SSG and beliefs the world of power

SSG or self sustaining generalization are a way to contain information into contextual forms. SSG contains a start point and a end point. Its due to the brain is constantly projecting information for you whatever happens right now your brain wants to project to the future actions you are about to do.

So the SSG stops the projection of the future and then make you manage the problem.

RBIm 5 and 6 focus onto building upon the future based upon what you can do.

Beliefs are projections you have “Opinions” about yourself and life.
None of them are real.

Beliefs are a loose concept as they are tangible to faith for example which means there is no evidence or proof in the way so the individual can create any truth to the statement of faith. There is no contraindication for the believer in faith. It’s a internal created imagination without hindrance.

Beliefs can also be convincing convictions which is also the same as Faith due to you can be absolutely convinced you hate chocolate ice cream until you by some accident tried it out and found it was the best thing ever. Convictions are supported by your own evidence what you come to assume is true.

Wait a second do you mean no one are having any truth what so ever?


We are constantly lying to ourselves all the time.

Once you understand whatever anyone tells you, friend, family, boss, customer, foreigner all that expressed is their opinion about stuff which isn’t true at all. Then your able to understand that’s a statement of their internal world their beliefs, culturally and socially and that they have no bearing on you or your life.

RBIm clarifies that a useable format as the SSG allows the individual to sort information they believe into manageable formats a contextual form that allows them to stop the future projection you have. That allows you to be moving towards a measurable way to go about skills, life experiences that isn’t wishful thinking but manageable units that exist and steams from contextual forms allowing you a new way to project yourself.

The paradox here for most people is that if we are being lied to all the time do we also lie to ourselves and that’s a yes also.

When faced with a contradiction like the example I gave here on Facebook,

RBIm suggest to make people to focus on what they can do and then form their SSG from that which means measure and compare.
Beliefs are basically opinions you have about the world.
I believe in God, (Opinion)
I believe its right to fuck small kids as they love me (Opinions)
I believe I am lucky, etc….all Opinions.
People then tend to forget that is all that is really and then start to act upon them,
Students protest and burn flags, or abortion is a evil devilish thing, no its just your opinion about that subject.
However you feel justified when you act upon your opinions due to your view its wrong to do abortion often supported by a Christian belief or about life and death and choice, the foster has no saying etc…so people feel justified to do things and act upon them as it feels right to do so.
However, after that you killed a few people and realize what you did you now value your belief in contradiction that its right to protest against abortion and then you killed a few doing so and many then actually forms a value proposition to that it was justified to do so and then they can keep their belief (opinion) while that means they just established a double-bind paradox, they protest against abortion killing fosters is bad and wrong but killing people to make their point about abortion is justified.
That’s called a double bind and is very common with nutty people.
You also find them with what you call normal people but when that bind is going on they are not normal.


Double binds are beliefs that falls back to themselves without being resolved. Your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. To resolve them we create an SSG.

The double bind cant be resolved within the environment/context it is active and works within as NLP teaches people to deal with them but the only way to make that work is to work as we do with RBIm and SSG. My client work and experience was to create SSG format for people and while I was working like that there was no NLP that taught that and something I formalized from my own work.

I knew it wasn’t NLP and the way NLP worked but I didn’t have a concept for it until SSG and RBIm.

The phobia cure an analysis of Bandler and NLP

  1. Sub modality shift first also using rapport building humor confirmed.
  2. Describing the image the guy has of the snake fear “Rapport” build extensive compliance established and applied sub modality shift.
  3. Decision establishment of different contexts using sub modality work giving two images and examples of those.

If you understand RBIm 4 with SSG it can be done faster than the above.
With anything…..not just phobias.

Once people have more complex problems than a fear response you run into issues with NLP due your not able to do the quick fix cure anymore. Well that is unless you know how the brain does it to create and maintain reality that is but it isn’t sub modalites or overlapping sensory VAK cues.

Some say phobias are great to demo as it’s a good thing to show before and after results. If you have a more complex for example anxiety then you run into something else not as nice to demonstrate on TV. You either have a direct response like a phobia or a meaning based on a reaction to the event itself creating a decision point a so called T.O.T.E but all that is guesswork once you try to apply it as the system does not comply to your template from NLP.

