Sean Foley is wrong and I am right, I am the Golf God

As I said and stated earlier, Sean Foley is dead wrong about the baseball pitch. Funny thing when you have a baseball coach saying the same thing I am.

I just had to remove a comment from YouTube for this reason as the American didn’t understand the basics of physics and baseball pitches…

Imagine that.

Link to my earlier blog post about Sean Foley fault here

some video about golf swing systems and Placebo

People believe in the swing change its why they do it, that cause a placebo effect to happen but one the mystery wears off the real truth is shown.

Charlie wii made a huge positive endorsement 2010 about stack and tilt. I wonder if he would do the same today?

It goes a bit like this

  1. Positive about swing change
  2. Placebo effect kicks in for a bit.
  3. Swing change ruins their timing and athletic instinct.
  4. Game goes to shit and often loose their cards.


Anna Nordqvist lost play off on let today

Main reason, she was 6 shot worse with putting vs her opponent and she had chances but couldn’t convert them.

If putting is your weak side the  you want to bring it up to the best.
if distance from tee is your weak side you want to bring it up to the best.

Amazingly enough the RBIm system for golf allows you to do both.

Difference between a pro and an amateur

440 yard par 4.

Pro: 2i and a 9i

Amateur: drive 220 yards, spoon/hybrid, wedge.

It’s a different game depending on your skill and ability.

Its why we have different tees and distances to play from so all can enjoy the game at similar ways. However going pro when you hit a great shot… well you need to be able to make a bit longer distance every time.

some say you need balance in golf

This thread on golfwrx says so.

this guy state this


Now, if this girl soft flinck had listen to this guy when she learned to throw a javelin, she wouldn’t have won the world championship as a junior.


If you think you know stuff about balance in the golf swing as waldron states, your misinformed.

to hit far, you cant be balanced with a modern golf swing.

Hans can hit his 2i the same distance a long driving champion as sadlowsksi does.

Here is the kicker, Hans don’t loose his balance, sadlowski does.

Adam young has no answer to why.

The golf God (that’s me) do

Disproving Adam Young article

Did a video, talk some, show how someone that told me he had world leading experts in bio mechanics saying it was correct when someone like sadlowski isn’t doing what he Adam and his experts tells people that sadlowski is doing. Jamie sadlowski is a former world long driving champion.

I told Adam that article is wrong, and why, he came back with Bubba Watson hit 310 jumping and I said, my guy does 330 not jumping, he came back with long driving (topic change btw) and said they do that.

My reply is this video, sadlowski hit a 2i 280-290 yards, so is Hans, but Hans isn’t jumping at impact as Adam states with experts which is needed if you use ground pressure but here is the disproving part, sadlowski isn’t pressure the ground to jump, Adams conclusion is dead wrong, so are his experts.

I am 100% right, as a golf God, it’s a great place to be.

Link to article


You can listen to misinformed experts, listen to the guesswork theory people do or start thinking maybe the golf God is the real God after all. Skrattar

Breaking down the golf swing

It has a set up with posture leading to the back swing
It has a back swing leading into transition the slot
It has transition leading into the down swing
The down swing sets up the release

The modern theory cant do timing and tempo for consistency as your tempo and swing will always be different and nothing can be done about that. Why its even taught is beyond me.

The RBIm swing system will allow you a free flowing efficient movement once you mastered the key points in a golf swing. Once your movement pattern starts to run the proper sequence one can adjust various body movements to find and discover how it should feel.

You have perfect timing every swing, your tempo will be the same with each swing.

That’s why Hans is able to do the same timing with a 8i and a driver.

To jump or not to jump that’s the question

Jumpers in golf, and I have it from Adam Young that he has several world leading experts signing his article that’s what you should do.

Here is sadlowski hitting a 2i 280 yards,


Hans can do that to without jumping.

Bubba another jumper

Jumping means two things, shorter less power and loosing accuracy.

However, adam young will say it does not and he has world leading experts on bio mechanics saying it is so.

He is dead wrong and so are his experts.

You want smooth long efficient accuracy?

Based on my astute observations to discover the secrets to the golf swing for power, accuracy and beauty aka efficiency


Less moving parts, efficient and no need to compensate which is evident in sadlowskis movements.

I built the best golf swing mechanics in the world. I know the secrets.

Golf God.