What’s a full release?

And no its not about life other than golf which for some is more important than life make no jokes about it.

Kelvin did some research one, two and three.

So I wont do it.

What’s notable is every tour pro has a compensation release action. None of them are actually releasing their club head fully.

Hans is.

One reason to the difference here is that the pivot is slightly different which allows us to release the wrists with a full release. A tour pro is often out of room at impact Like Tiger Woods is atm.

tiger_thumb.pngHeld off release, held off body pivot, arisen legs, hips, shoulders, not good seeing a guy who won 4 majors in a row once being below average now.

What we want is a motion that has as few compensations as possible that we are able to fire at the ball and swing freely without concerning us to get it right there. Problem for many amateurs are is they don’t know what a pro level impact feels like with its divot.

If you don’t then its likely you have a compensation as a swing and even if you do know your likely to re-route it like Jim Fyruk does or others do and even if all the back swings are different for most parts its just how those players learned to make the timing needed to get their body there properly. Its also why no tour pro is able to do 10 swings in a row with the same tempo.

Hans is able to do that.

Once you are stabilize the pivot, then the release fully your into doing something only one man was able to do trough history his name was Moe Norman. I know what people say in the single axis camp Moe was stated to belong to but he was accurate way before he was old and even if Hans looks different and hit a 6i as long Moe hit driver they do share the same similarities and consistency.

Kelvin study tour pros – I don’t, I find their swings flawed. It’s a power or accuracy leakage or something in between and they all try to hold back their actions to improve their game. It’s a good thing to study as understanding their swings also helps me build a better foundation and definition of these type of swing action.

I want Hans to be an animal out there, primitive if you like to fire it all if needed and sneak around if needed. The main reason is as long we have a full release and action that supports that then you have a wider margin for error and increased consistency and last I checked consistency beat talent. How good you are it wont matter as you slip up and you will slip up as a tour pro and a normal day your 8% dispersion is fine but if you meet someone who does 2-4% all day out your just not able to beat them a simple math thing.

Then its all about if you can putt consistently also and I built such also for Hans.

How it all will work?

I got no clue first time I am doing it.

80% or so of all tour pro use a strong grip, as their trying to balance their rotation with their shoulder moves. Hans kept his grip and just open the blade to compensate. It wont matter if he is able to do so with timing and consistency, it might be a need to tweak but will see about that. He needed to open the blade as he once in a while hit it left, it was not a path issue but a face issue. Open the blade worked so the new ball laws works.

Steve Pratt talks about this release a bit here.


You cant btw rotate the right forearm at impact if you do then your doing a Phil Mickelson move.

A full release then your right hand is going under like a police guy waving forward the cue.  This allows you to work with the force momentum with the pivot to release fully. Its why Larry at age 67 will hit it longer than he ever did in his golfing career soon.

However the full release wont work with a tour pro pivot as you will hook it off the planet if you do.

A full release is as it sounds, your not holding back as tour pros does.

How to handle life

Some people have things easy then they get raped, robbed or just hit the gas on the car instead of the brakes and run someone over or talk in the phone and then someone is crush at the front of the car as you watched their body flung all over the place you think how fragile the body is that it cant withstand a car?

Some have a happy childhoods, I didn’t. I searched for my place took me a long time to understand what my interests was and once I found them I guess I am a little autistic. I don’t think Sweden for example should win in hockey anymore as those guys are overpaid luxury assholes but that’s me today might change my mind about it tomorrow.

How we deal with bad shit,
how we move on and don’t let what was or did happen define us.

We are not the captain Kirk needing our past to define us.

I met a girl once finding her brother hanging from the roof after killing himself. She broke up her wedding a week before it was due to happen, she kicked the guy out, she quit her job and then went on traveling with a circus and fucking a guy all summer. Yes I did have something to do with that.

I met those with cancer and rheumatoid and other stuff and they are now better off.

It wont mean they survive, I seen someone with 5 brain tumors giving up and no they didn’t survive.. I also met fantastic resilient people doing things in spite of all odds. I met girls sexually abused and I met accidents people who just had a bad turn in life. I met people trying to save someone who is a drug addict and cant let them go.

I met people who denied their own family patterns of stupidness as I call it. I seen mothers turned away from their own children leaving them hanging.

When my sisters told me to come to Christmas and she have had a hell with our mom as she went into this guilt/blame pattern with my sisters kids I knew what to do, so I did that and since then I met my mom one time and talked to her once and its been 8 or so years now.

For me her behavior towards my sister and her kids was simply unacceptable.

