RBim 5 development

Yea its started.

I didn’t plan to but it has happen anyway.

RBIm 4 covers everything I ever would want from a technology for change and future planning. I am super happy about this model and template.

RBIm 5 well that’s different.

I bet someone will ask what did happen between RBIm and RBim 3 but the second was skipped as the upgrade was so big.

RBIm 5 will cover something else.

A better human being

To be better as a human seems nice doesn’t it?

So let ask us what is then a human being?

How can you become better unless you know what that then is?

I watched a Dr Phil trailer and no I didn’t see the show I saw the guy to be on the show say that he wasn’t a bad guy but he also did beat his wife for 5 years. So if you beat your wife for 5 years you still think your not a bad guy?

How can he or anyone else for that matter say such idiotic retarded shit?

How can anyone even try to think that they can be a better human being if you haven’t defined it first?

What then is human?

Joseph Riggio and Roye Fraser both had no clue about that or have.

That’s the human nature at play we believe we know what a human is or animalistic is or whatever else is.

I take notice that people doing NLP isn’t becoming better humans. The leaders take drugs and kill people. The question then are, what then consist of a better human being?

Compassion? Buddhism has that in spades.
Happiness? as well with Buddhism.

Time to go religious then?

Its fascinating humans then suddenly need to go bigger than themselves to something out there. Something’s more than themselves.

I have this image as my screen and for me it’s a world that’s really small that none can really see once you travel a few million miles the image here is shot at one million miles away. The only man made thing seen from the moon are the Chinese wall. If an alien came here they cant see us.


Its just another planet orbiting a sun.

However to many aliens are already here and are doing anal probing’s. The latent fear of homosexuality or the anal sex people want to have seems unrelenting in the USA.

I don’t claim to know what a human is or pretend to do.
I just think the question needs definition.

Are compassion and happiness as Buddhism suggest the way to go?

To be more human or a better human being knowing oneself seems like one option. We done that with the RBIm 3 and utilize that with the RBIm 4 using the self sustaining generalizations. It’s a way to find the place to be I guess as well as anyone as if to become better we need to know what we can chose from and while that is a really simple idea to be able to choose the question will be from what?

If stuff lacks definition your not really choosing then its guesswork.

I don’t need to understand what a human is but I do need to recognize it.
To be or not to be then?

I been running the RBIm 3 and 4 systems for some time now. I take note what happens over time as I am able to do so and while I don’t expect someone else to do such it allows me to have a former grasp on the abstract nature of the human evolution.

To be one and free in any way to join the human species we need to do better than we have trough the history. Having ones own place within ones control seem like one way to do it. That’s a paradigm shift of the human race though and for the individual to have their own place to then be able to choose what place they want to have within the society either it’s the family or work or such.

To explore we then do.

While skills are easy to expand upon to do better with as the work I done largely are about that as skills are easily defined the human ghost and consciousness isn’t.

Its an interesting thing though what makes us human. Without definitions its just anyone’s guess what’s that’s about and then how to evolve?

I never liked guesswork. I understand the need for it as life has to go on either we are stuck with our foot in the railroad and the train is coming. That our parachute is not working and we are praying that the spare will do its job as its paid to. As soon we get into those ultimate levels of the human the junkies of adrenalin when stuff don’t work people start to pray and that’s a society thing you been dragged and drugged to accept assumptions you don’t even realize is there working within you.

The darkness or the light or good or bad isn’t what its about at all. This isn’t star wars where the dad went rogue and dark for George Lucas. Hope dies late.

Can we have a neutral way to define us then experience what that leads us to then we need to know the baseline of that for us. Then we can choose what’s my experience then here. It’s a deep way to check the humanity for oneself in how much and what one do with contextual mapping as it will reveal truths about the assumptions you have without really knowing you have them.

The same way a guy can beat his wife and say I am not a bad guy. Then if he aint a bad guy but beat his wife then what is he?

A saint?

Its easy and fast to label such behaviors. As humans we make mistakes.

Maybe that’s what its about making mistakes doing the wrong things that leads us to the proper path? Nah another Christian value at work again.

