Its a trick…

Many think practice makes them do things better. But that isn’t true.

Anything we do the brain figures out what to do to coordinate things if your able to have a good idea where your going. Doing a skateboard trick or learning to juggle is the same, its a point when the brain, kicks into gear.

When that happens your able to almost gets it done, you juggle a few but its not automatic but your nearly getting it. At some point the brain cracks it open it figures out how to coordinate.

When that happens all the work, the frustration people usually have ´vanish as you can just do it now.

It never goes away, it never needs practice anymore.

Its like anything else we do, we can just do it.

But people don’t train that way in golf, they teach you to focus on things, practice drills and what not. It messes with the trick.

You work skills, you apply variation and at some point your brain can bring this into awareness. In physical work Ross wife does the ability to move the muscles exactly for cerebral palsy kids allows them at some point to reach a can do awareness their brain reach a high enough signal value so the brain can notice you to this is how to move this leg as this.

I long suspected all that work can be done fully mentally for the cerebral palsy due to how mirror neurons works and be less work and pain related but to do such a study would take time and a lot of money. Its an interest I have.

Anyhow, once enough variation been applied with skills you will be able to start doing things as soon your brain kicks into the coordination.

It took this guy a year to learn to ride a bike the other way.

Its not so easy but once you figured the trick out, it is

Improvement happens

Create variation for difference, analyze difference old and new, identify what your suppose to do, repeat it.


How much time to improve? or talent building

It depends due to feedback of difference is different.

My first session informed me a lack of power, so that was easy to fix as I made adjustment coming home after watching on video why that was. Second session showed me power was there.

That was an easy solution. Improvement was good.

Next was to create a better pelvis movement based on throw mechanics and that’s taken 3 more sessions. In my terms, that’s reasonable time spent to change the movement one does to a new one. I haven’t done the new one before so making the body able to do that obviously is a hurdle of new. Today it felt like progress as I started to do what I wanted but was on and off and it wasn’t optimal. I got to a point where I felt like I could start swinging with the movement.

So once I have progress, and can swing with the movement then next step towards a working movement is close. Once you get there then you can just do it, its then done.

How long that takes has to do with quality of feedback or what some call deliberate practice. The progress often goes slowly at first then accelerate as your started to build enough feedback and crescend when your able to do.

  1. Want to improve skill, bridge the gap between knowledge and doing.
  2. Define new and old action.
  3. Utilize the feedback for difference.
  4. Do I do more of the new or continue to do the old?

At some point frustration happens as your brain is firing to accommodate the learning and when you become slightly excited its when your brain has started to kick in the new direction.

That process can take a few minutes or be longer depending what quality of feedback is used. I use the reference “can do” once that happens practice is done and over as you can do. Before you can do your learning take time to bridge the gap and how fast that happens is depending on how good your quality of feedback is.

Usually you be highly focused on the task itself (deep focused stare) to isolate the movement itself due to your brain cant separate one (old/new) from one another. Once your able to do that your then able to improve massively in a short timeframe.

Then the step to “can do ”isn’t far away.

while this is a few years ago the swing movement was changed to “can do” in a single session and the -4c wasn’t helping either.

Improve and learn as how do we gain what we don’t know?

Did a practice journal video today of todays practice. As I did practice working on a particular thing the phases one goes trough are fairly common, first we don’t know what to do really and while we may know what to do people then forget that the practice is about the new, not repeating the old.

First we cant do it so its easy to be frustrated due to your not really able to do it and even if you were you wouldn’t know it as it would feel, awkward, strange even wrong. Getting there towards being able to do goes trough phases as our brain wont change and alter the motoric patterns unless we work to build a new one. Once the frustration phase is happening which means your getting it but cant do it yet you find at some point the excitation phase happens its then the brain kicks in the new motor patterns your learning changing the neural network to adjust to the new.

Doing that thinking my practice is about hitting balls well its a bad idea.

I hit balls all over at the first phase due to I am focused to do the new not repeating the old one. Normally this cycle takes place within 30 swings for me. In less than 30 swings my patterns is built. Common for others is that within 20 minutes they can solidify the new and do it with proper feedback of course.

