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Talent code and cracking the code

While talent can be said to be skills, the building blocks to create the talent themselves been a mystery a long time and the book by David Coyle showed along some like professor Anders Eriksson with his 10000 hours of deliberate practice that talent is created not a born ability.

No one been able to copy a golf swing from Ben Hogan or anyone else in the history of the game, then I came along and did that with Mike Austin’s motion and transfer that skill to Hans Andersson.

When you know what to do as I do then there is no secret or mystery.

I been an amateur in regard to golf, I play with friends for fun and laughter. Never been concern with pro golf or such. That changed as I met Hans. As he injured himself with his modern golf swing and didn’t want to change I then had to build him a new swing.

So I did.

Talent are skills, trainable such.

Chess is a memory thing, to be better at chess you train memory for positions and can raise your chess rating with a few thousand points that way. You don’t need to think ahead or be creative you need a good memory and knowing chess positions. If you do that you be beating your chess friends easily.

If you believe it is something else when you practice chess then that wont improve your skills or results.

I spent 8 sessions practice the new golf template I developed. In each session I run the cracked code of how to build talent and then add improvement in each session. Golfers normally understand to build a new swing takes 2 or 5 years like Tiger with Sean Foley and then still failing so golfers knows how difficult it is.

To then apply the cracked talent code to the practice as I do allows me to do things faster than anyone else can do in the world.

When you end up with the “can do” criteria then your done.
How fast will that happen then?
It depends.

Most I seen with Hans is 3 weeks when he implemented a movement and that was mainly due to lacking the flexibility and he needed time to adjust for it. Normally its really fast.

  1. You need a good template.
  2. You implement the RBIm talent program for practice
  3. You end up with “Can do”.

Yes it means you be able to swing like Mike Austin did if you apply that template.

You cant replace 50 or so years playing golf due to golf include other skills than hitting a golf ball but at least you have a good solid foundation to start from.

Most assume this

However, if you use the modern swing like thedanplan did then you will fail. Back pain, short hitting and failure no matter how much deliberate practice you do and he had professor Anders Eriksson’s support.

You need a template that’s good not one that suck.

Then your practice will enhance and improve what your doing so you can reach the same skill set Mike Austin had or as someone else had. However what people believe is true like a held off release, a modern swing and then constant back problems and short hitting then you keep on believing that even if someone like Boklov came along with the V-style as people laughed then he won the title and no one laughed anymore as they all changed to the new V-style,same way flosbury flop did in high jumping.

Practice isn’t enough, bad practice is even worse and reason for many to believe in the talent myth. While having a good coach an expert in the field like Monte schienblum isn’t enough as what he teaches isn’t good enough. You end up failing as its to difficult to do consistently.

Then we move into the performance arena in why some people are able to do better than others consistently those elite level performers’. How do you practice that?

Question: Where do one find the 2 shot difference in ones golf game?

Peak book strategy
By being specific about what to do?
Intense focus then wont help.
Direct Feedback wont help.
Discomfort or comfort wont help either.
Coaching from experts wont work either.

A new approach is then needed.

Question: Where do one find the 2 shot difference in ones golf game?

RBIm talent build program

Identify the skill set needed in the performance.
Analyze important variables, ex: proximity to hole, putting.
Ask, can one do those to required skill level?
if so, the solution isn’t skill in its technical nature.
Answer: The state of mind then influence ones performance.

What are then the performance skill needed to focus ones performance to bring out ones best consistent performance?

Check experts: super confidence Bob Rotella, check source Rory loose his game miss the cut, super confidence isn’t the answer.

Identify great performances and map mind focus to find a solution.

Golf is distance control, that means judgement of distance and execution of distance needs to match.
That’s easy.

To bring out ones precision control to be able to repeat ones performance each time however isn’t.

Analyzing performance and mind focus shows people are tracking a target and executing based upon external raw data. Assumption wrong in science, there is no external data.
New revision created based on observation of performances in the zone.

New model derived to be tested.
Test: Solution worked.
Implementation of model is next.

Understanding the difference
to create distinctions of difference is the main goal in any practice.

To develop such models one need to understand the essence of the skill in context and then be able to check difference and teach that difference to someone so they can experience that vs whatever they been doing previously.

A template then with a instruction set to match allows a faster route to “can do”.

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How much time to improve? or talent building

It depends due to feedback of difference is different.

My first session informed me a lack of power, so that was easy to fix as I made adjustment coming home after watching on video why that was. Second session showed me power was there.

That was an easy solution. Improvement was good.

