Golf seems to be a religion at GolfWRX

I always wondered why golfers quit, give up and keep doing other things.

Something is rotten in PGA big time.

First I thought it was just golf forums, they had to shut down the Swedish golf forums due to death treats over golf techniques.

GolfWRX is another mecca of religious zealots.

I find that golfers been lied to and been kept lied to in golf by trainers that are clueless about what they teach and then users that defend that without knowing what goes on.

The most dangerous thing humans do is thinking they know what they are doing and then not knowing really.

I find that true in any field, its easy to be seduced by it seems to make so much logical sense, the xfactor, the stack and tilt, the bounce, but when one take a look and observe and measure the evidence points to a horrendous conclusion.

Its guesswork lead by people that don’t understand what they are doing.

Then change makes things difficult due to money is involved the whole business is built around taking lessons and more lessons.

Having the golfer themselves not needing any lessons is a bad thing for anyone in golf, magazines wont sell, the ads wont sell on forums and so on.

Your sold out from the understanding of what could been your having the knowledge and understanding removed from you as a choice.

The sad truth is they don’t know and when pointed out, don’t want to know as it will hurt their business.

They want to keep selling you ads, magazines and lessons and so on to make you keep coming back and sure it works for addicts and gamblers.

Don’t be a golfwrxer.

Educate yourself

Hans compared


Hans made a change in his own. Without asking me…. Black hat old. New blue hat. and no its not the hat…….he changed..its something else.

The last image is Monte a world champion 20 years ago in long driving demo a tilt is needed at impact but he also use a strained scapula/shoulder and a hold off release with rotational pelvis movement.

Timing needed for Monte to get it right, one in every 3 to 5 attempts or so.

Timing needed for Hans? Without the strain he does it 9 out of ten times maybe 10 out of ten.

if your going to play tour level golf you want consistency which means ball striking ability to make the ball go the same path and trajectory every time. Even if you match trackman every time as many swedes are trying to do they still cant hit the shots they want consistently.

It’s the main difference between a rotational pelvis vs one you don’t rotate.

The main reason is a lack of reference for feedback while you swing. I built Hans such a reference with RBIm and he just hit the ball the same tempo with that increasing margin for error which allows him to play differently out there now.

Monte has to hold off his release while Hans can just release. One has less timing vs the other one. Cant change mechanics and complicated and hard with timing. A free release allows easier timing, better tempo and better consistency the trademark of Hogan and Moe.

Its exceptions like the flosbury flop. Its easier to do it wont mean your suddenly 15 shots better but at least you can play without being concerned with timing will work or not in that swing.

Modern swing ideals

I watch a dad ask in the golf forum of golfwrx about his son and swing.

Monte a guy who has some rep helping amateurs and the like improve said to hit fades as he comes from the inside to much. The kid push the shots now and then.

We can see a wheel barrow hip turn which his his main flaw to get stuck. This leads him to not be able to unwind back in time causing timing issues due to a lack of space in the down swing, he lift the left shoulder at impact as one evidence of that.

Problem is most think that back swing hip and pelvis position is fine. It does lead to a ton of issues with the swing for most. Its then often really complicated to get the rotation and pivot for these guys back in time. The change suggested if it works have to fix the pelvis back swing or add a compensation along the way.

I don’t think hitting fades to fix a push is a good thing as why fix it? Why not build something that works out of the bat? Its however not how the swing instruction field thinks as its about fixing things.

If you change the back swing pelvis action he wont need to hit fades and he be better off.

The above is typical what can happen when you don’t know about pressure points. IMO another one that will struggle with distance and accuracy.