Hans, he improved his back swing.

Most people think they are aware, but its not so, we cant be due to the brain is creating filters of perception we can call them beliefs, we perceive things we want to so or expect to see and most else of such information is excluded.

The good thing is we can reverse that and use it for performance so we do what works and exclude everything else.

I did say genius right?

I don’t expect to be right and correct every time but as far I go, once I study a field it seems I am. It wont mean people will understand what I am talking about as far I am the only one understanding so people then assume they can understand just because I do? Do you understand the math behind the general theory of relativity? No? Why not its common knowledge today.

Every field have patterns and once those patterns are defined there is then no secret there. Golf is about to be such a place of no secrets.

I understand how to create awareness in the areas I study so I can find patterns and define them. I run those with Hans and he is like, dude this is obvious, and I go yes but only with me I say as you wont find that elsewhere and that’s an art form to define what is so elusive by so many people who do study and teach golf and then isn’t able to define what’s its about.

This naturally Hans get issues with as he talk with friends, golfers, and students, as he is now understanding this differently, well the faster I hit the straighter the ball goes he says, they cant do that and he is able to. He adds 20 yards to someone’s irons they go this is nuts.

Beliefs forms perceptions so we just see what we expect to see, it’s a human thing. Once we understand that we need flexibility in our attention some call it consciousness, observation etc..that we are not the thing we house. That we are whatever our attention resides upon as it confirms our held view and judgment and assumption about the world.

Once I start talking about the golf swing I don’t touch technique or positions, as I work with pressure and feel. Pretty much 99% of golf instruction for me is just unneeded. Positions will happen by themselves down the line, until you understand how your body is suppose to move. Once you get that, a golf swing is easy.

The game might not be.

We can spend hours hitting balls by drills or we can create awareness hitting every swing and shot with variation attending what did happen there we develop awareness of things going on and instead of matching them to some swing system we ask did I do better? Once you find pressure points your swing starts to unravel by itself.

No need to do drills or read books or take lessons anymore.

Your free

Golf myths and producing the Moe consistency

I changed my set up. I asked why should I stand there the way they tell you to? Railroads are no fun. I investigated and found a better way to do the set up and address and back swing. I told Hans about it, did a small demo for him, he agrees, easier. Its based upon how Moe Norman did things.

You want this impact position btw with irons,

This shows spine angle and left leg in an angle to one another.
You want that as it will happen once you do a proper pivot.
if you don’t have this angle at impact then your pivot needs work.





Mike Austin had it. and he had more the longer he hit.
driver in this case here.






I study Moe as he did have ball striking down to a science. Moe also had the same spine angle and leg work at impact.

Its easy to never question what people do. Your go to school, they tell you here you learn this and when you ask why you get punished and after being expelled at various school you either start your own school or shut up. Golf works that way, media take on, you see things in a golf swing, you debate them and I asked Hans a lot of questions and he couldn’t answer me most of the time. He had questions like, why didn’t people copy Nicklaus swing instead of Faldo who hit it 200 yards? Faldo became a short hitter as he lost his dynamics and athletic action thanks to his swing change with Leadbetter. He was a straight hitter yes but short. Once Tiger woods come out on tour he had no chance with his 4i into greens when Tiger hit 9i. Faldo never understood why he couldn’t compete anymore after 1996. I know, he lost his dynamics.

Many people go to a modern swing guru,
learn Stack and tilt or some Ballard or Haney or some Foley swing ideals.
I call such geometry swings, pretty but airy.

I knew that when I wanted to swing it be long, it be accurate and I also turn stones and question everything as I know its easy to assume what people teach you is accurate. It seldom is. I got this question a lot, but your workshop is what you write about on your blog? yes why should I teach you anything different than that? Once I got that question a second time I thought wait a second, it means this:

It means every workshop or such you read a brochure to they don’t teach you what they say in the brochure, they will teach you something else and people expect it to be like that also…..OMG!