Next was to create a better pelvis movement based on throw mechanics and that’s taken 3 more sessions. In my terms, that’s reasonable time spent to change the movement one does to a new one. I haven’t done the new one before so making the body able to do that obviously is a hurdle of new. Today it felt like progress as I started to do what I wanted but was on and off and it wasn’t optimal. I got to a point where I felt like I could start swinging with the movement.

So once I have progress, and can swing with the movement then next step towards a working movement is close. Once you get there then you can just do it, its then done.

How long that takes has to do with quality of feedback or what some call deliberate practice. The progress often goes slowly at first then accelerate as your started to build enough feedback and crescend when your able to do.

  1. Want to improve skill, bridge the gap between knowledge and doing.
  2. Define new and old action.
  3. Utilize the feedback for difference.
  4. Do I do more of the new or continue to do the old?

At some point frustration happens as your brain is firing to accommodate the learning and when you become slightly excited its when your brain has started to kick in the new direction.

That process can take a few minutes or be longer depending what quality of feedback is used. I use the reference “can do” once that happens practice is done and over as you can do. Before you can do your learning take time to bridge the gap and how fast that happens is depending on how good your quality of feedback is.

Usually you be highly focused on the task itself (deep focused stare) to isolate the movement itself due to your brain cant separate one (old/new) from one another. Once your able to do that your then able to improve massively in a short timeframe.

Then the step to “can do ”isn’t far away.

while this is a few years ago the swing movement was changed to “can do” in a single session and the -4c wasn’t helping either.

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Talent Code and slow motion

The book opens the door slightly to show that some people can develop talent out there. The old Russian lady produced more top 100 player in tennis than any other tennis trainer in the world.

There is then two talents happening, one is the old Russian tennis trainer the lady that is able to produce talent.

The other is the child that is able to take the instruction to be talented. Even if successful not all kids become so good, could be homesick, not into tennis or any other thing.

David Coyles book wont tell us, what to do or why to produce talent only that some people can.

Slow motion can be explained with, old lady cant see so well so she then make kids swing racket in slow motion then she was able to give precise feedback. That is key here, precise feedback. While moving in the proper reference.

If your alone then that is a bit more difficult due to you have to create the difference of feedback.

I talk some about it here.

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Developing the Talent Code

You want to be talented and then finds out your not. You then came upon the book the talent code by Coyle and thought yes hope has arrived.

While the Russian lady produced more talented tennis players than anyone else in the world, she didn’t know what she does that allows one child to become talented vs another one that gives up that didn’t get it. The same goes for every hot bed of talent Coyle wrote about.

Simply put, no one knows how to build talent specifically.

Thedanplan took a nosedive due to Dan followed modern golf swing theory, broke his back and got injured and gave up. The support of Anders Erickson’s 10k hour didn’t help to elevate the swing theory.

If you could know what builds talent specifically you be able to identify what worked to achieve the performance. Saying you need 10000 hours is to simplify what one does as focused deliberate practice isn’t enough.

You need a know how to simplify the actions done.

Thedanplan was swinging like this

Modern theory, short and wild.


but he could have swung like this

RBIm model long and accurate and efficient

If he had a better mechanics swinging it would help him to not get a bad back and injury plus added distance and accuracy.

Still performance isn’t just mechanics due to the way our mind works we want to know how to do the zone on demand. If your able to do that then your performance will always have a great quality every time you swing and play.

Now we have a composite problem.

  • Mechanics is part of a better performance.
  • Performance is also about the zone doing ones best
  • Deliberate practice 10k hours to talent mastery
  • We don’t know how to do this specifically.

A back story, I become an ace in fps shooters by applying what I did, then taught someone else to also be able to do so. I was also able to do my best in any client/teaching situation for 20 years now.

Then I been building models for 20 years.

People told me that you cant model a golf swing from someone and be able to do it, like Hogan or Mike Austin and then I not only did that but improved upon the mechanics of Mike Austin as I build a golf swing model that took what Mike Austin did and improved upon what he did. I was also coaching a guy at the same time so developing tools for his improved performance was part of my job as a coach.

As thing happens, now people have a more insight in talent and that one can develop talent that its not just to be lucky and be born with it. However what would you say then when baseball hitters have a better eyesight than others to see things? Some would assume, ok got to be born that way then. I mean you cant do as good as them if you have a different eyesight then. Link

I disagree with his statement though.

