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I just made a small recording talking about the golf swing and bears.

Its few gb, 20min or so, and is in the process of youtube process.

Started my weight loss diet and fit plan feb 2

Its now gone 18 days.

I have as far done good, I had one night or evening when I did had some extra but other than that its been smooth sailing. I rested yesterday, did 160 air squats just crashes my body. I do some upper body gym today, and tomorrow I do some power walk.

Current progress with walks is two walks or so every week. Walking is good for circulation which tends to heat my body up after not being so active a few months. Take some time to adjust.

I don’t loose weight easily so changing what I eat wont do much as I also need to cut off the extra things I enjoy and add some fitness. so I set all this to May, so its about 9 weeks to go. Got to be able to outdrive Hans and there is no short cuts there.

Took photo of starting day, will take one every month to track progress.

In wont be in the extreme so I guess I have a day or two when I do eat a bit less strict. After all its about variation there also.


Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.
– Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Mike Austin perfect swing mechanics.

Some say he had the perfect motion.

I disagree.

Now someone might come along and say you cant compare Mike to ballet dancers.

Why not? It was about the perfect motion right?


The image above shows even if they are at 3 different photo angles and clubs used, it will distort visual perceptions, however some similarities between Hans and Mike Austin is uncanny the same. Dunaway however is different not much but enough to show why Hans is currently as far I can tell the only one in the world displaying a Mike Austin perfect swing motion pattern and none other student of Mike is able to show such.

Jacob Bowden is a second good one and IMO better than Dunaway in relation to Austin.

Once you have the same pelvis action Mike Austin did have then you will also display the same motion pattern he did.

It wont matter if your older, taller, shorter, once you get that down your motion will match what Mike Austin did do.

We can also ask, if we do want to do the same pattern Mike did and my answer is no, what the model teaches you to do is to find your own internal action that once you found out what its like then its like riding a bike you can just do it and then funny enough you display the same action Mike did himself.

Your tempo will start to be the same, your shot pattern improves, your flush rate increases and your motion starts to look elegant and efficient. Take note I don’t mention distances as your own will vary depending if you want to stay in control and accurate still longer than any other swing system out there or just want to go long then you can do so.

I predict around a 130mph will be a cruising speed most will be able to do. If its 126 or 128 or 132 wont matter as it will stay that whenever you perform the tempo in action.

The reason I state the pelvis action is I never told Hans to replicate Austin it just “happen by itself” as I taught what I found. Funny how that works.

Is Hans swing perfect motion? For him yes. For me I would like to alter things to no end.
I am just to much of a researcher to let anything be the same. Recently research into the set up and address is being done for fun as I was curious about something.

If Austin had been alive and not had his stroke I would have told him to change things also. But he wanted to hit it long not play competitive golf.

I want competitive golf.

One reason what I do is different than what swing coaches normally works with.

Loosing weight

It’s a process to activate hormones to burn fat and build muscle.

It means you eat slightly different I do Palo, once you do gym or such you do so by high intensity with variation. I do short intense work outs, building muscle isn’t what I do as I want strength and also to activate the hormones and you do so by maxing out the intensity, even if its one or 10 reps.

Crossfit shows you if you do it you create this adaption and readiness to handle any workload as the variation creates the response in the body. if you do it you can do other things better but you need intensity scaled to your level. 2 days ago I did air squats using my body as weight only, I did 60, then another 55 and then 2x more at 30 or so. around 160 such. Next time I might do a different order, many less due to adding more speed which helps intensity. So either short duration with more speed or longer as how you put pressure on the body is trough variation.

The adaption phase can then bring astounding results. Simon my sisters kid dropped 10 kilo in 2 weeks due to me made sure he run up the hills when we played golf, my home course has the worst layout for casual golf its a workout for anyone. The reason he dropped 10kilo was due to maxing out his body and activated his burning fat and build muscle hormones.

Taking walks is ok but don’t activated the hormones enough. Find a hill and walk as fast you can. Next time a steeper hill shorter walk. My walks are max half an hour. It works due to me have a long up hill road almost 1km long, so up there I go as fast as I can and push it. For me that is enough it might not be for someone more fit.

Scale the intensity for your level, adapt variation and watch the body kick in hormones to burn fat and build muscles. Once in a while stay hungry.

Making Hans better teaching by failure

Pressure for some is like yips, it’s a uncontrolled action people do due to them lack the ability to stay in the moment so many try to fix that with technique. I see a swede alexander Noren for example switching to a cross hand grip for putting, as he cant handle the pressure. Now in other sports like miniature golf they use that as a dominate move due to them also use special balls that are heavy and works differently. A cross hand grip is worse than a normal putting grip due to your missing the feel.

