What can Jobs, Branson or Trump teach you?

Donald Trump when he negotiate use one single key thing, he loves to close the deal for him its all about closing the deal and feeling good, its not about the money, the benefits its all about closing the deal. Want to work for him running one of his companies? Rent the apprentice series, then study what he looks for in a ceo and then analyze why he fires all the other people and keep the one.

Then start breaking down the skills and attitudes and go practicing and then have a job for him. Meeting him after you practiced is cake.

His deal closing is what makes him good, imagine your about to negotiate to have a 100 million dollar deal, now many might think darn lot of money but Trump didn’t. He want to close the deal and feel good.

Steve Jobs did this to ensure ideas would work, any idea you have you say it’s the best idea ever, for any ideas, do brain storming and do that for every idea as those ideas that isn’t good will go away down the line anyhow. 

Try it its way fun it’s the best idea ever!!!

Richard Branson sat down and listen to the airline voice telling him he couldn’t fly to the island, he then hired a private plane he couldn’t afford and then sold tickets to the other people who also couldn’t fly to the island. He and the others arrived there that night on the island. Branson created opportunity by using innovation and even he had no money to cover the private plane he then thought how about those other passengers? Creating that is pure innovation a futurenow approach.

Taking your best ideas and creating innovative approaches and then closing the deal, sounds pretty sweet if you ask me.

The JBT approach.

The art form of Modeling The RBIm way

Back in the dark ages before NLP when someone did study people to find out how they did create their results it was pretty much guesswork. There are many books studying Milton H Erickson one famous hypnotist who always had difficult cases.

Once modeling was done of him other people could now spend time learning what he actually did do to create his results.  NLP was formed to collect the patterns and models that was found.   If one read the old books about NLP you don’t find a clear cut model presented, its at best a puzzle. The structure of magic? One of the guys writing it said read chp4 backwards that is the proper order but he couldn’t present and cant present the meta model in a coherent and consistent manner even today.

NLP models or doing modeling with NLP create filers of perceptions. The way modeling was done to imitate the result the model has and then break down to isolate what he or she did to actually produce the result is much different than what people try to do today.

The NLP model will be lacking and are lacking.

If one study the subjective nature of a human being wouldn’t it then be then a good idea to study what people do to create their own self? What make up their own consciousness?

But NLP don’t do that, it just tells you that you create a map you use to navigate trough life. That map you use can be changed, replaced altered etc…

So consciousness or self is an area NLP have no clue about even though some did study new age systems and I am sure there are others and they also become lost.

The way modeling operates are to make the assumptions we have to not be in the way while we are reproducing the result and that is really difficult to do.  Any model used to produce the result will influence the result without the produced knowing it. Its like science trying to measure electrons the way they measure it then also give them the result.

Modeling old school made sure assumptions wouldn’t be there so the model brought forward would then be free of bias.  Good luck with that unless your really good with such and that is also why its an art form.

I was interested in modeling to do such I spent 20 years with that. I am not a therapist, coach or change agent or such, I do modeling. Its what I do.

Isolating the dyslexia and finding out what to do to apply the catmodel for dyslexics is now a matter to do the model until the evidence is there when it works, once that happens the work is done. You will know when it works what your doing. It simplifies the model and how to apply it as you don’t need a lot of skill to do it.

The golf swing was isolated and distilled down from the model of Mike Austin. While the swing itself wont guarantee you to win British Open and become nr1 in the world it will elevate what you need to do to be long and consistent. The rest of the game is there to master also.

When I researched stuff with the dyslexia model I had an epiphany as I understood the model and modeling better. I knew when I told Patrick that what he needs to do he was like a question mark but that is what models do, they help us navigate trough what we do. 

Modeling self is tricky, if you ask someone “who are you?” people need to activate the comparison mode to answer that and then they cant answer the question. It be filled with beliefs, assumptions etc….
However its doable if one does that but also is likely to cause issues the NOTNLP protocol, showed me that, people running it just got lost to much, while its a wonder to use with clients as a coach, therapist or agent of change is one thing and will replace any change and model used in NLP that is used for change.  Yea one model replace every other model used within NLP today. That is modeling simplifying the models and then someone in NLP told people that unless NLP evolves it will vanish and it already has.

However, self was it.