So easily it is to spot them now using RBIm 4 and once you trained yourself then things with this stuff gets really interesting as you start to become aware.

I am fond of the creative analysis and testing things and I am intrinsically fascinating with such as the better I am at this the more distinctions are uncovered. Guesses stops being guesses and provide answers.

In many ways that’s how I define what I do for myself. I am concerned that another galaxy will collide with the milky way in a billion years or what it is. The timescale hurt my head. We need to plan to get out of this rock then the solar system then the galaxy.

Uniting people like that allows stuff to be done as it did happen when they built Stonehenge, people died and they built that for many many years. While the quest they did was for the imagined Gods their life might been wonderful. Its 3000 or so odd years ago so it didn’t just happen with one generation or two but many many more over a period of thousands of years. That’s uniting.

Coming together like that shows what human beings are capable to do.

But what are one human then? How to find that out to make better.

I find that intriguing fascinating even. I could choose to identify with the values and beliefs people have that I agree upon and disagree on the values and beliefs I don’t have about that also.

I could calculate from that what I currently stands at in regard to that. No that’s just it we would want a way to find that out what’s our place could or will be at then what are then we then?

The emergence of consciousness isn’t just one thing it seems to me to indicate its at least two.

RBIm 3 and 4 allows one to expand its own r-revolution to something else.

Not just more or less or the same.

In that I hope at the end I know what’s it like to find out what makes a human human

A world wide technology The RBIm 4.0 R-Evolution

Internet is a big place.

20 years ago cellphones and internet was starting and now its a lifestyle. I have friends on Facebook from Asia that seems to look for a guy to marry as when they ask you if your married its kind of a give away.

The world got smaller.

Religions started out when someone couldn’t travel more than a few miles and in Marco polo’s days and that wasn’t so long ago it took years to go somewhere.

Religions become a tool to deal with the things that did happen that people couldn’t explain. One could say science is our new religion.

I got in contact with NLP and that brought me to a few places like Canada and USA and Spain.

I looked at the training and wasn’t happy with it. It was pretty nonexistent at the trainer training I did. while skills for presentation is useful to have the quality of the training left much to chance. I wasn’t happy to see people go nuts during training as they pushed their system so much, I also wasn’t happy with the results people was having in the field of NLP either.

I trained the best hypnotist you ever seen here he is amazing really he is so good people don’t even notice the stuff he does.

I am happy with that.

I condensed a lot of material the last few years I defined down tested and run checks to find out how to organize and understand reality with change for an option that will always be there for the individual to have. So I have the beta tester and the first thing he does he starts altering the instructions. While testing limits can be a good thing its not the first thing I do. I run test and find out how it works first.

Most of the time with NLP, Mythoself etc..it just don’t work as advertised and the guys running those don’t even know that.

I find out stuff don’t work so I first go and ask and found that well its guesswork.

The way I am organized I knew one thing I am the guy to fix all that shit. I wanted to know.

Now I do know.

It has a particular elegance.

Each structure always have a formalized pattern so called building blocks we can add and support the work to streamline it once they are known. Naturally until you learn to discover and find the distinctions yourself then it can be a bit like anything else but once you have grown up with cell phones and computers and goggle and someone tells you that there was a time before that when phones was in a home only and you had to use such phones that didn’t even have a button to press but dial and they will look like your old dude.

Being different and I am different and its been like that for a long time allowed me to discover what to do to make people as it is today to organize the same way to allow a default natural awareness mind and you can say enlighten even to develop over time.

Its really something.

I am happy with that also.

Many times one could ask what is the correct way the optimal way and I am like dude I had to develop and discover this on my own totally without even be able to ask anyone as none knew.

Once the eliciting of self was formed from the RBIm 3.0 and then further enhanced with mapping context it was formalized into the SSG format of a self sustaining generalization.

I am really happy with that also.

Atm I just wait for feedback.

How much work does the average user need to do before they are able to organize accordingly is such a question I want answer to.

Here is what is at store once you can do this then nothing else compares.

Happy with that and enjoying the nature of the world.

