Common Myths in golf about power

Andrew Rice wrote this article

Its pure bullshit. You will loose power if you do that. Made a video talking about it.

Sean Foley did this article on power by pushing off the right foot.

Bullshit again you will loose power doing his advice.

Both are PGA certified, one was hried by Tiger Woods for 5 years but still none of them understand power and how to create it. They teach stuck mechanics.

As a Tour Pro you deserve the best and its not found in a PGA certification

Golf swing learning

Learning loop golf swing

My work been focused on developing golf instructions a lot due to the many misconceptions that runs in golf.

The recent one will allow you to develop a pro level golf swing, in testing atm

To understand Jordan spieths 12 hole fail in the Masters

The picture shows he steers the club trough impact.


Its A compensation, its way easy to then block it out right with 30% dispersion as he did in the Masters now and then.

Look at this shoulders they separated to keep the club head as it is.

Not even Jordan can do good with that crap.

You know when modern golf theory sucks when you hear a golf trainer say this

“I’ve had multiple that have perfect sequence with pivot and great lower body that lose structure of the arms and create slack in transition where right arm increases in flex and left arm moves more across the chest.   It’s why GG emphasizes maintaining with or even widening arms coming down.  A great lower body motion doesn’t ensure the arms work correctly.  It makes it easier but doesn’t ensure it.”

That’s iteachgolf saying that on golfwrx, another one that don’t understand the golf swing.

A proper pivot always syncs the arms and whatever you all it perfectly. Obviously he don’t know what that is.

Monte golf advice again totally wrong

someone asked about his goat humping,

Monte advice?
“Not enough forward bend and likely too close to the ball as well.”

Dead wrong.

That’s advice you get on golfwrx from a golf trainer who does not know he is wrong.

Monte don’t understand why he goat humps.

Howe difficult is it for an amateur to become a tour pro?

Hugely difficult.
In history only a handful have actually made it.

Thedanplan will fail. I root for him but he made a few mistakes, one he went with the modern swing and didn’t hire me. His back crashed and he got injured. Was not a surprise.

Second science states 10k hours is the key to make you an expert but there is a lot of people having 20k hours not making it and there are 1200-1500 players each year trying to make the tour facing amateurs, semi pros and actual tour pros that didn’t make the cut so your faced with 30 places for a card and 1200 other golfers going for it.

So why is it so difficult?

You cant simply do what a tour pro is able to do.

They have mastered the misconceptions and adapted to solve the equation to score low. While their game is good scoring wise they also can shoot 66 or 82 any given day as a tour pro.

So as I study this as I am coaching a guy I had no problem with this at all. I analyzed the deep practice 10k hours didn’t account for a superior strategy or a better mechanics in the golf swing or the putting system. I then devised to match or improve the stats a tour pro is able to do that should at least allow the player to play at their best in any event.

Then as that is happening I focused on the performance and consistency even more, as the golf swing allows you a superb confidence and the putting ensure you wont miss much at all you then can map and measure your worst and best in average to find out if your more consistent. Less bogies is a good thing as the more par and birdies you make the less you need to do to perform a lot better. In golf terms changing your game with one or two shot a round is huge over time.

Where does those shot come from then?

No one knows.

You can practice deep practice but without a solid mechanic and a better strategy you will not succeed. That’s the hard fact. Practice alone wont make it for you.

I measure stuff so if I am not able to measure something I find a way to do so as that allows me to know what to do. As I taught Hans the new swing he started to say he hit it more straight and his lower back stopped hurting and other things started to happen. While that was happening I also need to bring down measurement to where the ball went and what was going on and a lot of stuff he did and wanted to do had to go due to those didn’t allow him to play better. In terms of coaching it was, Hans but this is how I want to do it and me, don’t care cant do it that way need to do this that way I say. He went and tested my way, and then did that in spite of him telling me he didn’t want to.


My way worked better.

Golfers as well as business want results but if you have beliefs about what will make you create that result is false and flawed then your stuck without knowing your stuck.

Hiring someone like Monte, Iteachgolf, Waldron, Leadbetter, Haney, Foley, Como etc…will make you struggle with your game forever you never reach the level of your potential as its not doable nor possible with such golf trainers.


The modern swing isn’t good enough for the tour pro consistency you want.

So if you’re a semi pro and want to go tour then your faced with a decision to make – do I continue to do what’s difficult that I will struggle with my whole career or listen to a guy that can explain why to me? Hans knows stuff about the golf swing now that no one else knows except me and Larry to some extent.

The difficulty in scoring low in golf can spell consistency or the lack of it. No tour pro can have their A game day out and day in. They soon accept that but still struggle with it. A tour pro are getting paid with the result they do. Each shot and each putt and each chip and such counts and the pressure to know each failed shot can cause a bogie or double or worse are a difficult way to deal with performance.

When your game isn’t up for the tour pro level you think that its due to some stuff and then continue to do whatever you did more to next time. Tiger woods failed blocked shot with Haney and not knowing why he become blocked and cursed and hit the clubs into the ground due to the awful shot. The Sean Foley failed 5 years Tiger experiment of failure? If the best player the last generation struggle with the modern swing and he won 14 majors then if you’re an amateur as thedanplan don’t you start to think about that then??????????????????????

Some others like Dj Watts believe their recent more perfect mechanical action is now better than the previous perfect mechanical action and he don’t come and ask me as I already did define it?

Isn’t life strange?

So a lot of hurdles to make it as a tour pro.

  • Golf swing mechanics
  • Performance mode
  • Putting
  • Consistency/inconsistency
  • Deep practice 10k hours
  • Money to travel and compete
  • Statistical data like proximity the the hole and dispersion.

So for me the goal was easy, define a way a map and path that allows the player to reach results they can qualify and make the tour and play there.

There was no plan and path out there that worked so I started to design one.

  • I defined a better practice study the deep practice and strategies I defined a better way to practice that leads to breakthroughs.
  • I measure stats like dispersion and proximity to the hole.
  • The golf swing I built allows 300+ yards and 4% dispersion and best in the world proximity to the hole along the way.
  • The putting system I developed removes guesswork and is by far the best in the world for a tour pro.
  • I study tour pros like Nicklaus, Annika, Wright due to them were more consistent than any other pros out there. I taught Hans the Nicklaus strategy and my improved one.

Each bit and step takes time to do and test and evaluate properly and tweaks been made is made ongoing as Hans practice and give me his review and perceptions.

So its difficult for an amateur not to say impossible and for a tour pro level your faced with 1500 other such to make a spot that only 30 can have. Its such odds one have to think about what to do to make such. Hans atm can play along the stats and is starting to implement the performance mode with RBim 5 and are in the coming weeks when spring happens able to test this out in practice and my estimate is that his scoring should go in an all time low for him.

The odds are the same for everyone so you really want to know that you can score low in any way beforehand. Both in practice, in some qualification and in actual competitive rounds. To be able to control and influence your own focus and performance to be able to press it on and off at will. So you can go easy and walk the course and then be able to bring it on when needed to make more birdies if needed.

And then obviously do it consistently over time bringing the performance level you’re a game in every round you go play.

Then you stand a chance.