What Bandler teach in NLP, NHR and DHE isn’t what is stated in his material, or Joseph Riggio or John Grinder or Robert Dilts and NONE says that except me?

In golf the same stuff is true, I teach you what I posted on the blog, and yes I have withheld material one reason is that a lot is in the testing phase but Hans knows it all so does Larry. I still haven’t had any Mike Austin trainer coming to me and ask, why does Hans look like Mike Austin swing motion when no one else even me cant do it?

It pains them to be ignorant I bet.

I don’t like ignorance but I absolutely hate bad instructions, and one reason I keep searching for better, easier and simpler ways to do RBIm for you I also do the same for golf for myself. I know if I can change my patterns in a golf swing then anyone can do it.  However I also wanted to never ever need another swing lesson or such ever once done.

I just wanted to play golf, plain and simple.

I tried Steve Pratt online, well didn’t pan out, I tried the MCS 1.0 and 2.0 by DJ Watts he banned me from his website in spite of selling me material that I couldn’t do. Go Figure.

I just hate bad instructions. So I am searching trough the set up now and address as I already defined the golf swing motion, defined the back swing as its used to create space in the down swing. Hans swing have changed due to him now have one single organizing thing to track. Nothing else and his body now is organized around that.

Hans in all glory, but I want my swing to be good also so one thing is to understand what does the body do in a swing, then what is the difference between a tour pro and Mike Austin and then what’s the difference between Mike Austin himself swinging, what he taught and what his students ended up with?

I can ask them, they don’t know. I wanted to know.

For me the swing starts with the motion, if your doing the motion it means you have the action required we can then adjust things so it works better for you once the motion is there. I had a 2 and a half hour session with Larry. yes and I worked this with him until he was able to do what I wanted him to do, what Hans was able to do in 3 weeks once he was told about it. Now Larry has to organize around this once he does he will change his swing pattern along to make that happen. I am waiting currently for a swing video from this session and range work after.

Larry in ways helps me more than Hans, due to Larry is 67 years old, an amateur and who swung with a bad hack motion previously. Changing patterns we know isn’t easy. How about forming a new swing from defined variable? He helps me more to do this better as its more work with Larry than Hans, but this work I do due to it allows me to find and define variables in what I found and do. I stay on Skype until I see the progress I want to see.

It wont mean you get it directly, no but it means your training your system to be able to do this down the line, 3 weeks ago Larry couldn’t do this and yesterday he could, main reason practice imperfect.

Now, golf swing done, defined variable there, cool. Consistency like Moe Norman a 0-4% dispersion pattern btw is unheard off anywhere else and Hans is doing it currently. I expect him to make it his normal dispersion pattern. For those who don’t understand how good that is, when a player wins on tour they have a 0-4% when they play normally they are around 8%. It just means Hans is doing it twice as good “normally”. That level of dispersion Moe had, none else on tour has it. People in the Moe Norman camp will say you cant do that Moe level of consistency unless you do single axis grip and set up. I disagree. Hans is already doing it. He just hits a 4i or 5i as long as Moe hit driver.  Hans wont be Mike Austin long, he be a 330 yard or so carry without fuss which is enough IMO.

moe adress


Moe 5w set up. That is how he set up his driver, 5w etc..
yes he never address the ball as you do. I know why.
Moe didn’t. He just knew it was better for him, might not be for you.



moe imapct


At impact and a bit after we see spine angle and left leg action. His driver head is still straight.





I like Moe, he was a bit autistic so am I.
He did things his way, it took him 6 years then he found the feeling of greatness to hit it so straight you could mark the point where the ball would end up. Once Moe hit 3 balls with driver all balls was in the same line due to grass was wet you could see the ball drop and roll. He once hit wedge and driver yes wedge from tee and then driver into green. To keep it interesting. He once hit 4 flag sticks in a row and picked up his clubs and went home and said, I am done for today.

What kind of person are you?

The one you want to be?
Or one that you don’t want to be?
or are trying to figure what to be?

Change is a matter of perception which the movies show us like Shallow Hal.