RBIm 3.0 vs RBIm 4.0 changelog and update

Changelog: Update of the interim formula from RBIm 3.0 applied.

Question: Why cant people change as easy as buying new socks, food or cloth?

Answer is that current technologies of mind and body isn’t precise enough relying on old assumptions like for example unconscious mind used in various technologies like NLP, hypnosis and such storytelling or even fuzzy logic models in psychology.

Innovation: New model was needed to organize the concepts of RBIm 3.0

The new revision the RBIm 4.0 adds a new form and structure to change to make it easier.

RBIm 4.0 offers a new model to view change from and understanding why change have been difficult and resisted trough the old metaphor of the unconscious mind the outdated Freudian model and NLP and similar hypnosis technologies that rely on “The Process” without a definition.

RBIm 3.0: consists of FutureNow, Comparison Mode, Elicited Self, intu-flow, contextual mapping.

RBIm 4.0: consist of the same as RBIm 3.0 and are adding a revision to the application of the model and the understanding of the model and change itself trough the SSG (Self Sustained Generalizations).

Why cant someone stop smoking, loose weight or fix a problem they have like social anxiety or something else? The individual will try to fix it with what they think is missing which normally means that someone with social anxiety thinks they lack confidence and then obviously will think they now need confidence to fix the social anxiety an understandable logic.

The brain works like this in simple terms with for example Beliefs and faith:
If someone believe in God and then if they wake up in the morning and hurt their toe into a doorframe, no hot water in the shower, their car don’t start then they think God is testing their faith and patience and them. They wont think its bad planning, skills or anything else. Their brain adapts to their held belief, God exist for them so then the SSG becomes rationalized to be included within the core belief and faith for the individual.

Someone with social anxiety will try to fix their problem they perceive they have but cant as their brain will adapt their SSG to include the problem to the solution they try to implement. They cant fix it as the brain will generalize the social anxiety to the solution itself making it null and void the same way the individual believing in God will assume its testing their faith.

Your lack of faith is disturbing said Darth Vader the dad to Luke Skywalker.

The RBIm 4.0 version adds application from the RBIm 3.0 and that means self sustaining generalizations or SSG for short.

Once the individual build a new SSG then choice appears and the brain can isolate and update its core function.

Example from hypnosis:Your finding yourself listening intensely to my voice”
Whatever the hypnotists says after the above sentence are now in a self sustaining generalization an SSG. The told hypnotic sentence “starts and set the new contextual frame” That means hypnosis as a tool lacks precision as the hypnotist don’t understand their own technology the same way NLP don’t understand their own “Process” either.

RBIm 4.0 adds a new organization and understands that anyone have a core SSG which normally have a start and end in their contextual framework.

Isolating the SSG to its start and end points in a contextual frame (SSG) allows one to replace their own SSG to a more functional one.

Any direct attempt to change the OLD SSG wont work so well due to the individuals own brain will extend that generalization to the solution (evolution and its adaptation rationalizing it). Soon the social anxiety becomes worse as more and more examples are included into this SSG. A more stable form of SSG will only be run and active when it meets the criteria from the set SSG control.

The SSG shows why a therapists will be included into the solution from the client normally so they will fail to find a solution for the client and its why therapy takes time and seldom really works. The models in psychology cant deal with an SSG effectively. The NLP or hypnotist will rely on unconscious mind [Freud] communication which lacks precision and requires skills that needs years of training to do consistently and efficiently. The NLP or therapists will then be working within as a part of the rationalized SSG as a solution applying the invisible Process none can define in NLP in how they actually operate with their technology. (They simply don’t know)

RBIm 4.0 allows one to understand how a SSG works and how to build a new one replacing the previous one.

RBIm 4.0 and its technology of the SSG will allow choice to be available for the individual.

Bait and switch

I read websites and stuff I am interested in.

I don’t go to whitetrashsuckmydick.com website to think what is that about?

Some of my students told me my grammar sucks here a lot. I never knew grammar could suck so I would put my dick out there really fast if that was in any way true. After some time they are not so bothered wanting to correct my spelling or grammar as they either stop reading or get used to it.