RBIm 4 allows one to deal with complex problems the same way phobias are dealt with. Like Steve said, what if your world view is formed from something your dad said once out of the blue about something in your neighbor hood or TV or such then what? You accepted that and then formed a whole reality and then how do you fix that with NLP?

You cant.

I met so many NLP trained practitioners who couldn’t do that and still cant. The field of NLP supposedly study geniuses but they cant produce geniuses?

The Moment 22 of NLP in a box.

Using RBIm technology you can do just that start producing genius qualities and traits in your school, at work and in the field itself. That’s one of the possibilities.

Apples and oranges and why NLP suck ass and why RBIm 4 is a rock star

A fruit belongs to a different logic than apples its called category.
Semantically it makes sense to map words and meanings into order of logic like math. An apple is then a different fruit than an orange.

Fruits can be compared to vegetables (same level of logic) and so on and each detailed down logic is called chunking up or down (fruit to apples for example).

NLP says submodalites are used to change representations, so if you have an apple and an orange in your visual field at the same time you can now change the colors, brightness, etc..and then the representation changes the order of logic.

No it does not.

It changes the representation.

However that isn’t what we need to change at all and Bandler got it all wrong with his submodality model.

At some point people will ask, how do you know? Its what they do with NLP they ask you questions you cant answer. That’s interesting to me so if you don’t know that then do they know?

No they don’t.

So we have a whole field of people trained that ask questions none knows the answer to and everyone agrees there it’s a good thing to do, right?

Amazing really.

They will say it’s a process without evidence and without anything logical at all due to it’s a process that lacks definition the whole field of NLP lacks it totally.

So what is then going on that those guys from NLP have no clue about?

RBIm 4 with SSG allows you to define the way the brain moves information around and organize that information ahead of time trough what’s called neural nets. The way the brain does that are trough a replacement of contextual meaning.

How we know an apple is an apple and that we want to have an apple is contained within the same neural net the same context with its associations. That you like apples and enjoy eating them does not belong in the same logic as a fruit or the chunk of apples as fruits. That’s what semantics cant tell you and since NLP is a semantic representational field, they got it all wrong and they don’t know it yet.

As I like to say, if it’s a representation, why then don’t work with what created the representation?

RBIm 4 allows one to define the system we currently are engaged into. We define when it started and when it stops. Once defined like that we set it aside and don’t work with it anymore. If your going to change something you need to know what it is to be as then we can replace it with something else normally better. The way you buy a new cellphone, car, clothes, etc…

The way we know an apple is an apple and not an orange is due to containment of context. Once that is there you can then have a craving for apples, cigarettes, drugs, coffee, cigars etc…but be unable to change those cravings due to working within the containment you have active. Once the containment been defined in a SSG you can then allow the brain to move this into a whole new containment a new neural net.

The brain don’t know why that neural net should fire off during this context but its how that works. Once we replace the contextual meaning, your behavior changes along the way.

The way we know one context is the one vs something else is trough distinctions as the signal value in the system have its peak once people do drugs those values are changed. The signal then wont be able to contain the containment. It happens for us perceptually with groups as we enter a new context we are not familiar with the system don’t know what context to run so then its vulnerable

Its not like its an alien in there an unconscious mind making splendid superb choices for us. It’s a system of reactions and responses to the world. The world we are attached to are a casual one. Some need to climb mountains go into the nature every weekend to relax and be happy and centered, all I do is, smile and there I am no need to go hiking and climbing and walking hours and hours upon some mountains. While I do enjoy the nature and hiking and mountains I don’t need to go out there everyday to experience serenity or such but those who does have no choice other than to go there to experience that a external reactionary world they now cant change.

Once you define the old SSG what happens is your brain now puts that on hold and create a reference to the SSG and its contextual containment. You now know, so I just or you just did something NLP don’t know to do but ask people about (how you know) but have no clue about and I just taught you what and why that none in NLP been able to do or the world for that matter. Once the old SSG is defined the brain now created a difference and can relate to that.

What’s next?

As the Skype chat I did with RBIm 4 and SSG with a couple of guys I pointed them to solutions the new SSG tweaked their current approach and that’s what someone like me does streamline so the mistakes you do the trial and error is less and less and smoothen out the learning curve.

RBIM 4 have evidence to the change and what goes on. Its not guesswork here.

So one can ask, why does this SSG approach work the way it does?