How do we model that as we cant become someone else right all we will do is to mimic and replicate it to some extent and then we understand how they make decisions to navigate trough their maps the limits of NLP btw.

How do we map self, to then maybe build a new one or establish the one that should be there?

Early this year I said once the golf swing model was done then I be focused a bit on the RBIm model and its protocol and that is what I been doing lately.

If we can isolate and distill down peoples own self without the filtering going on would that then create an easier access to add the system restore the way the individual would want it?

NLP and other models like Mythoself has to run a elicitation protocol and then the agent has to be good doing it. It requires a lot of training to do so.  I thought that whenever I defined a model it then becomes cake to do it and requires very little training to do it. However before the model is there, then its hell.

Then you don’t know what is going on its all sorting and checking the system itself and removing testing and so on.

To sum up.

  • Modeling requires skill.
  • Modeling old school removes assumptions filters we have in perception and are unaware off.
  • Modeling produce incomplete models.

I have yet to see a model like the RBIm dyslexic model (Catmodel) yet. I have yet to see a golf swing model like the RBIm model in NLP.

When defined they make a lot of sense as they allow you to conceptually map them. Then the model helps you to apply it creatively to understand what is going on which then helps navigate and give a roadmap to how the model works when applied. NO NLP model is able to do that.

I been running the self modeling update for a week now. I assumed if it was working then the re-organization would take some time to do due to neural networks are involved, 3 weeks are a good number to run such tests.

Knowing how the self is maintained and having a direct access to it will then remove any limitation you had or ever never knew you had as those cant exist there. Then your able to create any future experience based upon the evidence of the future itself.

The RBIm way.

About locations and contexts and life

This is Dilts explaining contextual anchors.

Quote “

4. Context Surrounding the Anchoring Experience

Context is an important influence on anchoring that is often ignored. The context or environement surrounding an interaction contains many cues which may effect the anchoring process. Even though they are not the primary focus of attention, environmental cues can become anchors. In what is called “context association,” the general environment may begin to elicit a response that is being conditioned to a specific stimulus. (Context association is the basis for “locational anchors.”)
”end quote.

As I written before, RBIm is a evolved NLP and you will find many things in common with NLP and risk doing what many do thinking it’s the same when it is different.

Anchoring for example was used with NLP as the founders of NLP wanted to move away from stimuli-response as a concept and used word in psychology as it had a negative (bad) association to it aka anchor. The NLP concept is then exactly the same as pavlov and stimuli response except people don’t associate the same towards the word anchoring itself.

Anchors can be used to stabilize an experience or state for the individual like kids having nightmares or monsters under the bed then the light can be lit and a story be told about something that let the kid own the power of monster killer.

Location for an RBIm disciple means meaning. Its not an anchor, it means, location/meaning.

If you want to remove people and disassociate them then go ahead use old NLP stuff as if people wasn’t enough removed from their hardware vestibular experience enough.

The brain seek using patterns of generalization so what it tends to do first is to seek, do I know this? If it does it use a generalization that seems the same as the one concept its faced with. While that allow us to adapt to a lot of stuff without going crazy it also limits people due to the perception then deletes the new experience and knowledge fully. Its called a  perceptual filter.

What people wants to do is to understand meaning and reality the same they always understood it and then they want to change their life at the same time keeping what is old the same while they change, doesn’t work…guys. Psychology have a hard time changing their clients to feel good about life due to them cant change meaning.

If location store meaning, what happens when you change location?

Meaning access changes. You then built new. FutureNow for example is asked about a new future which means bridging a gap from wherever you are to whatever you need to go, change of locations and meaning and you cant bring the old with you.

Once meaning is changed then location changes automatically.

So for me, it seems easier to change the meaning for the individual as then they will change the location also.

Meaning works differently than anchors or stimuli response, its how you understands the world within the evidence you create to recursively write and re-write everyday.

RBIm is designed from a two different perspectives called the comparison mode. Its used to create leverage to change the meaning for the individual by change the evidence and meaning for the individual so they can change without effort into a new location.

Location and context then interfere due to your used to respond and react to the outside world without creating difference. Its seamless for people, going to work means bored shit, talking to their boss means asshole etc..once you change the meaning of those then your thinking, feeling and actions changes along the way.

