Common Myths in golf about power

Andrew Rice wrote this article

Its pure bullshit. You will loose power if you do that. Made a video talking about it.

Sean Foley did this article on power by pushing off the right foot.

Bullshit again you will loose power doing his advice.

Both are PGA certified, one was hried by Tiger Woods for 5 years but still none of them understand power and how to create it. They teach stuck mechanics.

As a Tour Pro you deserve the best and its not found in a PGA certification

The Sean Foley incompetence as a golf trainer

  1. RBImGuy states the article posted in golf digest about the baseball pitch by the writer Sean Foley is 100% wrong and cant work the way he Sean Foley states. Link
  2. Random hater on golfwrx and youtube and such tells me I don’t know what I talk about with baseball and golf.
  3. RBImGuy post about a baseball trainer telling people that pushing off with the trailing leg is a myth.

RBImGuy is 100% correct and a Golf God.

Sean Foley is then incompetent as a golf trainer with evidence to support that.

Isn’t golf fun?

Sean Foley is wrong and I am right, I am the Golf God

As I said and stated earlier, Sean Foley is dead wrong about the baseball pitch. Funny thing when you have a baseball coach saying the same thing I am.

I just had to remove a comment from YouTube for this reason as the American didn’t understand the basics of physics and baseball pitches…

Imagine that.

Link to my earlier blog post about Sean Foley fault here

RBImGuy rants about the Sean Foley baseball analogy

I have no idea how he come to this advice and conclusion, its not what’s going on in the baseball pitch and I had a guy on GOLFWRX telling me I didn’t understand baseball pitching, yes he was clueless but that’s what happens with bad a education.

I made a small talk here about this, if your into golf and people teach you contradicting messages in the same video like Pete Cowen does or really unsound advice like Sean Foley does, guess what you end up much likely with a bad back, lost power and whining about accuracy.

I was an amateur doing an amateurish swing, taking lessons didn’t do much due to the guy taught in a way that wasn’t really working as you had to adapt to the instruction to make it work. I am teaching a guy without any PGA license, without any golf education what so ever and I am able to do a better job than anyone that Tiger Woods worked with.

Imagine that, anyhow here is the rant

About Sean Foley PGA golf trainer

He is a nice talker, listening to him seems nice.

Issue is, when I was reading the article off his push off the right foot I was like, that’s totally wrong…..that’s not what’s going on.

I found the article after someone asked about something in the golf swing, one guy offered that advice and then someone else said it was a good advice, so I goggled came across Foley advice and well I was like wtf this isn’t what’s going on????.

Its beyond me why not golf digest thought this don’t make sense?

Here is the golf talk he does which isn’t really a good one, why is golf frustrating due to the player cant use the same timing every time due to the flawed modern theory he teach.

The golf digest article is here.

My talk


If you push and follow Foley advice you break the sequence and kinetic chain in the swing and also in a patch in baseball.

Most likely worst advice ever in golfs history.

About Monte and golf PGA trainers like Sean Foley

Trusting “experts” is really difficult for me due to after decades I found most don’t know what they are doing anyhow they just believe they do.

The advice I read on golfwrx and other places is scary as I have no idea how they can advice the way they do and come to the conclusions they do as it cant be true.

Are PGA licensed golf trainer like Sean Foley competent and give good advice? (No)

A better way to go about this is to imagine you’re moving like a baseball pitcher.

Instead of thinking Get to the left side, think Get off the right side. A pitcher’s trail foot is firmly planted against the rubber strip on the mound throughout the throwing motion. It’s used as leverage to get the trailing side of the body to move aggressively toward home plate and help generate more speed for the pitch.

Here is a key point to the above what Sean Foley states, that is not physically possible to do. However Sean Foley not just say the above but demonstrate it.

Still if you do try this, take note, your not pushing off your right leg.

Once you go left its due to a weight shift. from this position there is no push off, not possible.

One your going left well it’s a simple weight shift as there is no push off from the right leg.

I have no idea how Sean Foley come to that conclusion, I have no idea why golf digest even posted that as don’t people try things out and ask, is that what is happening really?

If you follow his advice you will de-sync your kinetic chain and fuck up your golf swing forever.


Added some video chat also 🙂

Takes time to learn the golf swing mechanics, the Sean Foley path with Tiger Woods

5 years and still Tiger couldnt do it.


He become to steep.


If you’re a PGA certified trainer as Sean Foley you teach what you know. He call it the third generation golf swing and I call it the geometry golf swing difficult as it can be swing.

If you force someone into positions that are difficult to get to then it can take years.

If you do it my way then its days or hours.


If you force people into positions it takes a lot of time and you will struggle.

If you do it my way you find yourself in natural body mechanical positions with athletic instinct and its an easy adaption to just do it.

I understand that people believe things in the field of golf that isn’t supported by any science except beliefs and perceptions about what they do.

To have this


Or to have this

Any tour pro will see that one is easier to do and want to have one over the other.

Its difficult to be good in golf, struggling is common, your swing stops working, you hit so crooked and then try to fix it again and again.

Once you learned what I do, that wont happen.

Obviously its difficult to believe someone as myself can do it better than Sean Foley a licensed PGA Trainer in the field of golf. Some say I charge to much and I disagree, a 20000$ season can turn into a 2.000.000$ if you shave off 2 strokes in your putting average like it could do for Dani Holmqvist that is trough stats alone. If your on the PGA tour it can be even bigger difference due to a few strokes here and there and a lower consistent scoring would allow you to make a lot more money and keep the card easier.

To realize and create the potential you have does require work for sure, but to keep struggling with golf swing mechanics or putting shouldn’t be part of that as those should just work to create the desired game you want to have when getting the ball where you want it to go.

I can relate and understand the way the mind works and how its expressed into actions either it be a golf swing or ordinary day life stuff.

Your in good hands here.

RBIm power golf swing feel of difference

Made a video talk about this a bit.

If making a punch dropping weight you have the most power and accuracy, pure physics agrees here. Change of direction can be done in two ways, either to jump up like Tiger woods or Lexi Thompson does but that cause power leaks and accuracy leaks hurting consistency.

If one change the core body mechanics as I done with Hans which btw NONE can do for Tiger the last 23 years as evidence shows is true then one have to ask whys tick with modern swing theory if it both miss out on more power and better accuracy?

Sure, what I say goes against what you and others believe that Hank Haney surely must know or Butch Harmon or Sean Foley or Chris Como even when evidence shows different.

So if the evidence and fact shows I am right and they don’t know why do some still believe in what the evidence don’t support?

Beliefs don’t mean reality it just shows what you can believe in that isn’t real, Santa Claus, James Bond, or whatever else.

Like the old statement said, give me a long enough lever and I can move the moon.

Some will argue that what they believe in even when shown evidence don’t add up to what they believe in. Cognitive dissonance now kicks in due to your confirmation bias isn’t supported by the new evidence.

It wont change the facts though nor the evidence it just will make you feel better living a lie.

If you’re a tour pro you deserve the best.

I am that and I make the best better

Hans demo the core body mechanics