If the logic of the representation and the chunking and the category does not matter the way NLP believes it does as they have done that for 40 years and guessed its also why people don’t understand how to become geniuses from a field that supposedly studies them and build models from them.

So how can you like apples and dislike oranges for example when those are in the same logic and chunk?

You know what context what one belongs trough as your able to distinguish which one is which. Once you engage that system as we do with RBIm 4 you can then learn to create a new SSG to have a new meaning enjoying whatever you couldn’t before easier than ever.

RBIM 4 teaches you how to know.

We don’t do guesswork. Once you know which SSG is old and which one you create that is new, then you can make the choice to what one to do. Its then for our brain easy to do the new SSG. So this one instead of that old one? Ok.

Our brain reacts it does not think.

If you replace the system organizations baseline then the system changes assumptions, behaviors and such along the way automatically.

RBIm 4 with SSG allows that to be done and created for you by you.

Instead of guessing and be asked how you know you can create the way to know.

That’s rocking it.

Infinite possibilities for creativity, efficiency, happiness, change, learning and what else?

When you solved something and then innovated a whole new technology then what will that then lead to be used for?

You can create a plan and add the creativity to your business meetings combine that with efficient handlings and create a ongoing plan that works. Learning stuff either it be new skills or inform how a c++ language operates or how 140000 lines of code works faster and more efficient wouldn’t be a bad deal right? Your using the same way people do everyday they way they are used to learn and train and practice.

Over the years I collected ideas about understanding human behaviors as I built models of such I found that most are using really outdated stuff. Once you learn this new amazing piece of tech with RBIm 4 your world will transform.

The main issue is all change for example when it works change the meaning and shift the context. Confused? That’s what NLP does for you or hypnosis or Mythoself or such.

If meaning changes and the context shift in all change why isn’t then NLP doing it? They don’t know. Same is true with other technologies like that they don’t know.

While its easy to say, hey organize your experience, I ask, how?
I am told stories.
If I ask, how do I take people where the problem isn’t advertised on the brochure I am told stories.
If I ask how do I follow my bliss I am told stories.

Notice the pattern?

Stories and then metaphors.

If you don’t know but tell everyone your smarter than they are and then tell them you know you really need to be able to back it up Joseph Riggio.

He cant.

So while it seems like you can have infinite possibilities with the technology of Mythoself the truth is, you cant.

Its like religion, they promise you hope of God. You now have faith that it really works that way.

Good riddance.

Creativity for example is taken several contexts and mash them together to project those into a coherent idea and some of those ideas wont work but you become more creative doing such work. However its really difficult to innovate if everyone tells you stories and metaphors and don’t give you the real deal.

You need templates and plans to contain and organize your contexts and meanings.

Normally you relate to the representation the within the context and then try to change that but it wont work so well and will dampen creativity, innovation and such. Creativity and innovation means coming up with new stuff in new contexts.

It’s the old saying do the same thing you done you receive the same results.

This is RBIm 4 and some will joke didn’t get it right the first 3 times? They don’t get it.
The iteration of numbers means its evolving. Less than a year ago it was RBIm 3 and a kick ass version and now with the last iteration its amazing. Thanks guys for believing in this.

RBIm allows you to create new, to sustain the Intent you want to create new realities and have a whole new way of interacting with yourself and the world and all you need to do is start applying this.

Isn’t that a good deal?

Anyhow made a long 27min talk a rant about lack of geniuses and NLP models and what else.

Why aint NLP as a field with models that comes from the study of geniuses produce more geniuses then?

They “Dilts/Bandler/Grinder etc..” study the result geniuses have in a field not how to study how they got that genius in the first place.

I don’t understand that way of doing modeling as I wanted to know how people become geniuses in the first place. So I built a way to enhance performance for sports that have a enhanced learning structure that make the book the talent code a joke and the Anders Erickson research of the 10000 hours another joke.

I call it magical practice.

Hans came to see me some time ago and we spent some time on the range it was –4 Celsius and he hit a few and then another few and then he was done and I said your done for today now go eat food. He wanted to keep on doing this but I said, your done now. He told me once well I want to hit it a bit longer so He got that down, then he also once said my foot is doing this I don’t want it to so I fixed that and he did that in 3 weeks changed his whole swing motion.

So obviously I am a genius.

If you apply the RBIm 4 with SSG to your life your quality of life will skyrocket if you implement the Intu-flow daily for years you be amazed of the results you have down the line but those results are not there yet until you actually did apply the tool to change things.