I don’t sell stuff normally as what I do here is write about stuff I am interesting to explore and discover. I like to innovate, analyze, draw conclusions a regular Sherlock Holmes in disguise.

8 or whatever years I written about stuff here has allowed some of readers to start doing things no NLP training can teach you to do. Kinda interesting also.

So someone asked on facebook to that group if they used NLP in their marketing.

NLP applied to marketing can work in numerous ways, my take was, if it includes representations then its NLP as that’s how dumb that is.

NLP also manipulates people to come to believe things not really true or sway opinion that something is better than it is so you buy it. I read a few news letters now and then and its like that all the time.

RBIm 3.0 and soon 4.0 wont be for you or any other human either as its about something that people cant really understand.
How to have choice in their life.

What you mean? some might argue with me and say I do have choice and I would say then don’t read my stuff then…..and they say why would I wanna do that?

Choice….I say.. isn’t about thinking you have a choice but to understand that whatever choices you have isn’t really a choice. Steve down under have said it now and then he could understand why he reacted the way he did, then faced with why he then could take action about it altering his ways and be well within himself the stillness of life expressed.

That’s a paradox but we get there.

If you have no idea that your currently not having such choice then how could you even then understand what this RBIm stuff would be about?

Influence is what marketing is about to present your product or service and build a brand now and then. Like Microsoft, Apple or any other such we don’t know the names off anymore. Influence is easy.

You put a pussy out there and say any dicks volunteers for this pussy? That would work I guess as long the pussy isn’t old and open from a few babies its why many white ladies make a c-section to keep their pussy in a good shape. Their kids now have a worse immune system and risking not so good start in life but their pussy is in good shape. Some people think that is a good thing which seems funny for me but that is what people can do rationalize this is a good thing for them getting bigger boobs to feel confident about their own body and I go why on earth would anyone even think that way?

Exposure to such values in our society thinking you need them to attract a guy when all you need to do here is my pussy stick it in. I would however be very suspect of any such girl but some even have that as a job? Its one of the oldest jobs in the history of man and I got to ask how did that start? I mean without houses and roads you stood there under a tree and said to any stranger passing by hey stranger want some fun?

I don’t get why people reason that way or why it seems like a good thing to do. Marketing can be a way to inform the consumer but now and then its not easy to know if it’s a good product and service.

I myself whenever I do sessions always go the extra mile to make the way I do such work the way I want to do them not whatever the client thinks I should be doing.

I could for example create a member website private for those into golf and life enhancements and those don’t include any boob or dick surgery whatsoever. However it also means work for me and working to much isn’t a good thing for me so even if I wanted to do that the main issue for me isn’t the product or service as it’s the world best stuff in that regard but I would like to be able to keep up so I can deliver as I also know doing this kind of work always include extra stuff that people have questions about and that needs time to elevate for them. Its why I rather work with one or two people in golf than 100 or 1000 on a website as its not that easy decision to make.

To that are also for me what I enjoy doing create models.

When I hit my 6i the way I did at the range seeing the ball in the air I felt like yea that’s it that what I done to get that down all this time. Trying out a model you created is for me what I do.

I have no real idea what the value of what RBIm 4.0 will be, I consider it a breakthrough in client work for a therapist or a coach or for someone seeking aid and help for issues they have. Maybe a book is needed seems many like books as its kind of magical. I also think it will be a superb learning tool set and acquisition formula and will be a whole new way to deal with education and evolution of the mind and body. The model itself offers a new way to build reality without analyzing the past and to fixate on what is wrong.

RBIm 4.0 could be a really huge thing for the world.

R-evolution at its finest.

I got something big cooking in the shed.

Since I defined the 3 last models last year I been working on modeling and the RBIm 3.0

Choice was promised a long time ago with NLP but got lost to become about power, assholes and boring tedious semantics.

The question was how to create choice then as we have many individuals who simply are living their life without it.

Cracking that isn’t easy as we as a human are trapped within our own set of reality and each set also create perceptual filtering due to the brain don’t want to change. The system defend itself and adapt to the environment instead of doing the change.

