Mike Austin throw mechanics

Mike was known to hit it long, current world record in a sanctioned PGA tournament is 540 yards at 64 years of age.

Mike taught what he did, so he thought but evidence suggest that no one was able to do what Mike did.

My modeling of Mike Austin’s motion is seen with Hans here the first in history of golf I successfully transferred the motion from one golfer to another.

In a modern golf swing your limited with your movement and that means your swing integrity of distance/accuracy gets a toll at around 270 yards and after that you be all over the place. Todays equipment allows people tour pros mainly to add more distance vs old tech. The amateur however did not benefit.

An amateur hit around 200-220 yards.
Tour pros top 100 around 290 yards.

That difference are due to a tour pro is able to swing within their swing mechanic and technique but are also causing back problems and dispersion issues.

Using a throw mechanic your using a natural body movement allowing for mass to pivot around an axis for speed.

Modern swing don’t allow that as you need to muscle it and adding a extra variable for dispersion.

Mike Austin mechanics allows

  • More distance with the same or better dispersion.
  • Better accuracy.
  • Timing is automatic and the same each time.
  • Consistency in a way you never knew was possible.
  • No back pains.
  • Leverage based pivot.
  • The tour pro can expect around a 350+ yard driving with less strain and better accuracy than previous swing.

The swing don’t make scores, its a tool to get the ball there but we have many skills in golf, putting, chipping, pitching and approach shots, course management and mental ability.

Mike Austin flew his ball over green in his 540 yard drive, didn’t make eagle or birdie. Hitting it long helps you keep more consistency but it wont do anything for your scoring. Jordan spieth for example if he shifted to this he be winning a lot more tournaments as he lost his Master title due to fighting his mechanics for 4 whole days.

With the RBIm swing system he wouldn’t had to.

It never goes wonky, you never loose the swing it always works.

Your modern swing always change tempo, timing shifts and you struggle with basic shots all the time.

Time for a change

The Ben Hogan secret

Not even close Jody after years trying. I know why. Its not easy nor simple and no shadow falls on Jody for trying.

why try model a broken man and his swing?

Hogan was short, injured and then handicapped. His swing before the accident was flowing and long and he played better with that old swing vs the injured accident swing.

when you model choose better.

Its why I model Mike Austin, successfully the first one in the history of golf to do such a feat.

The finished model


the original model

Mike Austin and Deb



I understand what she writes but if you read and think ok how do I do that then its not so simple anymore.

One of the trademarks of Mike Austin is distance and as such we want to hit things longer for sure. However if one describe what to do as an athletic action sure it is but that wont help to do it either.

Identifying and defining what happens and then be able to correlate the instruction to the causality to create the result is a process one does and then the instruction might not be what people expect it to be but if your able to follow then you end up looking like Mike Austin’s swing motion along the way.

Usually what happens is that we end up with various concepts and I had a few along the way but those are often wrong and outdated already. Atm today I use two and one is applied during the upswing and the other is used in the down swing.

If applied correctly the concept then allows you to do a proper upswing and down swing. Without even trying. I improved my up swing and movement without even doing anything with them to fix them.

For example Mike talked about adding hand speed during the impact which basically isn’t possible. The muscle reflexes will fire in the wrists for sure but adding speed with them as he demoed with people?

No way.

In a swing movement there is no time to do that and if you did you would interfere with the path anyhow. Sure you can add the knuckle left hand move with one hand on the club but adding the right arm seems really difficult to even pull off.

So if that’s going on then what was Mike referencing then that seemed for him that he did do that?

That’s one of many mysteries as whatever we end up feeling about what we are doing especially after decades of swinging a club might not be the best plausible thing that goes on.

Categorizing and sorting this trough isn’t an easy job.

Once sorted and tested one can relate the concept with evidence and measurement along the way.

As I explained to Hans ok if you do this then this happens as a result of that. This felt is a measurement of your body moving this way along the motion. Its how you know your doing it right.

So the concept itself contains measurement and evidence as an instruction set.

A template

Once one mastered the step itself in the upswing and the down swing one does a pivot a compound one. Currently I am switching pivots in my practice and I can do this without a ball now and then the time spent to improve swinging with a ball takes place. Its done the same way isolate and repeat until the system responds to the new and improved.

The golf swing so much confusion

Golf trainers don’t know anatomy and name the wrong parts of the body.
Lacks precision obviously.
Theory in the way for common sense. To focus on what we feel vs what happens.

One want to train skills, a loose grip and making sure one dont add grip tension adding pressure either in the start or before impact. Training skills ensure you be able to build a good ground for skills later on.

Common perceptual grids happens, like a perfect pivot? What’s a perfect pivot?

First you want to say and define the modern golf swing pivot and the result of that which are different from a compound pivot from Mike Austin. Ben Hogan for example rotated during his whole movement in the down swing and after impact, want to do things complex that pretty much sums that up as complicated.

The template I built recently showed me that amateurs tends to think that the club head goes to the ball which is wrong. That’s the main cause for over the top movements.

So why cant a student of Mike do what he Mike did in the above clip?

Your swing center is likely wrong. If the swing center isn’t wrong your likely doing the pivot wrong.

Correct swing center for Mike Dunaway, improper pivot.

One can then ask is that due to dunaway had a personal trait as such and there is no real actual pivot?

My instruction to Hans worked better than Mike Austin instruction to Mike Dunaway.

So there seems to be a true real compound pivot.

However why did Mike Austin then fail to describe the pivot properly?


He had one source of information from what he felt and perceived. He did not map what he actually did.

Most have a hard time not understanding perceptions and you cant see what Mike did do in his swing due to you cant see it. You cant as Mike couldn’t and you wont believe me either that you cant. I proved that to Hans so many times its beyond recognition.

Its what I do a lot when I work on a concept or definition or whatever as I watch the same clip I see something that wasn’t seen before. I go, ok so that’s why. I can then explain that to Hans and he can verify it or not.

Most when they practice a left side leverage will alter their pivot with the right hand on the shaft.

Running down a template as I do a lot of what’s going on is to do what’s needed and then filter out what isn’t needed. Atm I am clarifying the instruction set along the way due to I am applying this in a way that is pretty much unknown what to do. However as one goes along the what to do becomes obvious. Even at the time I don’t have any idea what to do.

Anyhow another range session is up and improvement will be done again.