I wanted to understand how people did things not that they did things that caused results. That’s limited like NLP does it you will know the result but not the be able to become the geniuses they study.

So I dedicated 20 years now to this its what I do, I don’t do business or crosswords or marketing or change work what I do is to build models that allows people to become geniuses to be for example presently aware when you do things there is no model or system out there that can do that, not in NLP, Mythoself or psychology or religion.

RBIm 4 can allow you to be able to do just that with everything you do.

Now who cares then about that as NLP is so cool due to the books and the patterns and the study themselves and people who are in a field cant still do what I am doing here and those guys from NLP really need to see me.

RBIm 4 is a technology 100 years ahead of its time.

Anyhow, the logic behind the models of NLP is to study results which then wont allow you to become genius. Its that simple. It seems more to be creating ignorance and blocking people from actually discovering that true change and the truth is out here already with my technology.

Its my legacy.

I know how good this is already and some of you guys have started to.

To study the results people have wont mean you can use it the way the guys who did it in the first place. Feldenkrais the zero gravity drill allows you to replicate what Moshe did but can you use it to create such amazing results? Not likely.

I did run a class a whole year long one that did modeling and that was 14 years ago and the guys doing that are so good its freighting. What they did with the stuff I taught was and is mind blowing. One become the best hypnotist you ever seen ever. The other guy become observant like no other.

What they did with that material is beyond what I could imagine and then today I also know I can do better than that.

Models to produce result is the easy way out. NLP will make you become limited in your scope of resources and application and will make you ignorant along the way as I met those guys coming out of those trainings.

You need to know your stuff in and out if you don’t you will fall back to whatever someone else told you and that’s a huge trap. I met individuals all over the place that taught me important things some not knowing what they taught but along the way as I built this technology it become obvious how limited NLP have become.

So learn RBIm 4 use the SSG as it will help you formalize the tool so you can think and observe in a way that allows you to find solutions and apply practical measures in various fields.

Genius even.

Are you full of it or wising up?

The last post I pointed to that our full or whole experience is like Russian dolls inside one is another one and it never ends. Some have the notion of when am I done here?

Its never done its always improving to become better.

Holy wait a second this is the devil talking shit right?

You reach moments you have with beauty with bliss with the experience and then we shift out of it.

However a few individuals in this world on earth are able to not do that. Those individuals are consistently defaulting to their same experience.

They are obviously not Russian gay dolls.

Ok Rob that was a cheap shot on their prejudice dude don’t do that shit.

Why not? They are going against biology? That’s like retarded shit. Its as bad as that TV show who hired writers who don’t understand the 4 last seasons in the falling skies show and ruined it the last season totally or Steven Moffat who hired the wrong guy for dr who season 8 and 9.

You can do it all right and then screw it up totally unless you do understand and are wisdom personified but the issue with this world earth not that many are actually have such wisdom. Most think they do have wisdom and do understand.

Worse that make them act like assholes without them knowing it and are filled with it and they are righteous and strong and have followers like no end.

Wisdom is rare so much its uniquely absent whenever you search for it as DICE for example don’t know what made Battlefield their own game they made 2 versions of FUN they don’t know why people liked their two first games and had FUN and now the same gamers tell them it suck ass and they don’t know their own game they made how about that for stupid retarded ness?

Its easy to think you know it unless you defined it.

When you defined it then it works.

As I said,map the old SSG and some said but why should I work with the past? You Rob said we don’t do that and correct we don’t but how to choose unless you do know?

How can you become better unless you defined?

NLP got stuck, DHE;NHR, New CODE NLP the guys who did start NLP got stuck and become filled with it and worse now you have people like Eric Robbie that people think its NLP when he says it’s a process and I know better than that shit.

Naturally the people there with NLP rarely come and ask me obviously.

However some of you guys did and found something entirely different and understanding along the way appeared.

Then as the saying goes, we move on and continue to improve.

Once you defined you reach a new level a way to indulge into the current formula and the recent wisdom but then once that is defined again we become better and then the rules changes again.

RBIm 4 is a way to map reality and to build new realities you find useful and as a tool of the mind and body it has no equal.

Amazingly none figured it out but a guy in Sweden had to do it for those that want to know.

