Playing golf I heard this a lot

Cant hit my irons today.
My putting is bad today.
Cant drive the ball for my life.
(many similar)

So they play well with irons and or maybe putting and then say well if my driving had been better today then…or if my putting been better then….


So you learn swings that are riddled with compensations and then wonder why your timing is working with one part of the game vs the other.

You loose the timing when pressure happens and you stress out and don’t know what to do about it.

When I checked out what kind of consistency a tour pro does, my head started to hurt. They couldn’t do it. I assumed the best in a field knew how.

They don’t.

When things works for people who are able to do they are few and rare. Nicklaus, Annika and while she did well her sister Charlotte won 1 LPGA when Annika won 72….she shot 59. They had the same trainers they spoke with one another but Annika hands down dominated. Charlotte could also have done that.

Playing your best its really hard to do with a modern swing mechanics. You need a lot of effort to keep your game in check.

I built better options here.

So that the swing would be like riding a bike and the performance would be from your best.

That seemed to me as the wise choice to create.

So stuff works.