If you don’t have a perfect pitch for example in music, you can still train you to have it. So in actual benchmark there be no difference from the one born with an ear for perfect pitch and one developing it. Now the excuses will pile up why that isn’t true for baseball pitchers and hitters and so on and they would be wrong.

So if that is doable and possible for pitch in music why is people then call talent as a born ability you cant do if your not born with it? That’s fact and evidence showing that what people believe about talent don’t work the way people believe it does.
I been doing the zone in interaction with clients and students without having 10k hours behind me to learn to do it. I also did learn to be an ace in 3 months again no where near those 10k hours. I trained people to do complex change work that a 5 year trained psychotherapist cant do. One lawyer I trained could do work with clients a therapist cant do.

So either I am extraordinary talented or that I have a different tool set that is able to cut a different solution from the coal.

I know that if we can have a quality feedback which is one thing deliberate practice does btw and a better plan or strategy like a better mechanic for golf swings we can assume to some extent we can improve real fast due to the feedback offered improves the learning fast. However what feedback received and obviously there is a difference between the feedback you have if you spent years and not succeeded or been able to do whatever someone else that is talented in a field does.

One then need a better strategy to do and have better quality feedback to achieve similar performance as the talented one trough a new model.

The RBIm talent development program aims to do just that. I identified over the years the basic structural formats that allows someone to do the zone on demand. I been able to do so. Transferring the skill set was first unknown, NLP for example couldn’t be used to do so. I tried various ways. With RBIm 6 this however become doable and possible to achieve thanks to a better format to be applied to analyze the actions people do.

The format I been developing with contextual forms and the behaviors along with evidence and measurement started to come together in a way that allowed me to create a foundation for a talent model to be developed.

While one could deliberately practice a specific task within the field it wont mean you be as good, thedanplan showed that with golf, the modern theory the mechanics used was the limiting factor. If Dan had used the RBIm swing system he would have been doing a lot better.

To know how to improve the performance to create talent I devised a test.

I told Hans, ok I want you to do this and focus on this when you perform the swing.

His first session was flawless.

The second session he called me and was stressed out as he couldn’t do it. I said, do this then this and he hit a 9i perfectly again and he was questioning his sanity as he couldn’t understand what I said made him able to do it suddenly. I said, well whenever you do things you tend to use previous memory and then decide to do the same thing again. That’s cause a conflict in the system as now the brain has to adapt to what you want to do but now cant do. It becomes to difficult and obviously for Hans he was stressed out. I said, its a simple task, you need to know when you do what your suppose to do and what your suppose to not do. He as many are not used to control what people call unconscious factors in a conscious interactive way as I do. Once however the second session was done he started to progress faster due to being able to make a different distinction what he was suppose to do vs what he thought he wanted to do again he now could progress into the zone on demand.

Third session, fluid dynamic movement with efficiency

If you can access your best performance allowing a fluid action with a focused attention your actions then will be more efficient. This can be tracked trough various ways one is observation of tension in various muscles while performing the task.
I was asked from a tour pro what I could offer as someone else had all the gadgets which meant the tour pro believed in video technology and not his own mind and feel. Gadgets cant do what I am able to do.

The RBIm talent model builds a distinction what to focus on to allow you to isolate the action your doing vs what’s expected to be performed. The feedback between those allows the athlete or performer to rapidly accelerate their skills and performance beyond any known curves of learning. Whatever you been reading and believe about talent progress and performance, my technology does this faster than anything in the world.

My models in the technology for golf allows the player to:

  • Have the best mechanics efficiency in the world regarding accuracy and distance.
  • A focused mind on the distinction needed to perform the zone on demand.
  • The 10k hours devised by professor Anders Erickson isn’t needed as its outdated.
  • One then knows what to do specifically to develop talent trough the RBIm technology.

Sure, you still need a few hours to have the practice depending on the sport, physically and time needed but you be surprised how little time you need to improve your performance into something you never believed you were able to do due to lacking talent and now finding out you can do better than the talented ones as they cant access and do the zone on demand.

Contra indicators
Main issue is often the individual themselves while able to do it they cant believe they are doing it. They are locked in old beliefs about how talent works and how good they are suppose to be vs someone else in the field and suddenly becoming better than the best in the field can be a daunting realization for the individual.

More about the 10k hour and anders ericksson here

More about deliberate practice from James here

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Talent code and the new talent build

Its easy to state well talent is just what you have, maybe you have a better hand/eye coordination or a better eyesight or whatever. The amateur in golf for example cant be a pro as so many have tried but failed.

