Building new habits

Some say well its a choice really (stuffing mouth with all kinds of sugar, cigars and getting fat) and then say its a choice. Like Bandler is doing the fat guy alleged developer of NLP does.

Its a choice?


Habits are pesky stuff, so if one has one then as we do them it can be some common ones like eating a bag of chips and suddenly its empty and we ask where did all the chips go?

We may then ask, what to do instead how to fix this to change things for us?

Now your brain goes defense mode its defcon 1.

You cant build the new habit as your mind forces you to forget it, and then your choice excuse pops up and it seems so rational, right? Your own mind is deluding you and you think its a personal choice when really its a habit and a powerful motivator behind it.

If one focus on what to do instead, the outcome then the system fights us going there, its kinda funny, we can know where to go but cant get there as the brain then kick in the defense mode.

So then we have a ton of methods trying to fix that for us going against the brain so Bandler still use hypnosis to bypass the resistance of the defense mode. Then sell people the idea of a unconscious mind drives things and then the shit is rolling.

Anyhow, RBIm6 in some form going to happen later, question I debate atm is in what form.

18 holes later its rehab time

I knew going in it be hard, hole 12 one calf reacted and I hope its the scar tissue acting up as I had to limp the rest. Tired was expected, soft tissue is painful as a slight inflammation happens and I slept only 3 hours before the round, so not good circumstances.

Did feel fine during round in a high performance mode, was working great. Made a couple of birdies and had a good time overall. The calf is worrisome though, hopefully a day o two I be fine to walk or else it be difficult to play the way I wanted.

Good test of the RBIm6 performance mode and some insights in the result of that and good to play and start the work outs as walking this course is a lot of work.

Its a bit difficult to explain

So made a video about golf and RBIm6, showed it and the guy didn’t understand, due to people seem to be so used to content.

I was a long time a bit confused about how NLP described their model (there is none btw) due to they use process and then avoiding the culprit of people actually asking though questions as they cant answer them. Bandler is still using hypnosis as he cant use techniques developed with NLP, dhe and nhr.

What is content then?

A constructed meaning.

So what we want to do is to think about stuff we talk about as solid objects, a chair or a car as words isn’t the objects they describe but for our brain and us they are often the same thing even when they cant be. Our mind the way we interpreted that many cant separate the word car and chair or even the photo of the chair or car in relation to the car and chair.

This sits as confusion for most people as if you cant make the distinction you cant understand irony for example and you lack humor. Once your able to distinguish between a word, a photo and the object itself your able to navigate communication and create meaning.

Content then is a confused difference between the experience itself and the description of the experience itself.

If your not able to make the distinction you cant understand the difference.

Perceptually you become blind.

NLP tried to overcome this using hypnosis talking to a invisible unconscious mind, due to them believed that actually did happen in there. NLP went into the wrong direction due to the developers didn’t understand the brain mechanics.

When you can steer the behavior directly, inform a new structural format by understanding RBIm6 when applied then there is no unconscious mind anymore its simply understanding in how the brain use the information in memory and that is stored spatially for us, content for example is stored spatially different once you understand the difference between the word, vs the photo vs the object.

The you can make a distinction between content and the meaning it has and understanding its relationship vs one another.When you cant its when your perceptually blind. In golf for example people can look at a movement when someone swing but they cant replicate it. You cant relate the movement to distinguish between what them are doing and what’s going on.

Beliefs informs us about the content there, to be assumed so whenever that is challenged it cant be changed often reinforced (backfire effect) due to our mind isn’t made to change things. It is made to store information.

So what we can do once we understand is that we can build new reality and then replace everything that come before automatically.

I had a unique opportunity with clients recently to utilize RBIm6 directly, 7 months later as the individual came back he said, well I am doing the same things as I did before but now I am doing them for my own sake. The recent meeting he also understood other people were individuals separate from him. For most people they would think, duh! isn’t that obvious?

For some, no.

The great thing about RBIm6 is that the seamless transition to the new, there is no struggle and only a matter of mapping and applying the big hammer.

For a RBIm6 user everything is a nail.
One solution for any problem.
We always build new.

Your then working with how content forms our reality and interchange that as the system we have our mind just reacts to the information it been fed.

That isn’t the representation or the word.

Its how we relate to objects and how the brain has stored them.

NLP cant do that as the whole way they work with the information is wrong and cant understand and why Bandler didn’t understand when working with a phobia on TV didn’t stop and did what he needed to do and instead went on and re-installed the phobia a few times and was forced to do hypnosis again. If a alleged developer of NLP with 40+ years of experience cant understand the difference that means you as a user of NLP cant either.

