Common Myths in golf about power

Andrew Rice wrote this article

Its pure bullshit. You will loose power if you do that. Made a video talking about it.

Sean Foley did this article on power by pushing off the right foot.

Bullshit again you will loose power doing his advice.

Both are PGA certified, one was hried by Tiger Woods for 5 years but still none of them understand power and how to create it. They teach stuck mechanics.

As a Tour Pro you deserve the best and its not found in a PGA certification

Golf swing learning

Learning loop golf swing

My work been focused on developing golf instructions a lot due to the many misconceptions that runs in golf.

The recent one will allow you to develop a pro level golf swing, in testing atm

To understand Jordan spieths 12 hole fail in the Masters

The picture shows he steers the club trough impact.


Its A compensation, its way easy to then block it out right with 30% dispersion as he did in the Masters now and then.

Look at this shoulders they separated to keep the club head as it is.

Not even Jordan can do good with that crap.

You know when modern golf theory sucks when you hear a golf trainer say this

“I’ve had multiple that have perfect sequence with pivot and great lower body that lose structure of the arms and create slack in transition where right arm increases in flex and left arm moves more across the chest.   It’s why GG emphasizes maintaining with or even widening arms coming down.  A great lower body motion doesn’t ensure the arms work correctly.  It makes it easier but doesn’t ensure it.”

That’s iteachgolf saying that on golfwrx, another one that don’t understand the golf swing.

A proper pivot always syncs the arms and whatever you all it perfectly. Obviously he don’t know what that is.

Monte golf advice again totally wrong

someone asked about his goat humping,

Monte advice?
“Not enough forward bend and likely too close to the ball as well.”

Dead wrong.

That’s advice you get on golfwrx from a golf trainer who does not know he is wrong.

Monte don’t understand why he goat humps.