some say you need balance in golf

This thread on golfwrx says so.

this guy state this


Now, if this girl soft flinck had listen to this guy when she learned to throw a javelin, she wouldn’t have won the world championship as a junior.


If you think you know stuff about balance in the golf swing as waldron states, your misinformed.

to hit far, you cant be balanced with a modern golf swing.

Hans can hit his 2i the same distance a long driving champion as sadlowsksi does.

Here is the kicker, Hans don’t loose his balance, sadlowski does.

Adam young has no answer to why.

The golf God (that’s me) do

RBImGuy rants about the Sean Foley baseball analogy

I have no idea how he come to this advice and conclusion, its not what’s going on in the baseball pitch and I had a guy on GOLFWRX telling me I didn’t understand baseball pitching, yes he was clueless but that’s what happens with bad a education.

I made a small talk here about this, if your into golf and people teach you contradicting messages in the same video like Pete Cowen does or really unsound advice like Sean Foley does, guess what you end up much likely with a bad back, lost power and whining about accuracy.

I was an amateur doing an amateurish swing, taking lessons didn’t do much due to the guy taught in a way that wasn’t really working as you had to adapt to the instruction to make it work. I am teaching a guy without any PGA license, without any golf education what so ever and I am able to do a better job than anyone that Tiger Woods worked with.

Imagine that, anyhow here is the rant

How you get inside someone’s head and what they try to do at golfwrx

Golfwrx thread about me

I said before, if you do things that is outside the normal and provide some evidence and proof of such (Hans swing for example) and then don’t explain it and I wont then people think often they have a right to such knowledge.

Its also common to try to do bad things like the above thread or whatever else.

Personally I think it’s a sign of a good thing that people start to understand that modern swing theory isn’t getting them where they want to be but whatever I am doing will.

The golf swing wins stuff and makes you play great right according to Tiger Woods

I wish it was like that.

My job be real easy then.

The golf swing for some has become a mystical force a secret the way to be better as a golfer and even Tiger Woods believes it. He wanted to be better so he turned to a golf swing trainer and not just one he is atm on his fourth trainer. If you know him drop my name.

It not like people show up with RBIm the first thing they do, some been with NLP or some other stuff and then found me some with golf and others with some random surfing on the net.

So some think due to the way Ben Hogan won things that it was due to his swing that’s the secret. Its really hard for me to talk to such people as its like talking to people who believe in fairy tales and tells you they see and talk to fairies all the time.

The way the mind works is that we seek relations even if there is none. Obviously if Ben Hogan had a accident and then wont a few it was due to his new swing? No it wasn’t. It was his mind.

Nicklaus the same thing, his swing is blocking him now and then but it was a sequenced one that worked really well for him to hit the ball where he wanted it.

That’s all we can do, do we hit the ball where we want? Can we do so consistently?

  • What Monte at golfwrx teaches you wont do it for you.
  • What Butch Harmon teaches you wont do it for you.
  • What Hank Haney teaches you wont do it for you.
  • What Jim Waldron at golfwrx teaches you wont do it for you.
  • What Iteachgolf at golfwrx teaches you wont do it for you.
  • What David Leadbetter teaches you wont do it for you.

So why do people believe they can do that for you?

The same way people believe in fairytales and fairies when you don’t know then surely what people been doing for so many decades must be true and the way to do it for sure?

That logic is the same as, the earth is flat we said so for thousands of years and then obviously it is?

Why then are people denying the evidence as much as they do and even maybe you?

For me it was at some point like this but don’t people take notice of this? I looked at Tiger Woods and Monte a golf trainer at golf wrx he said he make Tiger hit a 7i for weeks with a fade to fix him and I was like, that wont work and I know better than a so called reclaimed golf trainer about golf swings now?

I watched Chris Como’s work with Tiger and asked why isn’t he fixing that? Then it did hit me, he Como don’t know…..the same realization I had with Bandler, with Joseph Riggio and others, they don’t know???

Let say you watch a golf swing and then watch it like Mike Austin did it and think its perfect right? No it isn’t. He Mike had his own loop which wasn’t needed and caused him to hit a fade or a draw depending on how much he was off for the day. I watch Dj Watts claiming he has a perfect golf pivot swing based on Ben Hogan and I am like, what’s the next perfect ultimate swing then as its been a few iterations DJ?

