Goosebumps time

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Taking time off

Its golf now.

Plan to do some skype talk later on with RBIm6

Its coming.

Atm I work on the swing and game, play with a friend today and we had a great time together. I started to play better, swing getting better and its at a level atm I never had. Won a competition so, its going good.


another one finding life meaningless

Linking Parks singer had it all, but as a drug addict he never found nirvana to many of these guys don’t take their own advice


about maps

The map isn’t the territory, we make maps (mental concepts) reflecting on the world we experience. Perceptually most forget they are seeing things and start rely on memory instead of experience the sensory moment to moment and then we are stuck with what we perceive things to be instead of perceiving things as they are and as the rabbit hole is never ending we wont perceive what we are missing either until its to late. One reason people have a hard time with learning the golf swing is old models interfering with the new.


Golf God meets Ben Hogan

Golf God: Hi there Ben

Ben Hogan: Golf God, what an honor.

Golf God: You know me?

Ben Hogan: Absolutely, me and Sam and Arnold talk about you all the time.

Golf God: How come?

Ben Hogan: Your the only one figuring it out.

Golf God: Thanks!

Ben Hogan: Your welcome.

Golf God: Say hi to the guys from me

Ben Hogan: sure thing


when you don’t know and you don’t know that you don’t know

How then to learn?


A matter of perspective

Can you handle the truth?

Most cant.

They refuse it due to the abckfire effect as contradicting the information you have reinforces your beliefs, so the retard that believe in a God and 8000 years of this planet well they will reinforce that when you say, check stones and rocks they way older.

Sure, all the methods use by scientists can be wrong right?

Everyone measure things wrong, sure I understand that argument of your a religious fool.

Are scientists always right?

Of course not but the other option are, you get stoned, stabbed or such if you say Muhammad suck a donkey dick. Whoever said that should be shot btw as I just quoted it.

So why wouldn’t people believe and accept the truth instead?

Can it be that we don’t understand how change is made, how to become better at what we do, to improve beyond the measly school education you got?

That we rather become stuck with the beliefs and info we have and refuse new?

That’s a sad world for sure.

The covfefe president is a joke, someone should fire him. In the old days people created revolution throw out the English and French, do the same with the covfefe president before its to late.

Don’t be stuck.

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Tired, calf hurt a bit so some range action

Rain air, cold, in pain and tired yea, figure I move around on the range a bit anyhow. Forecast shows a rainy tomorrow, good as I can rest as I feel like someone hurricaned me.

Life RBIm Templates RBIm6 Tour Pro Performance

18 holes later its rehab time

I knew going in it be hard, hole 12 one calf reacted and I hope its the scar tissue acting up as I had to limp the rest. Tired was expected, soft tissue is painful as a slight inflammation happens and I slept only 3 hours before the round, so not good circumstances.

Did feel fine during round in a high performance mode, was working great. Made a couple of birdies and had a good time overall. The calf is worrisome though, hopefully a day o two I be fine to walk or else it be difficult to play the way I wanted.

Good test of the RBIm6 performance mode and some insights in the result of that and good to play and start the work outs as walking this course is a lot of work.


summer slowly arriving

cold winds today, a bit better tomorrow as I go play 18 holes. Yes home course opens tomorrow. Its time to walk a long walk, get some physical excursion and feel the work.

Swing wise its getting there.

I had to re-think some things, as tests showed some coordination issues still was there. All in a good way.

Forecast seems promising and it be good walking for a few hours tomorrow even though I be tired as hell after.

Time to start the 2 weeks Boot camp as I walk the course and get ready for the physical work and adapt to it.