Hans Update


Ok, storm this weekend so no play. He still was out there playing a bit but couldn’t say much. I asked him about his game and he says, I never been able to swing this good. He feels consistency is up, he is a bit longer atm a club or so. I hope he can play 18 next weekend. He also struggled a bit with distance control due to what club to use is now new again.

He felt good.

50 year old playing BF4

I think the game sucks. Its not the game I paid for which was Battlefield this is what happens when people don’t define what their own brand is made from. Its more of a cloned call of duty.

still was a good solid rounds on a close quarter map.
65 kills and none was close again. Changed server and 47. Not to shabby for a 50 year old.



Moe Norman golf swing

I like this Moe video.

Let say you want to copy Moe’s ball striking.

Problem is here you cant do it from the stance he used at old age. You cant get the same action Moe did doing that.

Now Moe set the club up behind the ball like a foot or such not set up straight like your told to do. Now doing that you do as Moe would say save a foot of moving the body and he also says, I couldn’t hit the ball the way if I set the club at the ball. Moe, then just did what he felt he needed to do, angled his club and body away a bit, then hit it.

For anyone doing this, it will simplify your motion in the back swing, its now just a lift and you still need to know the weight shift as copy a good player means they often do things your or me as a player isn’t doing so copy what they tell you they did and reason for it might not work.

Naturally as range opens up I go out there set it up like Moe and find out if it helps me simplify what I am doing. Just because a few million people even a billion talks mandarin or such don’t mean they are the main language in the world but one day might be according to Joss Whedon. Just because people tell you to set up the club behind the ball don’t mean it’s the best way to learn to swing the club. The question I would ask Moe if he was around, how come he cant hit it with the club head behind the ball vs the one he did?

Once he angle out his set up, he also angle his upper and middle body along the way. He essentially make the same move Ben Hogan used to do with the back leg moving off it as fast he could, now Hogan did that due to his bad right leg and Moe learned to do that with his swing as he swung at his younger age you see dynamic athletic action and how he learned to respond to the pressure points, that when he grow old does also but now it doesn’t look athletic anymore.

This is Hans 2011.



So while he was able to swing at around 120mph with his old swing his back couldn’t handle it. Now? He be able to swing at 130mph with less effort than his old 120mph swing. It now looks simpler than what he used to do. It is, its more efficient and better.

Getting there for him took less than 3 weeks from the last down swing sequence and since I told him about pressure points 8 weeks.

Larry atm have the sequence down now, next stop for him as he can respond is to change the down swing for him but for Larry it means a different thing than for Hans or for Moe. Larry has the swing motion now I wanted him to have. I didn’t teach him that swing motion, he taught himself. Now he has left overs from his old swing, and I bet when I tell him what I am telling him next time we Skype he will go, oh but that’s easy?

Its easy or simple now when he done the work to the point when we can change it to work for him. Its like Hans, took me a long time to get his ass out of his head to actually listens that whatever he been taught is bad for him and he needed to change this, today? He tells me should done this 20 years ago.

Looking at Moe, we see 50 years of swing simplified. Copy or replicate what he tells you even his set up is not good its a disaster waiting. Look at Mike Austin he was a educated man, smart but still the students are not able to replicate the motion he did as they are missing out on something. Its like that for anyone including me, its why I don’t teach people the way NLP does it as I find more copies of Grinder, Bandler, Dilts, Riggio etc..are not good for NLP in the long run nor more copies of me.

I love when my students surprise me like Margareta did as she said to me what I taught her and I smiled to her and said, no baby you did that on your own.

Larry is about to surprise himself.

I think Moe will agree on that.

The comparison modes

Let say you want to be better, if its a skill its easy as your then focus on improving that skill. You can measure it and find out ho well you do so you go oh better. Now how do you feel today, happy and then go how do I become happier?

Funny enough it’s the same thing you work at it.

Its not like things happens to us, we learn to respond to events around us, sets up the causality for us the reasoning that if we see a man pick up a coin and then the next few days see another man pick up a coin and when it does happens the third day we think, that is God working trough him. I like to say not he works at the bank. The brain remembers those events, once the pattern is found the brain goes like this,
short cut, man picks coins must be a connection now man is picked by God to do that.

Next up, happiness.

If you produce happy, we normally would say, if I eat ice-cream I am happy or that I have a party, or drink a lot of vodka or smoke some pot or such. If I see my kid I am happy and I go why should things has to happen outside you to then make those outside events produce the mood and such your have today?

