Ben Hogan the clueless golfer

Hogan said (clueless)

“Let us study the correct motion of the right arm and hand in the impact area….
On a full shot you want to hit the ball as hard as you can with your right hand. But this is only half the story. HIT THE BALL AS HARD AS YOU CAN WITH BOTH HANDS. The left is a power hand also. If you hit hard with only the right and let the left go to sleep, you will not only lose much valuable power, you also will run into all the errors that result when the right hand overpowers the left.”

100% wrong, listen to experts gets you into trouble.

The Ben Hogan secret

Not even close Jody after years trying. I know why. Its not easy nor simple and no shadow falls on Jody for trying.

why try model a broken man and his swing?

Hogan was short, injured and then handicapped. His swing before the accident was flowing and long and he played better with that old swing vs the injured accident swing.

when you model choose better.

Its why I model Mike Austin, successfully the first one in the history of golf to do such a feat.

The finished model


the original model

Ben Hogan before and after

Many are impressed with the magic of Hogan and tried to emulate and copy his swing.

He won 64 times.

53 of those wins was “BEFORE” the accident.

He only won 11 with the new crippled swing the one everyone think is so good.

His leg gave up early and that showed him to move to his left side faster and faster due to his right side leg couldn’t handle the upswing.

So if you want to copy or emulate the golf swing Ben Hogan had why copy the one that didn’t win as much?

Before the accident, dynamic, flowing, long.

3 years later he had a pitch swing.

After accident, short no dynamic power.

You see him move off the right leg fast due to him couldn’t hold the physical work there anymore.

He built a swing after that could cope with his injuries but he also lost his game along the way.

Ben Hogan after the accident

His short backswing was due to his right leg couldn’t handle the pressure. One can see that even more announced at the 1967 Masters as he basically stack and tilted due to he wanted to move to his left side asap due to the right leg wasn’t good. (pained)

Can you own the golf swing?

Some say Tiger Woods wanted to own the golf swing so he tried Hank Haney, he tried Sean Fooley and now Chris Como.

It didn’t and wont work for him.

He needs me.

Repeating and allowing consistency isn’t tied to just the golf swing but how you practice. Tiger is doing it all wrong he hit massive amount of shots and that wont work. The result is what you saw him do a former nr1 a multiple dominating player sculled it over greens.

I know he does it wrong and he don’t or his coach doesn’t either.

Owning means your able to repeat.

if you hit one shot then you should be able to hit 20 more the same or 100 more.

Or from some other sport do it like this

He analyzed bow and arrow and now have unmatched skills.

I done the same for golf. I know how to train someone to start owning the golf swing.

While others are thinking technique I am already free flowing out there. Where others are concerned with what they did wrong I am moving on.

Some are quoted to own it people like Ben Hogan, Moe Norman but what they did while they did have overlap in their approach wasn’t tied to the golf swing at all. Their secret if you will wasn’t about the golf swing.

Its something else entirely.

What people tried to do with golf is to create consistency trough artificial means which only elevated the technique and theory and made people stuck to not see the tree in the forest.

I worked with clients and the difficult part of that was to know what to do. They told me things now and then they told me what I needed to do directly and then sometimes I had to investigate what they needed. I done the same for golf as Hans told me one day I am hitting it more straight and I was like what do you mean?

Didn’t you hit it straight earlier?

He was so used to not hitting it straight and accepted that as anyone else he played with couldn’t do it either so when he started to hit it more straight he was at best surprised and scratched his head as his coach (Me) was a guy with no credentials what so ever who basically complained about Mike Austin talking shit all the time and the rest of the trainers didn’t know what they were doing and the rest of the field totally clueless. (don’t say I have not a ironic sense of humor)

Then as he did that hitting it more straight I started to add changes at a increasing pace and his accuracy increased exponentially and now he cant even believe why people hit it all over the place since he now cant do that shit anymore. People believe in golf the trainers knows their stuff, they don’t they just believe they do like NLP.

Owning means you need to find out what makes your able to own it and its not the golf swing as its just a tool of expression here.

That a golf trainer and coach cant teach you but I can.

I found out how to do that.

There is some work involved for sure to make it so but any Picard also knows technical progress isn’t a sure way to make the Universe a safe way.

Tour pros are players who mastered their misses. They have bad days and they still are able to score. They learn to grind it out as they will loose their game, swing and such along the way and this spring it did happen with good players loosing 12 shots like Kaymer did to loose out the last 9 holes. He obviously don’t own his game or swing.

I wish it was as simple as the golf swing but it isn’t contained there to master the ownage of the game.

Ben Hogan traveled to compete in the Open and he won it. His leg gave up soon after the accident and that was his major hurdle while he could play the success he had wasn’t about his fade or whatever else as the secret isn’t in the videos.

Its something else.