Your blind and don’t know you are.

The user then are spoon fed that its a process, hypnosis needed to talk to something none has proven true. Its like talking to God, same shit.

What then happens is that you need to adapt to the taught material. They even tell you that when you get stuck you do something new anything new.

RBIm6 never get you stuck ever.

For me it has turned what I been taught on its head and I find myself understanding how it got so wrong with NLP and in psychology and while telling people the difference is difficult as, your main baseline understanding is trough the content already established and that then creates the difficulty itself.

As a student told me, but your teaching what you wrote on the website?

I was, yes of course, why would I do anything different?

The student had issues with it worked without pain and suffering and difficulty. He even tried to make it fail due to the change couldn’t happen this fast so easily so it had to be wrong.

That’s how difficult it can be even when your experience the freedom of choice then your old beliefs and assumptions is still controlling you. Its the main weakness with NLP, psychology, Mythoself and such as none of them can explain why it works the way it does. It seemed obvious to me but not even the developers of those technologies got it.

When your able to do things most would say is impossible, magical even and your able to do it time and time again people still wont believe due to how beliefs interfere with new knowledge and technology.

Be yourself

I always found that question funny, who else am I going to be, Gary Grant? jean de arc?

What most never realize is they are a mirror image in their behaviors form their parents. Heritage isn’t just with dna its with mirror the environment growing up. Its why people tend to have an issue defining themselves due to they have stuff from the environment making it difficult to sort what is what.

RBIm6 clears this up a bit as we focus on building new and basically making a re-set and refresh keeping what you want to keep and then slowly fade whatever else away over time.

The recent clients I had I did something that been impossible to do for me before. That for me proves the value of RBIm6 and what comes out of the process.

Talking to the brain directly.

who was I again?

Breakthroughs are fun times

At some point when one build talent you enter the realm when it starts to clicks. Utilizing quality of feedback settings variation to improve then find how that works.

In each action there is a a perceived action then a action and while its easy to believe the trouble people have is when the assumption mismatch reality the brain goes into solving mode which wont work. Reality is then superseded for the circle of perceptual perceived not the reality achieved.

So one applies measurement to find evidence and facts. Then there is no room for guesswork, beliefs or assumed notions. Naturally drills don’t really work, the instruction set of such is a bad way to do things.

Creating difference is the way to improve to build new skills.

Then at some point one reach a breakthrough being able to just do. The key point is feedback obviously to create that difference and since I uncovered years ago the way to do that one can expect a fast improvement due to the way one applies it.

The issue is the way our mind works with perceived difference as your mind will encounter a different reality vs the one assumed the brain normally just loops the assumption and tries to solve the difference. It just happens and then one miss the learning and one repeats the same.

In the eight sessions I done performance has increased each time, improved. Lessons learned has been applied back to an improved instruction set.

Today was such one, understanding what to do in perceived action then feeling it allowing for improvement again getting that compound pivot down.

A great day

Towards a better future

One interesting point is that people believe change is hard and they are right, it is.

Until it isn’t.

I received some feedback from the RBIm6 clients I saw 6 months ago or so. They are back for a follow up and I am giving them the tool to alter their own life for a better future.

They are both an example how effective RBIm6 is, as the implication and effect within the work done is beyond what one could ask for. While they want some update one due to migraines our life as growing up is an experience of how we are suppose to respond and then become expected and no difference is expected.

Experience just means memory, we can recall enough variation trough the exposure itself over time if we had enough quality feedback. The first day today was to set up basic states and protocols for tomorrow. We want to have a reference structure in place so we can navigate what to do and then understand what we are suppose to do.

Logic only take us as far, raw exposure is needed without really understanding navigated by an experienced guide. Then we can fill in the gaps and add our own map filling in the details once the framework is known.

Good news is warmth is coming here, spring has arrived this week. Next weekend may show 20c which is insane vs what has been with 1c a long time with cold winds. At last its here, summer is coming.

Golf swing is on track and I expect things to kick in gear there to and hopefully my calf’s are healed fully soon also as I still have some reactions but overall its not to bad even though i need to be careful with the workload still.

Interesting few days and today been a heavy load with work but also gladly done such as the feedback from previous session was awesome.

Understanding elite level performance

Someone might say, Bob Rotella then and I would know, no he don’t understand. The placebo effect is real in his case. Super confidence? Yea ask him to explain that one and listen to guesswork.

To assist to work as a coach you want to understand what your about to do. The athlete just want to go out there and perform they don’t want to know every detail or be spoon fed metaphors.

What happens is your assumption and estimate of what your about to do is getting in your way of your performance. When that interfere with the result your doing you end up in a boot loop. A never ending cycle trying to solve what’s going on.

