Have new skype adress

The old one I had for 10 years or so is no longer in use.

so if you have it in your skype contact list “svensknlp” then you can remove it.

New one you can search notnlp (at) gmail.com

skype chat aftermath

Talked some about SSG and Beliefs (Adal wondered), did a demo of RBIm live and how fast it works nothing in NLP and elsewhere comes close.

Had a good time with Larry, Martin and Anders, yes no more showed up and missed maybe the best technology ever presented in the world ever and then likely in the whole Universe in all time.

Wow, that’s huge, the Rock huge.


I mean you don’t mess with that guy unless you have a gun.

I had a good time as I always seem to have when such meetings happens and why shouldn’t I be as I get to talk about stuff I developed with people who wants to know!

skype RBim talks

Its been a while. Its summer here, warm normally, hot even and some days rainy like Zeus peed from a soccer moms party.

However I figure that some might need to socialize, talk, ask and receive questions and answers maybe not in that order or just want to hang out with other awesome people and if your thinking your not awesome get your head checked in order.

To be as a slumber party with a lot of girls or a raise for hell KKK meeting debating the inner child that’s hurt so badly or just some fireside chatting along the way of drugs of choice.

The world have time zones and while I don’t really the time to be set is late here, early somewhere else and midday anywhere else.

Want your mind blown or just find out when someone does have their mind blown?

Not the place to be fur sure as we debate the dickens movies, the art form of candy and the revolution of last man out on the space station.

How about Saturday? or is another day one that works for everyone? if one records the event can always be listen to even though its not really the same but then one can think in time towards space along the lines of what did happen to tommy?

what say you?

So say we all or?

Skype session follow up and about relativity

If desired and wanted I will run an updated feedback Skype session if there is demand for it. After all you can talk to the developer, me and then have access for free to one of the most brilliant minds ever in the field of NLP how about that?

I am surprised that John Grinder, Richard Bandler and Joseph Riggio haven’t lined up yet to be part of the future of mind and body technology. This should also apply to their followers of their cults along the way.

Sadly that does not seem to be the case for some reason?

One of my favorite actors as a character is in the TV show Defiance.
Dr Yewl played by Trenna Keating. She has by far a touch of sarcastic irony that I find hilariously funny.

Back in the early 1900 a young man called Einstein set the world on fire with the theory that newton’s clockwork world was suddenly in question as the relativity would show that light bends around gravity. It did. Today we use Newtonian math and mechanics to send shuttles to space and while the Einstein relativity was important for example nukes and such devastating power with nuclear power we still use both those for different things. While the world model changed from Newtonian was to bring in a bigger world and then somehow they also found out where all the black holes were hiding in the middle of pretty much every galaxy.

The world changed perceptions so we could discover new things.

You and me both are stuck in what we perceive and what we can conclude from that perception and if we are stuck with old stuff all the time we never get anywhere we need or want to be anytime soon. The world changes based upon perceptions so we can ask how to control those so we can perceive more but that isn’t the case with cults. In such people belong to the idea that other people know what stuff is about for real and they don’t know anything at all.

The reason a gang or a cult is difficult to deal with is that the individual give up their individuality their soul so your no longer talking to the individual your always talking to the gang or cult when interacting with their members. That’s how it is with NLP and Mythoself and also true with other such organizations. Main issue is that people don’t understand themselves how this works when they gave up their soul for a group to belong to. Its evolution obviously partly as we are good hanging out with other people.

RBIm 4 allows you to start discovering a whole new world for yourself.

Freud was born in the 1800´s and was from a culture of Newtonian clockwork and a unconscious mind was a thing to add due to he couldn’t understand the logic of the issue some people had. NLP based their technology on what people caused to achieve results that is based upon that same Newtonian culture.

Imagine your working with a 150 year old technology today which is what NLP does along with Mythoself.

Our minds and body needs a better way to organize and that is done trough taking what’s abstract create a self sustaining generalization within a defined context that creates relevance and relation to the information you just created taking what’s abstract in your mind into manageable working structural forms trough the RBIm 4 system. That’s a really good thing btw…

Once you have the organization down trough contextual format your formed a contained structure to hold the information that the brain can work with using neural nets. One has to recall that we construct reality its not out there for us we merely respond to the world we come to assume is real for us the way it seems real to us.

The mind is able to project for the future so that’s what anxiety is for people the past real it seems projected to happen in the future so why would anyone want to project what might happen so they can create anxiety?

The same structure people also use to project what can happen that works for them.
So what’s going on then? Your reality is a projection of stuff you come to assume are true. Either they are or not.

Naturally this can cause all kinds of theories and that’s what you see out there with psychology and other such technologies, guesswork in how reality is created and maintained.

RBIm 4 allows one to create a whole new unified theory of the mind and body to create a whole new progression and discovery in how to deal with stuff that psychology, NLP, religion etc..have no idea to do.

If you believe in a unconscious mind and use a process without definition like people do with NLP can you then have any idea what will happen when you present something different that don’t use that? They cant even comprehend its real.

