Why tour pros don’t improve their game scoring

Here is a PDF from two great coaches in golf.

  • The list the reasons why golfers don’t improve with
  • Nr 1 “Obsession with technique”
  • Nr 2 as “Caught in the reactive cycle”
  • Nr 3 as “Lack of confidence”

Those coaches are people who actually did take someone to the tour or improved those on tour and still whatever I am doing takes it a step further or two.

I told Hans, what you will have is the two best support systems in the world, the golf mechanics to repeat with both distance and accuracy and the performance model. Obviously for him he cant tell if I am lying or just blowing fairy dust into his eyes and mind.

He will only be able to judge if he this the ball better and if he can play his best each time he tees up.

I go check things out now and then and these two guys Steve Bann and Dale Lynch knows their stuff obviously and are good at what they do no doubt. They are addressing areas a golfer and a tour pro has issues with and still they could improve their efficiency and results with the RBIm 3.0 golf system.

Obviously again beliefs get in the way as if you didn’t write a lot of books, was seen in media etc..or run a golf school or whatever else then obviously it cant be good for a number of reasons.

In some areas like back in the day when math was doing a lot of improvement one guy discovered calculus and then published it but somewhere else in the world someone else already had discovered it a long time ago but they hadn’t published it so the honor goes to the one publishing it right? Nicola Tesla invented the radio btw, not the other guy if you learned someone else than Tesla did invent the radio your school is wrong about that and should fix their books.

The RBIm 3.0 golf system addresses how the tour pro can stay in the moment with every swing and game they play and how they can play at their best every time they tee up.

Your game wont need a ritual that needs fixing, In sport that is unheard off there is nowhere I know off at least where anyone in this Universe can do that.

I make people better,

it wont matter what they do, triathlon, golf, tennis, baseball as when I check those out and ask why are you not doing this or that they cant tell me. I done that my whole life it seems, I ask “why are you going trough therapy?” The client tells me, well I have this diagnosis of this “and they tell me a nice story” and then I say, why are you not doing this then? Well then I wouldn’t have the diagnosis and be happy? yea….. Later I worked with dyslexia, and as I dragged the kid up on stage to demonstrate this and the kid went from a diagnosed dyslexic to a normal reader in less than an hour and the 6 teachers who was there none of them asked me how did I do that and how can I use this in my school to overcome dyslexia? None has called or contacted me as the teachers become afraid of becoming good at what they do.

When you do paradigm shifting technology as its what I do then people become afraid of their potential

I solved how to stay in the moment to be in the zone to control the output level of your game in golf so if you can score 60 you be able to shoot those scores every day you go play. The deviation from that score wont be changing much on the same course and environment.

What I do goes beyond anything you ever knew about performance and golf. I don’t do average as I do what the best are able to learn to do and then even better.

That do scare some people due to them suddenly will be able to do their best performance each time and it will always work isn’t for the average to do as its really powerful stuff.

Its just that.


For me?


I don’t offer solutions to fix a problem why the tour pro isn’t improving what I do works and once learned you can just do it.

The impossible made possible.

In the field of dyslexia for example we have taken dyslexics with a official diagnosis and then they went and tested themselves in the same place that gave them their diagnosis and they didn’t have it dyslexia anymore.

Its mind-bending technology.

The field of dyslexia cant believe it.

My student teaching such are doing what they (Professors/teachers)call impossible.

Imagine your game applying your best performance under your own control being the moment at your best every day every round every time you tee up day our and day in.

That’s what I do making the best better.

There is nothing like it.

It just works

The RBIm 3.0 Golf System

Golf swing illusions?

Cant trust what you see now and then.


Steve is well aware of the players shortcomings and what they tend to fail at. I have not much to say about the way he does this for the player. It still will not work unless they are able to, not add thoughts playing.

Anyone able to produce 5 teens into the tour top 50 has my ear.

Want to learn to play the piano?


This also are interesting from the above website and while nothing new it’s a different perspective.

When I practice my new golf swing, I haven’t done much full swings for 3 weeks more a check to utilize the feedback as I knew if I do that I know how to react and respond to this and then be able to build a functional golf swing. It does seem to be true also.


Daylight range

While snow has fallen the changes can happen fast in a few days it might be all green again.

This is how the work is done even if cold, winter and not optimal well you have to do the work.

How to know your stuck in a golf swing?

some don’t


Before impact Lexi a top player on the ladies LPGA has now standing on her toes lost power and more importantly, accuracy. She has to move her body to even make contact during the whole down swing phase.

While possible to play the tour, I ask myself why don’t her swing coach fix her swing? She dominate the tour if she did.

lexi 2

My back just died.

If she would change, (not likely) she could do what Hans does below, feet on ground, solid, longer, more accurate and then she could dominate the tour. She still don’t know why she cant play consistently.


If she did she change today.

Tour pros are elite level performers, they deserve the best. They also change or shift if they understand this gives them an advantage. Like the Flosbury flop, the Boklov V style for ski jumping etc…tradition?

Out the window as soon the athlete understands that I want to do.

Mr Snowman

Been snowing today so Hans said, I wont do anything today.

Later he changed his mind so he and mr snowman went and did some range work. I saw the last round of the euro tour today they compete and practice under different conditions for sure.

I don’t debate much

I haven’t found much value in that especially for golf.

I look at Ben Hogan’s swing many are admiring and I see a guy broken and beaten by his accident and its clearly a highly timing requirement swing and needs a lot of work and its basically a chip shot swing.