Utilizing RBIm6 one can resolve that both before and when performing if needed.

Golfers like Jordan spieth for examples struggled with his mechanics for 4 days in the Masters then hit 2 balls in water loosing the title. Once he hit those water holes he played better, his mechanics suddenly improved. If you have better mechanics helps to elevate mental issues when performing but isn’t a solution.

A change of focus did happen for Jordan but it wasn’t enough to regain his game and score.

if your able to understand what to do to focus on allowing your performance reach zone performance every time you go play then that will also help with scoring. If Jordan Spieth had known RBIm6 then what did happen day one with his mechanics would have made him change his focus and played better.

What happens is your assumption and estimate of what your about to do is getting in your way of your performance. When that interfere with the result your doing you end up in a boot loop. A never ending cycle trying to solve what’s going on.

Once you train yourself to perform your able to have that sharp laser like focus the very best people have in any sport they seem to be able to transcend their performance delivering a high level performance every time they go play like Ronaldo in Real Madrid in football scoring goals and deliver all the time.

Understanding what goes in is a needed thing due to otherwise your stuck adapting to bob Rotellas instructions to make them work and they don’t really work due to placebo effect is real there. When they work its due to the individual believe in them which again is placebo but then when stuff happens as your loose your game like Rory Mcilroy does as he is a client to Bob Rotella the answer then while performing and then loosing the cut?

No where to be seen.

Beliefs wont work long term nor does placebo as at some point the system cant hold together the adaption and then your fucked.

Enjoying life and the path towards godhood

This recent may we have had cold days, an arctic wind swept down and are clouding Sweden into a cold stick. Its as cold as it ever been. Forecast change daily even though it will be warmer the next few days its about how one deals with things.

The whole ski world laughed at Boklov when he started to do the V-style in ski jumping they stopped when he won tournaments and the world cup season.

Enjoying things is a skill like any, I recently the last few days have spent time indoors due to 1c and snowing is no good fun going outside hitting balls. So I done other things like fixing some old stuff and preparing for some work.

Today its like 2c and cold so I work on other things and preparing to hit a few balls tomorrow when forecast state it be 6c or so.

Most when plan use their projection based on estimate which with the people always is wrong, we cant predict the future event and actions accurately that we do. Using measurement and evidence it allow us to based what we can do more accurately. Athletes has that issue, they practice and play and then have an idea what they do which they then plan ahead from which will be wrong.

Then the issue will be that when activated in action the individual now have a problem with performance as their projected result and the actual result isn’t a match. Performance will suffer as the individual is trying to get back to their projected result which isn’t working.

Naturally when we try to perform some get a impotence issue if your in a big city like Stockholm and no way around that.

Athletes are working hard to perform and they are as bound by what to focus on as anyone else as many that plays golf on tour never reach their potential, their A-Game and such. They also never practice with their A-Game and as so also never reach their potential.

Their own mind eludes them of that and then coaches and sport psychology has no answer.

Focusing on elite level performance as I have done one finds that the athlete practice hard and much but also then state, they are talented those that win like Mikaela shiffrin and I am like, no she is not. When your competition thinks your talented then they obviously cant reach their A-Game or potential as they don’t understand that talent is built, not a born skill.

I cant change the cold outside, well I am if I stay indoors as its hotter there but the weather as anything we as humans have to like either we like it or not.

So we then set us into enjoying the cold, welcome it and then raise our performance and enjoy what we do.

People that are stuck important cant.

They blame a lack of talent, no that’s false, for their lack of performance due to people will reference what they believe and as usual that’s always wrong. If it wasn’t then they had their A-Game.

Perceptions isn’t that easy to understand. Our way of perceiving can change so slightly and then we think differently, perform differently and then did not know what just did happen, some get in the zone for a bit but cant replicate it later.

I found NLP lacking there, big time. To study elite level performance and extract what to do I had to develop new models. I also had to make people understand why they needed to do things the way I teach due to if you don’t you cant perform the way you want. That did lead to a perceptual problem for many due to them now was in a limbo of an unknown as the performance of the zone feels way different than what people expect as they never been able to just do it.

I done it for more than 20 years for me its easy. Yea I work in the zone all the time.

For someone that cant do that it seems impossible at first, due to your thinking had to be talent and its not. Its a trained skill like anything else. Understanding performance to be able to take your best A-game potential and do it every time you do things are for most an impossible task.

For me its normal and one reason I enjoy what I do.
You want to be able to do that and to get there requires some work to establish mind focus.
RBIm6 development will allow you to reach Godhood.