Feel is key, if you cant handle the pressure, make the player able to focus in the moment there be no pressure then. Nick Faldo’s career was ruined by Leadbetter due to Faldo always believed he was the weak player due to technical things. When his dynamic action was gone he lost his game and couldn’t compete anymore with the big boys all thanks to Leadbetter.

So I make Hans better, if he tells me he cant play due to some shitty reason I don’t tell him to change his technique I tell him to change his mind about that stuff.

I research consistency and how to create that 2-4% dispersion which btw if Hans is able to have that he will be the guy to beat in any competition he plays at. I research skills and putting and other things and currently I am investigating the address set up and position. I don’t look at Mike Austin there as I look into Moe Norman. Now some will say Moe hit it straight sure but short. I say yes true question is if you use a different motion with whatever he was doing you might end up hitting it way long and also really straight.

I defined that tempo needs to be perfect, so I found a way to make that happen to Hans, he is likely the only player soon out there playing perfect tempo golf. Add a 2-4% dispersion pattern as his normal average one you can then understand when he is doing a little better he will just hit the ball closer to hole than anyone expect maybe Moe was able to. I also devised a strategy from Nicklaus, all this I found out there, and then either took it on as it was or modified it slightly.

Its all about the result to be better to do your best.

Once done, it just makes whatever Hans is able to do easier to make happen.

I check things in order, swing motion, done, so then its consistency and done so next are other things like address set up and such to find and define if there is things there to make it easier to do what you want to do. Just because people teach golf don’t mean they understand how to do it. I met teachers in school that was so sucky at their job they should have been a professor or such instead. I met doctors I wanted to kill.

I just hate being taught things that don’t work. I have no issue spending time learning things if they do work. Often they do work but not the way the trainers tells you as they don’t even know what happens in their own field.

I have yet to see any information from Bandler and Grinder about the one variable I defined that make NLP work or not. I don’t expect them to be able to do it either.

Pressure is like anything else, it either helps you play better or make you worse and weak. I love whenever people think what I do don’t work when I gone up on stage and demonstrated how a dyslexic can go from dyslexia to a normal reader like you or me in an hour. Try that if you’re a teacher or a scientist.

I used the NOTNLP protocol on stage in class to remove fear and adrenalin boost like no NLP is able to do and then used it to elicit a working experience after 20 years.

What works, what produces result is seldom what people tell you it is as we get the hang up on the secret.

I asked Hans to practice variation, so now he also swing from the left. He got a lefty club. It will make him better. To practice perfect you cant do it the way people believe it works. I recently devised a huge change in how to practice beyond what the talent code is able to do and state. Once you understand its baseline, your skill level is going to skyrocket and you be better than you ever dreamed possible to be.

The problem is you cant practice the way the talent code tells you to do it, its not what actually works to produce the result those kids did have. I ask if I teach a class then all of them will have the same level of skills and then it’s a question of very small difference in the result they should produce, so for me if a trainer is able to produce one good instead of 10 in the same class of 10 then for me whatever they do isn’t working the way they say it does if it did then all 10 should have the same level of skills and they don’t so for me the talent code is flawed.

Now I know intuitively why this works I am able to produce the result myself and I recently got Hans to go there.

Doing it perfect
is learning by doing it imperfect.

So I got this data collected now to be able to formulate a working hypothesis. I applied it for Hans, Larry and others, but I cant tell them how it works as it’s a work in progress, I do know why it works.

Its like riding a bike, first you try and once you understand how to coordinate your body to do it, then you can just do it. Your brain then moves information so you cant access how you did learn it.

You now can just do it.

Now Joseph Riggio answered me on facebook where I posted the statement with this,

Quote” Doing it perfect is learning that you’ve done it imperfect(ly).” end Quote”

I disagree, that’s old thinking.

Learning to do it perfectly for example isn’t don’t that way or the way the talent code does think it do or how Joe believes it.

Setting goals the RBIm way

Once upon a time a story was told.

Let say you want to stop smoking, loose weight, have a great golf swing, get a new job, feel better etc…

Once you find what you want and mark it with a level of desire.
Ask, what timeframe is this going to take?
2 weeks, 4 or longer. If tis unrealistic It take 50 years, then ask, is there someone else able to do it in a shorter timeframe?
If there is and they would take 3 months, then double that for yourself.

The timeframe is the time it will take to reach it. That timeframe equals “distance traveled”.

Once distance is traveled, you end up with the goal accomplished.

Next you ask, ok goal achieved then what happens next?