Then as I video this, I then watch later, analyze, then adjust and often an aha moment happens and a bigger adjustment can happen that’s implemented in the next practice.

Once a movement pattern clicks, you connect that movement pattern to a reference within the movement itself. You have now stepped outside the old pattern and it just cant be done anymore. Yes when you understand learning it wont take 5 years as Tiger did with Sean Foley, that just means he don’t understand learning.

Hans was the same, as I told him, hit a few, ask what he wanted, then he hit a bunch of balls, I talk some, demo a little, then as he was about to hit the third bucket, I did show him this I want you to do and he hit 3 balls and was done. He could now do. He thought he needed to practice this and I said, no you can do it now. Practice means to isolate the new, identify the new and once that happens your in transition from one to the next but when you can do, you wont need any more practice due to you can do. When that happens, most miss the signal and start to go back to old ways as they havent noticed things is working differently now. Once I get the signal, awkward, new, strange, easier etc..I am on track. Once confirmed one can then settle aha this is how it is when I do this then.

Problem is that the instruction has to be simple yet precise enough for the individual to be able to adapt to it while performing the proper movement. You cant really explain as even if you do you haven’t built the motor patterns or the perceived movement yet to relate to while moving in the swing.

Then proper feedback is needed, not drills.

That works best in person obviously, skype is ok but also difficult unless you obviously hit balls and even then it can be a bit difficult.

So when you practice, your aim is to do new, not hit golf balls. Isolate the new movement, then swing and utilize the feedback gained to alter and adjust until the movement is the proper one. The process is easy enough however the actual implementation can be difficult as your not used to build new and utilize the feedback this way. For me as I said its done within 30 balls. After that I seldom practice and either change to chip or pitch or putting.

Feedback is to provide where to move and what to do until your utilizing the proper movement and even then as you do just that you may fail to take notice its working and think it shouldn’t feel like this. I seen that happen as the individual dismiss the new as it don’t feel, right as it cant feel right only the old pattern can feel right but that one sucks.

Understand that your perceived reality in what your doing is misinformed is a good step towards learning new.

Learning faster

The idea is really simple, do more and add feedback for improvement.

So for example, make a golf swing movement, then video it, check for positions and evidence of doing the movement properly, then adjust accordingly to the model, do it again.

Normally 3 to 5 such is enough to start make the new to work.

I do 2, one with whatever the state the swing is in and then check and then do a new one with the feedback implemented. If improved I then stop for the day.

Live – action- role – play or LARP is the way this works.

Its simple and fast.

Sure you can then add to that using definitions, the model applied and various focused attention markers as I do to aid the process but the overall usage wont be different.

Test again.

In a few days your movement has been built and works.

Why is learning taking so long time and what about Alice?

Education haven’t progressed much the last 150 years, facts and figures.

Education is all about organizing. We could teach 1+1+1+1+1=5 or just say, 5 or 1+4 is 5 also. How many combinations can end up in five?

Once you figured out that x number of combination’s can be five then you also can figure out more such with other numbers as so, you generalize the pattern in how to do it, you gone to a higher learning concept.

Once that happens you cant go back to what you used to as you understand the ground work now.

School still is doing 1++1 as such and then well then we wont have geniuses roaming the world in any numbers just kids thinking school is boring and time spent.

They think they are advanced but really, there is no pedagogical innovation going on.

Today we can watch a YouTube video, we can look at a movie instead of a book, why read then as its slower? Reading involves imagination it trains you to imagine. I imagined five impossible things before breakfast Alice said.

When you can do that why not utilize your imagination for something absolutely wonderful?

Blooming out becoming stunningly beautiful to your own greatness of awesomeness.

If you could plan and innovate yourself you could not only learn faster but becoming something absolutely imaginative new.

But the wheels turn the same way they don’t take a new shape or form while they can move in new directions the same way they moved they keep on moving.

Lets fly lets try something stunning new that could break the space and time and rip it into its coherent small bits. Each bit so small no one can see it. We trust instruments to show us the knowledge while man study pictures of small scale bits to uncover the secrets to the Universe some now and then forgets to live their life at the fullest.

Imagination is vastly powerful the blue shapes the red shapes and the green shapes are what we call colors and while they don’t really exist as it’s the material itself absorbing some spectra not the whole thing.