The easy path is to say, take action, cool bro but then we are stuck with what now? The Tony Robbins talk is a cultural American mesh that wont work outside the cultural American border, its due to people simply put wont stand for religious gatherings. Taking action is a simplistic way that seems so meaningful but when checked means nothing.

Its like saying, they are so talented´as it just tells us, we don’t know.

Elite level performance is simple yet efficient. Its also a essential drawn out bit that works the same way to focus on the task, the way one does the focus and how one works at it makes the difference or not and while one can now say, take action they also dismissed all the work leading to someone being able to do that.

While the old story of the mechanics that was called in to fix a machinery that stood still, he came in and stood there listening, took a hammer and knocked on a pipe and it all worked again. He sent the bill, 10000$, he was asked to clarify why it cost so much when all he did was to hammer a pipe,

he sent this, hammer a pipe 1$ knowing where to hammer, 9999$.

The skill set to know what to do, make it more simple or easy to learn to do, so spend time developing things on your own takes a lot of time and energy and as we seen with thedanplan in golf, failing due to the lack of know how.

Ben Hogan constant failures learning to swing like Hogan, time and time again. Same with Mike Austin.

Except now someone is able to swing like Mike Austin as I know how that works.

There is a lack of appreciation of the work behind knowing how things works. Its common out there due to very few actually do understand how stuff works. I found when people go to a workshop they end up assuming they need to adapt to wants taught as they are so use to the idea that what’s taught wont work.

I spent a few days with Robert Dilts a long time ago and I learned one thing, one could say I paid all that money for that single thing but then I may have tried and seek for a long time to find that insight or even maybe never would have. Knowing more as I do wont mean I do know it all as learning and humans are far to complex for simple equations as performance can be simple, humans however are not.

Even when you tell someone, do this, show them, they cant do it.

Its an amazing thing as I can do such myself, I don’t even think for a second if its difficult or not as I can just do it. I found that people struggle with that time and time again.

Golfers for example needs extensive work with vestibular references or how your body moves trough space. Once you can do that you can learn any movement in no time. Hans is easy to teach as he has already well developed such kinesthetic. The question then would be to develop a program for someone else if I need to add a training program fully for developing kinesthetic awareness?

That’s a question I pose not just with golf but RBIm6 also.

In a couple of days I am going to receive the best feedback I could ask for, a couple will visit me that were here in November. I run the RBIm6 with them so now I can witness the impact of what I did and what did happen as a result of that work. That for me is a highlight rare as ever as I seldom get feedback that can be delighted about.

To improve you want feedback of difference.

Most however in their life look and find sameness no difference and then you will be stuck.

Improving, growing learning all involve uncomfortable moments when your in the unknown, your frustrated maybe and angry even and that’s part of the creative process of the brain coordinating and re-organizing what you know into deal with the unknown and until you can do that there is no link and reference to the new but once your able to do it at some point the brain links it up and you now, can just do it.

The process itself can be minutes even weeks but when your brain link it up you think like you always done it and that’s not true its how the brain works. I had students telling me the first morning after a couple of hours that when are they going to learn to do what I teach and I say, you already did and they say no I knew how to do this before I come here, and I say really, so this morning when you woke up you could o this then?

A puzzled look happens as they struggle to comprehend what they cant understand yet that they learned something new and its already incorporated into their behavior into their cognitive understanding and that they always done it is beyond them.

It was to easy as it didn’t involve any struggle to learn.

I had a guy once entering the master practitioner I did with no previous experience and on the third day on Sunday he said, excuse me as I don’t understand this, I said, what don’t you understand? He told me, so I said, so you don’t understand this, and then this and then this?

He later in the next module said to us there that he sat on the bus home that day and everything fell into places information unpacked into consciousness.

He could now do.

Its part of my job to ensure you learn as you will get in your own way to learn to do things.

Humans cant learn that good as we are taught skills that gets in the way of learning. That isn’t the way to Godhood as its the way to strain, stress and imperfection and depression and failure. The way of the big city folks.

I have the luxury even when I been ill for 17 years to study this to improve the model itself then the instruction set and even if its like snail pace for me the improvements are good.

Atm I am applying the golf swing model template myself, tweaking the instruction set was needed as to be able to do what I had as a template means to do the same dynamics to replicate the motion and to do so there was need of a improved instruction set. It did helps Hans to improve and also to refine the model to streamline it down. Once the model is there one refine and tweak and go beyond often to improve the model itself result. The interesting challenge would be to teach a long driving individual with this template.

What’s next after that I don’t know yet.

One thing first then what happens after that I will find out.