Sorry, become understandable definable along the way and better so

When are we done and while we take our time with that level at some point we need to evolve to be better as if your not then your stagnate as the truth is our body and mind needs to evolve and to do so requires variation and doing crosswords every day wont make your brain work better as you age.

You need to do new things and stuff you really don’t want to do. Stagnation is sticking with the same thing to long. Brains builds habits and that means we loose the essence we don’t have the distilled down access anymore we route the habit and then we lack the sensory experience to be able to enjoy this whatever this was for us.

We become stuck without even knowing we did.

For me I wanted to find out how stuff worked and using modeling to create models and then create the RBIm 4 tech with that and then use that tech develoepd to improve upon the definition and then apply that whats found have been sicne I got 50 been a whole new enchilada a whole new way to move on to become better than I would ever thought possible and then I ask well who can I then share this with?

You guys obviously as none of the NLP guys wont get this ever. If however you hear someone teach the SSG concept out there in NLP let me know as then a lawsuit will hit them.

Cant give diamonds to apes as they tend to use them as rocks. That’s a simple metaphorical idea right if you give people who lacks definition and doing process talk and then believe in unconscious minds what will they do with it?

Only able to ruin it.

Sadly that’s what NLP become.

You can do better now.

Its called RBIm 4 with SSG and your never done here but at least you know why.


How does the SSG template work really Rob?

To have an experience to perceive reality you find the end result what people are aware off. What happens before that how its maintained isn’t on the map. So when you set this what happens is your brain creates the recursive nature and projects this into a contained of neural nets. Its activated and then never really off. You have many such neural nets going on such as eating food and while it seems trivial you once couldn’t hold a spoon and eat soup or a fork and eat stuff due to your coordination wasn’t good enough. At some point you learned how to manage that and it wasn’t your unconscious mind as that does not exist.

That talk if anyone you encounter talk about the unconscious mind please run away as they don’t know what they are doing.

Imran had that experience setting the SSG up and then engaged into the context and first after understood and realized how it had worked but doing the act itself was in the moment presently aware, so how do you really explain how that works?

When your experience that presently aware you cant understand that normally. That’s part of the structural format itself did the chicken or the egg come first?

Was the moment 22 a moment 21 earlier?

The template works the way your brain operate with the SSG is the software to control and create reality on the fly. To learn to do we need to maintain and contain our perceptions and our received reality and while some think it’s a good idea to build beliefs your not in control they are with their talk of unconscious minds which is the same thing cults do or priests do with some unimaginable friend they call God, get the fuck out of that shit fast.

Once you navigate and set this up and its become a choice you have as much control and awareness you ever going to have as for most part it wont even feel like you did anything it wont feel like a huge change or transformation or master of anything as you working with how you brain are projecting the neural nets and contextual meaning later. Since it wont feel like you did anything much with this how do you check for evidence and measure and that’s done with engage into the action and after and take note after check that.

If you do something and it works and then something happens that you didn’t plan and then don’t tweak, adjust that whatever it was then it wont work as I told people The Mythoself process don’t work.

I had people telling me they cant do it that been to that shit. They cant maintain their attention long enough to make it happen. Their trainer don’t know what he is doing. Yea I just called out the incompetence of a world renounce trainer who work with fortune 500 companies.

Want me to continue?

I told the guy that 11 years ago already and he did nothing to fix his own perceptions of that.

Alright, so how does the SSG template work as what you can do is to set it up, activate it and then test it after if whatever you did with the template did work later.

Whatever your reality was before that wont matter. Your now different without even knowing what this new different did actually happen. That is the one main reason people having a slight skew idea of the RBIm 4 as what we are doing here are things that are so fucking advanced its tear down the reality manufacturing process and most are not that well equipped to handle higher advanced logic on the fly as can you do calculus to calculate spaceships entry points to earth from space?

The same level of logic going on here and while I am interested into the how to and how it works when I know how it works I then apply it and don’t ask myself questions why its this way and not another way.

Its your reality for fuck sake.

If you press this button then a nuke are sent off to a big town, this button? Yes so if I press this then that happen? Yes, ………a moment later the button is pressed and then they say, well nothing did happen?

Not here dude you just pressed a button so obviously nothing going to happen here.

That town however is soon gone.


Yes welcome to another misunderstood button presser.

RBIm 4 using the SSG template is a superb tool but it wont help against the ones who push buttons in spite of the text saying, nuke firing button.