It seems I solved that allowing an easier implementation of the RBIm system and likely to be called RBIm 4.0 Ler

Riding a bike part two

As seen in the last post riding a new sort of bike can be difficult and it took him 8 months to learn to do it and then 20 minutes to go back to the old one. His kid took 2 weeks learning to do it.

What happens when you add futurenow to that learning curve?

The curve changes.

It might take the kid an hour maybe a day or whatever to do it cutting down the time with a vast amount.

It would also cut down time for the guy also.

Most don’t do that when they learn new things.

The difficulty with performance and life

Its common someone scores a bit lower and then suddenly thinks in golf, 59.

Naturally the next thing that happens is a bogie and the easy holes becomes ravines.

That happens due to the comparison mode.

It’s a difference between beliefs and the expectation and capability and many call it the comfort zone without knowing what that is in the first place.

If your expectations goes up “59” then it creates discrepancy and the comparison mode kicks in as your beliefs about the result your able and capable to do contradicts the results your actually doing.

Establishing the experience like the story as in Mythoself wont work as the individual cant do it. They cant maintain their experience as they have no structure or form that can make such distinctions and even if they can make the distinction they cant hold onto the form itself.

Knowing that was obvious 12 years ago but the question was, why wouldn’t the individual be able to keep doing it?

Normally when people have faith and beliefs this happens, you believe God is real and then so whenever misfortune happens your brain adapts to the faith and belief and says “he is testing me” not thinking its maybe your strategy, your attitudes, lack of skills etc..but your brain adapt to the belief itself to maintain homeostasis or balance.

It’s the same structure everywhere.

The pedophile who rapes a one year old kid and kills it in the act still thinks they love them.

While some would argue they are insane and totally psychotic the structure stays the same as the brain adapts not to the actual event itself but the way you rationalize about the event.

This btw goes fast as the brain don’t like cognitive dissonance.

Whenever discrepancy happens and the comparison mode fires off the brain adapts to what it deem rational. Its not like its a logical process going on here if so you would stopped smoking a long time ago and you would not be fat and out of shape either.

This kind of adaptive structures the brain does is are due to evolution as patterns we are exposed to creates the reference for us in life. The patterns expose us to things we think are linked if we find money on the street one day then 3 weeks later and then 10 years later we form a belief I find money all day long.

Later we can form those from reading books, YouTube and people around us.
Then the culture and social exposure reinforms and confirms your choices and decisions.

Logic doesn’t change us.

Difference does.

Naturally none like change and difference.

It’s the human nature at play.

The brain will adapt faster than your thinking to defend its own system of homeostasis balance.

While you want to stop smoking, loose weight, change your routines and habits you cant as you fall into the trap again and again.

The RBIm 3.0 system which is a world leading technology for mind and body does it differently.

Now and then

Its so easy to sit there waiting for the past to catch up it seems logical but it has already past.

Isn’t the future already here now gone.

My brain cant decide if its ever settling down ever and continues

Once in a while peoples evolution got to a point where they thought maybe I can keep this and frame it up into a nice memory which was all good as we want to recall where is our food?

Then it become the next moment and soon we built cities surrounded by all this almighty thinking.

We went from doing chores to planning ahead we evolve into innovators thinking so much ahead we got stuck in the past

We did genocide with the Neanderthals we tried it with those heretics with crusades and tis all coming back and I blame the English priests who thought God thought this was a good idea.

Man will rationalize that its for a good cause whatever it might be killing innocent well they are not innocent as God made sure they are not.

It seems retards are commonly a living condition for the Greece people who complain when their own government did it to them its their own fault.

The same goes for people like kids thinking IS is a good cause and all they do is to take advantage of your ass.

Now and then I guess an asteroid really need to hit us badly again as for now this world have become stuck.

The road to success Updated

While learning make sure your not comparing how well someone else does and what your doing make sure you improve what your able to do.

Pick up strategies that make sense and improves what you do with efficiency.

Updated: When you are learning the feedback you receive allows you to make better use of your learning faster.

It works for sports or business as well as love.