So I did what I had to do as none else could do it as they didn’t even understand what was actually going on. My sister cried for an hour, I spent some time explaining to them what did happen as my mom left and took everyone else with them along the way.

With great powers comes great responsibility
and I knew I had to stop my moms behavior dead on.

Things did improve for my sister, her kids now and more so she had choices now.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do even for me but I knew one thing I was the one that could do it.

No regrets at all.

I don’t get a thank you note either, none comes to me and says, good job bro, you did that and saved us. I don’t expect it either as whatever I am doing I don’t do for praise to be good as I study human nature and think and behaving and sometimes we just get things from past generations that needs addressing.

I had clients telling me they was about to kill themselves and I was like are you stupid and miss out on ice-cream?

I did 170 air squats last night, so today I am dead tired, and way early awaken due to some things they are changing in the apartment and I am likely to sleep during the day. 10 days into the spring work out and its work but as far I can tell its working.

Bad things will happen, sometimes we find out someone cheats on us so we kick them out, find someone that wont do it by changing how we find people by changing ourselves.

I met this girl who had guys cheating on her every time, she tried so hard to keep them they had to cheat to get her off their backs. She had to change herself.

It’s a lot about this experience, a way of life you might call it that whatever we have is this moment and whenever I talk to Hans or someone else, I make sure I have something to add and have the experience I want to have. Sometimes it isn’t about talking at all.

We can abide our limitations and go, this is it I cant do more than this or we can say even if I cant do more I will try my best to do better and more of what I do want.

We can let our past define us, accept it and spend time there or we can discover what its like choosing how to experience the world.

And that is different.

Its an unique way to define that your you can be whatever it you want it to be no matter what is true or not.

I am a superhero, you?

[small thanks to Goobers80 for inspiration to be that she is to be is not the question we ask]

What’s better?

A nail trough the foot or a spike up your ass?
Some people actually have such choices often due to either criminal acts, or just in the wrong place and that happens in their own country also.

For anyone else its like we buy the new brand new phone or the last design wins.

Its like golf, as I don’t view which swing system is better, you can play tour golf with any system.  However, which system makes it easier? Better might be good but I view it as easier also. Tiger woods for example has spent 4+ years trying to swing better, not easier, not longer and not created a system around his own body and tendencies.

Now, if it isn’t golf the same rule applies, make it easier to hug the kids or smile at strangers. You don’t need all the time to be better but make it easier to do things.

Once your swung a specific ways, your perception is then settled around that, so you need to discover what your doing and what you need to be doing but that path isn’t straight. I spend a short amount of time when I have a model to practice, I just follow the template. This means this I train until this bit of information works, and once that is there I move on to the next step.

For me, the body motion pivotal action hit it long and accurate with Godlike consistency the pelvis moves the way it does and if my movement have another movement I change things until it don’t do that but this other pelvis action instead. What do I do? I don’t know as it be different for everyone who I would work with.


Its actually real easy, unless the motion you do don’t match we make it match by following the steps leading to it which often means to change and discover things about how your body does move. You don’t get a map from me and practice technique all day you get a manual of practicing things to discover that allows you to slowly and gradually get there.

Had a revelation about this myself last evening.

It just happen.

Its like, so this is what I need to do to make that work? ah but now this seems to easy?

Always is the way model works.

But I also spent 4 weeks, daily working this in short quality moments at my home, getting coffee, take a few swings, drink some water, make a few swings, watching TV commercial, do a few. Every time one does such you work every swing a new way.

Most practice a swing, one action but that way you cant learn.

The same is true in other areas, doing it perfect is learning by doing it imperfect.


I take the spike up my ass, easier to out run them.

What’s a good impact position?

This is Hans, at impact he has the angle of the left leg and the spine.7i

Once you have this you compress the ball due to the angle you arrive at impact is due to pressure point.

Mike Austin, even more spine angle due to hitting a driver, I also posted spoon for Hans, his spine angle has increased.







Lets look at Tiger Woods a once awesome player winning 4 majors in a row and now?


Late to impact, no spine angle to talk about, left shoulder and left leg arises sharply before impact, needs timing not even he can do consistently.  Currently a bad swing below average tour standard.

Yes TW find impact, but I would ask is that a good impact position you can do consistently?

No way, and its beyond me why he does that shit.



Me today. While not where I want to be, its getting better.
3 months to go for range work.






Now while positions are fun and good, the question is why it looks the way it does for Mike and for Hans? Similar if not identical pressure points they respond to and reference they use, its why its fluid and effortless. For myself, well its work in progress now and its getting better.

