some say you need balance in golf

This thread on golfwrx says so.

this guy state this


Now, if this girl soft flinck had listen to this guy when she learned to throw a javelin, she wouldn’t have won the world championship as a junior.


If you think you know stuff about balance in the golf swing as waldron states, your misinformed.

to hit far, you cant be balanced with a modern golf swing.

Hans can hit his 2i the same distance a long driving champion as sadlowsksi does.

Here is the kicker, Hans don’t loose his balance, sadlowski does.

Adam young has no answer to why.

The golf God (that’s me) do

The golf swing wins stuff and makes you play great right according to Tiger Woods

I wish it was like that.

My job be real easy then.

The golf swing for some has become a mystical force a secret the way to be better as a golfer and even Tiger Woods believes it. He wanted to be better so he turned to a golf swing trainer and not just one he is atm on his fourth trainer. If you know him drop my name.

It not like people show up with RBIm the first thing they do, some been with NLP or some other stuff and then found me some with golf and others with some random surfing on the net.

So some think due to the way Ben Hogan won things that it was due to his swing that’s the secret. Its really hard for me to talk to such people as its like talking to people who believe in fairy tales and tells you they see and talk to fairies all the time.

The way the mind works is that we seek relations even if there is none. Obviously if Ben Hogan had a accident and then wont a few it was due to his new swing? No it wasn’t. It was his mind.

Nicklaus the same thing, his swing is blocking him now and then but it was a sequenced one that worked really well for him to hit the ball where he wanted it.

That’s all we can do, do we hit the ball where we want? Can we do so consistently?

  • What Monte at golfwrx teaches you wont do it for you.
  • What Butch Harmon teaches you wont do it for you.
  • What Hank Haney teaches you wont do it for you.
  • What Jim Waldron at golfwrx teaches you wont do it for you.
  • What Iteachgolf at golfwrx teaches you wont do it for you.
  • What David Leadbetter teaches you wont do it for you.

So why do people believe they can do that for you?

The same way people believe in fairytales and fairies when you don’t know then surely what people been doing for so many decades must be true and the way to do it for sure?

That logic is the same as, the earth is flat we said so for thousands of years and then obviously it is?

Why then are people denying the evidence as much as they do and even maybe you?

For me it was at some point like this but don’t people take notice of this? I looked at Tiger Woods and Monte a golf trainer at golf wrx he said he make Tiger hit a 7i for weeks with a fade to fix him and I was like, that wont work and I know better than a so called reclaimed golf trainer about golf swings now?

I watched Chris Como’s work with Tiger and asked why isn’t he fixing that? Then it did hit me, he Como don’t know…..the same realization I had with Bandler, with Joseph Riggio and others, they don’t know???

Let say you watch a golf swing and then watch it like Mike Austin did it and think its perfect right? No it isn’t. He Mike had his own loop which wasn’t needed and caused him to hit a fade or a draw depending on how much he was off for the day. I watch Dj Watts claiming he has a perfect golf pivot swing based on Ben Hogan and I am like, what’s the next perfect ultimate swing then as its been a few iterations DJ?

The issue is as always in golf you have your perceptions of this and someone like William down under a Mike Austin trainer understood this early on that whatever Mike did and whatever Dan taught and what Mike taught wasn’t really “it” what Mike actually did do.

I talked to a golf trainer who had Ben Hogan as a ideal as the best golf swing and I am like, seen Hans swing? Its fluid, simply and direct. No extra movements as you can watch it for such all those extra movements is an indication of, compensations and Hans? oh so few he has now it’s a pure beauty a poetry in motion now.


For me that’s the best golf swing in the world right there. None does it better.

For me that’s evidence whatever I did study and model from Mike Austin was and is indeed captured in there.