Why not go, today I want to be happy all day?

Or sexy, passionate, smart, ferocious, zoned out, or any other pick your candy for the day.

Why cant we just do that wouldn’t that make our life easier if we just was happy and no matter what did happen around us, we wouldn’t mind that?

Normally you do that you let events around you in your life control how you feel in any given moment of time you cant choose to just be happy. It might be the event trigger us like a button called anchor where the event itself might be nothing but it reminds us about some other event long ago oh no that pattern again the brain does for us, it takes random events and then find similarities and then go, seems the same must be the same and then tell the brain produce these adrenalins and this cocktail its time to party.

Yes memory works like that, similarities will trigger your actions even which is funny the old event that was what it was cant be exactly the same today as it was then but that is our brain doing patterns and then we just assume the brain knows what is going on.

Zombies eat brains, that is a clue to they don’t eat our legs, but the brain and what does a zombie know? Nothing they are half dead.

So we make a plan today I be happy, then the kids throw up, become sick I have to be stressed out called the doctor, the job the boss and then my husband is sleeping with the secretary I know, life sucks. Oh yes happy was it right?

So easy to loose sight of what we are suppose to do as we get side tracked by events so we as I suggest train us to hold onto our experiences, as I done 5 years with intu-flow and now my body feels like this galaxy of space moving around but I aim to have the Universe.

Once we have information we take it in compare it to what we know is true, we tend decide to either ignore or delete or accept, instead we should ask us, is this what it is?
Or is the me the I just accepting it for a false God like any star gate traveler would?

Unless you identify that this is what you want and the conformity of life and us is that we want things to be the same. We want the fun time to never ends, we want the sex to be as great every time and just improve we don’t want to go stale and bored and become this endless zombies walking to the factory and car every day thinking shit not another day.

If you don’t work out if you don’t run, if you don’t adapt variation to your workload the brain adapts to it. if you take the same walk the brain increase efficiency to make it easier to do the same walk so you need to create a variation to improve.

To be happy?

Find as many ways you can be happy and then as you add one variation to another at some point you reach the point of no return, your always able to be happy.

How long how many variations?

It will vary and depend on the individual.

I found the image using goggle to this blog.
It’s a pure coincidence the blog is about happiness as I write this post today, pure innocent coincidence no karma no secret no mystical force.

Unless you think I am Jesus reincarnated, I take that any day.

What is the difference – That I teach with a golf swing?

I work with the natural timing, rhythm and lets call it attitude of the individual and from that I create a consistent golf swing you can do day out and day in. It means I can tailor the work I do to any individual, any golf swing they might have and offer suggestions to what to do so it works.

That’s what a model allows me to do, I follow the template and that gives me instructions to what to do for the individual.

Larry sent me a video today, love that and the swing motion looks good now ( I say perfect), all that is there now is to make sure he don’t do his old tighten up action. I wrote him but I assume he will need a Skype talk to explain it for him. Its just more condensed to talk about it than read about it.

I did read a post on golfwrx forum that helped me define the above, what I can do is to make sure your swing is identical in tempo from one swing to the next swing. That creates consistency no tour player is able to do today in each swing they do.

Any modeling project also teaches me about my own process, the result I arrive at, so next up is a look into the RBIm template again as its not complete yet.  I am glad and happy to be done with the golf swing template as I know what to do with the template there and it works, it also needs Skype and feedback to the player live but today its doable thanks to Skype and tech progress. To talk and watch someone on the other side of the Atlantic and be able to offer direct feedback sitting home drinking coffee?

Love it.

And yes even if I know what to do, still take time to get it there for the player and golfer.

pw to spoon, set the clock for each swing.

RBIm or Realization Behavioral Integration model

Its about your consciousness and to discover what its about and how it functions.
Now let ask us do your consciousness work, did you think what is me and self for and is it something I should go around discovering? If I did the walkabout down under and traveled there or to India if I took the wrong boat there, would I then find myself elsewhere than I am?

If you say no, go to line one.

If you said yes, the answer is “oh God not another one”.

Its about the comparison mode, what you do have is a duality of sorts, its like Darth Vader fucked your mom and ended up with twins called Luke and Leia. Not you of course since this is about star wars the story of the force. In RBIm we call upon the force using tools like the magical carpet ride Intu-flow yes you will feel like a wheel or like that guy chasing windmills but he was nuts so what do I know? The RBIm drill is basically about your attention resides with how your body moves while it moves so you learn to attend the force as its elusive and unseen and you seen the movies so come on! You already knew that! You still loved the movies.