Its beyond reality for them.

That is true for any cult and followers they loose their individuality and become a member of the new context and its culture and now you have a huge problem as new reality and information wont go trough that mind set. While it can be a good thing as stuff like Stonehenge was built due to no wars were going on for hundreds of years and they built a place to worship their Gods and gifts and at least they didn’t build pyramids and then sacrificed virgins like the Inca guys.

Both did the same but added beliefs what the behaviors was suppose to be and that’s true for any religion today people believe in things to make up to handle what they cant comprehend and instead of seeking out the science its better to bury ones head deep down in the sand and let the ass stay wide open to be fucked with.

Had a ton of a good time with the Skype chat with RBIM 4 and SSG and will enjoy them further on.

Cult or no cults we are all equal Gods.

RBIm 4 with SSG Live skype audio chat is now up

Had a great time talking about how to apply, understand and shared stories I encounter with people before RBIm 4 but the fun and live action is here for your benefit also.

RBIM 4 SSG Live as it can be chat link

Let me know if any issues listening etc,, with it.

The talk and chat covers, create context start and end. How to create the new SSG and what we can do to modify it on the fly.

  • To learn new skills
  • Interact with people differently
  • Dance salsa, martial arts and what else?
  • Communicate differently while understanding others better.

This was with two people and me and while I wished it be 10 people as its the maximum on skype it still however shows the potential and how fast this works as its applied live here.


Make mistakes and fail the way forward

Development either its change for whatever reason or improvement are filled with mistakes as the way we learn we cant really do things perfectly. We fail as the brain and body are made imperfect.

Can we improve the learning curve? absolutely. If you ever did write a book or a article or a script you find that they rewrite a lot. If you ever painted you also know before your able to put anything really shining on the canvas it takes a lot of time to develop the skills to be able to do just that.

However many who approach stuff believe they cant do it due to them fail doing it a few times so what’s that about?

A lack of a good plan obviously.

The RBIm 4 is the 4 iteration as far.

Microsoft has windows 10 and still they add upon whatever due to the technology changes around us. We use devices differently and newer and we need support for them.

So does our mind and body and the main reason of human development is that schools has a tendency to suck for us with their education. You might been lucky to have good teachers but I didn’t. I had to learn stuff myself.

Many also believe they can change by thinking they can change if they have enough information and I met so many who had more information they ever need but still couldn’t change. You might be one of them seeking more YouTube, more books and more articles.

The way to go about stuff is to try it out and fail and make mistakes.

Questions to ask are, how does this work? Am I improving in a reasonable timeframe? Do I need to adapt to the instructions or not?

So the Skype chat I am holding today are all about definitions and distinctions those small details people can learn faster due to talking to the people doing it helps to accelerate the learning curve. You will still fail and make mistakes but the curve changes.

If I was doing anything over the years it was to test things and try stuff out. I found out the NLP founders was clueless about their own technology. I found out that if I stuck with the NLP process I be as clueless like Eric Robbie the guy who Richard Bandler had to go to due to him could do things Bandler couldn’t.

I would have been clueless also if I did that.

I am clueless about a lot of other stuff but this I do understand.

Its why I write more about the understanding and making plans as those allows you to work on the proper levels in regard to change and make improvements.

Once you understand the RBIM 4 you also can skip everything else in the world in regard to change tools and religion and body work. Its that good.

Still your result will vary due to your background as everything I done the last 20 or so years is spent working on this. Its what I do research, analyze and test what I am interested in. It changed my life doing this technology it’s the first that really worked to allow me the answers I had starting out a long time ago.

Anthony Robbins lied on stage back in 1994 and I thought that funny so I sought NLP out and understood why he lied. He don’t know.
I asked NLP trainers and founders questions and got told stories. They didn’t know.
I asked the guy running Mythoself how to do the advertised stuff and he didn’t know and told me stories.

True now and then a story is a good thing for sure but if you don’t know you then be reversing to story telling due to you simply are stuck in the process. You don’t know that you know what you do know.

NLP and trainers like Joseph Riggio ask, how do you know? What’s true here and I don’t get that questioning due to asking someone that doesn’t know seems at best silly don’t you think?

Those masters of NLP asking questions people cant answer that’s how about the reason they cant communicate properly? How they fail and make mistakes still due to being stuck in the process? John La Valle said when asked about the future of >NLP that if he knew he be doing it and its here in Sweden John just call me up and pay a ton of money you be here certified to teach it.

Yes this is the technology they all be using in a few years.

Its currently called RBIm 4 with SSG and tonight it’s a Skype call Q&A with me.

I made mistakes and failed a lot of things but this technology I created doing all that allowed me to create something unheard off in history of mankind.

That I do know I didn’t fail or made mistakes about.

Skype talk this saturday and a serious note

You want to share and gather information about stuff
That’s a yes btw.

You like to have fun?
That’s a yes also.

You want to have a developer talking about his own developed technology?
yea I like that.

