Anna Nordqvist Golf pro

Why isn’t Anna Nordqvist nr1 in the world in golf?

she is at the top of greens hit for several years.

Depending on how they measure putts, she is 2.5 shots worse than Lydia Ko each round that is 10 shot every tournament. 10! Imagine you go play and you know you cant win as your putting has to be out of this world to be able to. Putting is the easy part of the game, Anna has access to putting gurus out there except me.

Normally you should be able to have around 9 one putts a round that leaves you at 27 putts. The LPGA players play often shorter courses due to many of the ladies cant hit 240 yards even and imagine those ladies that hit 290 and your not even competition in that arena.

At some point its a numbers game.

Its why you want consistency and be able to focus your mind on the task.

If you have a weakness in your game then you know what to improve but the problem is that your coaches may not know how to do that even if everyone tells you they know what they are doing but evidence suggest otherwise.

My putting as I started to study what worked there went from a normal amateur like 35 putts a round to below 30. Each improvement I did was based upon definition and testing and once I was finish it went into perfect green reading and pace. I don’t misread putts anymore. The consistency then goes trough the roof. My weakness been mechanics as I spent time researching not doing. Now that is to an end and I am implementing the template and I expect my game to reach a whole new level.

All stars aligned.

Anna could be nr1 in the world if she improved her putting but I don’t expect her to be able to without me.

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Putting change video

Reason I changed posture for Hans was due to what he did was not good enough as that modern putting really is a bad way to do it.

I putt as Locke/Nicklaus myself and I added the system I built to make putts all the time. When I made 8 straight one putts the people I played with asked for lessons as for me a 9 footer feels like a tap in.

Two main variables with putting, pace and line reading.

Aimpoint is a math based system but still you guess with the system or have the caddie read the line for you.

When I putted previously I was ok, I had 35 putts a lot or more. Today I played rounds where putting is so easy its pure fun. The change I went trough was to identify and define what pace is and what line reading is and map it into a model off how the brain works with performance.

Your putting on a slope 14 green like Augusta masters or a 5 slope will be the same felt putting. Putting becomes the same no matter speed of greens. Yea it’s a huge deal for anyone on tour if they could do what I teach as you go from average on tour to beat the best there.

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Locke + Nicklaus putting, pure awesomeness

The fun fact was he did win the national masters in putting 2013 with what he did before and now it be even easier if he went and competed there.

Had a really good talk on Skype tonight with him, feels good


Booby locke was a south African that was so good with putting the American players made a ban for him to play there. (he took all their money). Nicklaus well that guy don’t need a presentation, 18 majors.

This weekend I get some updates how this all works out.

stay tuned

and why not one more putt

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Putting change made for Hans

I had started to wonder why he didn’t made more birdies, he sent me the putting video and as I looked at it I was like, ok I get it why you don’t make more birdies.

I said, you need to change your posture and putting.

Made a video for him. He said, easier.

Here is the video he sent me.

For me it explained why so I said, cant do that due to this as I showed him in the video I made.

Change to this.

Result today was this

Now, he will play a few practice rounds, become used to the new style, make some tweaks and then he should be able to do 3 to 5 shots better.

Golf pro Hans Andersson Golf pro Putting

Putting changes for Hans

Ongoing, posture and set up, big make over.

More to come


About putting

Not so difficult

check my stance, no square modern theory crap.
No shoulder putting modern crap.

Old school works

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Golf digest advice

Link putting

Bad advice, two skills you need is perfect green reading and pace and I defined those. No putting guru out there knows how to do that btw, none.

swing coach, maybe but few knows their craft good enough.

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Importance of putting?

Byronputting stat

That is Bryson Dechambeau stats.

He recently tried to putt like sam snead, he should have access to the best putting gurus but they aint so good at their jobs.

he hit it 285 yards (short) and don’t hit lot of fairways so means putting gets under pressure.

Golf pro Putting

Putting is important

Amy Yang, 104 putts 4 rounds.
2 place so yeon ruy 118 putts.

T32, Anna Nordqvist 123 putts

Amy missed more greens than so yeon but she made more putts and won by 5 shots.

Lydia still struggling, had 2 good finish rounds at 68 and 116 putts.

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Putting and tour Pros

An average tour pro has less than a half degree (0.5) in their putting stroke difference. Its not about their stroke that cause them issues.

Its green reading guesswork and pace of putts.

I developed a 100% accurate green reading skill based on how your mind works. It allowed me to develop a tour level or better putting. Its so easy now.

The better greens I putt on the easier it is.

Once your able to organize your skill set into a form that allows you better feedback your skills skyrocket in ease of usage. Its like you were blind and now can see.

Some believe in gadgets like laser and mirrors, for their putt stroke but once you make them understand how to organize their brain, putting becomes easy. Its why putting gurus cant teach you to become better due to them use gadgets and its rarely if ever your put stroke but the two variables that counts,

  • green reading
  • pace of putts.

Once you can do those putting is so easy to perform.

Then one want to focus ones attention towards consistency.

It feels like you have tap in putts when you have 10 footers.

So easy.