Common Myths in golf about power

Andrew Rice wrote this article

Its pure bullshit. You will loose power if you do that. Made a video talking about it.

Sean Foley did this article on power by pushing off the right foot.

Bullshit again you will loose power doing his advice.

Both are PGA certified, one was hried by Tiger Woods for 5 years but still none of them understand power and how to create it. They teach stuck mechanics.

As a Tour Pro you deserve the best and its not found in a PGA certification

Tiger woods 12 shots behind the leader

That’s one round.

Many want him to succeed, but when I look at him swing I see an old man with pain due to his lower back is so stiff. The Sean Foley experiment took its toll.

While he can play great now and then to withstand the moment to win without risking his whole life in pain or even in a wheel chair well, not good odds.

Takes time to learn the golf swing mechanics, the Sean Foley path with Tiger Woods

5 years and still Tiger couldnt do it.


He become to steep.


If you’re a PGA certified trainer as Sean Foley you teach what you know. He call it the third generation golf swing and I call it the geometry golf swing difficult as it can be swing.

If you force someone into positions that are difficult to get to then it can take years.

If you do it my way then its days or hours.


If you force people into positions it takes a lot of time and you will struggle.

If you do it my way you find yourself in natural body mechanical positions with athletic instinct and its an easy adaption to just do it.

I understand that people believe things in the field of golf that isn’t supported by any science except beliefs and perceptions about what they do.

To have this


Or to have this

Any tour pro will see that one is easier to do and want to have one over the other.

Its difficult to be good in golf, struggling is common, your swing stops working, you hit so crooked and then try to fix it again and again.

Once you learned what I do, that wont happen.

Obviously its difficult to believe someone as myself can do it better than Sean Foley a licensed PGA Trainer in the field of golf. Some say I charge to much and I disagree, a 20000$ season can turn into a 2.000.000$ if you shave off 2 strokes in your putting average like it could do for Dani Holmqvist that is trough stats alone. If your on the PGA tour it can be even bigger difference due to a few strokes here and there and a lower consistent scoring would allow you to make a lot more money and keep the card easier.

To realize and create the potential you have does require work for sure, but to keep struggling with golf swing mechanics or putting shouldn’t be part of that as those should just work to create the desired game you want to have when getting the ball where you want it to go.

I can relate and understand the way the mind works and how its expressed into actions either it be a golf swing or ordinary day life stuff.

Your in good hands here.

Tiger Woods called me up

Me. Hello

Tiger: hey its me Tiger.

Me: Tiger who?

Tiger: woods.

Me: your in the woods?

Tiger: No I am Tiger woods the golfer.

Me: oh ok, what you want?

Tiger: well I heard and watch that clip of Hans swing and you said you could make me hit longer and more accurate and it wouldn’t hurt my body as the other trainers taught me.

Me: Yes.

Tiger: so you can do that?

Me: yes.

Tiger: but that seems impossible?

Me: Yes obviously.

Tiger: so it is?

Me: no.

Tiger: Can you give a straight forward answer?

Me: I did and done that, not my problem if you cant understand the answer.

Tiger: that you can do what you say you can do?

Me: Now you getting it.

Tiger: hum but that still seem impossible?

Me: Obviously due to your talking to me and not being here in person hitting balls so I can instruct you, don’t you understand the difference between those?

(golfwrx member listening in) what’s he talking about?

Tiger: what was that?

Me: nothing of substance.

Tiger: Ok so I have to come there to learn to do this and then I would swing like that guy and wont hurt my back and I be both longer and more accurate the same time?

Me: yes.

Tiger: but I had 4 of the best PGA trainers in the world and they cant do it?

Me: Not my problem and are you really asking me to teach them what I can do so they can do that to teach you then?

Tiger: no that seems silly.

Me: yea silly indeed, anyhow got to go, call me when your really serious about this.

TW from 1993 to 2016

TW images

This is about forces, pure physics, if the force going up on the left side as you go trough impact that will cause a lower back pressure. the angle of the spine vs the upper body and pelvis are pointing into the direction of causing pain due to the spine isnt made to change much.

Hans on the other hand has a spine support with no twisting of directions after impact. If you have doubts, put your body in Tigers positions and Hans and feel the difference and you know what I mean.


Made a comparison with TW vs Hans swing model

Do you jump as Tiger does – Bad, power and accuracy leaks.
Do you jump as Tiger does – Bad, your hurting your body.
Do you jump as Tiger does – Bad modern swing theory.

Fact are supported by evidence, 4 coaches none of them changed and knew what to do to change for better swing mechanics.

The template I developed allows freedom at impact.
More power with less effort.

Exactly what to do to change and alter the core body mechanics wont be disclosed unless you’re a tour pro and are willing to come and work with me.