Lydia Ko and her future

She did a few changes recently, she changed clubs, she fired Leadworse and she fired her caddie.

Leadworse didn’t listen to her, she complained about her swing and he shrugged her off, so obviously he didn’t listen to the player, as a coach that is a bad habit and she fired him.

Good job Lydia.

This season she is struggling, she is a 250 yard driver from tee, the best are around 290 so she has a 40 yard disadvantage. It means she has a 4i and ariya for example a 9i and however good you are that’s not going to work out for Lydia in the long run, she needs more distance.

I can add more to her tee shot, add some accuracy also.

Leadworse said he added 20 yards to her distance, with the A-swing, that wasn’t true.

so what should she do?

She may get back to her form, she may work on things that needs to settle.

However if she really wanted she could come and visit me, I could explain the differences, make her understand why this is better as she could feel the difference and watch the result.

2 days Lydia is all it will take to get you going.

You be having 30+ yards more from tee, you be making easier approach shots and that will with the rest of what I teach and do make you better than you ever been.

Like this


and this


So Lydia, lets talk

Lydia Ko should we be worried?


her recent performance has been, underwhelming.

Yes she did change caddie, she changed club brands and she fired Leadworse.

She haven’t been close to win yet. she did play decent in one tournament with no bogies but she currently seems to have putting issues.

Easy to fix for the golf God, give me a call Lydia.

3 tournaments and Lydia Ko been out of it

is the break from Leadbetter, firing the caddie, changing clubs and whatever else making Lydia loose  her game?

7 shot off this tournament shot a 72 to finish.

Her scores are off and not even sure she be able to fix her stuff that’s going on this year.

Lydia Ko first 2017 start


Iron game off. (not like her)
Driving off distance wise except third day.
Putting off a bit also.

Guess her swing is causing issues in her game atm make her second guess her performance.

Dani vs Lydia on the LPGA about performance/money

69.59 scoring vs 73.23 means 3 to 4 shots worse each round or 12 to 16 shots over a tournament.

Where is she leaking those shots?

Putting is one. With a 30.7 she is 3 shots worse than Lydia.

If Dani started to use my putting system she be as good or betetr than Lydia there.

She could go from a 20000$ season to a 3.000.000$ season.

With a putting change solely.

Yani Tseng and Lydia Ko analysis and comparison vs RBIm swing system

I just made a small talk about the foundation body and how badly both ladies does it.

Creating 3 forces in the swing and trying to keep it together is difficult. I point out the Yani start of her swing and one can see how badly she does vs for example Lydia which btw isn’t doing anyone happy either IMO.

I also has Hans there to compare and it’s a difference for you as a Tour Pro can appreciate.

If the buckets are replaced in a house when the roof leaks, which if a golf swing one need to fix it all the time due to complex coordination needed and timing its then easier if one rebuilds the foundation first its core body mechanics vs whatever else people think is a good thing to do.

Modern swing mechanics isn’t good for your body.

Lydia Ko tired?

her last 4 starts


Her last 7 starts seen a trend beyond what she done previously as a T23 in Lotte was her worst performance before this trend.

Tired, she changed something as that’s a huge difference for her performance.