Thedanplan failed due to modern theory and in spite of he using deliberate practice and he had support from professor anders ericksson the 10000 hour guy and his research but it failed.

It failed due to talent isn’t born but created.

But how?

Mechanics get you so far.

Hans currently has the best golf mechanics in the world.
They are simple, direct and powerful.

To score low you want to be able to correlate the intention the result you want to have with the execution to do whatever you do to get the result desired.

Or in terms of this,

  • The framework are: Context of the desired result defined by ones intention.
  • The execution: Golf swing is the skill set one use to make the result happen.
  • Talent is to be able to do so as consistent with each shot.

To create the desired consistency that also allows one to increase ones talent and skill to perform there has not existed such model out there to do so and even if you did travel to Russia or other talent hotbeds they don’t understand why one player understands it and get good and someone else don’t.

I do, as I been building a test bed for creating the talent code and I have started to implement this for Hans in his swing and game. The idea is simple, to increase the consistency to reach an unmatched accuracy and also produce the desired state when playing.

Explaining this to Hans, he went and hit a few at the range and struggled. He called and I explained it in steps, do this first then that and then hit a shot, so he did that and smoked it. Now he was like, what’s going on as what he is dealing with atm is what people call unconscious and I call context. So dealing with this is a challenge at first as your not used to control your action with such precision.

However when trained he will be able to hit all swings within the same tempo and cadence. That will allow him a consistency he never knew existed.

The practice now isn’t much about the swing or such but the focus needed and the organization needed to isolate the action needed so one can create the needed reference to just do it. Once compete it allows a control over your action which people cant believe is even possible.

RBIm talent code model program

Learning Life strategy

The things you do

What do people use their skills for one can ask.

I sit in front of the computer a lot so for me comfort with sitting and what else and a highly effective state of experience. So I just made sure doing that allow me a high functional state.

In the sofa I wind down a bit relaxing.

One can say you optimize to make whatever you do more efficient. Issue can be your not coming from a good point, like the golf swing for example even if you work at it wont matter as it will break down due to modern theory got things wrong.

You then need to adapt a new tactic a new strategy but if you don’t believe in that you use talent code stuff the 10k hour stuff to practice and practice so many hours believing in something that wont work.

Now and then doing the same thing over and over again is insane.

But some will say the book what about the book the science professor the 10k guy saying you need to deliberate practice and I say, he don’t understand this. ts like golf trainers 4 of them working with Tiger and none changed his core body mechanics, none and I know why.

You want to understand.

You want to have a solid basis for effective improvement to increase efficiency.

Otherwise increasing from the standpoint wont be optimized. Golfers struggle constantly due to their swing changes from day to day or swing to swing and they don’t know why, so they go back to fix it again and again and it just repeats itself.

Same thing with experience we have, things we do in daily life, if you have a solid basis for what your doing increasing efficiency is a good thing and if one needs to optimize one may need a new strategy or such to be better at it.

But that area of field the professor know nothing about, David Coyle same thing breaking down the talent into building a model from building talent, I did, its one of those I built over the period of research. That allows me to condense what I am doing into direct element of talent instead of waiting for someone to tell me, I need to practice when you do this model that isn’t needed.

But it also goes against conventional beliefs people have, including professors.

This is btw highly precision work one I cant disclose in a written word or even when I do this on video as you cant see what’s going on anyhow, not even the one experience it wont be able to except they will notice the result.

Then obviously to accept that they are now doing something they including others thought impossible?

Yea take some getting used to.

That’s how good I am.

The models allows one to express a highly functional experience

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Common assumption about talent that is wrong

People believe that training makes them able to do it.

Not so.

I understand that to be a skier on flat ground you need 10 years of training to get the engine going the ability to form oxygen to combat acid build up to be able to sustain the speed over a longer distance.

Still all of them work technique.

Technique means you create the most efficient way to achieve the result you want.

People do believe they need to work on that but they do it the wrong way.

I told Hans that time and time again, if it does not work after a few days, call me.

He have had and still has issues with this mind set due to him cant believe what I do actually makes him able to do it without the practice invested. Once he said, I am not happy with my left foot and what it does, so I looked at him swing, said, do this and he said I cant I am to stiff in the left pelvis and hip.

I said, ok keep working on it.

Took him 3 weeks then he could do it. Normal intervention is a few days at most and 3 weeks was mainly due to physical limitations.

So I can take anyone in the world in any sport and improve them in minutes.

Most assume you need a education to do this technical thing but its about efficiency and feedback. Once your able to define what to do then you can do it in minutes.