Once you values are within the behavior you do your doing what you value. What we value however might be in jeopardy vs the beliefs we have about that. One reason we use desire to check what we want is that we might want a lot of things but desire will tell us what level we want it.

Beliefs however might interfere, how your suppose to behave, how the rule and code is in this context.

So you can then continue to attend the value and behavior you desire to find joy, satisfaction, etc…with whatever you do or attend your beliefs about what your suppose to do.

If you attend what you value and behave with desire will lead to beliefs to be formed to that. Then you act in line accordingly.

I set a 3 month plan to work my fitness, weightless and such, as I am one month into it and 2 months to go my work is done with walks 2 days a week and home gym action and Palo eating and I cut away all extra sugar, which means no candy, no cake and no ice-cream and such. I am not extreme as I can eat differently and candy much as I want to. Many assume just because you’re an alcoholic for example you can never learn to drink moderately, not true. Same as people believe a dyslexic is true for the rest of their life.

My plan is set as I also know that to loose weight there are no short cuts, you need to do more work and eat properly and with my workload capacity its really hard on me doing all this. I cant work the intensity the level I want or running, things I like to do.

So I adapted, made a plan I knew I could follow, 3 months regimen, working out as much I can, short work outs and walks twice a week with as much power walk I can muster. I have had results already, I don’t own a scale but I measure waist line and take photos once a month. So this I can do.  It don’t take much time to do what I do, many start to big and spend a lot of time working out, it’s a balance high intensity for me I need to scale to what I can do. Once that happens the time I spend working out isn’t much but it does take a toll on me. I am tired and feel the work done. In between I rest as much I can and continue daily things.

When I fell ill I gained weight as I couldn’t do much, my active weight was around 60 to 70 kilo for many years, 75kilo was around the average I had when I wasn’t doing elite level training but once I fell ill I gained and was at 95kilo at most. I since then been around 85 and 92 kilo. So this 3 month plan I hope to drop 12 of those I had as a normal weight loss is around 1 kilo each week. It can be more or less but as far I drop my waistline, I am good. Then summer is upon us and I be more active doing range and golf.

Change might be hard some say, its all dependent on desire.

The golf swing for example requires a lot of work to get down so you never need a swing guru again but once there, your off running.

However its easier to stay the same, good or bad, easier.

If you want change, direction is a popular thing people say but desire works.

Its connected to longing and that is a powerful motivator. It taps into those primal forces we have and we one accessed can move mountains and make them come to us.

What works doing it right

I am reaching the end of the light. I am settling down with the template of the golf swing, its done. I sit down with the consistency model, its done also. Talked to Hans a bit about stuff he is in a town to teach people his companies stuff for a few days. He played 9 holes yesterday, he covered the pin on all holes except one, he was half a club off in distance which will be adjusted. Hopefully trackman data is up this weekend.

I do what works, it means I follow a template with a dyslexic, I don’t know what I need to do but my template allows me a model to follow and if the individual don’t match it I then adjust their stuff so it does match it.

Larry had a similar thing happening for him, he now knows how to set it properly so I expect him to improve now steadily without much assistance. He now match the kinetic chain movement, so now he know what to do the next phase is  to do that until his body is able to adjust and adapt to that. It took Hans 3 weeks.

Following a template also means I don’t know what I need to do but if the individual don’t match I adjust things until they, its easy to follow the template but not always easy to make it work. a few weeks ago Larry couldn’t do what I wanted so he educated himself a bit and today he could so what changed?

Time and practice with variation in between.

I am happy for him.

To me what I do works, its hard to say what I do exactly but I know it when it works. It’s a lot harder to set a value to it, I did define the back swing in golf, it helps people to understand what its for. I model Mike Austin so Hans at least can replicate the motion, soon Larry and then me. I developed an approach for consistency, so your tempo will be the same. I sit there and think sometimes, ok what is next to do then?

Yes I am done with the golf swing modeling yes its defined and teachable.  You can achieve 300+ yard carry drives and if fit 330+ and a 2-5% dispersion pattern with irons.