Are we the small stuff not just the shadows but the small absorbing a part of what’s possible and not asking us what more we can do that is truly impossible each morning?

Often a man comes by now to say, be realistic be normal don’t you get it that it only leads to disappointment? Its easy to be stuck in the shadows to state there is no more let limits us to what we know.

So few allow to go a bit outside to find the rain in the sun to go where no roads leads nowhere to the streets of no names to the daggers that don’t cut or stick but only allow to rain down in the morning grass.

So much we forget while growing up as each morning we could imagine five impossible thing instead of imagining five possible things that makes life grey and shadow like.

Stars cant cast shadows as they burn their whole life and then at the end in one glorious flash if lucky they go nova expanding so fast so bright in a flash they settle down now and then brown and then now again into the blackest of holes with no horizon to talk about all flashing endlessly waiting forever to cross over.

So we wait and then wait and while we wait time passes us by slowly never ending.

At some point it all slows down, cold, dark and only space exist.

For some that’s so far away in time that we cant even comprehend why that even should be thought about but if we know what’s going to happen in such future so far away then maybe we should imagine 5 impossible things before we start the day so we can grow unimagingly great.

Or just go back to school?

Is there a Optimal Godlike learning strategy out there?

I just call it RBIm.

One ask, so what is it that I would want to learn?

Now this opens up a can of worms.

That’s to generic.

So let specify it a bit.

I want to learn to juggle, or to make a great food for dinner or such.

What’s the result of making it that way then?

Most would now picture a perfect outcome.

That’s another can of worms.

Perfect wont be there as first your likely to fail due to you cant do it yet.

Make dinner means your doing the same food for a few weeks to improve the recipe, the ingredients until it taste the way you want it to. Knowing that ahead of time isn’t the same as actually doing it and you will fail before your able to do it.

Most however get stuck on the fail part and give up thinking but what about my perfect outcome?

That’s a memory.

Your brain cant do memories that way as its not connected in reference to contextual experience. yes it’s a “thing of sorts”.

That’s why for example Robert Dilts need to come and see me and talk about this stuff he does so he can update his encyclopedia of NLP. I digress tho.

Once you have an idea of the result you want, then its all about connecting that created memory to reality in experience. One measure this by making the behavior to count for what’s going on.

Most believe they need more information, books, tapes, videos, workshops and whatever else. What you need is more failures.

That has feedback built in within that.

First dinner taste funny, or is to loose to shady and texture isn’t right so next you locate why that is, adjust and do another dinner with the adjustment until the texture is right.

But that isn’t so advanced?

No, it isn’t.

People don’t notice they progress what they measure is what they believe is suppose to happen vs what actually does happen.

Now that’s another can of worms right there.

If your not tracking what happens vs what you believe is happening then how can you even think it will work ever?

While I am all for hope, faith and whatever else it wont be useful to do it those ways as your doing things (Practice) and ignoring the obvious (you can do it already) and then fail to note you already mastered the skill and achieved the result.

So the golfer that now can do something he didn’t believe he could in 2 minutes (50 yard increase driver) then reacted by saying that’s impossible even when he was the one doing the impossible.

15 minute range session the amateur golfer are making perfect swings each time with fabulous contact and becomes so high he can hardly walk. To then stay with the new was a challenge but his handicap went down during summer.

When you have a dyslexic and then in 2 minutes they aint dyslexics anymore they don’t understand what the issue is but their parents, teachers and professors cant believe it did happen as you know dyslexia is for life without solution.

They didn’t notice the feedback that was there, they didn’t measure the progress that was actually happen right in front of their eyes even though I had parents that cried of relief due to their child now wasn’t dyslexic anymore. They didn’t care what I did as it, worked.

So learning is more about how you measure or not the progress happening vs what you believe should happen or whatever you assume happens.

When I do a class and people say ok that was easy what’s next, it means they learned to do a highly complex skill without understanding how they did learn it, they still don’t understand what they have got as value and why I have to spend 2 days doing feedback due to them wont understand that they already can do something they couldn’t, five minutes ago.

For them they believe they always could do it when in fact they could not.

Not understanding that will collide with the cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias people have about learning which obviously gets in the way unless taken care off.