If you did reach your goal, then you also ended up with traits as a development during this period. The distance you traveled also did mean you developed new traits, skills and such along the way, define those.

Write down on paper until you understand the steps.

  1. Set goal
  2. Want with level of desire.
  3. Timeframe distance traveled, if unrealistic, add role model distance and timeframe double that for yourself.
  4. Once distance is traveled and you ended up there, what’s next?
  5. What trait and skills and characteristics did you develop while you traveled that distance?

Golf forums

Its like this,

I make a guess, make up a concept thinks its corrects and argue for it.

I was called the prophet by Fredrik Wetterstrand he trains ladies in the Swedish national team in Sweden. What was worse he didn’t even understand he insulted me. Stupid? yes he is but also ignorant stupid which is even worse and he is allowed to train the national team here? seriously wrong with the world IMO.

Now I follow golfwrx sometimes, and another golf forum just for fun as I like to know what people talk about and its like the above, all guesses, its all just this nice modern golf swing people think is good for them. I ask, why do you hit it so short, then why is it so hard to master for amateurs without some serious dedication and even then it will elude them.

Talked to Hans briefly, he said he worked with a older gentleman today at the range, told him to do a small thing, the older guy added 18 yards to his irons. What was typical was the guy couldn’t understand why he it it far as it didn’t fit his view of a swing which btw is a modern version.

Beliefs are like that, assumptions we have about things we don’t know and then assume true. I have no issue with being wrong, I seldom are in fact as far I can tell I been wrong a couple of times the last 20 years. I do have proven NLP as field wrong, that people in the dyslexic field are as clueless and wrong about it’s a endless nightmare for life, and a few others along the way.  Sometimes I haven’t known the whole truth, I was told things I sometimes forgot to do source checks and then ended up thinking why do these guys teach me some stuff that isn’t correct?

I the last few days been thinking about RBIm a lot, models and such and found that the times when the brain moves the information re-locates it in the brain cause amnesia, like riding a bike, we can do it but cant recall how we did learn it. The learning process in the end produces that as you end up knowing what to do.

I am finding myself going trough that with my own golf swing motion, I am changing it now into something that will be great during spring and summer. I have no idea how it will look, I am sure it will match the motion pattern I created a template for but how my own unique signature will be I find out.

I don’t like to guess, if I do I make the best guess I can muster or simply dig for more data.

Riding a bike

Once you couldn’t and today you can. You don’t need to ride a bike everyday in fact you can skip riding a bike for 60 years and still do it. Let me know when someone runs that test.

Why can you take this sentence, make sense of it without nonsense? How come your not the one that isn’t that?

We have skills, many such but we also learn things that we later don’t know how we do them. Riding a bike we can do, ok, language yes and other things. I developed an uncanny nack for observation like that guy Joseph Riggio told 50 people something none could see, NOT EVEN ME….whatever he saw was a nice hallucination but he believed in it so I let him keep his beliefs.

I made a calculation from that statement though, derived at some things which are today part of the RBIm system. I tell people, its a system for your own discovery of self and consciousness and people want me to tell them what that is? I cant. You need to find that out yourself.

Anyhow, the deep deliberate practice focusing on learning by variation or imperfect I say allows you to practice what I call feel or vestibular part of the learning until you arrive at the product of that which was with a bike riding it. If you’re a beginner to Chess you need to spend 50 hours study chess positions and you rating in chess will be 2000 points higher in rating by doing that study alone.

Your first training your memory before learning to play chess Rob? Yep.
But isn’t that stupid?

No its smart, you can take 2 people I train one of them 50 hours you make them play chess my guy beats your guy without knowing more than to move the pieces and how to move them.

Now, why would that happen?

Study a subject is not about doing it perfect or even practicing it perfect, all the guys out there believing in perfect practice even the talent code book have it wrong. Yes you did get that right. The talent code didn’t get this right IMO.

Now to prove that I need to do a load of research which for me is wasted time as its boring. I just apply this for Hans, me Larry and others I come across. Larry said 2 hours with me on Skype was a huge sense of time gone and I call it focus of attention.

I do my best always.

But many times I cant teach Hans what I want, either its stubbornness, or just he don’t understand or some other thing so I educate him then about the subject so he then can spend time with 50 hours memorizing chess until he then can understand ah this I need to do.

I found that if you do practice imperfect variation of your practice meaning not doing it the way the talent code teaches you then you become even better.

Larry has progressed a lot during a few weeks without having much range or play time and he does it more wrong than right and that makes it better. Its all the variation applied.

Once you understand the concept, your blown away in how good you become.