Mikaela Shiffrin Superstar

This girl age 18 is the youngest girl taking the gold in alpine skiing.  The article here is a good reading.  The talent code wrote about that here.

Now she wasn’t put to isolation and specialization at an early age, she was told to work at it, she moved around she had to master several materials and environments, she did things that promoted her balance, her adaptive ability.

She won the Olympic gold in slalom alpine skiing in sotj 2014.

She learned several variations, she learned to adapt to the world and she got good but she never went and did all those programs the experts tell you to do, she kept doing things that was fun that allowed her skills to grow.

The Swedish girls who spent the whole season to be in second or third spot even win was no where to be seen in this final. I could say that’s normal as most have no idea what its like to just be good, Mikaela learned to do that.

The road to success isn’t talent, its smart work and hard such and variation and adaption and while that will take a much longer time to do such skills teaches the athlete a lesson about adapting their skills to whatever they do and then they spend countless hours to master the new environment. Doing that is worth a lot in the long run. Skipping that might get you far with your peers but that early specialization also causes you to think your good until you meet those that are good and find out your good but not good enough to dominate.

Such a long road isn’t fun all the time, digging the ground for hours cleaning up old stuff well it teaches you that if you do one thing at the time, once done its all gone.

I aimed to do the same with Hans, it’s a lot of different things, applied variation now he even bought a lefty club to swing from the left. His swing from the left looks like an amateur, and that’s the point to struggle to adapt, to make your brain work to master this new thing. I teach him to track skills to improve those to do those and as once he do them he will have the best tempo and the best consistency in the world in golf, none on the tour are going to match him there, none. How well he does from that is hard to say its not like Mikaela knew what all her garden work, her moving around would do, as their parents did the smart thing, they never put slalom work before skills work.

Now they didn’t think much about it as it was fun doing all those different things and that’s one key to get good. The male Swedish skiers all complained about the race, they couldn’t do it, they wasn’t good enough to adapt to the environment.

I look at tour pros and think, why are they doing those things? I cant understand it, they practice wrong, they don’t understand what to do and they are trained by the best trainers in the world right?

Mikaela was trained by her parents.

I am myself self taught pretty much I know what I done to acquire my skills, I know what I do works beyond what any golf trainer will be able to do in the next 1000 years. Larry is now frustrated a lot, its like that when we engage to change things, we wont get it right as we need to build those variations, adapt and conquer them. Doing so is a lot of work and often we wont see benefit from them at all.

Until it works.

Funny thing once it works, Larry will forget all this work he did.

I had clients struggle with shit for decades but once they were happy all the years was gone of struggle, just like that.

Funny how that works.

I know when I work my swing now, I swing, check a few variations, I even added a new set up position and it makes it easier for me, and then as I work my progress is then checked against video, and if I do a motion then adjust until I do the one I want to do. I don’t use video to check positions I use it to see motion.

Working skills is a funny thing as once Hans for example works his 2-4% dispersion pattern and its normal for him, then no one on the tour will be able to have his consistency. For Hans he will look at them and think why cant they do it as its so easy?

Its due to skills, the focus on skills improvement and once you do that which I teach your level of performance will once done skyrocket. My swing is better, I know how it feels like to make ball contact now, I know how to get the club head there that way, I then improve other actions to follow the template, adjust, test adjust until motion pass the criteria mark and once it does, it’s a swing.

While I do this it might not look like I am improving even. Hans been working variations for years with me now. He now understands what it means to do world class performance skill. Once the skill level if adapting to the workload and enough variation been done something new emerges, uniquely and fantastic.

Like Mikaela she just have the better skill set vs her competitions. She will dominate for years to come. Her skills wasn’t built in the skiing arena alone, it was built at home with her parents and family. It’s a long road to get it down but once down, your just better.

Superstar level.

I expect Hans to be there also.

Me? I am already there a long time ago.

Its easy to go the easy route to listen to experts that knows what its like, when I question them they cant answer me and often just get mad as I ask questions they think are stupid. I asked Joseph Riggio a question, he couldn’t answer me and I done that with every expert, I asked a swimming coach if he was good at what he did, he said I entered 2 Olympic games and I was like, who cares? I worked with suicide patients and sexually abused and religious nuts, Olympics is kids play.