When life throws you a curveball and where to straighten up

3 and a half month ago I walked and warmed up and did some intervals, at the third one my right calf ruptured slightly and that was since then pain, stiffness and sore as also the other calf ruptured later while walking to the shop.

3 and a half month later, today I woke up as usual, did my stuff and found something was missing, the signals from pain, stiffness and sore was gone I was walking around normally. I walked 5km on Sunday, then rested a few days as I need to. Today felt absolutely amazing as I could walk around normally.

I went to the city today, bought a new psu for my old computer and met up with sis kid and we had some dinner out. Went home and put the old computer back up as a media machine.

Amazing day for sure even if its cold as hell outside still.

I had a skype talk with down under yesterday, the golfer progress is ongoing and he is getting where he should as his movement patterns started to improve in a massive manner. Those moment when your almost able to do, frustrating yes sure but it means your close to bridge the gap with what you did and what you want to do.

The unknown what its like to swing at a speed you never did know exist or was possible well sure for others maybe young kids starting at age 8 and then at age 20 can go to the tour but later start we think, no chance right?

That may be true, I don’t know what I do know when your able to do something everyone call, impossible and for you its just easy and simple once you bridged the gap, well then they will say the same then, your talented even though everything points to Cant do – apply model from the Golf God – can do the impossible possible.

Its when you feel the power, the speed itself and you think well it don’t feel like I am swinging that fast and the ball simply is flying due to you never felt the effortless power that is there with proper leverage. Once you do your hooked for life as its what you can then, just do.

I visited my range spots as I call them, grass fields that still have snow, wet and well its doable to hit balls but today it was freezing outside, yesterday it snowed…………really not good warm sunny go out and hit a few balls, I rather wait do some rehab and let the sun warm this up before I start doing some wedge shots.

10 days out before some warmer winds are coming, looking forward to those.

My new computer works great also as far, I been waiting 4 years for a 6 core to be out that I felt like, yea that make sense and now when I have it, its a little like Christmas every time I use my computer. Next is to use the water-cooling once I fix a new water block for the motherboard, no rush though.

Atm I wait for range practice as its the first time I am able to work a swing as previous years I just researched stuff, now I can practice things the same way I been teaching Hans and the others. That also feels exciting as I have this massive amount of understanding what to do and how to practice, I spent 21 minutes to analyze Hans and Mike Austin on video for them as what to check for what happens to facilitate a deeper understanding what to do and why. The range I use have a great valley in front of it so you can see where the ball lands, its a good benchmark to have when one start the spring work. I can then compare where I hit the ball with a 7i or a 4i or driver vs previous season and vs other people there.

This year, well I have no idea what I am capable off.

Its a big unknown for me as I be finding out first hand how its like firing a ball down the range and think, oh boy this is so much fun to do.

The indoor work has worked out good, but that is with wedges and no balls. Teaching people is different as the template itself also need a instruction manual, as far I think its working out in a really good way as I can track everything that happens in the golf swing to one variable now. Only one drill is needed to teach the whole movement pattern which is good. Then one can once that is done enjoy the proper sequence and start working the ball. Speed and distance you have plenty you be driving so long your buddy and friends will ask what your doing as they be so far behind you its not even funny.

Look forward to that this summer.

The moment before your able to do things and then have an injury is just how life works, shit happens and we deal with and move on. I find people tend to be hateful, make personal attacks and such so I ask, are they pedophiles? or people that beat their girlfriends and wife’s? Its where my mind goes when I receive such due to no sane normal person would comment the way people do.

Disbelief is a though call, life is difficult at times, hard, curve balls, I survived cancer, I survived a few car accidents, I helped individuals get a life when no one believed it was doable and I found that staying positive wont make you immune to curveballs only happier. I fell ill in chronic fatigue, now the cancer or other stuff wasn’t enough that had to happen also. Good I can do the shit I can do so I can have to some extent a normal life albeit some restrictions apply. recovery is longer, way long however recovery will happen.

So I stay positive, I feel great about stuff everyday, I got a new computer that I looked forward for some years, found the receipt of the old one and its 4 years now and for 3 years I was looking forward a 6 core computer and now I have one. I am in a good place, one of such is hard to describe and talk about, experience it well then you know but talking about it well that’s difficult.

At peace, centered, zone, well however one try to describe such words and concepts always fall short, don’t they? I recall people I watched doing great things, some having enlightenment moments, some sit and try to explain to a reporter what that is like and its simply, not possible.

So we need a new technology to bring people further onto the experiences to explore the possibilities of what a human can achieve in personal freedom and insights, achieving wisdom and then bring it out into enough people to create a whole new wave of the future.

The futurenow as I call it.

Legendary awesome as it fits.

That for sure straighten me out.