The force in RBIm is called vestibular or more directly this portion of it, Equilibrioception.

Once you tapped into the dark cellar wine and brought an ale or two along, you find yourself drunk on the verge , ah wait wrong story, let me try this again, you thought I am all alone in the Universe I am so alone and then one day you found RBIm and was told you had a fucking twin and that you could hang out with that and you thought after your run screaming to mom that it was after all a cool idea having Darth Vader as your dad as he after all become good in the end as he needed to be spanked hard, let his son almost die and then he did kill that evil guy that emperor and then all forgave him?  What’s that about?

Your duality of consciousness created since childhood have blocked out the real you, nah its more like the future is here now. FutureNow as we RBIm mental retarded cases call it at least  me when I am insane enough to realize that whatever I am doing it isn’t me doing it. That who I am isn’t that but the one in charge of that. However since we are told that what we are is what we do, well then why not create something that you then do that makes you higher than a kite and no to drugs. That you could create a new reality a new FutureNow that includes the very best of you the good Luke, the very nice and sweet Leia the mom that died for your sake so best be really good now and the dad that went to dominate the galaxy and ended up glowing in the dark and how cool isn’t that!!! Glowing…(said with Homer Simpsons voice)

We then create a representation yes a mental image in your head when the future works for you, and then we do this nutty thing its so crazy that we are told we cant do it as its impossible and if it was intended then Buddha would have said so to this. Once that FutureNow image is created we don’t have an answer to it, did you read the words telling you it was about “discovery”? Yes?

What we do is to explore the desire bit to that future image, that on a scale of 1 to 10 how much desire do you have to that and if its zero or don’t care that’s a clue Sherlock. If the scale isn’t going off the chart like a tsunami, earthquake or a spaceship landing in your backyard then its about this desire we need to find out to this FutureNow so it is what you want.

Then we do this thing called traits.

Traits are whole unified field theory the holy grail of all things and for many girls its shaped like a huge dick but for us guys its shaped like a really thight pussy with boobs, its holy so no bad cursing now so no sexist remarks or any religion devil forbade it.

Trait is a level of skill we develop as a response to this FutueNow we created so now we are in this land of unknown that we don’t have an answer to this FutureNow you just created a new fucking future and reality please make sure you are following my ranting here its about self discovery so once you check the desire and then ask what trait did I developed as a response to this FutureNow then you end up with some kind of experience when that is true for you right?

That is what RBIm is all about finding that experience you created so it works for you in your new reality. Its not a job, if all the people telling us we are what we do why not create a future that works by you for you that you created, discovered and experienced daily for the rest of your life?

We RBIm students call it Legendary Awesomness.

Join us as the force never been stronger than this.

Intu-flow demo summer


RBIm drill move the hand attention required.

Modeling Golf

Many assume its about their golf swing and I go its just part of the game. I ask do you make solid contact, do you compress the ball and if so your good to go.  Those playing the tour have learned to live with their game, their swing their compensations they don’t seek the secret.  Now, its not about the set up, it has a reason as anything but we ask, or at least I do ask this, if the golf swing search is over for me, I now understand what to do to create a golf swing motion, then what else?

Consistency playing.

I am asking Hans every time he practice about this, I want results and feedback and yesterday (no Beatles association). I devised a plan in 3 steps, first how the game plan  works from RBIm and the FutureNow and then decision strategy template from Nicklaus tweaked version 1.0 and then the execution of the swing action based upon the down swing pressure point. A pressure point is what it sounds like, a point in your body you respond by pressure. Like weight, like force, like torque like such. I talk vestibular here, Intu-flow tai chi, qi the invisible, unseen elusive force beyond. Until you understand what to attend to in the golf swing without technique then its just about dude, how my body moves trough space like Dr Who.  Then your understand that everything you ever did know about a golf swing is so strange, complicated and unneeded. I am about to have a Skype session with a young golfer, to assist him in his quest to play better golf.

Once we found what its about then we can start improving.

Its about identifying the essential bits, then we can work what works and then improve, yes at first it be confusing, as understanding my language isn’t easy I know, try my Swedish if you think my English sucks. Once I am able to see and watch someone swing their body I can point them to where they need to feel this, without it you cant do it. To find it on your own? no way. Hans couldn’t, he is by far the one I had most contact with the last few years and he spent more time rearranging his head since Genghis khans days.