Once your able to do this work, you build adaption into your routine, your frustrated as your skills needs to be grown and adapted to the workload, its not fun all the time as you think your good. I asked Hans, hit your driver at 80%, he was like cant do that. I said yes you can, once he did he hit it longer and more straight. His work these years even when injured back is now allowing him to do what I want him to do, what I found during the modeling with Mike Austin swing motion. He now can do it better.

For me, I done this for decades. I evolved, I done 5 years of intu-flow and my body is transformed thanks to it. I changed my eating habits and currently in a 3 months fitness plan and 2 more months to go. I apply skills there also, measurement with images not every day but once a month. My waist line is improved. Measurement is fun.

I quote Mikaela,
“But you know, it was all part of the growth experience,” Mikaela said. “It’s like getting down a tough racecourse. Things you don’t expect come up and you have to adapt. You can’t let it throw you off. You have to cope. Those are all really valuable skills, in life and racing.” end quote.


Creating consistency playing golf

Its one of those things every tour golfer seeks, consistency.  However in golf none could do it except Moe and maybe Hogan.

Investigating this has shown me a normal tour player has a 8% or so dispersion pattern and when they are hot or on they go down to 2-4%. When they are off they can be anywhere to 30% off.

So obviously we want the player have those 2 to 4% there every time you swing and play. I built a model for consistency currently under testing. Hans had 8 approaches when he played in practice and of those 8 approaches seven of them was within 2 yards of flag in dispersion. World class and within my model.
For me that should be his normal dispersion when he plays and yes its Moe Norman level of consistency. To create such consistency tempo is key and one of the benefits of my modeling Mike Austin swing motion is those pressure points and finding those allows you a better action and consistency.

Since what you want is a way to improve the imperfect practice by failure is the key point in this. Its not an easy approach as you need to educate your own body and mind to be able to swing to find how your body moves trough space, once you start doing that you end up slowly getting the pattern right.

Larry is also coming along fine, currently I would like to see a range swing or on course as swinging indoors can be somewhat miffy. Last Skype session show great improvement and I guess within a few weeks he should be fine pattern wise and then consistency is next.

I find it interesting for myself also as soon spring arrives and I am able to swing outside in my back yard I be able to work this out a bit better and post some swing videos of my progress there. Indoors feels better and better.

I defined the golf swing, created a consistency model and even it doesn’t translate to positions and geometry and technique, its fun.

I am normally highly excited before spring and range work but this time I am hyped.


Hans progress one


I talked a bit with him today, I got all the information yesterday, he stayed in the moment, he had great dispersion 2-4% and he hit longer even if no fantastic amazing distances, windy and relatively cold he did a carry around 330 as longest.

Distance is fine, I am concerned with measurement and results of consistency.

He hit 14 greens, his dispersion is where it should be and he said, it felt simple. He was focused and no wonder as he spent months with cold and range work only.

So for me, its all mapping as it should as he will be as consistent as Nicklaus was every day he plays. A few more rounds and hopefully trackman results next weekend as he got work the coming days he cant get away for such until next weekend. Its coming speed freaks Blinkar

All in all I am content with his progress. Step one achieved.

Next is tighten up distance control a bit more but that he needs to play a few practice rounds Its built around what I call Imperfect Practice-TM Blinkar To add variation of failure to some extent until the pattern reveals itself.

Golf swing motion is done, I still work to refine the teaching of the protocol and I have been working a bit on the set up address position based upon what Moe Norman did. It might be something there that allows one to simplify the swing action and still hit it a mile.

I think about what makes it easier and more logical, and address position has me miffed as, why should I be able to fuck it up so much as it should be relatively simple to do. So I now investigate that set up and will try a few things once range opens up in April here or once grass is seen which should be a few weeks before that.

Mo goal is to make Hans so consistent you can set a clock after him and be the guy to beat every competition. He was able to follow the plan, decision and action of it really well and was happy with his game. I told him to be more offensive and aggressive and he played 7 more holes and was able to do so. I told him that he been so concerned with controlling his game due to inconsistency with his old swing mechanics that now he can free himself up and just go at it. His tempo will be the like a clock.

At least he have a solid foundation to play from now.

A few months to prepare now for season.


Hans update

He is out there in south of Sweden, playing in bad weather again, windy conditions.
Torekov GK

I talked to him shortly, he hits the shots on line, good. (dispersion is much better)
He has some issues with distance control, expected.
He feels stable, nothing happens.