I don’t debate the golf swing of old or modern theory, I think both are bad for the golfer.

Whatever I found makes me go I don’t think whatever the best in the field thought off is good enough for Hans or me or Larry for that matter.

I don’t do average and the modern swings are just that, average at best. You cant play your best golf with those timings, with that results anyone would struggle and they all do.

I wont, Hans wont and Larry wont.

Bold words? Big talk?

Never been much for hype whenever I say or state then I know.

Its why I don’t debate the golf swing with people. Its obvious they don’t know so why even debate? Let them believe what they want is what I say.

The real danger is when you believe and the truth is whatever you believe in isn’t really working out but you believe it does so you negate and delete anything else. Its how our perceptions operates and clouds judgment which obviously also creates comedy now and then.

if None been able to copy or clone or do the Hogan swing for 60 years maybe those guys have it backwards?

Just an observation.

A similar observation I did with Mike Austin and the group of MA trainers didn’t want to talk about that with me. They also delete any information about what I do out there.

For me result is what I do. I don’t do theory.

Either it works or not.

If it doesn’t produce the result then I am not done yet.

Once it does, then I am done.

Then I move on.

I apply and do.

If someone want to debate and talk about Hogan’s mechanics its like, why? its average at best? Make no sense to me to talk about that stuff.

I understand the need for theory but that is different than beliefs.

Golf theory is broken. I find whatever I am doing is not compatible with whatever they do. I cant adjust someone’s swing and fix it as I don’t believe in fixing. Its why I don’t debate as I find it boring as whatever someone does with technique isn’t what creates results anyhow.

The Golden Path is set

In the end you arrive.

I set out to build a superstar in golf.

So I did.

Coming to the end, the system is built, its done. I got nothing to do now. Its over. There be some additional work now and then for sure, tweaks, improvements etc..but the system is there now.

The signal I receive is one, its all green and go.

I started to work my own swing and mechanics a few weeks ago and they started to work better. Next to implement the motion and sequence better. My old injury that I have had with my ribs have been a slight cause for the movements I done.

My focus changes obviously slightly, its done. Models built, support system built, it works and now all I do is wait for feedback in how well it works.

My calculations points to unprecedented consistency. What those are I don’t know yet but I find out later.

I try to calculate my own progress but hit a wall, I cant calculate this as its so new for me. That feels refreshing for me usually I just know stuff ahead of time. I built systems for so long and updated what I do so it works and then I am able to provide what works.

The road is traveled the plan is set in motion.

For me it’s a an equation that works. Once formulated and done its simple. My work done. I can then go and do other things, or sit down and sip some coffee, eat a cookie so I think I do that.

I feel a bit tired which I should, the system is rebooting now.

I am reminded of emperor Leto as he sought the surprise to find that the golden path was set that the world would be new and fresh and unknown so he waited for centuries that it would happen. 3500 years it took and one day the descendant of Letos sister Ghanima produced a female someone invisible to the fore sight of man produced by the spice. She was invisible to be seen in any future and then could retain the humanity and hope for the future.

Humanity could never be dominated again by anyone.

They were now freemen.

I feel like one today.

Changing motor patterns the Practice of new swing mechanic’s

If you do things for a long time, habits formed, autonomous functions happens you go into just doing it. Riding a bike, golf swings etc..

When the tour pro try to change their swing they don’t know how to do it. Its why Tiger Woods spent 5 years and wasn’t able to do it. Its why a tiny change takes 2 years for them and then it wont work for them and they continue to struggle with it.

Once made the shift like Mike Weir or Baddely doing stack and tilt suddenly they loose their game along the way also and soon they left that system also.

Its due to them the tour pros don’t understand what cause them to play their game. It did happen to frank Lickliter who cant play tour golf anymore after getting stuck in the swing trap.

Normal changes takes around 3 weeks to do if it’s a bit bigger one. Smaller ones take a few days or hours or minutes.

You can learn to ride a bike in a few minutes, hours or days but a golf swing takes 2 years?

What’s going on?

The field of golf don’t understand what to do.
Its that simple.
All the science and money and still no beef?

I am currently implementing the new instruction I told Hans to do and Larry for myself. I worked to identify the feedback not the actual practice of my new swing. I worked on that for 3 weeks now. When I swing I check if I am able to do it better or not if the changes are working or not.

The last few days it has been better as I am able to identify and define the feedback for myself. Once that happens, feel is built that my brain can adapt and respond to.

Then a swing change can be done in days.

Many assume well you do the swing, hit balls work the position and I go, why?

Does not make sense to me.

I once believed that so I had to revise the belief about that.

Now I have a plan to learn the swing, first the feedback once that is worked on then the motion is worked on and then details.

  • Feedback
  • Motion
  • Details

I figure that if I am able to do this then someone else will be able to but that wont happen without a good instruction set. So while I do work this I also build new instructions from it. While someone like Hans might be able to do it without much additions as he is able to adapt to a athletic instinct, one older like myself might not be.

Working this for the last 3 weeks has made me discover what to do a lot better adding nuances even Hans been able to comprehend and do things better with.



Some things seems similar at least.



I look forward to hit balls, as I work indoors I haven’t swung the driver or longer clubs. The last round I played last year still without all the things I discovered since then was solid golf all around.

But for me, once I shoot consistently under par its then I can say this is a success for myself. Until then just a wondrous hopeful insane golf coach who just pass time with his blog posts. I hope and pray that during spring this is what it will look like going outside just a bit better. sun shining for example.