Mind control for the future with RBIm6

Imagine you could design your habits, behaviors you do, excel at learning, creativity and be happy and enjoy life and more

You may run into your limitations, cant do due to to old to young, and reasons we conjure up like a magician as we end up in the glass box into the invisible mind of ours

Some argue its unconscious mind, the hypnosis crowd think its real like Bandler from NLP still failing to evolve from the process after 40 years.

The future of mankind’s evolution, its called RBIm6

Ramping up to RBIm6 in October then

Talking directly to the mind to steer ones actions and habits into a positive direction to have control over what people call unconscious directly.

Possible or just a notch in a tree down the road?

Nr1 issue for people is that even if they do want something having it seems impossible many times. Like the people buying salad and never eats it but they keep on buying it to eat it but never does.

They are going to eat it but that moment keeps on being in the future and they never really arrive there.

Do you have control of your life?

The sentence and question seems innocent enough after all we want to know but the way language works we presuppose that you may not have control in your life, the question itself moves your mind to a different context. 70% of the population change their minds if there is a consensus in the group even if they do not agree, are you one of them?

If you could talk directly to the mind, to steer it where you want it to go, to gain control in a way that allows you access to the mechanisms that runs your mind well then

NLP assumed its a representation but then wont explain the way the question worked, what changed when we asked it?

One such variant is we can say, yes or no, or we can disregard the question or some other option but if we say well you made a representation that answer is to simplistic.

You changed, context, you shifted into that and that is what questions do, they shift our minds slightly. In some cases its a small shift and in other cases the question can collide old ideas and ideals and we can suddenly find our reality different.

RBIm6 is the way to talk directly to your minds hardware to steer our attention towards the directional control we can have in our stream of consciousness

Playing in the zone, always

Its what I do.

One of the benefits of RBIm6 and the work I done is to set up your optimal best experiences doing things. Playing golf like this is really relaxing.

Taking time off

Its golf now.

Plan to do some skype talk later on with RBIm6

Its coming.

Atm I work on the swing and game, play with a friend today and we had a great time together. I started to play better, swing getting better and its at a level atm I never had. Won a competition so, its going good.

From amateur to tour pro, possible?

Yes, but its difficult.

You want to be able to hit a 200+ iron to middle of the green on demand.

That is kind of the level these guys operate at. Then you have many skills to master and then obviously the mental approach to hold the zone hit good shots on demand every time.

Thedanplan failed mainly due to he was hitting it short and crooked and hurt his back. His short game was good but the precision you want to have is beyond what amateurs knows. Playing with good national level pros or as I done going caddie shows how difficult it is even for those guys.

There has been those that started late age 21 or so and went and win on the PGA tour, some say they are talented but I disagree. They just knew what to do and didn’t get in their own way, they didn’t have a perfect swing or such, they learned to play trough feedback.

Feedback to adjust means difference and that means awkward and also frustration at times as your not able to do what you want to do.

Follow the feedback, use a good role model, master key skills, learn to enter a good playing state (zone) and play at your best is at the best level more about the mind than their mechanics even though, mechanics does matter.

You will also need a firewall against peoples negative attitudes due to people will give them their own failed mind set and you don’t want that you want positive honest feedback not a lot of shit. People cant handle their own failures and have to take them out on someone else to feel good about themselves.

You need a good plan, money and practice time and a vast enormous feedback circuit to improve from. I have myself change and continue to change trough feedback over the last 7 weeks and I started to hit shots I never been able to do before.

Longer, straighter and more consistently.

I still have a bit to go but with each session its closer each time to get there.

Awakening today

Usually none thinks when they wake up, that they need to plan everything they do, its just is there, wake up, going to work and in between we do a lot of things to get ready for the day.

It seems we are doing that a lot actually.

So if everything is planned to be for your then just reacting to what’s been set up for you.

Might be time to plan for, enjoyment, the zone, freedom of movement and a lot of other such stuff