4 years and done.

I do what works until it works so I am able to do it right.

The issue with golf instruction is that its hard to do what someone says is the correct way, what a template does here is to find your own way, and yes Larry will be able to do what Hans did and does even at different ages. I don’t force people into a model to do, I find a way to organize their body to move trough space so they can do it the same way every time they swing.

I guess I need to come up with a cool name now for this.


Golf yourdickgetbiggerawesome swing?

I guess I wait for Larry to post some video and with feedback how it goes for him but for me, I take note of the signal in the system, I am done here time to go do new things.

To the RBIm people, ok what else do you really need to know?



Larry talk on Skype


We chatted a long time, but its all good and fun. I have this notion we do it until I am done. What happen was that he asked a question and I love questions, so progress was made, he was able to sync up his kinetic chain now, he also moved properly, he swung felt new and good.

I started it with pointing out his perception of a lack of spine angle, so I set him into impact and asked, so how does the world look from there vs the proper one? Different. Next I worked a bit with lateral bend or as I call it vertical axis. Same thing there. Once that was over, I run the notion of pressure points to find if he now could do them as he should which he couldn’t a few weeks ago.

Now he could….

So I set up a reference now for him so if he go astray like a cat during nightly street walks he can get back to what to do. Overall a good session and I hope the next few days I get a video and can make some comparison for you guys to show what’s it look like and the differences are.

For me it looks great, and done, he still got to hit balls for a while and get used to this but once he done that his action should improve a lot. He is diligent, and work hard with this and he had moments of frustration but to get into a new swing action you never done and having bad habits so called compensations, how do you fix them Rob?

I don’t.

What I do is to run tests until the body starts to move the way it should move according to the template. The approach I use will be different for everyone but the result at the end the same.

Do what works

How long it takes are combination of who it is, their swing now, their practice and their diligence and matter of feedback from me, and Skype is there the most effective route except being here with me hands on. However teaching someone in USA when sitting at my home without needing to travel by flight and then sleep a few days to get the lag out and then do it and such is amazing for me.

I love Skype.

Change and life

A few days ago they changed my shower handle. It ruined my shower experience. Its done to save water. We have more than enough here as it is though and btw I don’t shower a long time either. So I complained they tried a different handle, and I thought, not good. Now I could have continue that shit but they didn’t want to get me my old handle back, so I went and bought a different one today. 4 euro so its not a chromed just a plastic but its much better than the ones they offered me. I took a shower to test it, its not perfect yet so I will keep an eye out for a better shower handle.

Today I went into the big town to buy a new jacket its soft-shell the same as the one I had for 12 years or so and I bought it with a friend in Stockholm. I enjoyed it, its light, hold against the wind and I can use it almost all year around. Today I bought a new one. Its soft-shell, it’s a different color same brand and offers me the same experience I don’t even notice I am wearing a jacket with its perfect for me.

I like that, having a jacket I don’t even notice, I can use it when it rains slightly, when its windy and cold and add a shirt under if it’s a bit cold it’s a one all year around one for me except –20 then the sleeping bag jacket comes out.


The blue one is good, but inner pocket is broken, its also been trough wear and tear and its getting a bit old, but still holds is own a great one I had with me. My new red jacket, offers a bit better material but its built the same way as the old one, I even had to go XL size on the new one as it seems they changed sizes over the years. Same brand McKinley.

I like the high neck, good for windy days and it has a hood if one wants it. Overall I was going to buy a cheaper jacket first, it’s a better material in that one but its also warmer and it was a bit heavier. So I settled with a more expensive one that doesn’t offer the same quality of material as the one I bought but this one offers me my required experience all year around. If I buy a jacket that’s more waterproof, warmer I also limit my choices a bit, this one I bring out a warmer shirt under and I can handle –15 with ease.

It fits me with the daily use requirement I have.

I already will be happy with it for a long time maybe not 12 years but my sleeping bag one is going to last a long time as I only use that one when its above –15.