How you get to impact is important as this image show us, Hans 2011 vs today, the old one he has less spine angle, left pelvis moved and much more constraint and compensation than he has today. So while an image can show things it also lacks the motion and the way you got there.

I know where to go but I need balls for feedback now as any change you need great feedback.

However once the swing is done, you go play. I expect myself to do so during spring, work to finish this then go play.

What’s a good back swing position?

It depends.

if you do a modern style swing its like this,

You see pelvis has turned into a wheel barrow.
The V shape of the pelvis and body don’t allow for power.
The head don’t move in the back swing, you cover the ball, all modern swing geometry concepts.

I don’t agree upon this being a good back swing position.



or you can do this,

hansMove off the ball, basically no V shape between pelvis and the body, no wheelbarrow. You can swing 20mph faster with less effort than a modern swing is able to do without straining and getting off the limitations they have.

A superb position IMO.

Now a guy like Monte said the guy I show that is a great swing. I disagree on that yes it’s a great swing if you like to hit it short and inconsistent as no human guy I know wants to hit it short, none.

I rather look like Hans in my back swing than that other modern swing. Its my preference as I never found restrictions in motion is good for timing.

A tour pro is trying to control their swing and I train Hans to go wild. I train him to be more animal to be raw to swing within his preferences to make him do what he wants to do not what the swing wants you to do.


Its much like riding a bike, you can sit down all the time or stand up and ride the country wildly. My own swing and its back ground is being re-worked daily now and changes are made based upon the template.

When done I look like Hans swings also.

I would do a change based upon personal preferences, mine are a fast swing, my muscle receptors fire fast and to learn the proper pelvis action I reverted to dance feel and action. I can do that as it allows me to become aware of what I want to do when I swing.

Yes, Hans is the poster guy, the role model for this swing but I am now also posting more about my own progress and also soon Larry. Once done we will look like Hans or Austin just in our own way.



Mike Austin hitting an iron. No V shape.

Contextual time zones

Let say you have a goal or an outcome you like to achieve.

That you want to stop smoking, or pick up your kids in time or just make sure the milk don’t run out in the fridge, small tasks but important ones or having enough ice cream.

Now, mainly people go I want to go there to the goal.

I ask, so what happens after that when you reached that goal?

People then say, what you mean? I say when the goal/outcome or such is already achieved what then?

Its about organization here, if you set a goal or outcome as to achieve it, you engage into the process to get there but that requires a lot more work than to ask, when the work I done is done then what’s next for me?  What most don’t know is the achievement of the goal actually produce a new context a reality if you like with traits you developed during that engagement into the process to get the goal and outcome.

The brain is good at patterns, so if you go to the next time zone what has happen you reach such goals and then ask what you did develop as a trait in relation to that process or previous time zone if you like then….

A star of its own

Its easy to get hanged up with old things, like memories. Its easy to think oh those days was better without penicillin, with dysentery, with gonorrhea, with syphilis, without protection without doctors washing hands and killing babies after done an autopsy yes those days was much better.

Ouch I killed romance now right?

That what wishful thinking does, we isolate portions of what it could been but the rest?

floppy discs, CD wasn’t even out and I talk about 1980! Computers was a dream cellphones? come on. That wasn’t long ago, today every kid is face booking, sms and such without even considering what life would be without it.

Our recall of what was fun, enjoyable and such is like that we isolate portions of what was and nicely forget all the other shit that made life hell. Take kids today out in the forest remove the cellphones and they go crying in the dark.

Our brain is prone to go habit and automatic, if you remember things those then becomes isolated events in portion of our daily experience and the tendency to use them as what was true once then becomes true today we filtering our experience trough a past event so that means we don’t pay attention to events happening today. It leads to judgment, assumptions and just stay clear of icebergs titanic.

It also happens without we really know its happening as all seems fine, no panic bring towel.

Future memory has a disadvantage, it doesn’t seem real, in comparison to what is really real what has happen once earlier on. Imagine that you actually think what you been trough is more real than what you haven’t experienced yet.
Seems kinda funny to me, people tell me how it was better and forget what happens right now as I go how about your kid? They go, what about him? How is he today? they go whad ya mean?
I say, well he is different today than he was yesterday but if you don’t pay attention to present things, you miss it.

So what did happen yesterday is more real than what is happening right now and tomorrow?

How did that happen?

Its that guy who press delete when the computer writes on the screen delete hard drive yes or no? And then asks, what happen I cant access my files?