You can do this differently obviously, back in the day I used 5 states to pack into a massive anchor as soon they saw their co-worker who they hated then the new 5 massive states would fire off, he said the next time he saw me, dude that guy is really nice……….now. I guess its never to late for a second impression?

Meaning is written with evidence all the time to keep meaning the same we are always checking the evidence for this to be the same. The comparison mode is then engaged and often this evidence is located outside. When its located inside then you are likely to have what therapists call a resisting client due to them resists pretty much any change tried to be done to them.

I had one client who told me that she couldn’t change due to if she did her parents then was right and got the positive effect of her change and so she couldn’t change. Her behavior was filled with split personality.  So her evidence of change then was that her parents would feel good if she did change and that couldn’t happen a so called double bind, your damned if you do or don’t. Whenever evidence is located Inside/outside like in her case change pretty much using conventional means are doomed. You need to build a new reality for such clients which a therapist cant do.  A NLP therapist aka practitioner cant do anything either with her.

If the context means this then a change cant be done its as simple as that with a double bind.

Then you need to make the meaning mean different.

Our brain is capable of adapting to killing a whole race like the Neanderthals, removing them out of the way without having a racial question mark – should we do it?

Meaning is created by you for you, whatever you experience and perceived are from meaning what stuff means to you. To change or transform or whatever you call it, meaning has to be different. Since the system is checking this to provide its own evidence for it (recursively) in an infinite digress then one need to handle this by using a top down approach of logical order.

The system contains of meaning that is evidenced within the comparison to a recursively order of two. Instead of altering or changing any of those two variables like NLP tries to do or psychology we are letting the system be as it is and just replace it with new meaning then the process itself located in the meaning and  location wont change and don’t need to be changed using NLP tools anymore. I just made anything NLP obsolete with that if you understand it that is.

Your own system keeps a check on reality to keep the meaning as it is, if however the meaning changes then the system still works as it did before just now it works with a new meaning and then location also changed for it.

Whenever I done rapid fast changes, often in a few seconds, I did that in the Mythoself workshop back in 2004 where the NOTNLP protocol, worked to establish a whole new structure for one participant none came and asked me about it, none. The changes was to fast and worked to good so people assumed that whatever changed was easy to do and frankly it wasn’t. It worked on sexual abuse and the individual could let go of something they wasn’t even aware off that held them back in life.

The letting go is a locational change.

Your told in Mythoself for example to “let go” of stuff but never told how – same with NLP and other systems.

Letting go means, locational change of accessed information.

Eliciting a new experience means the system now works the same way it did just seconds ago but your decision making, actions, behaviors you do is now, different. I did that in Mohonk and also in Canada the weekend before and one guy an NLP Trainer from bandler said whatever I did didn’t work. He couldn’t understand what I did do that worked and also totally ignored outside evidence for it.

My students who been to NLP trainings can do things those trainers cant do.

Anyhow, treating locational change or move as a shift or anchoring exercise is just not right. The change happens without any change made and that NLP cant do and why they cant understand RBIm as a technology as its to advanced for them.

For example people know who they are most of the time, its then something people must have a system to keep the self and have evidence for it. Asking someone about how they know they do doesn’t work due to them then have to verify the system itself which people cant do its not neurologically possible to do so.

I simply then thought if that isn’t possible the question then how do I verify the system itself  (self) that keeps it in the location it does and how do I distill that system (self) down to its essence?









And the winner of this year Nobel prize is

My name haven’t come up yet in their discussions.
Maybe I am to ambitious or arrogant or just delusional?
I should go back to the hole I crawled out from?


Models are funny stuff they allow predictions to happen about a result. I can predict when a dyslexic isn’t a dyslexic anymore when the intervention is working for them. The model states the evidence for that criterion.

Using NLP models you have to guess.

The golf swing model I did also shows evidence when you do for example a proper down swing for a compound pivot. You don’t guess.

I don’t like to guess.

I wanted for as long I can recall answers to questions I had, why am I this way why do I react and respond this way and why oh why can I get some answers?

I should have asked, what will I do when I do have the answers?

Becoming Legendary Awesome maybe?

Watching the trailer from Avengers age of Ultron I am like dude I cant wait to watch that movie in May. I am super hyped over that movie.