The issue is as always in golf you have your perceptions of this and someone like William down under a Mike Austin trainer understood this early on that whatever Mike did and whatever Dan taught and what Mike taught wasn’t really “it” what Mike actually did do.

I talked to a golf trainer who had Ben Hogan as a ideal as the best golf swing and I am like, seen Hans swing? Its fluid, simply and direct. No extra movements as you can watch it for such all those extra movements is an indication of, compensations and Hans? oh so few he has now it’s a pure beauty a poetry in motion now.


For me that’s the best golf swing in the world right there. None does it better.

For me that’s evidence whatever I did study and model from Mike Austin was and is indeed captured in there.

Jordan Spieth shot 75 yesterday

Seems he forgot how to swing suddenly. Some Internet expert on golfwrx said his swing wasn’t more timing dependent than any other tour pro and said if you don’t understand that you suck at golf swing understandings obviously.


Here is Jordan showing more timing dependency.

I am right and the internet guy expert is totally wrong.

I leave his name out of it so not to be totally ashamed.


Isn’t golf fun?

How Golfwrx works

Tell the moderator that guys hi-jack threads like Monte schienblum did so they ban you for such. (temp ban but Ler

Its like this idea of dictatorship, you allow people you like do bad things and not following rules due to them are your people. Its not surprising for me but when you have rules for some people and not other people you essentially run a dictatorship based website for golf. Exposing such might be questionable but for me I think its important. The same way the Mike Austin group told me I didn’t know what I was doing and then ban and also remove any posts video other guys post about Hans golf swing there.

Truth is a difficult subject, most find it more delightful to take drugs than living their life others deny that stuff works when it does in spite of their guru said it cant. etc…

The ISIS terror also shows how this works in extreme but the principle is the same instead of banning they kill off people with the ideal that their going to have an Islamic state and that wont work in our era but it could have worked before Internet and you known literacy begin but today they are just fighting for a soap bubble ready to burst but the idea people fight for has changed, instead of fighting the bad evil satan usa they now fight for some illusion of their own state, different motivation and easier to recruit the literacy ignorant.

I wanted to find out as I am keen on finding out how stuff works and how people work in the golf field is interesting to me.  How much dogma there is and how much prejudice and covering up there is. For me that’s educational and interesting. Golf swings become a huge industry with golf not just clubs and balls and cloths but the lifestyle of golf itself have gone backwards and the reason is obvious, no innovation is allowed to keep the field at status quo.

There is always noise in any field, distractions people have that seem really believable like some guys with the Ultimate Perfect golf swings that changes every time some candy blows into the cabin.  Truth is simple, there is nothing else than it.

Working out the code, the structure of Mike Austin been illuminating as the Mike Austin trainers cant teach what I can the real secret of Mike Austin’s golf swing. The golf swing don’t change things or win things it’s a tool to be able to do what you want to do. That is different as you also need other tools I worked on developing.

I am about to do some 30 second fast intense work, then go eat some breakfast and I feel absolutely mind-blowing awesome today as I be having the best breakfast ever.

Isn’t life wonderful say?

For me absolutely.


Do different

You know I am a big fan of Mikaela Shiffrin. She learned to do the recipe if you like the magical practice as she grow up.

She does different.

Choosing between gates or free style skiing she always went for gates as she then could ensure her performance and improve. In the interviews I read and videos I now watched it just shows she applied the formula for success.

Do the work, improve, apply measurement and do better.

Her exposure to this kind of dedicated practice allowed he years of experience that more adult skier might gained over 10 years in the circuit so when she came and skied at age 16 she was already ready.

I study modeling the process of how one can look at results and talent and skills and then cut trough the red tape and find out what is going on for 20 years. Its basically what I do. Doing that it has allowed me to define the golf swing action, how to explain why Sam Snead swung one way and why muscles he used fired off, now I didn’t plan to do that but the discoveries made just made it obvious to me.

I don’t talk technique, I dont draw lines off Hans hitting balls on the screen and say this or that I don’t even talk technique with him. He still improves. When people from golfwrx so called experts draw lines, I smile and think, wow clueless. I see someone rotate their hips and saying that is better and I smile and think, ignorant.