I guess for me it be sitting down with a guy for coffee as if Håkan Lans the guy who invented the Mouse for the computer, who has patent for any monitor that sells today including the one you use that created a whole new world standard for navigation that is cheaper and safer for boats and airplanes and such companies refuse to use it as it would make planes safer for everyone.

Yea I would like to sit down and talk to the guy.

However RBIm 4 and the SSG was time to spend to talk about it as we want to increase our learning to shorten it as that’s why we go to workshops to learn what distinctions and definitions that are important small details I am likely to not put on the posts due to there are a lot of them. If to many its just confusing for a beginner as we would want some time spent with the technology itself.

so I be there doing a group session with skype about the technology that goes beyond NLP and Mythoself and anything else that allows people to become their own coach. Its no surprise people from NLP and Mythoself found my website or other areas as people tend to look for what works.

It’s a new mind set. How do we change the meaning in a context when those are so intertwined?

People think in loops and recursive matter and process and now its time for some real magic using science to create a whole new plan.

I be there, you?

Beyond reality for the first time

Beliefs is like opinions everyone have one.

The reality some say and they are realistic of course saying so.

I been what some say an optimist one that thinks positive stuff about stuff. Using tools for change I don’t sue hypnosis or NLP as I found that having a brighter future making it brighter makes you blind! so much for submodalites or should I say suckmodalites a way to suck better?

Language is easy to opinionate stuff about.

Now adding a word like about at the end of a sentence as I did above changes the way your brain moves attention within the reference system of the semantic understanding itself. People do believe that’s the thing doing NLP for example they actually believe reality is made up that way with a process. You find the guy from Mythoself all the time talks about organizing your experience.
I am like what’s he really talking about as if you believe what he says you run a process oriented game the same one he certify people in NLP with.

  • How do you organize your experience then go ask him and he will tell you stories.
  • How do you make a brighter future if you go blind?

Its easy to believe in magic as it has no substance any other than your wish its true when your practical mind knows it isn’t but such a hold have mystism for us as love people can make you love them and they are called con people like grifters due to them are able to make you fit the profile of confidence in the stuff so your decision making goes wrong. I met an NLP student who walked into that and lost 100000 euro due to him couldn’t think straight in the situation and signed some papers and then he was like what did happen?

RBIM 4 is a technology creating a magical experience using science behind it.

Obviously if we do a double blind stuff then maybe we really need that brighter future right? Science is a pragmatical approach. You test and if your able to repeat the test it’s a good thing and then if someone else let say someone Like Imnran does something you cant do with NLP or Mythoself then you have a strong indicator a way to say well that’s seem to happen.

So that did happen.

It means It’s the best technology built to create new futures for yourself.

No dogma about myths or no fancy language around the brighter ending or spin those feelings. I explained NHR after the workshop its Bandlers torpedo therapy in a  new form. He don’t get that submodalites makes people blind yet.

I worked using the tool set of NLP or did I?

I found I had results people didn’t have that did NLP. I outdid my Mentor who done NLP for 30 years in less than 2 years and I just kept going and that is 18 years ago.

So what I did wasn’t NLP. It was better I knew as much but I didn’t know why.

Now I do.

I am having a Skype chat this Saturday as I want to share this technology to you.
Its not a common thing as the last chat I did was almost a year ago.

RBIm 4 allows one to create magic to create change for choice by building a plan that works to do so. If you going to a vacation or such or even plan the supermarket buy you go what do I want and need here and what do I like? All those questions are value questions what attracts you there its called process as when it’s a process you then already have the framework in place which we do with RBIm 4 and then we can do things Richard Bandler cant do and he would die for this technology but he never will have it.

Its mine all mine my precious. Did you get the movie reference?

That whole movie is about a magical ring and rings and the story written from a professor that managed to set the standard for the fantasy genre that slowly are changing but its difficult due to people liked that world so much they enjoyed the process so much they forget its all fantasy.

Its how you become stuck with NLP as you come to believe the opinions people have without any evidence. Telling stories without substance seems to be the thing with people.

Its easy to write that way to make your brain go, obviously no you don’t think that way as your stuck in the process and someone steals your money as they know the name called grifter as they cause grief.

Change people fight and resist and one would think that wouldn’t be the cause but changes are difficult to make. You either get stuck in the process with NLP or the trajectory of intent with Mythoself or the half ass other versions that have no real substance behind them either. I know I tried them out and don’t use them.

I knew something whatever it is I am doing with this you now know as RBIm 4 allows me to do something I haven’t seen out there. To be in the moment to allow changes to happen and people normally don’t want to change due to the change they want they have and are not able to change the system itself due to the system loops back to itself and that isn’t a new thing we know that already and NLP, NHR and New code NLP etc..have no idea why so they tried to work around it.

RBIm 4 unlocks the secrets to change and the choice to make it with a plan.

Ever plan ahead of course you do and have you done it so much you got stuck within that experience? Yes of course its called a problem.

Want to start steer your process so it works for you?

RBIm 4 its called and Skype Saturday the 22 and 22pm my time.

Beyond reality with RBIm 4 using SSG