I told him as he was about to play a few more holes to go on the offense and attack.

What happens when a company looses its identity?

DICE lost their identity, their own brand Battlefield a PC fps game was lost somewhere in between BF2 to BC2 and BF3. and today BF4 just sucks.

I mean if they get one game wrong I can understand but 3 in a row? It means they now lost whatever they used to do.

Identity is a feel, it’s the way I played for 8 years, and I played BF2 from 2005 watching them demo the game in Germany online and it was cool. I played it and had a ton of fun.

But since then something happen, BC2  I thought what have they done? It flt wrong. BF3? It was like shit, pure shit and I couldn’t stand it. I had 1800 or so hours with BF2, and 150 with BF3 as I had to give it up as it sucked so much. BF4 is a bit better but its not Battlefield I played for 8 years it feels wrong.

I take note how the game mechanics works, how the balance is made and how the avatar moves, nowadays I cant duck bullets like I did with BF2 and BF1942 for 8 years, a trademark of Battlefield which they lost.

DICE lost me as a customer but I am sure many 8 year old stand in cue to play with guns and ammo no matter how shitty game they make. Quality and identity is important for me, and if you have created a brand like dice did with their own game, getting it wrong 3 times in a row tells me they lost it.

The wrong people had a saying, they themselves can make games but not play their own games. I don’t fly much either in a helicopter or a plane. But the balance mechanics is all wrong with the newer games they produce and worse? They don’t get it they don’t even themselves understands that its not battlefield anymore its junk, shit crap.

The map designer is good, but wont help when the game sucks and also why make people into a center made maps smaller and less battlefield and more call of duty. I did read one designer said no one wants to run a long way in the game and I thought, stupid as he was wrong as he I am sure didn’t understand the game battlefield either.

I am upset as I bought a game 3 times expecting battlefield and yes I need to examine my head and decisions but I am done now, there be no more games from dice with the name battlefield. Once I sit in a TV studio I will bring that up how dice lost their soul and identity as a company and sold out to EA.

What’s wrong with the game then?

You die to fast and nothing is scaled to that with balance. So they need to increase the time to die, then they need to make the avatar move more so I can duck for bullets. If they had me as a game tester I could tell them when they get that right. Map design needs an overhaul also. I just hate it when a sniper sits there and can hit me when I can move before they even shoot but I cant move out of the way now as the game wont allow me to do so which it did for 8 years.

DICE lost sight of their own brand for money and sold out.

I just hate them now.

Modern vs old

Back in 1953 Ben Hogan won some competitions like British Open, he entered once, won it. The old guys all swung the way they all did in spite of the lack of video, high speed cameras, but still all the guys then had so many similarities in their swings.

Some think modern instruction is based upon those older guys wings, but if that be true why do they look so different in their patterns? Its due to people cant and wont understand swing mechanics, and how the body needs to be educated to be able to do it the same way which is trough pressure points and if you don’t know what those are you will struggle with your swing however once you understand what those are your building a swing in this case as what I  do that replicate Mike Austin’s.

Someone posted this as an example where modern swing instruction comes from,

He who posted that has is own swing like this,

So if Ken Venturi was a forefather to modern golf swing teaching why isn’t he the guy above himself then displaying the same swing patterns like Venturi, Nicklaus, Palmer etc..?

Its due to a lack of the same pressure points.

I would argue that once you find the same pressure points you never need a swing guru ever again as your only need to do one thing in your swing. To get there is a bit of work, is it worth it?

Depends if you like the Mike Austin swing or not to it it long and such.


Older swings Venturi is one of them

Time stopped with light

2000 years ago this star sent out light we see today.

At the time the star sent that light there was no cellphones around, no trains, no cars only religious people living in fear and as slaves.

Much like today.

Imperfect Learning

Its more like frustration, confusion, and being lost than to actually be able to do anything new.

Its discovery by action.

Applying variation to find out what your body is suppose to do when it moves trough space in a golf swing is a process that takes 8 weeks or so. Depending on what and where you start. If you’re a golf pro it goes faster vs an amateur.