You don’t want to change. It’s the human nature. We believe change can be controlled. That I can change this whatever it might be but that’s not how reality is created. Psychology, NLP etc…went into the rabbit hole and I asked why are those guys going into the rabbit hole?

It’s a process they told me.

I say no guys it isn’t.

I already figured it out but if your going into rabbit holes all day then you wont know what I even talk about.

The mythical and mystery is a seducer to talk fancy without any meaning like hypnosis talks but its also altering and perceiving differently your mind cant know the difference and then no mind of unconscious will save you from Richard Bandlers voice or beliefs.

Just saying guys.

Don’t be an idiot.

However if your able to maintain and run the template a few times it will at some point streamline the steps but to run it requires you to be active it wont be automatic. It wont be unconscious….

This is a conscious choice you can make with one reality vs another.

Are you ready to go big and really be able to pull off some things people still wont believe even when I said so for decades?

Did see the doctor yesterday he said, dude seems you lost like 10kilos?

Dunno was my reply as I don’t use a scale.

I changed my lifestyle using the SSG template.

It works better than anything out there in the world.

Don’t follow the rabbits as those holes leads nowhere

Since the context stays the same and we change its meaning then whatever was true before now isn’t anymore. That’s what happens when we do follow the template of the SSG. Explaining that goes into the realm of philosophy and I aint big on that shit.

Want to become superhuman?

That’s a yes right?

Who wouldn’t?

Most would stop me now to say – well I got a ton of problems and excuses to not do that.

Its why I developed a technology and while it was for me to have answers to questions I had for decades I also created something truly wonderful.

The way to start allowing yourself realizing your full potential as a human being.

Godlike some would call it.

The limits society and culture load upon us are massive and we might not realize it until we have those days when we are really going good and we are as some say outdoing ourselves.

Those days and those moments can become your default way to operate your daily life. To use superhuman or Godlike is what we come to believe we need to be to do such feats.

The first time I worked with Hans he started to add 60 yards to his driving distance in golf as we walked he hit a pw 30meters longer than he ever done and told me, that’s impossible. I don’t hit it that long. Obviously that’s denying that he actually did hit it that long.

The question then becomes
how do we gain access to our potential to our own Godlike powers?

RBIm 4 is a way to solve that as we can start to organize our own reality by creating new ones by containing the changes by using our own choices to do so. In the recent Skype chat I suggested things like why not walk up to strangers like you know them already?

For those with social anxiety that fixes it right away.

Why do people engage into the way they are taught to operate is due again to what we responded and learn to react to in life. When ever something new comes along its at first radical, strange, new and frankly a bit terrifying as what if I could have my fullest potential all the time?

Now someone with social anxiety will try to tell you that they cant do that walk up to someone as they have anxiety…and I say no you don’t if you do what I suggest. What I suggest isn’t real to them as they know how reality is for them albeit a constructed one they have no control over so why not build a new reality they do have control over using RBIm 4?

  • Now you will hear its not possible I tried it all. No you didn’t.
  • You hear things like I always have it and had it. No you didn’t.

People don’t respond from facts and truths
but what they perceive reality to be for them.

As I was talking and demonstrated the RBIM 4 concept with SSG live on Skype without any problem at all going faster than slight of mouth as we don’t deal with change anymore. What we do is build new that you choose to have or not.

That’s a huge concept something unheard off you can now choose to have social anxiety or not. People working and those who have social anxiety will tell you or me that whatever I say or write about isn’t true it cant be done. Its that easy or simple. Once you go that you already know people you cant have anxiety that way anymore. You don’t need to change the anxiety you had as it will stop working as soon you have such a choice to choose from.

Your now starting to realize the potential of yourself and the RBIm 4 system.

You can access the best of yourself and then improve upon that.

You don’t need to guess anymore.

RBIm 4 allows one to take what’s really abstract and contain it and then be able to mold and work at it the way you want it to be. Freud was born a long time ago his culture and social standings was also brought into the mainstream that unconscious minds exist while none have proven they do.

Once someone proven one can do what we do here its suggest that the concept of an unconscious seems like its not true or real.

Metaphorically we are talking directly to the hardware without needing a lot of software to translate the instructions.

More to the metal.