Defining this when there is no definition is also why I don’t spend much time on golf forums they still argue what they should do and I already know that but unless you receive hands on instruction whatever I write here, wont be enough. I swing indoors now, and I go great tempo, great pivot action, great speed, and I still need to hit balls to fully be able to swing improve from this point now. I know now what to do, it will go faster and faster to improve now.

For example this is DJ Watts to the left in a typical just before/at impact sequence image, we see his right pelvis and hip is level or even slightly higher which means he is loosing out on 15mph at least in speed.

driver perfectjämför

We can compare that to Hans, the old image of Hans (white) he was swinging at around 120mph when he played and today I expect him to be at 130mph under control.. once that right pelvis is turning and hip follows, your swing speed has to slow down and cant accelerate trough the hitting zone.

Hips don’t add speed if the right hip gets there with that pelvis action, your already moving the force the wrong way in the down swing there.

You want the angle of the pelvis and hips to be as Hans shows or like this, Like Mike

If the angle isn’t like that your loosing out of a lot of power. I also talk about 20mph. That’s like 50 more yards. All due to better pelvis action.

The above is just evidence of the visual difference that happens when your able to start powering your swing motion. You will look similar when your done.  However the visual is just there to check if your doing it right or not (evidence) for me, I make personal suited videos and explain what you need to know and feel in the swing which is individual depending what motion you currently have.

Feel some say is universal all feel it different they all say,
I disagree on that myth.

My feel is exactly the same as Hans is when hitting that low spinning wedge killing a rabbit when it stops on two on the green. I cant say I can do it consistently due to the greens I play normally those shots isn’t needed. I guess if I play better that shot goes on top of the list to master then.

The feel of the pressure point will also be the same, how you later reference it for yourself will be different but it’s the same. Its what all these old swing guys did, they all responded to the same pressure points its why they all shared the same things in their swings (Nelson, Palmer, Nicklaus, Hogan, Snead etc..), and Austin? He had a different one.

Its how you end up in your motion, once Hans did it, I knew I found it. Then sorting, organizing and teaching is still under progress and processing.

In the modern swing they talk about hip speed, and I go, hips don’t do much speed. if you say its about how much the pelvis turns I go well you don’t want to do that and create speed as that will crash your back ask Rory about it. If you don’t want to do a modern swing you either have to go with natural Golf or E2E or such swings, but the drawback is, speed and power.

I also would to some extent on the accuracy also, if you want control like Hans wants you want speed and a lot of control of your swing pattern, distance and dispersion, then you want to scale the power and speed into manageable efficiency. I knew once I found the way you make decision out there that with this new swing motion understanding I also could utilize this to create better dispersion patterns and distance controls. Now, this is a bit under testing atm, I wish the spring was here summer even so I could go outside, test it, feedback, tape it and then present it in a better form than the written word.

Feel can be quantified, defined, mapped, categorized and used to find out what happens when the body moves trough space, but as anything you need practice into intu-flow and refine your sensitivity as when you find out what then the how happens by itself.

Start by feeling the grip and pressure when moving your club to the top and to impact and make sure you don’t add pressure. This will do more for your golf swing than any other advice.

Adding pressure while swinging is often a indication of compensation going on.

Observing the observer

I work pretty much with zombies every day. Mind numb and dead.

I guess the cat of Schrödinger wants to come out and play as having the idea of a cat is either dead or alive seems at best random why wouldn’t we let the cat play?

One the Buddhist things they do and many other share that idea is to observe what happens as it happens. Now anyone who have the patience to do so for the next 40 years go fuck yourself.

One of the things the brain does is comparison it means that anytime we deal with the mind we deal with a set of comparisons either you know it or not. if your brain runs like a headless chicken which is a bit better than a zombie thank God you then stop and wait and respond to observation what a painting is and you sit there in front of the painting a long time maybe an hour. As you observer the painting your mind slows down, it stops the comparisons, it cuts recursive loops and your enter a blissful observation ok I just saved you 40 years of fucking meditation for fuck sake, send me a check you cheap bastard.
However, how many actually does that, goes to a museum and sit down and watch the same fucking painting for an hour?

I did.

Not the same painting now.

Not the same me.

But seriously millions does meditation sure do its not a bad thing to do, cutting kids open, killing cats with fire and cut of their heads while they are alive, yes bad but meditation not so much unless you sit in front of a cue.

