Want to be good?

obviously the answer is yes right?

Now what to do next?

What to do, who to listen to where to find people that can support?

  • I done a few things, created the catmodel.eu for example a world leading model to solve dyslexia is one such.
  • Taking someone’s golf swing, then explained the force so one can relate to it as the first person in history of golf, the last 400 years or so as long golf existed that is.
  • RBIm a whole new tech to bring humankind into their next step of evolution

Yea, that’s what I did do the last 20 years or so.

What’s next will be something again but what I find out.

Atm I am a bit busy with the Facebook group, most new stuff is posted there directly. I completed the full swing model of CMotion along the way also. Its in testing but as far I can tell, its complete.

I didn’t create all this from luck but from an interest I had about human behavior how we think and do things. RBIm is the final piece I created to achieve something people never knew was possible, how the brain works really without the misguided concept of the unconscious mind.

I am also building a performance model that allows you to bring out the best of your performance was implemented in sports. I am stoked to test it out next year in golf myself.

Lot of work I done the last 20 years or so but here I am,
Legend in my own time.

I done well.

Still so much more to do and find out

I wrote a response to a question in the Facebook group

Socially and culturally people learn how to interact with the environment but without really understanding this what is going on when we do.
At some point some started to add labels, ego, unconscious, super ego, shadows, archetypes, hero´s journey etc… without really understanding what was happening in there and for over 100 years people use labels like the unconscious relating to the concept but without knowing what’s going on.
So one have to ask, when people do things they do, is that a learned response to behave based upon what your suppose to behave and it seems to be and the model I offer is contextual memory to understand this what happens in the environment you interact with and how its stored.
Once one understand that everything one does relates to memory and context, and that your creating options etc..is just a memory of what can happen not what happens then you can start adding options that are more let say, liberating.

Your now interacting with what actually happens in the moment and how you related to what did and does happen and can then more accurately view the world to improve yourself over time.


Common Myths in golf about power

Andrew Rice wrote this article

Its pure bullshit. You will loose power if you do that. Made a video talking about it.

Sean Foley did this article on power by pushing off the right foot.

Bullshit again you will loose power doing his advice.

Both are PGA certified, one was hried by Tiger Woods for 5 years but still none of them understand power and how to create it. They teach stuck mechanics.

As a Tour Pro you deserve the best and its not found in a PGA certification

Golf swing learning

Learning loop golf swing

My work been focused on developing golf instructions a lot due to the many misconceptions that runs in golf.

The recent one will allow you to develop a pro level golf swing, in testing atm

The RBIm revolution a small step for me a giant step for mankind

I haven’t written much blogs this year, as previously I wrote one a day or so. I still can write once a day as material is never ending.

I developed a technology that is so leading edge that people don’t even know it yet, it makes anyone in NLP out of a job. The RBIm tech explains and does things faster and easier and more efficiently than NLP.

For myself I feel that the recent 25 years been well spent, founding a technology that allows me to coach and consult better and to make you do the same and also self coach better is a major milestone in human history as you never seen anything like this technology before.

It will create a better world for human beings.

People today are stuck in their ways, your not able to alter habits and things you do, sure you may desire to, want to and even need to and worse case MUST but fails to do so as many NLP practitioners, trainers and such cant use NLP on themselves.

What is wrong is due to assumptions called the unconscious mind spread by NLP users and no progress been made with NLP since the 1980´s, Bandlers path with hypnosis has lead to the downfall of NLP.

Its now replaced with a much better technology that don’t rely on cheap tricks anymore and that uses science and evidence as with measurement I developed a whole new way to create new actions in the world by being able to talk directly to your mind and improve over time.

I call it RBIm

All action happens in the facebook group, link to the right on website

Reality is memory

Reality is memory. It does not seem like that as for sure we are experiencing what we perceive right? This knowledge then allow us to build new reactions and responses to the world.

Using the RBIM tool tech