In all when one study things you become as I am a bit obsessive with the study now and then. I learned a long time ago talking technique is a bad thing to do. Once you know what the technique should be, then its easy to do it. I don’t need lines on the screen, I am done.

I do different.

It works.

I understand what I am doing and today for example I told Hans to apply some variation to what he did, naturally that also meant he did start to spread the balls all over the field. I said, good. Your improving now. His feeling might be he isn’t as he is very conservative when it comes to ball flight and such. So he did a short practice, I sent him a challenge to do, he was on his way home (cold weather don’t help,) he turned around and went and played a few holes on the short course to do the challenge.

He now, improved.

Variation is like anything else, without it you don’t know if what your doing works or what should work until you done it. Having a successful pattern like Tiger Woods then get in the hands of amateurs like Sean Foley, Hank Haney, Chris Como just shows that even the best golfer who once dominated now is struggling with a simple thing as a pitch shot. Why? He listen to amateurs who thought they knew what they did and when they see Tiger cant do what they teach then what do they do?

THE SAME SHIT again….?

Its why I do different and that’s why I do better than anyone else out there.

If you’re a tour pro, you want my services. If not be welcome to continue struggle and never find the secret to consistency.

Its why I do different, I discover and unlock secrets so for me there isn’t any.

I do different and make the best better as I applied that for myself both in my line of art and also as a golfer I am ready for the range work now to do better and different.

Disbeliefs (aftermath of the comments on Golfwrx)

Can you stay on topic? Most cant.

Once you do things I do and done as I say what I teach is a 300+ yard golf swing plus a 4% dispersion which btw NONE can do out there in the golfing world my statement is then either true or not.

Its not a question about beliefs but to understand the way people make decisions and how they process new information or not.

If someone looks at Hans swing for example and say this or that with his technique or other things they use models I don’t use, as I ask, is the motion more flowing, does his muscles fire with a constraint during the movement or not things I see when I watch him swing and what I look for. The better flowing motion means less constraints and less slow downs. I go with what Hans tells me, he plays with a golf trainer and their students, hit longer than them without even trying, cool I like that. He tells me applying the new performance model the result of that with distance from pin on average.

Now he could totally lie to me about that but somehow I don’t think so.

So my statement 300+ yards and 4% is either then true or not no need to believe as either it works or not. Obviously it works but then you don’t need to believe it but pay me to learn to do that. Simple really.

Disbelief happens when the new information goes into peoples decision making as they have to run a comparison mode contrast to make sense of that statement which for them its not possible and then must become  impossible etc…due to them knows how it works (their truth and models)

Since the new is outside their model of the world in how they operate here is what will happen, they will try to disprove it……………………………………….in this I mean what I state or 300+ yards and 4% dispersion as it cant be true for them and since it cant be true for them they cant stand that someone do that statement as I do as they cant let it go.,……………they need to disprove it or they cant sleep at nights.

The need to disprove is a dangerous one, you need to be aware of that as it can create really dangerous side effects due to people cant let it go.

If someone claims they can do things that are awesome, I go, cool good for you. Then I go make some coffee, watch Hans swing and smile all day.

Disbelief is a side effect of the decision making people do. Its built around prejudice. People don’t do research either as they will have an opinion already based upon their prejudice about it, it happens when you post a post about some subject and then in the middle of it say, if you did read this please write bananas in the comment field to show you did read this far. The experiment showed 200 or so comments made without none did that comment of bananas showing most didn’t read the article and post.

If most don’t read the post why then comment?

Its due to the same prejudice as always as people don’t do research, read and comprehend what its about and have an opinion about without its has gone trough the next phase that require people to have faith. It triggers the unknown and most cant handle that as their strategies they have learned to cope with the unknown wont be able to handle the truth.

This is a big issue in the world if one asks me. The threads I created I already knew that would happen there, there was no surprise for me and to be able to use such to show how people do things for hate, prejudice and being in need to disprove is showing what’s wrong with the world.

The same thing happens on other forums, not just golfwrx or golf forums but other areas.