Observation is an old trick it helps you re-connect to the early years when dads and mom said, lamp, dad, mom and such syllables to you when you didn’t understand the difference to pee in the diaper or on people. I never understand why people think its funny even hilarious peeing on grown up as a child but doing it as an adult? People get mad at me for doing it why? I don’t get it. Some people wants me to pee on them they think its sexy and I say no not sex nuts and wrong and go see a shrink.

How the fuck did this world end up so fucking stupid?

If its run by zombies, mindless ones eating brains you would think they be smarter after that but oh no. We are more likely to do the same mistakes the previous generation did and then do them all over again unless we stop and observe is this what I really really want to do?

Desire, the deepest fulfillment the analogue cue in between the comparisons ah there it is, the depth of field, the cat running wild peeing on all and everything and zombies chasing after it with a litter box, seriously?

Don’t buy a cat. Just eat it.

Much easier teaches the cat a lesson also.

Go to some museum, watch some painting or find one close by, go do it.

Let me know if you see a cat there also.

Mine took off after it got killed and are still running away and it will pee on someone.

Its just random acts they do.

Us humans?

We just think sex is getting peed on or cutting us up or think we suck ass or like dogs more than cats and that whoever put me here should have used the chance button so I came out alive.


I am a scientist

I love science, I also love girls, sweet ideas and a curly corner of fresh bed sheets and a whole lot of other stuff out there. Science is this field where you study things however be careful what field you study as some fields cant be proven yet like you know black holes, it can just be indicated but we are not sure yet what those holes are if they are even holes.

I let the guys in a wheel chair figures those out.


Philanthrop maybe, or researcher and definitely a superhero as it’s a must as whenever we have aliens here I want my spaceship I was promised.

Anyhow, when I study golf I like other guys doing the same Kelvin from the island of Hawaii does that. It wont mean I understand what he did study at first hell I was slow but now? Ah yes the riches of hindsight the past catches up with your cognitive brain and goes like duuude please stop smoking crack, no that wasn’t me that was that guy sleeping in a coroner place and proven by far without science that crack is bad for you or anyone else for that matter or meth or any other such drug stay of them….

If you want to understand todays tour pro swings, his Kelvins site is superb.

However I didn’t just study a tour pro nor did I study crack addicts for golf its just evidence for science that we can prove things to be true by casual things also.

What you choose to study is as important.

I choose to study, how to hit it long without being built by a broiler or genetic enhanced like one as those long driving guys many of them could lift my mom, dad and me with a finger.

So I choose Mike Austin as a role model for my project. I pointed out truths, none wanted to understand what I said apparently like kids on a daycare all is crying with no attention to what they do cry about. A scientist however care about the truth, falsified data is common to wanting to prove your idea/theory/hypothesis right. Oh wait that’s confirming beliefs people already have about things they want to stay true to isn’t it? Like they are not gay when they suck other guys dicks or let someone else sucks theirs right? Like drugs is good for you? Or that fucking your wife’s sister isn’t really cheating or that boy with a butt you could kill for? Or that we really want to keep truths which are outdated no matter what we want to believe that is a scientists job to prove things that are already true. Its just with science if its a good one cant really tell this days, I proven the whole research currently done I have better research result than the whole field have about dyslexia.

What people want is to stay true but if that truth no matter is true or not many stop caring about. They want what they come to believe like Newton guys did when Einstein came along they all hated him pretty much. Today we know both are true but guys like Einstein and me we are bringing out new things new truths which takes time to accept. Its like girls who have a hard time believing they just orgasmic so hard they started to cry as being so happy in a corner.

Why is Hans the only one of any Mike Austin student the only one looking like Mike Austin when he swings the compound Pivot?


That is what I wanted to model, the motion of Mike Austin and task accomplished.  I also wanted to understand the golf swing better and yes I do thank you. I studied consistency also along the way and formulated a test to that to create a better platform to make that happen also.

Now, for me I also ask, why is then Hans able to do so when no student of Mike was able to?

Now the scientist in me awakens, it’s a difference here, some truths to be found so evidently what he does works but the questing is then how do we replicate this?  So that I or you can also learn to create such elegant motion? Its also efficient and yes you hit it darn long also.

Now my question here is why was able to do this and make it happen to Hans? One he was good in golf already he made the leg work some say, so adding a efficient motion to what he did do was relatively easy as he could do a lot of work himself with my instructions.

Now I have a few students, I have no interest to largely create a golf school and stand there all day in Florida talking about the golf swing and teach hundreds of students about this golf swing since if I did do that then I wouldn’t have time to study other things. I guess I cross that bridge and then got to think what to do but until then.