What most fail at like talent is due to not understanding how the body is suppose to move in that sport due to limited ways they train you. While you may not have the engine in skiing after 10 years it still I would assume be little to no difference technically between different skiers. (atm it isn’t obviously)

Why is Mikaela Shiffrin 3 seconds better in 2 races in slalom than the rest of the ladies? That’s her normal due to she understands how to be efficient in slalom much better than anyone else of the other skiers, they have no chance against her. She has to be injured or mess up to loose.

Technique is a skill to be efficient to do the result wanted.

If you cant do it and blame your not talented it just means you haven’t defined what to do to make yourself, talented. Once you define you can do something you couldn’t do previously without the need of practice. I done sessions with Hans like that, he cant do it and then he just can in spite of his disbelief in a few minutes.

I taken golfers and started to change the patterns in minutes so they smoke the ball dead on perfect each swing. They become high due to the sheer joy that can be.

However as the usual suspect people have a hard time believing they can do it even if they are. The same thing is true in any sport that people work to improve their efficiency to ski faster or to jump higher or run faster.

They complain due to the way they train is so difficult to do and time consuming.

Once defined you can do it. Then you need some time to practice to become accustom to the new. However you taken the short road to mastery that way.

More practice don’t lead you to do it. The consensus is that it does but that’s not working out if one start to check progress the athlete makes or not.

Either you can or cant.


RBImGuy cracked the talent code

While books tells you something I know how to replicate talent in the inner mind.

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Talent code 102

When you ask, so what you want to do then?

Maybe its jump higher or run faster.

So you ask, ok so what is that then like running faster or jump higher?

The answer normally is a stare and a don’t know as they cant do it or they can just not consistently.

Keeping and maintaining the experience in the zone as a walk in the park is for most not something they can do. I can as I do that all the time. What happens people focus on the technique which leads them to analyze what they are suppose to do.

Its like the golf swing for example, today I started to alter my whole pivot as I was able to identify what I am suppose to do, I understand what to do but to do it is something else entirely.

Next follows a deep practice moment to identify what to do to follow the concept. First it feels awkward even wrong. Once that happens one continues to improve step by step to do it a bit more. At some point it will click and your improving faster and your able to start doing it. You make mistakes a lot of them but your slowly improving along the concept. This not that and as the testing continues your slowly piecing together the bits into something entirely new.

Basically during this you fail a lot due to its about identifying what your suppose to do. Most miss that. The feedback contained there allows you to build new and alter the progress a lot.

Now this is easy if you have a music scale and instrument or a voice to tune but the golf swing isn’t defined and that means you end up struggling anyhow unless you know what your suppose to do.

When I checked my putting and chipping the last 2 rounds its beyond good. Having a putt or a chip its going to be on target everytime. Putts within 3m seems like give me putts.

So obviously I don’t need to work on that but the golf swing until that one works the same way. At some point this week I figure ok why is this so hard to learn for people? Obviously it’s a lack of feedback so I figured I need to create such so one could gain a faster learning rate without video and mirrors and what not.

Currently in testing.

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Talent code 101

To be better we know some people are able to teach kids to do outstanding work, one teacher created 3 Nobel price writers, a lady in Russia developed every tennis player on the top 100 ranking basically and one center teach vocal singing lessons in the usa which basically every singer goes trough so what made them able to do so?

The talent code book by Coyle tried to answer that but they cant bottle it.

The experience I had 2011 allowed me to formulate an approach to practice and I am currently trying to figure out how to use that to learn the golf swing from video. Making the video isn’t the issue it’s the proper instruction to be able to do it.

The experience I had hitting a iron on cue exactly the same for 30 shots as my instructor looked at me with Goosebumps as he never seen anyone do what I did there showed me what’s going on when you create talent. To bottle that I am currently running tests for the golf swing learning. If I am right that should aid in the process of learning what to do.

Talent isn’t anything else than a skill set you develop over time. To understand that you can provide a skill increase people don’t understand as I seen time and time again with dyslexics, their parents, teachers, friends, professors don’t understand how I am able to do what I do to create the results I have.

Its using the tool set for the Talent code 101 in a way that allows the dyslexic to learn what to do to become a reader and speller. They can just do it. Very little if any practice is needed for most part.

80% of the dyslexics I worked with seldom needed more than one session. 3 was often enough for the 15% more and those 5% or so need a more but then again we are talking about really difficult motoric and in some cases brain damaged cases.

Anyhow, that’s what I work on and today I am playing 18 hole golf again.