RBIm and onwards the SSG trains hop on

I would have assumed that this post would been more commented or even asked questions about. Maybe its me then that understand that only or it was clear enough to be understood so no comment or question was needed from you.

Its said that the thinking we have the strategies we use are the cause for the results we have. So to have another result then one would like to alter ones own thinking but to what?

If I never did think that way why would I want to think in such a way when I never did think that way or?

Diversity is good as different questions and different opinions allow us to go outside our own box. In todays world that however isn’t liked. No one like someone who tells you that your dead wrong. Or have a totally opposite opinion than you do.

You ever wondered why you react and respond that way?

If you have an original that original isn’t the copy of the original. The copy of the original isn’t the original. Some say a painting painted by the original author is worth more money than a copy made exactly the same. For me I wouldn’t see any difference until someone maybe put a stamp on what painting was original vs a copy.

However I be as happy with the copy as with the original.

Now, most would now have a different opinion than me in that.

I would ask, does that make you happy?

No? Why reason and think that way then?

Memory and RBIm with reality

Research shows we recall events not back to the event itself as that isn’t possible but our recalled memory of the event itself. This normally cause a problem for most due to the event itself isn’t the problem but our reaction to the event in a one to one manner.

What the event means to us cause issues.

If we then recall the same memory we create a copy to the copy to the copy, and we can essentially add stuff to the memory without even realizing it along the way.

What this means for us is this

The good thing is then we can add whatever we want to remember things the way we want. Now some will question the sanity of that as if we remember whatever we want then the past don’t matter? Yea.

The event itself isn’t the problem but our reaction and response to the event.

It’s the way the brain store such memories.

With RBIm we understand that’s due to the comparison mode the brain keeps track of the current held recalling.
Its done trough contextual locations.

So the snake you see when you have a phobia isn’t the snake you react to. The snake itself that you see does nothing but the comparison your brain just did however created a chain of events. The same way an allergic individual who see roses they are allergic to get a reaction when they see roses of plastic…..if they don’t know those are plastic then they create an allergic reaction when there is no allergen present. Once you understand that the comparison mode is what kicks in between your visual input and conscious action your acting on the wrong information in your behavior.

Stuck and limited with the Chinese cat

I watch and read some material about marketing now and then.

Joseph Riggio its all about positive possibility.
His marketing? Stuck, limited life sucks.

Its not like he market what he claims he does!

Getting stuck is easy its what the human mind and such learns to do trough life as we react and respond to life events we been exposed to. Like a camera on film it just push down the light you open up the lens for. The camera cant adjust the light unless you use an auto feature or manually alter the lens.


We cant do that when stuff happens as that shapes and forms our neural networks.
Once formed and the pattern normally is 3 but can be one and often is more.

Humans are stuck with reaction to external stimuli. Later that forms our habits and thinking patterns. When we try to be unstuck or not limited we run into our own minds neural net which makes us loop between the event itself and the containment of the event itself.

RBIm calls that the comparison mode.

In essence the way you react is so assimilated to a response without your consciousness needs to be engaged. See chocolate or cookie, eat it. See pretty girl, look after her, see nice guy with pecks and nice ass, look after him.

Let say you do something you enjoy but then as you do so you start to think you did something bad. Now your in a paradox, do the enjoyment or feel bad about doing it afterwards. For some that’s the day with ice-cream or wine or calling their parents or whatever.

Paradoxes makes people crazy.

You might know what it feels like that this is NOT what I want and life sucks and your stuck.

Issue one will be, when you train someone as I do with sports the first reaction I have is, this is not possible. For me that means the athlete just brushed reality they had with the potential they could have and even if they did it they cant believe it. Working with Tiger Woods or Luke Donald would be easy for me. They already played and won on tour. Luke Donald be nr1 in the world again if he came and worked with me.

Building new with someone who never been let say successful, or happy or good or awesome is a lot different. I found that none really had a good plan, some had ideas but no real way to measure up if that worked good or if there was another way to do it. Thedanplan a huge as far showcase how difficult it is to do a modern swing for tour pro golf for an amateur. Monte, Iteachgolf, Waldron, Haney, Como, Foley, Leadbetter etc..have no idea to do what I can do for a tour golfer.