Hans got a re-organizing, but he already knew what a pro impact was and now its better. So his process is faster but done the same way. I spent 7 weeks now doing daily swings with variation and now its starts to kick in big time. That’s abut 48 days in a row.

so someone coming to me for a swing change might need to go trough 8 weeks of daily things before they even might find the level of improvement I want them to have. Now its seldom as bad as change to a pattern can be made faster but educating yourself is that, applied variation with imperfect action meaning educating oneself about moving trough space.

To reach perfection you need margin for error
and doing it imperfectly makes that happen.

Add better strategy and template your struggling, might get confused, then you make a stride in your skill, your able to do it a bit better and you understand something, like Larry got this idea and just do it better where did that idea come from? Its compound experience, adding variation until the system responds to that. For me I pointed out for weeks things he could work on, all that work he done is now gearing up for completion, he soon when he finds the whole form will just be able to do it like riding a bike.

But that process is different than what people normally does it. I fail more than I actually are doing things right. If my swing has sucked for the last 4 years its due to no instruction made me better, not Steve Pratts, not DJ Watts and I bought his material, my local teacher made it the best but I also thought I struggled to much and hit it short. So when someone sells you material and then ban you from their website when they cant do it, go figure. I think most miss that fact about DJ Watts and banning me.

Now my teaching style is at best, confusing normally, I also teach trough Skype best, as I can give feedback in real time and then point out difference in feel and sensation and get the player to improve by cutting down on their learning curve a lot. Even Hans is impressed what I do works so well for many. He been there with years of trying to make it work and never been able to. His swing trainers in Kungsbacka GK ruined him. The Ballard curse. So he spent 20 years struggling with the Ballard connections and got whatever I research to work within days. He gone trough ton of variations already in his failed swing and even if it’s the modern swing shit, wont matter he done it for 20 years having so much experience of what does not work. Today? He still thinks it wont work sometimes. He struggled so much and failed so much so now he got a ton of failure behind him.

So I steered him to practice variation, he take notice it works to make him better, I said hit swing from your left also. Its about making him better with even more failure. Skills are doable to improve beyond what you would think possible.

Once the player starts to practice imperfect, you turn into skills, improve the foundations, add sensations this activates the brain in a similar way as the notnlp protocol. I don’t do RBIm here which is possible but the player will have more issues with that approach than to bang balls and work variations.

Example, hit 3 balls, each swing to each ball has to be hit with either a fade, a draw and straight. Then you hit 2 balls, both fade, 2 balls half tempo. then just keep doing that. sometimes I spend time putting once, and I am done. other times I go there to work my reading skill or pace skill or such and then I spend an hour even more depending what I work on but all putts will all have variation to another, not two are the same.

If you understand this approach it takes time but the reward doing it will be a discovery about how to move your body so it works, perfectly for the rest of your golfing career.

Owning the swing motion one of few around the world. The main reason I teach and do this myself. Its just outstanding awesome.

However for those who want instant rewards, well you will have issues with this approach. Now I can improve the swing you have but why? a few weeks you be off with timing need help again. Hans? I tell him, one thing and he is back on track now if I even need to do that at all.

Any other golfer? 3 things and they need constant help.

Tuning into vestibular action allows you to create something very unique for yourself. Its like intu-flow, 5 years into it and my body feels like a galaxy in size. No idea that would happen.

Gaining skill is going into the outside of comfort, the struggle, the frustration, I wanted to kill something when I done this sometimes, I couldn’t get my body to move right. I still stood there added variation, swing after swing. 4 years now. Once the template was defined, that the pelvis needs to move this particular way, pressure points and feel then its all about finding those and then your swing follows along those points. It makes the swing action easier not simple but we need to know how our body moves as feel must be trained.

I gone trough what Larry struggles with, I know how its like and I still can then make it easier for him as I can point him add feedback so he will have a way to discover this faster. He now started to remove the old move, and learned how the new pro like swing is like.

Once he hits this better than the old one and cant hit it badly anymore, he be smiling a lot.

Getting there is what practicing imperfect does for you.

about life

If you think sex is a pain in the ass, try different position.

another good one,

The word good has many meanings. For example, if a man were to shoot his grandmother at a range of five hundred yards, I should call him a good shot, but not necessarily a good man Chesterton


Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never escape it alive anyway.

Nonsense chat

I just made a small recording talking about the golf swing and bears.

Its few gb, 20min or so, and is in the process of youtube process.