Freud didn’t have this back then he had to guess what was going on and those guesses was then added as concepts of the mind representations what he thought was going on. Mainstream cultures today have accepted that and NLP for example rely on that a 150 year old archaic idea????

That is how old the unconscious mind concept is.

RBIm 4 simply changes the way you think and operate about change as you can have choice about it. You can create that choice by starting to apply the technology today.

Most are afraid though. It cant be done they say as there are no books or that some Gury out there in NLP said it but they are all stuck with process.

While a process do happen why would we want to try to fix the water going downstream when we can build a dam that regulates how much water that actually do run downhill and then have a whole reservoir of water just sitting there waiting for us to express?

Suddenly with that metaphor your brain goes what happens if I open the gates fully open? Your about to realizing your potential as a human being.

Want a minute to think about that then?

Take a break ponder it over? Meta-think this so you really get the idea?

This technology allows reality to be changed faster than light. RBIm 4 has cracked the code to human enlightenment.

What then to do?

A better human being

To be better as a human seems nice doesn’t it?

So let ask us what is then a human being?

How can you become better unless you know what that then is?

I watched a Dr Phil trailer and no I didn’t see the show I saw the guy to be on the show say that he wasn’t a bad guy but he also did beat his wife for 5 years. So if you beat your wife for 5 years you still think your not a bad guy?

How can he or anyone else for that matter say such idiotic retarded shit?

How can anyone even try to think that they can be a better human being if you haven’t defined it first?

What then is human?

Joseph Riggio and Roye Fraser both had no clue about that or have.

That’s the human nature at play we believe we know what a human is or animalistic is or whatever else is.

I take notice that people doing NLP isn’t becoming better humans. The leaders take drugs and kill people. The question then are, what then consist of a better human being?

Compassion? Buddhism has that in spades.
Happiness? as well with Buddhism.

Time to go religious then?

Its fascinating humans then suddenly need to go bigger than themselves to something out there. Something’s more than themselves.

I have this image as my screen and for me it’s a world that’s really small that none can really see once you travel a few million miles the image here is shot at one million miles away. The only man made thing seen from the moon are the Chinese wall. If an alien came here they cant see us.


Its just another planet orbiting a sun.

However to many aliens are already here and are doing anal probing’s. The latent fear of homosexuality or the anal sex people want to have seems unrelenting in the USA.

I don’t claim to know what a human is or pretend to do.
I just think the question needs definition.

Are compassion and happiness as Buddhism suggest the way to go?

To be more human or a better human being knowing oneself seems like one option. We done that with the RBIm 3 and utilize that with the RBIm 4 using the self sustaining generalizations. It’s a way to find the place to be I guess as well as anyone as if to become better we need to know what we can chose from and while that is a really simple idea to be able to choose the question will be from what?

If stuff lacks definition your not really choosing then its guesswork.

I don’t need to understand what a human is but I do need to recognize it.
To be or not to be then?

I been running the RBIm 3 and 4 systems for some time now. I take note what happens over time as I am able to do so and while I don’t expect someone else to do such it allows me to have a former grasp on the abstract nature of the human evolution.

To be one and free in any way to join the human species we need to do better than we have trough the history. Having ones own place within ones control seem like one way to do it. That’s a paradigm shift of the human race though and for the individual to have their own place to then be able to choose what place they want to have within the society either it’s the family or work or such.

To explore we then do.

While skills are easy to expand upon to do better with as the work I done largely are about that as skills are easily defined the human ghost and consciousness isn’t.

Its an interesting thing though what makes us human. Without definitions its just anyone’s guess what’s that’s about and then how to evolve?

I never liked guesswork. I understand the need for it as life has to go on either we are stuck with our foot in the railroad and the train is coming. That our parachute is not working and we are praying that the spare will do its job as its paid to. As soon we get into those ultimate levels of the human the junkies of adrenalin when stuff don’t work people start to pray and that’s a society thing you been dragged and drugged to accept assumptions you don’t even realize is there working within you.

The darkness or the light or good or bad isn’t what its about at all. This isn’t star wars where the dad went rogue and dark for George Lucas. Hope dies late.

Can we have a neutral way to define us then experience what that leads us to then we need to know the baseline of that for us. Then we can choose what’s my experience then here. It’s a deep way to check the humanity for oneself in how much and what one do with contextual mapping as it will reveal truths about the assumptions you have without really knowing you have them.