I make them able to do it and it just works.
4 years ago I had no idea how to do that.

However I had a plan and with measurement and evidence as my partners I built such a way to make it work.

You find my marketing for a tour pro golfer is aimed what I can do for them.

  • You shave off shots with putting day one with my system.
  • You will learn to have 300+ driving and 4% dispersion.
  • Your proximity to the hole will be better than todays best on tour.

That’s what I can do and teach a tour pro as that’s easy today for me.

I talk about what I can do.

It might not mean that it be easy nor simple for you however, it can be but it can also be a struggle due to the nature of how much your beliefs and assumptions and reality is built with current reactions and responses.

The technical aspect of golf is simple for me. I can tweak and fix your golf swing in person in minutes and you hit the ball better than ever. To accept that your able to do that within minutes might not be so easy to accept. Its also likely to try to find a way to not make it work as I find that a lot with people.

Hans response when he hit his driver 60 yards longer and a PW 30 yards longer the first time I did what I do with him?

Impossible that not possible……

He knew how this worked then, he knew as he had worked with golf trainers who admire Ben Hogan and what else and what I did was simply, impossible to him.

You think I don’t know what I am doing with golfers you know like Monte or iteachgolf or Leadbetter?


Anyhow, if we are stuck with our mind looping on itself then what can we do?

If you understand the system then you can apply a new focus and attention towards what will work for you. That you can create choice about the old reaction and response. (RBIm 4 and the SSG system).

Once you can do that then your able to build new and define a different future. What most never understand is whatever you do right now and the next moment is most likely based upon a reaction and response to what’s true in the past for you.

Your essentially just creating what you already know and reinforcing the reality as far the one you have.

Hans for example couldn’t do things I asked him to do, for me that meant I had to develop a better instruction and while its better it wont help against the bias golf trainers teach you to have trough books, forums, videos and youtube.

I built Hans the same system Mikaela Shiffrin uses. She won 2 world championships and one Olympic gold before age 19 in slalom. My system allows you to do what she learned on her own by accident.

My system is no accident.

The posts here with the headline of stuck, limited and a Chinese cat covets to the idea that most people will try to find a way that works for them but here is the thing

your likely to miss it when that happens.

I seen it happen time and time again, that’s your new reality and experience but people cant verify it “the new way” so they think this is wrong and goes back to some rationalized reality.

I built that for Hans, he told me, I don’t want to do that and I said, fuck off, go do it and report back so he did and told me then, ok whatever this is works better and I said BUT you didn’t want to do it? That’s not what you want to do?
He said, well it works better so…..

That’s the way it is with people who want to have results to succeed, when they are in denial about what works they cant deny the result they just had so then they go, ok I start doing the new thing then and then soon are saying this is how I always done this.

When I moved to a new place it took me 3 months then it felt like I always had lived here.

If you make some new SSG in your life it might take that time before you have that realization that your life is now, new and different but then its normal obviously.

So how to then market?

For me its always about what works and education and understanding the system and what I can do.

Its not perfect but it can be

Modeling a golf swing

A lot of people in golf have no idea how a model works. For decades people tried to learn what ben Hogan did, some call it a magical swing. None have been able to do what Hogan did for 70 years.

When I started to study golf swings I choose a role model in my case Mike Austin, there was two reasons for that, one he was long as a hitter and he did something he couldnt teach to others and no one else could do. Imagine that your able to do it, show it have videos and none is able to do it?

What’s going on?

I mean you have a video of someone doing it, why cant then you do it even when you have someone showing you what’s going on?

Then you have people telling you things like, its not possible to clone or copy a golf swing. You need talent like Hogan or Austin had. Then mystical forces happens like magic, mystery and it become legends and myths.

I used science to copy and clone what Mike Austin did.

I broken it down into physical verifiable bits with feel and evidence in how the body has to move in a golf swing that you can do in slow motion in your home. That’s what I did do.

So whenever I read a golf forum like golfwrx and have the “experts” tell a tale I already know if they are close or way of in what they try to say. More often they are way off.