Decision making bounces off what people already know and assume to be true which means prejudice and models. One can bypass this which people in selling, persuasion etc..tends to do. I could also do so here in what I write and how I write but that has never been interesting to me.

I do what I know and until I know I do research until its done within a new model. Once done I did what I do here, say what it does like RBIm 3.0 a model for self and awareness and such stuff. some find that interesting even important.

Opinions like Onions

Whatever you do people will have an opinion about it.

It wont change things.

Whatever you do continue to do it either its wrong or not wont matter as you’re the one doing it. Now and then we might need a reality check so we don’t blow a nuke in a big city to prove a point its safe to do so….(it isn’t)

Now for example this video the guys spend 21 minutes explaining the golf swing.

I was bored the first 10 seconds.

They don’t know.

If you ask me, why would you want to know things your doing while your doing it?

Why don’t you show the motion, then explain what makes the motion works the way it does in a way without me having to conceptualize words and hard concept’s into meaningful stuff?

There is no plane.
There is no over or under plane.

If you study what you think is great when in reality it isn’t you end up with a flawed assumption without knowing it.

When you build a golf swing and it works, you never need to fix it again or even explain it.

I understand the need to explain things, I do that a lot I also understand the need to find out how things works as I do that to.

When I am done there is no need to explain it.

It works.

The issue with science is that they have as anyone else take what people do so if your successful in a sport then obviously they study that, if you did that before the Flosbury flop for example in high jump you would end up with a superb explanation that was awesome I bet and then you be coming in last in every high jump after that 1968 Olympics.

The PGA Tour for example are played by people who mastered the pressure playing and then don’t fix what is broken and play with what they know. Mike Weir won masters then went to stack and tilt swing system to change his swing and lost the card. There are players that want to be better but they often end up missing the point and often loose their card.

I understand that the swing is part of the equation the other is performance how to bring out your best every time. After producing a lady to be Olympic material in triathlon it just shows what I do works for physical endurance due to they are as well needed to be efficient in what they do. The more efficient the faster they can swim, ride a bike and run.

Our body and brain works by conserve energy as any unneeded action cost energy, it will also constrain the system so moving the body to a golf swing and your filled and riddled with compensations you will have issues with efficiency. First you hit it short and then try to master accuracy to compensate. (Luke Donald for example)

If you have better efficiency you hit longer. Then if you use better mechanics you hit it even longer with efficiency. I expect Hans to reach 350 yards in his golf swing mechanics hitting a normal drive not over extending his integrity. This is done trough better mechanics, efficiency and adjusting things like launch angles, driver shaft etc.. I don’t want him to toll out to much with a driver due to controlling distance then is really hard.

Having unwanted movements in a golf swing creates strain, compensations that then the tour player learned to play with. They also constantly need to fix their swings, like Tiger Woods who was so angry hitting balls after a Master round due to him couldn’t play the way he wanted and Hank Haney tried to smooth it over.

While the golf swing is important as people want to hit it long once you do that then we can focus on accuracy and efficiency creating a tighter dispersion but that is worthless without a performance model to go along with it.
I thought, let bring out the best of the player let them play their best game each time. Issue I had was I was also stuck in the way I been trained and the way any model works in a given field so NLP for me had to be abandoned so I did.

Naturally people will use whatever model they have to then try understand the new. Then opinions will flare, people told me on golfwrx how Hans swing sucked as his angles was wrong. I didn’t mind that as opinions as onions are layered with whatever model people come from so should I listen to guys who cant make someone hit a ball better?

I spend 20 minutes with an amateur on a range and he flush it every time. I don’t even know his golf swing system at all and don’t care. I increased his efficiency with the motion he had.

That how Hans gained 50 yards in 2 minutes. He hit it longer however today with his new RBIm motion mechanics and more fun he needs less energy to do so.

Obviously this is just my opinions.

I leave the onions to someone else.

Hans is going trough an adaption phase atm, his new feedback he has is now setting into an athletic action with instinct so he now can play better without being concerned with whatever his angles or planes might be or if his wrists are doing what they should or not.

His swing in other words are getting better over time without me needing to tell him what to do.

I like that as a coach I don’t need to do the work.

Time to get me coffee.