Do you have control of your life?

The sentence and question seems innocent enough after all we want to know but the way language works we presuppose that you may not have control in your life, the question itself moves your mind to a different context. 70% of the population change their minds if there is a consensus in the group even if they do not agree, are you one of them?

If you could talk directly to the mind, to steer it where you want it to go, to gain control in a way that allows you access to the mechanisms that runs your mind well then

NLP assumed its a representation but then wont explain the way the question worked, what changed when we asked it?

One such variant is we can say, yes or no, or we can disregard the question or some other option but if we say well you made a representation that answer is to simplistic.

You changed, context, you shifted into that and that is what questions do, they shift our minds slightly. In some cases its a small shift and in other cases the question can collide old ideas and ideals and we can suddenly find our reality different.

RBIm6 is the way to talk directly to your minds hardware to steer our attention towards the directional control we can have in our stream of consciousness

club championship and Cmotion release support

Figured out the release pattern, found how to do support as such today, happy with that. My 6i sounds like a jet engine indoors swinging.

Tired but nothing new, played in sun yesterday which made me save energy as it was so hot, ready for tomorrow, forecast looks good.

Exciting to release and play like this and while brand new feels easier to do. May fail horrible while playing but no turning back now!

End of the road start of the new

Figuring out the golf swing is like asking 10 PGA coaches of the golf swing the same question. likely to receive 10 different answers or the same answer and in either way it wont help.

My job as a modeler is to figure out what works. Identifying and defining what works is a lot of work to check and recheck and test.

I figured out the golf swing and then some. Clarifying it so its understandable also, with what to do and how and why. Next is field tests. While it all works at home and explains it all, one also need the raw test to feel it and how it affects ones swing and results playing.

So it feels, done, complete now after a few months and finished.

Next is field tests with playing and scoring and checking for distances and accuracy patterns. Looking forward those.

Playing in the zone, always

Its what I do.

One of the benefits of RBIm6 and the work I done is to set up your optimal best experiences doing things. Playing golf like this is really relaxing.

Taking time off

Its golf now.

Plan to do some skype talk later on with RBIm6

Its coming.

Atm I work on the swing and game, play with a friend today and we had a great time together. I started to play better, swing getting better and its at a level atm I never had. Won a competition so, its going good.

competition today


shot 77, lost ball on 18 so could been lower but I was fine with that. 10gir, 4 birdies and 30 putts and great experience trough the round.

New carry bag so happy with it

about maps

The map isn’t the territory, we make maps (mental concepts) reflecting on the world we experience. Perceptually most forget they are seeing things and start rely on memory instead of experience the sensory moment to moment and then we are stuck with what we perceive things to be instead of perceiving things as they are and as the rabbit hole is never ending we wont perceive what we are missing either until its to late. One reason people have a hard time with learning the golf swing is old models interfering with the new.