I explained to Hans the guy I coach this golf swing to and he goes like this, I didn’t know that or that or that! So what did happen to him then? He is long a 300 yard hitter without trying, no biggie as distance is easy and I can make him longer but he plays golf not long driving so I adjusted for more accuracy a 4% dispersion level of accuracy which btw Monte scheinblum have no idea to teach or Iteachgolf or Jim Waldron from Golfwrx none of them can teach you that. They will tell you its not possible. Further Hank Haney have no idea nor does Sean Foley, Chris Como or Butch Harmon or David Leadbetter. What’s also interesting that the Mike Austin trainers will tell you that I don’t understand the Mike Austin swing. None of them can and not even Mike Austin couldn’t teach the swing, just check out Mike Dunaway the guy who did spend more time with Mike Austin than anyone else.

So what’s going on here then?

Modeling is not cloning or replicating the way people think about that. A model is built to teach you to be able to do what someone does but the model itself might be vastly different than what someone is doing.

I can explain the Austin pivot vs a modern pivot, I can explain the essential bit in a golf swing with transition and I can do so with feel plus evidence so you can practice that in slow motion. Yea I can do all that but none in golf seems able to do what I am able to do isn’t that special?

You would think a lot of people would want to know what I can do there in golf and sure if you pay me I tell you.

What really sad in a way as I stand on the range and hear golf trainers hired not really knowing what they do and kids hitting balls to no end as their swing changes and they then stand there and try to fix it and optimize it as it goes off line so often.

Guesswork is so common and then what typically happens a whole field build a cult around that which becomes theory that seems really useful and good but when you try it the instruction does not seem to work really and then you don’t know why and go back again? So if Luke Donald’s swing trainer cant add 30 yards to Luke swing and be more accurate isn’t that a direct answer to, do he knows what he does with the golf swing then?


I also bet none really questioning that except me obviously.

Modeling cuts way the mystery and magic and make it doable and practical and scientific. Real science makes it replicatable. It means you can verify the result the model itself.

I taught Hans he never asked me if I knew what I was doing as this did happen,
I said, do this, he, this? I said, yes, he went and did “this” reported back as, Hits the ball better, longer or straighter or such if I do “this”.

Me, ok do this then next time.


Along the way I also had to address his ideas he learned from previous golf trainers that he built habitual forms from how its suppose to be. He had internalized a lot of those that was getting in the way to hit the ball better.


He thinks and plays differently and also swings differently.

Its not just the golf swing I did model as I also built a high performance mode to bring out your potential along the way. Improved the putting into science also. You can then focus totally on making putts as your green reading is 100% accurate every time. You can do what Aimpoint use as basis for their technology without knowing anything about Aimpoint as they cant teach you this.

Golf swing
Putting system
Performance mode.

The RBIm golf system.

Modeling isn’t to copy what someone does as that isn’t possible. Its to analyze the result someone has they create and then build a model to re-create that result they do have. In essence a educational instruction to do this then you learn to do that later.

If you’re a tour pro and want accuracy and precision that no one else can teach you, come and talk to me.

What’s typical not just in golf but in other sports and fields is that people believe things that has nothing to do with results. Well we hire that consultant and if you ask them why? They say things like, well we like him or we hired them before or my buddy hired them etc…

Hire me as I am just like your buddy.

Understanding PTSD

In a war the brain has to deal with survival and threat on a daily basis. While we train for such the war itself is difficult to understand until your in the situation. For many that means they are unable to handle life when they are home again and suffer from ptsd.

It basically means they still believe they in war while they are at home.

The brain haven’t been updated and taken notice where they are.

Once you work with RBIm then you understand the confusion their system is under.

To reboot and re-set the system to where the individual are is the work that needs to be done. Its purely contextual and once re-set the individual don’t have ptsd anymore.

PTSD is like confusion as long you don’t know the difference then you be confused.

State of Sweden and somatic metaphors

Every system have a balance a way to flow within its boundaries and sweden been a country with pretty much open society and we had people pay the price with the Prime minster Palme shot dead and then the minster Anna Lindh knifed while shopping.

