As the first person in history of golf I been able to take what someone’s does (Golf swing) break it down and explain it so you can do and relate to what’s happening

This is what someone said

Amazing the time I wasted watching the real cmotion and never understanding. You explained it in 5 minutes. Thanks (scottC)

To all the people that doubt and think they know, I did that, Ben Hogan couldn’t, Nicklaus couldn’t, Tiger couldn’t, well no one could.

I could.

My Golf swing philosophy are based on feel + evidence

A few years ago I was an amateurish hacker playing golf and was coaching a guy who hurt his back and then couldn’t play but he didn’t want to change his golf swing even when it didn’t work for him. I decided to then study this shit.

I choose to use Mike Austin as a swing template as the refinement was for me to hit it long as we all want to do that even pros. I become a conversy for the trainers of Mike Austin along the way as to copy a golf swing isn’t really doable.

The golf swing happens when you do the physical movements properly but what are those?

Teaching or coaching Hans is easier even though he was so misinformed to the extent he became afraid to change his swing as he said to me, I can use this one and I said no you cant your back hurts and breaks. Today however he can play and hit longer and more accurately a 15% better margin for error. His old swing based on Ballard the Swedish model is 15% less accurate or so than the RBIm template golf swing.

Teaching Larry at age 67 that been playing golf for 50 years that developed swing compensations was different. I knew with this I needed also to develop better golf instructions. Larry wanted a Mike Austin swing motion. He tried different trainers but with his swing flaws its not an easy job to have it there to work for any trainer.

Recently I improved the swing concept so much its down to two principles, one to find the feel in the back swing start movement and the start of the down swing transition which if you can get those two right by feel and evidence your on the way to develop a Mike Austin swing motion.

One can take notice that the movement started to look right for him according to a Mike Austin swing motion.

The major hurdle a golfer face is a lack of feel. Some will tell you my swing feel is different than yours and that’s true to a point but the way I teach this the same feel works both for Larry and Hans from my instruction… I teach them both the same stuff. I said to Hans once, well when your done with this you never will have a golf swing fail you again. It will just keep on working without needing any fix ever again. If you hit your driver middle of fairway one day you will be able to do that every day.

Now maybe you think wait a second, tour pros loose their swing now and then and need to fix it or tinker with it isn’t that a fact? Yes for tour pros are taught badly and incorrectly. A modern golf swing have timing and movement that is really difficult to pull off, watch Tiger Woods maybe the best golfer this generation and he went and tried to be better and turned to Hank Haney, then Sean Foley and now Chris Como and they cant help him, none of the golf trainers I seen or heard about cant do anything for him.

Tiger wanted to be better and he listen to the best golf trainers in the world.

They are all teaching things wrong.

Once Larry has this down a bit better as he just recently got the hang of this he can add speed and leverage the golf swing better and add distance and along the way accuracy.

Any tour pro want to do an athletic movement.

It’s the nature the more default natural movement, the easier it is to do for us.

I built by far the best golf swing in the world to play golf with but I didn’t stay there I also developed a putting system that crushes anything on the market.

Feel can be taught and once you work the fundamentals and then add evidence of that to your practice your able to identify and define what’s going on in the movement both in the back swing and the start of the down swing. The back swing is simple enough to get right but the down swing transition is the point where it all can go bad real fast.

Its why the tour pros get into swing issues they start to miss it a little, maybe little left or right, then they start to doubt things and then soon they stand there with their trainer trying to get their timing back on again.

What you want is to feel this to use your natural athletic instincts so you can trust the move to just work to do what you want it to do.

You want more feel and less technical stuff happening in your practice and game.

When I taught Hans I said, ok move this body part here and feel this. He could confirm this instantly due to him spending time hitting balls a long time correctly at impact but an amateur wont have the same timing at impact due to compensations they developed due to the small window of margin a modern golf swing has.

Fixing Tiger isn’t that difficult to do as I would teach him the same thing as I taught Hans. It would be a one hour work for me and he would hit the ball better than ever.

Longer and more accurate.

What everyone is trying to tell him wont work due to them don’t understand a few things, one Tiger has injuries so that put him into a bad position normally, then he also have a default way to operate when he swing that is coded way deep into his muscle synapses firing off that no golf trainer out there can see or fix for him except me. You need to pack the integrity Tiger has into a new form so he can start to use the same instincts without going off road.

That doesn’t take long to do but then he wouldn’t believe me that I can do that and then even if I could the payment I would require to do that job for an hour would cost him an arm and leg even for him. I build things so they stand the test of time.

Tour pros need to fix their swings due to the whole field of golf teach things flawed. The modern golf swing has no margin to move the body parts without getting timing issues. I see Monte, iteachgolf, and many other popular golfwrx trainers teach things that way to make it complex and they complain about the technical golf trainers out there but why then are they also teaching things the same way?

RBim as a technology look for evidence
and definitions of consciousness itself.

RBIm as a tech can help you establish who you are and then allow you your own life design approach and with the RBIm templates I am developing having thinking patterns people use to create stuff so you wont need to guess.

Teaching the golf swing over the internet with words and video is at best a challenge so I knew I needed golf instructions with feel + evidence to be able to help the individual to define down what they should feel and then be able to correlate to evidence. Videos I made for Larry Hans watched and said he learned a thing or two from.

My ideas are real simple, make the golf swing work with feel and evidence that can be correlated to one another and then you can build a swing that stands the test of time. Once the basic blocks are built with the feel of back swing and down swing transition your on the way to develop your own expression to own the swing.

Years later I went from an amateurish hacker to an authority on the golf swing. I cant and wont use golf terms due to

the golf swing should be an expression of your instincts as an athlete

and that when you have that down, your swing will be able to just do what you want to do out there in your game.

Play have fun and now and then win stuff.

Tiger woods golf swing

His back hurts due to the violent power he creates and his knee cant deal with the contorted position with this power.


Even if the angles are different we can take note of this, Hans has a swing motion that allows power and efficiency and no strain and he can add speed and force in the down swing without going outside his mechanics.

Tiger woods cant with Como.

Amazing that I am a better golf trainer than a bio mechanical guy teaching the best player in the history and I am self taught.

Tiger needs to slow down or sooner or later his body will crash again.

If you wondering about the difference, the left hip tells a story.