If you don’t understand that your colored eyeshades wear your shiny light into your eyes is passing trough the bus stop and you sit there thinking well nothing new happens and then you will have a generalization going on a perceptual filter that blocks anything that is fun out of your portion of experience. Unlike eyeglasses we cant remove this filtering or understanding it by putting on or off our glasses.

We could ask, why even care?

I use this to improve my enjoyment of the day, when I meet people I am making sure I take a snapshot of them what they are today not where they used to be and I even sometimes make sure they are their future selves.

If people think improvement happens without struggle, without challenge and without work they are deluding themselves. I found that I spent 4 years study the golf swing, now? I am done but during these 4 years I spent hitting balls and every swing I made I created a variation with, either as I played or when I was at the range or did swing indoors at home.
I didn’t which is common trying to make a perfect golf swing, and I didn’t improve my swing during this time. I was working for my future result. If you understand that, there is a whole process in between when you don’t and when you do. It’s a learning curve and I know whenever I do things its what I do I spend a ridiculous time uncovering every rock and flower out there.

So whenever your going to learn new things, you can check out examples of success, excellence you like I choose Mike Austin as he did it it long but also due to the fluidity he display while swinging. I never got the language of kinesiology, still don’t even if I do use some terms its not needed to learn to have a golf swing. Naturally once I have things down I go back and start applying them.

As I done with my own golf swing, its how I do work with modeling, it might seem funny to you, shouldn’t I be better during the project but modeling doesn’t work that way, its about the result then sorting to find out what does actually produce the result not what you think it does.

Once such has been found its put to the test.
Its what I do now, for myself for Larry and others.

RBIm is such system of self discovery and it will mean a lot of work doing it. If you want easy and simple, there is a ton of systems out there as options. I do Intu-flow daily since 5 or so years now, I changed my diet since 6 years back and keep on it. I recently decided to do a little faster weight loss so I applied that with a more strict eating habits and home schooling gym work, Yesterday 30 min walk, today its airsquats. I push this to my limit, which is silly low but I cant sit really comfortable as change and growth happens with work.

Its like a star, it doesn’t ignite until enough mass has been collected into enough density and when it does that then it ignites. Jupiter was almost a star, but almost isn’t good enough in the Universe. If it had been then we wouldn’t be here. Mistakes happen out there, right now the Andromeda galaxy is crashing into us, its not like we can, ok rear engines go left as we will crash into that galaxy one day. I wish I could have seen it.

I am preparing myself for the golf season, 3 months to range opens here, yes silly. I change my swing action lately as I applied the model for myself. Yesterday I watch my swing and went, ok turning in the downs wing, not good, changed one thing, didn’t turn anymore and went, aha this is what its like doing this then. Doing it this way allows me to understand much better if an amateur struggles and what they struggle with.

I don’t fix a bad habit, I don’t make specific changes, as once you discover what its like you can just do it, like riding a bike. No matter how bad a swing you might have, it will just work once your done with this one.

Larry will be the interesting case here, as we can compare a swing he did do for many years and at age 66/67 learning a totally new motion and hitting it 50 yards longer or whatever the case might be will raise a few eyebrows in the golf community. Once he is done which isn’t much left to do mainly some range work and tweaking, he be as consistent as Hans is and even if he isn’t as long, I suspect him to swing it 300+ yards now and then. It actually is around 10mph more than he does today which isn’t much as he haven’t been able to apply for all out yet.

Its how I have evidence to what I do and done, when the model works, it just works but it isn’t what you are used to follow and read about in a book or look at a video, here you will discover what your references has to be to create your own swing.

RBIm is like that also. Problem is I cant ask myself what I am doing as I be coloring this.

Not easy to be a star on my own.

Golf swing updates (updated)

Had a in-depth chat with Larry, he now have the foundation there. So I hope the coming days he is able to hit the range, work on it and send a video or two to check for. He hits it longer yes, by far it still arise when it use to go down. I estimate a few weeks until its just is solid golden swing from him.

He really had a good couple of days, the text I sent him and the work he done and my chat today made its just better so he should be able to really have a good swing motion for next video update.

Hans hit a ball today also, feels good he says.

5 iron


My own progress?

its just range I wait for.

I still turn and rotate a bit into the down swing, it will get fixed once I hit balls (main flaw atm).  Right knee and leg is improving and will also improve with balls. Its now much better since last time indoors with balls.

Comparing myself when I swing indoors demo this for Larry vs actually swing with a ball isn’t fair but at least give an impression of if I am on track or not.