I received a mail from Joseph Riggio about somatic metaphors a way to control the body and I am like, wtf did he smoke now? The mind controls everything there is no body to control stuff that way.

Every system have rules they follow and while we might think emotionally that that isn’t the case it wont matter as rules are there as humans and stars are bound by the same forces. We cant escape gravity and the influence it has on us. Math is logical and it seems highly illogical to disregard that when we talk mind and body. ´What is the body really then?

Its not really defined.

What happens when the system in place then are pressured from a influx of people like its done here in Sweden? The systems in place cracks. It be random acts and then a new system will be following along from that and often that does not happen in a good way due to people try to protect the old system which isn’t working anymore………you will find that’s really common for an individual as a group also.

We fail to understand that we need a new system that we cant work with the old one and emotions gets in our way we believe but surely it has to work this way?

Then they quote Bandler or Riggio or some other guy that are totally wrong about this and I shake my head, understand I say.

However we don’t.

While I am human and seek answers once I found them those answers build new.

I don’t hang onto what I sued to do or believe anymore for me that don’t make sense and yes for some that seem like I don’t know what I am doing or believe but I follow evidence.

Evidence then show us what’s going on and from there we must form truth we can rely on. Many don’t want that however again they try to make sure you don’t think out of the box and agree on the somatic stuff that you need to control your body.

It’s a bad metaphor btw, the body.

Replace body with define and you will find that its difficult to agree on that somatic ideal.

At some point I end up with consciousness.

We are conscious beings interacting with systems I call contexts and once we do they form our frame of thought. We then become the ideal we interact with and we can show that with evidence in behaviors.

You can trace back that to reactions and responses people have without choice.

Once no choice is there, people become less human and stuck within their won context without choice and only an animal stays there barking back.

I don’t think mastering our body will bring humanity forward.

Now you might assume we master our mind then but no.

When people are afraid then the logical part of reason goes away.

We become humans when we attend consciousness in a different way so we don’t get stuck becoming animals with nothing else than reactions and responses.

Choice is the way.

Your to choose

RBIm Templates and a brighter future

Apple says, think differently.

Nice idea good slogan so what about thinking differently?

Lets face it, none taught us to think and we are poorly doing just that, thinking.

None taught me to be a master mathematician or historian or astronaut. What I was taught was facts, boring sure but at least the teacher can say, I taught facts and the student remember them, when tested so they train your memory not to think differently and also not to be able to learn better.

RBIm assures us this, we need a learning template to allow us to think the way we want when we want to innovate, create new and allow us the thinking patterns people use to create results out there in the world. Learning new is important so is the thinking to innovate and to learn by understanding the area one study.

Once you do you take quantum leaps in the field.

You understand what you study better, then add innovation ideas to that and then soon your on track.

A physicist once was asked to measure the difference between pressure from a roof and ground so he answered, well I knock on door, give the guy there a barometer tell him to go on roof and call me on the number.

His teacher didn’t approve that answer even if it was 100% correct.

The current learning and teaching curriculum don’t reward you for creative, different thinking unless you work for someone that will.

The RBIm templates will help and aid your new thinking to support the way to create innovation the way Elon Musk does it, while you might not have his engineering skills or business skills at least you will know what to do as you will have his thinking in what he do which has nothing to do with knowledge about engineering or business.

I been running the 3 templates I as far study since September.

I haven’t worked them out into a detailed and overview yet but the templates are working. The way those works allowed me the practical mind which will most likely be RBIm 5.0 when its done.

NLP cant teach you to think differently in fact people seem to be sect like in their view of the world after a while there. Not sure how they got NLP and NHR and DHE so wrong but I guess it has to do with control somehow.

Anyhow, questioning and asking creatively might get you into trouble but we can face the new with bold and adventurerous attitude or stay with what safe and old.

I set the Practical mind into action with the ladies and that should clear up for them the mapping bit a lot easier. You want to be able to steer your mind into creating the reality you want but cant do that with thinking that isn’t allowing that.

RBIm templates shapes up nicely.