My next phase is to replicate this motion for some other guys and it includes me. The motion is found and done. Its replicated. Next is, does the pressure points and such the feel be able to make it say to someone else?

You need to feel the club head hitting the ball first so you need to train yourself to hold the club in a light grip and feel that your not adding pressure during the swing aka tighten the grip. I did that daily for three weeks at the range, every swing focus on grip at address at the top and at impact until I felt it. I did that and if you cant feel it, so do you need to do as you need to feel the club head hit the ball and where on the head and blade. If you cant feel that how do you know if you hit it thin, fat or how much? Once you felt and created that the club head does hit the ball you know where the club should end up and then tweaking the rest of the body along the way to do this is one way. It might be needed to make you do that first to then be able to do what I want you to do.

It might be enough with the compound pivot.

Problem with beliefs is that we once we have them we proven them to be true for us if there is aliens that lives next door is true for many. I don’t argue with them about their beliefs or aliens for that matter, I just point out that their alien looks like miss smith age 20 with eyes of blue skies and she don’t seem alien but best I go there and strip search her anyway right? However if she is an alien she might be one that eat people or worse dicks. It’s a though world to live in when aliens could eat you I guess.

Science is cool, what stars are made off, if the weather is going to be fixed any day soon but I guess the scientistists are more like, what happens if we turn that knob a little more oh wait that the movie mad scientist right? Most companies releasing bad stuff into the air are now killing people with after effects.

Maybe I am little autistic, I think I am a bit actually. I must be as I told every Austin trainer of golf they didn’t do it right. Mark, none of them seems to be interested in what I do either, most tells me to fuck off, shut up and go fuck a goat or something. None have mailed me except Dennis Anderson and he is welcomed to explain the above why.

I forgive you Einstein I understand now what all those Newtonians sent you all those clocks. Time will tell if its true or not even though many truths are buried alive.

Its not about being right even though that is important as truth about that right is the criterion here. I don’t like spending time doing research unless I am finding that the field I study talk a lot of shit. Its true in the Joseph Riggio case, asked him a question got stories, asked Bandler a question got stories, so I studied that field called NLP defined it with dyslexia it was an accident like penicillin as I wanted to know why this girl age 11 was a mess with her spelling and reading and was in a special school in a special class with 6 more students when I did 2 sessions and all her issues went away. I thought it was easy to do it.

Golf oh boy nothing comes close to golfers about beliefs about myths many cant even agree upon which grip is best or what the elbow is suppose to do in the golf swing. Yes people still debate the Ben Hogan swing, none can do it. If they all spent time trying to do it we at least would be closer to replicate but some already shown research there, I also understand how difficult it might be to actually do research instead of endless debates that leads nowhere.

I was hacked so what?

Today a lot of people think well I cant be hacked my mind set is, I will be hacked its just a question of when. I thought however my website was secure, it seems that old plug ins and themes even if they are disabled and deactivated can be used as a platform for hacking on wordpress. Make sure you remove (delete) older plug-ins your not using and themes. If the plug in isn’t updated, can be good to find one that is.

I have Martin that make sure its all in PDF form, so he can visit my old posts for some reason and he is my insurance for this. It wasn’t a bad hack a redirect of a website, well those guys maybe do it for visit makes money or some other reason. Normally I take as many security measures I can. Always back up, make sure your e-mail is secure as I use Gmail I also use verifier with phone once a month. I guess some day they hack your phone also but if people want to do that they either have no life or are targeting a bank or such.

I don’t have any issues with my PC as I don’t install strange stuff, run Microsoft’s antivirus and don’t click, check out this babes boobs in the e-mail or the bank or PayPal mail.

For me it wont matter much, it take some time before links are up, fixed the content, but I just start fresh, I made 845 posts and its just telling me I wouldn’t assume anyone would like to read trough 800+ posts. I also likely changed my mind. Posts from September is viable from PDF and good enough if you like to read a few.

I woke up today, got some great coffee, Martin made sure to fix my new website and database he has more experience with that (Thanks dude), and soon my new website was up and running. I then tonight ordered some thaifood, and made fresh coffee again. I am fine, I don’t even get mad from such nuance, no reason to as I move on.

In the coming days I post some stuff about things as usual.

If some topic or such is important to you and your missing it, let me know.

Until then I assume hackers are criminals and cousins to Darth Vader.