I lack a slight pelvis drop, also due to lack of ball as I don’t want to hit the floor and I don’t if I swing this way and feedback from range is what I need right now. Pelvis is angled, good, I increased spine angle, good. Right knee folding, good. Rotational move is holding this back atm. However its better and as far I can conclude the next few days Larry going to set new records. His old swing limitation is gone and handled without needing to be fixed.

Update: So looking at my own action, the why was obvious so altered the start of the swing was needed. Fixed it by altering the left foot a bit and angling a bit differently.
All good now. still hitting balls at the range is needed.

How good is Hans?

I wanted to build a world class player.

Once I went into study the golf swing mechanics I also applied the same for me as I would benefit and also help me understand this better and once that was going on consistency search also happen as any tour pro needs that but none has it.

I think in terms of skills here, like if Hans has a 2-4% dispersion pattern and he should have that this spring, and normally a player wins when they are at those numbers, and when they don’t they have a 8% as a normal one and even worse when they hit it way more, like Mickelson hitting a 7i 15 yards off line and into a forest.

So its about dispersion control, then distance and then efficiency.

Talking to Hans its evident this is all getting there and I fully assume and expect him to be around 2-4% dispersion as his normal pattern. That is what happens when your able to focus on what works.

I am about to talk to Larry soon on Skype, he now have all there is there to know about his golf swing except one thing, swinging it like pros with their impact. Its also hard to learn by yourself if you’re an amateur like myself been,what’s a pro impact, what does it feel like and how do I do it?

One of the things I did notice indoors with Simon hitting balls I could consistently make ball contact first. I knew how to get my club head there, and the ball took off. Now I had some body motions that was good, but from where I come from I notice the difference and I also took notice off this is how those pro guys does it. Recently at indoors home I cant do much more now, I need range work to improve ball impact and how much I need to alter my down swing to make it the way I want it. I expect to swing it like a pro during spring.

If I can play like a pro is another matter, the same way its about how good Hans is, we find out. If he can have those skills into those I want, and improve them, he either win or be in contention in every competition he enters. World class then.

I am 50 year old, and I own kids in fps games like BF4. It’s a bad game design and DICE really dropped the ball since BF2 days. I view golf swings and instructors much the same, they want you to have a hand or arm or elbow somewhere and I think however I see them swing and they say its better they are not able to do it consistently. I then study Moe Norman as he was consistent, and yes Mike Austin guys would say they hit  a 6i the same distance Moe hit driver and Moe still would beat them with 15 shots. So I looked into Moe, and formulated an idea there, then added Nicklaus, and then set things in motion this spring. Its most likely the amateurs I am teaching as of today is the only ones I take on. My skill set is geared towards the PGA/LPGA tour as my skill set is without question so much more efficient than those coaches have at their disposal. So I wait for Hans to practice play, then once that works, then I find out how he does in competitions.

Skill set decide to a large extent how good you be, as you can improve a skill set and if your normal one is what the guys winning have, well then you will do good whoever skill and background you have.

Larry for example is 67 years old and haven’t yet understood how a tour pro makes contact which is now his limitation or inhibition if you like and to discover that himself is possible but hard, so I taught and pointed out to him what he needed to build to get there, but I haven’t told him why I said the things I said, he just a good student, follow my instructions, those that don’t like my teaching style, well they wont last past my writing.
I taught his body and mind this you need to learn then this, feel and sensations then this and then that and he done it all. Tonight I let the dog loose, the tiger, the elephant into the room of glass.  Time to go animalistic.

How should you discover what its like to feel a tour pro impact if you never done it? How can you change the pattern unless you discover the proper correct one? Its really hard to do so yourself without support, Skype allows me to see you swing, it helps me to add variations into your patterns and teach you about what your body is doing educating your action until you can arrive at what works.

Larry is about there now. He is a dedicated student, just ask his wife.

To discover what its like allows you feedback, if your play as Hans is discovering that he just hits it straight then I can help him improve that now with RBIm pattern’s as that is doable but focus on technique isn’t.  If you measure your skill level if I do this then I am playing like this then its all you need to do to create the foundation to play at your potential.

Once Hans does that, Jacob Bowden is going to call me and Stacy Lewis.

If they don’t well, I be here waiting sipping coffee.

Hans Update


Ok, storm this weekend so no play. He still was out there playing a bit but couldn’t say much. I asked him about his game and he says, I never been able to swing this good. He feels consistency is up, he is a bit longer atm a club or so. I hope he can play 18 next weekend. He also struggled a bit with distance control due to what club to use is now new again.

He felt good.