Hans talk

He played 11 holes the other day, still cold and well winter like conditions there. shot 2 under which for him at this time is good. The new system is kicking in for him and my work feels, done.

He does his phys work 2to 4 times a week and once season starts that be the main thing as his game wont change now.

I said it before, once I am done it just works. It wont go away, your game will continue to be stable and consistent and improve over time. If we remove the guesswork out of the equation of your performance then your consistent every time you go play.

The difficult portion as a coach is to explain the system so your able to follow it.

I had assumptions that golf pros knew what they did, as well as the golf trainers but I found out none do. I found the secret to golf along the way as I built a system for a guy that just wanted to play golf full time. The good thing I can do the same for some other tour pro faster as I already built and remove the kinks out of the system.

I built this performance system for golf that is the best in the world.

Good talk today


The practical mind with RBIm

Where or what is the future or the past other than remnants of memory lanes?

To the extent of consciousness we can explore avenues to be awesome.

Or plain silly.

Kids take steps well at least they try and fail, sit on the bum or just fall over. We laugh and they try again. At some point they start to take steps and then fall over and as they come to run well then we are scared for life.

How come the child never stop trying? is it the parents feedback or just that the child see other people walking that’s enough to make them try?

Later we learn that failure means bad, we stop trying or we state its hard, complex, difficult and then fail and start creating all kinds of ways to deal with the failure and mistakes we do, some develop avoidance to try, some think they are no good and then some never keep on trying again.

What did happen between the baby steps you did and the adult you become?

Later psychology tried to say well its all conscious oh sorry unconscious. To explain what Freud couldn’t explain people assume that’s what ruled human behaviors, later cognitive psychology along with NLP came along and they all assumed the same?

That what happens here is a unconsciously whatever that is creating this for us?

You went to school and along the way something did happen that made us to try wouldn’t work any longer. We stop trying and then started to create all various attempts that would work but in reality we never understood that we only fooled ourselves. Later we become this individual that when we want to learn think we need to indulge into facts, that the meaning of learning means learning facts so we search for it as we are taught in school that’s the way to do it.

NLP for example said they do unconscious installation setting the pseudoscience stamp on NLP thanks to Bandler. Effectively cutting off any accepted common usage of the tech itself as its as good as scientology and new age for now.

Unconscious minds does not exist.

True we are making habits, the brain simplify things we do taking highly complex movements like walking and keeping balance as a child and then you can do it and once you can do it then the unconscious mind is created? Or was it there before or later?

RBIm deals with human consciousness and learning differently.

We understand that we assume we learned things before we start to learn them including RBIm, that sets up a context of storage what and where the information is suppose to be stored as the brain cant do that on its own! Your unconscious mind is then so stupid its beyond belief actually.

Its like the immune system since if it attacks their own cells like rheumatoid why then didn’t the unconscious mind intervene and stopped it? It just seems intelligent like a Turing machine but when checked and looked at we understand the rote issue here that there is no mind of the unconscious there.

So I developed RBIm as a result of evidence based analysis’s.

Its pure science to me.

I found that there is basically two type of people needs, one they have it all there already and needs to re-organize things or they need to educate themselves to do whatever they want to. Either way I found that most people never understand how they think about learning or such we assume people think the same way we do but others simply don’t.

I did discover I was good identifying thinking patterns people had that could create a new result for people but their mind got in the way, telling people how this works and what to do created problems due to people got their own perception in the way when they tried to follow the instruction.

So I had to make a decision here what to do then as it seemed whatever I did wouldn’t work. I had to develop a different way a more practical way.

The practical mind

Its now part of the RBIm 4.1 development.

It’s a lot about matching the intended result and what to do. If I do things and as I do I can make things work without really think much about what I do as I been doing this for a long time for me distinctions are as habitual as anything else.

For someone new that might not be the case and they might even be confused as its so easy to get in ones own way as if we look at NLP trainers they cant even take notice if something works or not and that’s a technology they say is about what’s suppose to work?

Pretty confusing if your in NLP for sure.

So I understand that if I instruct someone they cant really do it as their own system gets in the way to map the SSG for example. For some they can do it but I figured I needed a better way to instruct that simply allowed a simpler path and way to apply the RBIm.