I sit here writing stuff listening to Mylene farmer dancing and singing C’est dans l’air and as French go – mine is rusty. (It Is In The Air)

Times changes, people changes with the times, but our ability to detect changes are slim and few, often we come to understand darn our kids really did grow a lot, we find cellphones and then computers and then we are going digital to one and zero. Technology shrinks our world, the tech itself goes smaller as its cheaper to manufacture and often to transport its why the CRT TV and screens went away as soon TFT and LCD was feasible. The main reason was cost, a CRT had a huge weight and the new TV and monitors could then be transported with more unites for the same weight.

We traded away better image quality as CRT was godly good to some lamps flashing back and forth. Soon the new tech comes, 8k and then I can calm down again.

Technology of mind happens as always when people are exposed to previous material and I come from the NLP model and then evolved it into a better NLP model, its pure fresh NLP and I just call it something else as some people think NLP has rights and its their rights.

RBIm as a technology unlocks reality, meaning of life and allows an exploration of experience creating the time of your life.

It wont mean that we can do so simply yet but I am working on it as I write as I know the layout and now how to find a way to apply it and formalize it into a model that is user-friendly?

I realize and understand which by the RBIm tech is exploratory that location has meaning. That the recursive circle has infinite recursion to its own evidence and criteria. That the definition defines itself. To break out of that we as human beings have actions we do our behavior what we think, feel, respond and react to we call such causality. Those allow us proof of facts that whatever we believe in are justified by whatever means needed.

So I do understand.

Next is as what I do as a genius.


Magic happens by itself once the system is primed then stuff runs its own course the wheels turns by themselves if not enough the answer will be there to collect more information and then the circus continues.

Understanding and its realization isn’t just part of, ok then I know that I understand that but then how to communicate such and that is where a model comes into its rescue to predict the result to stabilize peoples consciousness to know what to do that works.

Consciousness and self is a huge deal for us as humans. There are plenty of self help books, take action stuff, there are new age into the past life energy whatever stuff but its all pretty much a mess.

Like the old good doctor Paul Bjerre, once he said to Jung who was still on the board of Freud and said this isn’t working the way it should he went and then explored other options, hypnosis and regressions and while those days a 100 years ago people simply didn’t really understand human minds. The Karin case he showed that her heartbeats was transferred to physical manifestations in the house. (knocking aka poltergeist). Helping her fixed the poltergeist stuff.

I am like that guy was a cool dude, sure he was a real doctor and whatever he was doing is working but all what he did couldn’t be used later due to lacking one key component.

There was no model to follow to understand why it worked the way it did.

His work fell to the paper it was written on and similar fate happen to Milton h Erickson as many books was written about him and his work but none really gave you a good way to understand why it worked the way it did. While the NLP hypnosis model is a crude way to train yourself into the way of hypnosis it was miles better than anything on the market at the time and still is.

Models also slowly become better but the NLP models are incomplete models.

I know so and then how do I fix that so I can make it better?

My dyslexia model was first, my Golf swing model follow along also and soon I do hope I be able to do so with RBIm that allows such simplification even though I wouldnt call it easy to learn a golf swing even when you know what and why your training the way you do.

Model allow us to predict results of what we are doing. To some extent there might be steps involved, things you need to do like increase mobility with the golf swing practice (Intu-flow) so that your able to move the body the way the swing model states.

Once the guesswork is out of the way your ability to improve what your doing to better do it increases fast and your slipstream the actions you need to do so they become more efficient by themselves.

NLP models cant do that and don’t do that without some serious work from the individual and even then its not, elegant.

Or as we say here, awesome

Legendary so.

Doing what I do has become easy. In that I recall Duke Leto as he sat their on his throne and all he found was boring endless patterns repeating itself and he wasn’t surprised as years and decades passed by as he sat there waiting for the day to become, surprised.

Once patterns and models are formed for me then they are done. I don’t talk theory in a golf swing I don’t need to. I don’t talk theory with dyslexic as I don’t need to.

Nor why would I want to do that since that takes longer and has little meaning if any?

I can understand some that want to have something to talk about but there is a ton of other things like girls, space, unmanned flight to Mars, faster than light etc…

A mystery is only such until the magic become explicit.

Then its science.

Totally boring but fun.