The same way a guy can beat his wife and say I am not a bad guy. Then if he aint a bad guy but beat his wife then what is he?

A saint?

Its easy and fast to label such behaviors. As humans we make mistakes.

Maybe that’s what its about making mistakes doing the wrong things that leads us to the proper path? Nah another Christian value at work again.

So easily it is to spot them now using RBIm 4 and once you trained yourself then things with this stuff gets really interesting as you start to become aware.

I am fond of the creative analysis and testing things and I am intrinsically fascinating with such as the better I am at this the more distinctions are uncovered. Guesses stops being guesses and provide answers.

In many ways that’s how I define what I do for myself. I am concerned that another galaxy will collide with the milky way in a billion years or what it is. The timescale hurt my head. We need to plan to get out of this rock then the solar system then the galaxy.

Uniting people like that allows stuff to be done as it did happen when they built Stonehenge, people died and they built that for many many years. While the quest they did was for the imagined Gods their life might been wonderful. Its 3000 or so odd years ago so it didn’t just happen with one generation or two but many many more over a period of thousands of years. That’s uniting.

Coming together like that shows what human beings are capable to do.

But what are one human then? How to find that out to make better.

I find that intriguing fascinating even. I could choose to identify with the values and beliefs people have that I agree upon and disagree on the values and beliefs I don’t have about that also.

I could calculate from that what I currently stands at in regard to that. No that’s just it we would want a way to find that out what’s our place could or will be at then what are then we then?

The emergence of consciousness isn’t just one thing it seems to me to indicate its at least two.

RBIm 3 and 4 allows one to expand its own r-revolution to something else.

Not just more or less or the same.

In that I hope at the end I know what’s it like to find out what makes a human human

A world wide technology The RBIm 4.0 R-Evolution

Internet is a big place.

20 years ago cellphones and internet was starting and now its a lifestyle. I have friends on Facebook from Asia that seems to look for a guy to marry as when they ask you if your married its kind of a give away.

The world got smaller.

Religions started out when someone couldn’t travel more than a few miles and in Marco polo’s days and that wasn’t so long ago it took years to go somewhere.

Religions become a tool to deal with the things that did happen that people couldn’t explain. One could say science is our new religion.

I got in contact with NLP and that brought me to a few places like Canada and USA and Spain.

I looked at the training and wasn’t happy with it. It was pretty nonexistent at the trainer training I did. while skills for presentation is useful to have the quality of the training left much to chance. I wasn’t happy to see people go nuts during training as they pushed their system so much, I also wasn’t happy with the results people was having in the field of NLP either.

I trained the best hypnotist you ever seen here he is amazing really he is so good people don’t even notice the stuff he does.

I am happy with that.

I condensed a lot of material the last few years I defined down tested and run checks to find out how to organize and understand reality with change for an option that will always be there for the individual to have. So I have the beta tester and the first thing he does he starts altering the instructions. While testing limits can be a good thing its not the first thing I do. I run test and find out how it works first.

Most of the time with NLP, Mythoself just don’t work as advertised and the guys running those don’t even know that.

I find out stuff don’t work so I first go and ask and found that well its guesswork.

The way I am organized I knew one thing I am the guy to fix all that shit. I wanted to know.

Now I do know.

It has a particular elegance.

Each structure always have a formalized pattern so called building blocks we can add and support the work to streamline it once they are known. Naturally until you learn to discover and find the distinctions yourself then it can be a bit like anything else but once you have grown up with cell phones and computers and goggle and someone tells you that there was a time before that when phones was in a home only and you had to use such phones that didn’t even have a button to press but dial and they will look like your old dude.

Being different and I am different and its been like that for a long time allowed me to discover what to do to make people as it is today to organize the same way to allow a default natural awareness mind and you can say enlighten even to develop over time.

Its really something.

I am happy with that also.

Many times one could ask what is the correct way the optimal way and I am like dude I had to develop and discover this on my own totally without even be able to ask anyone as none knew.

Once the eliciting of self was formed from the RBIm 3.0 and then further enhanced with mapping context it was formalized into the SSG format of a self sustaining generalization.

I am really happy with that also.

Atm I just wait for feedback.

How much work does the average user need to do before they are able to organize accordingly is such a question I want answer to.

Here is what is at store once you can do this then nothing else compares.

Happy with that and enjoying the nature of the world.