As I said, I be focused on applications this year and instructions are part of such.

  • One need a way to know what result one is after.

    Then a way to confirm that one is going the right way.

  • Then what to do if one isn’t on the right path and way.
  • Then again a way to confirm what one now does works as intended to have the result one wanted.
  • Or you can try these approaches “proven” (irony)

    Tony Robbins Take action!

  • Richard Bandler You need a direction!
  • Joseph Riggio it’s a myth your story!
  • Tom Vizzini it’s a blue ball!
  • Success will find you! (fuck off wolverine)
  • Michael Hall Your meta to the meta!

Isn’t surprising none really know what’s the future should be about?

If we debunk what the brain does vs what people believe it does we find that there is no “change” as we build “new” and then there is no “Unconscious mind” as you will try to go to default about that normally.

As I developed RBIm when things might not work which might be such about instructions about what to do as words and concepts now and then wont convey the desired result as I would for example want to have when teaching. Then I would devise as I normally do, ok need a new way to explain that then. Naturally one would think there is a solution out there already but obviously there isn’t.

When you study people that thinks differently than you do like Elon Musk or Donald Trump or Steve Jobs or others you find that as I done that it can be highly complex to understand people but for me, I understand people so well as they tell me, well I tried to explain but I cant and I look at them and then say, so its like this then?

Yea, how you know?

Its part of my job description.

Anyhow as soon I started to deal with this problem of the instruction set and peoples perceptual grid getting in the way it didn’t take long for a solution to appear.

More to come

Modeling the next generations

If you don’t know then you don’t know.

I assume that when someone like Joseph Riggio writes he knew and everyone else didn’t he also could answer my question in the workshop he taught, explicitly, he couldn’t as he didn’t know.

He still don’t.

Am I naïve then for thinking like that?

If we want people to believe in fairytales like Bandler and Grinder told us then I am sure people want to continue believe in them. Its comforting.

I did study the modeling process itself for 20 years and its just recently I can say I have come close to define and improve upon it. In some aspect I know it’s the simplest technology in modeling which also makes it the most complex as to make it simple one have to reduce it all into a single equation.

I don’t do well with guesswork and theory. I had enough of that with NLP and psychology and the rest. Doing for example hypnosis and so called somatic work tougher is a bad idea as its done with Mythoself the way the human brain works can make you nuts going trough such a workshop and it did happen to one of my students. I had to save their marriage.

It seems I am doing a huge clean up of NLP from Bandlers lies and the way a NLP Trainer can analyze what obviously didn’t work when Bandler did his phobia intervention so how can a well renown NLP Trainer miss that obvious fact?

Its not his fault, years ago I might done the same.

Today I don’t as I know better and why.

For example when I work with clients I always ask them, why questions.

I had this girl, a year or two in therapy, she came in with self personality issues, weak self image etc..so I look at her and ask, so why do you think this did happen? She said, well I think its due to my twin sister…. So that was the first 30 seconds and then I knew what to do. She was fine after the first session vs loong therapy previously.

Some people here in Sweden one guy a NLP Trainer under John Grinder compared me to Bandler. Some other guy called me a genius and then some other guy called me an asshole.

NLP tells you to ask, how do you know? and that stupid. If the client would know, then they would tell you.

Now and then I think the guys developing NLP don’t actually understand the brain.

It seems for me my observation is way more accurate about NLP, Bandler, Grinder, Mythoself than I know you don’t statement from Joseph Riggio.

I was told by Oli that well at least you tell it the way it is, yea I know, if I don’t know then I don’t know, making up shit I leave to Bandler, Grinder and the rest as I don’t like to make up shit and then teach it without knowing its shit.

Modeling is a way to analyze and replicate other peoples result we classify as better than what the average Joe does in any given field, it means baking a cinnamon cookie or raising a child or picking the best dress for the evening or creating a rocket for space.

I done some modeling of Mike Austin. He did hit a golf ball a long way, then he tried to teach it and failed. His students and none of them was able to do, what Mike did do. They were able to hit the ball longer yes but replicate the original model Mike Austin? No.


He did it then he used kinesiology to study what he did and then teach but here is the thing, his own mind got in the way of what he did. If he was alive I could teach him what he failed to teach others about what he himself did do.


Its due to modeling skills and one goal and aim I have is to explain it in a way that make sense as I evolved modeling into some understanding why NLP went the wrong way which means John Grinder and Richard Bandler, David Gordon and the rest.

For example Connirae Andreas and Tamara did model Roye Fraser with Steve Andreas, what they come up with was Core transformation. It’s a book and technology. Its also a poor attempt to model down what Roye did do which he himself could not explain what he did do and nor can Joseph Riggio.

I can.

Human beings need concepts they understand but to get there with all this ideals that exists today with unconscious mind (Guesswork) and misnomers like “change” or such will lead you astray.

If you study a child you find they shift their attention every 8 or 10 seconds and I did demonstrate that with Hans daughter and told him, check this out and pointed out to him when she did shift. I learned that from Bruce Lee.

He was a martial artists that redefined the martial arts fully.

You can trace back every free or open ended art today like Gracie brothers jiu-jitsu to what Bruce lee did and the work he did carried out by Dan Inosanto for generations to come to be able to relive themselves from the classical mess.

Why was Bruce able to do so?

He understood what he was taught was style, wing chun and in simple terms, sucked.

He understood he was taught style so he then researched. Over time he created something else a concept called JKD which teaches you the essence of fighting to analyze what’s there and to add and absorb what you are fit for and then discard the rest.

That’s modeling for sure adapted for the individual to find their fighting style without style.

RBIm is done the same way it’s a system, a generic system a model that you can and will adapt your way as your understanding of the mechanics in the system will depend on so many variables. The JKD user might look like a boxer but he or she then will be using the JKD concept to suit their style and someone else might look like a Thai boxer and that wont matter as they be both using the same concept to do that.

RBIm is a R-Evolution, its inherent in my work as I don’t look and check for guesswork or theory but actual measured stuff one can verify. Doing that allowed me to create a system of thought a concept to organize around and as I redefine and distill down I can explain and teach the system better and better. Since November I totally redecorated the teachings fully.

RBim will allow true freedom for the individual
while allowing for structure at the same time.

We work with a phobia the same way we work with anxiety or trauma or life design of happiness or establishing new habits. RBIm allows you to learn one system one concept and then can do everything.

Why can that work when NLP and NHR, DHE, New Code NLP, 3D Mind, meta-states, Mythoself etc..all seem so different then?

Its due to them don’t understand the brain and in sequence, reality.

I understand the brain rather well know the reality is still a bit sketchy and if I get there I find out.

The idea behind the membership RBIm website is this, to create a unheard collection of skills and approaches that works to create the life you want trough edcuation. To add your innovation to that along the way so you can contribute your ideas and experiences within the format.

RBIm isn’t a change technology or transformation or mastery or whatever else.

Its education 2 innovate

I could create students that was taught the model and applied it that be rote mode for most to do but me cant do that as I am not built that way as to create innovation to evolve we need better tools to do modeling and understand that so we can create thinking hats the so called RBIm templates and apply those so we can learn to think the way people are thinking out there right now and done previously in history to create airplanes, space rockets, radio, television and even nuclear power.

Its like anything else, when enough people have such knowledge then the R-Evolution happens by itself.

I evolve, so does RBIm, and if I write a book it seems old when I am done as I am already using the concept and principles the mechanics to create and innovate upon them again.

Modeling can be a science as we can do things differently without the burden of the unconscious mind.

The RBIm modeling is done differently, the templates are models that are used differently than models from NLP and from Bandler and Grinder.

With RBIm we have a generic approach that don’t create a specific result but your able to innovate new stuff as we can combine for example several approaches used by people and then create something new. The RBIm templates is the next logical step for me to study and decorate once the website is up and running with membership.

I have no idea if people want this type of education or want to do this kind of work but I will find out. I have had several people coming from various backgrounds here that simply put are looking for what works for them.

Here you can educate yourself and build what works for you.

Next generation modeling